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A Whole Bunch of Skin/Hair Rediscovery

26 Jan

No blog post done for the past 2 weeks.  hahaha…  again, the same excuse – I have been busy.  With both work & KAW.

For this Chinese New Year, I am excited!  Nothing to do with CNY though.  I hardly celebrate CNY anyway.

I am excited due to a rediscovery of my problematic sensitive-prone skin.  I’m still using the BSY soap as a cleanser, though I have to learnt to rotate it with the 100% Pure cleanser which I bought during my visit to the seller’s place.  Why do I have to rotate?  It is for the following reasons:

1)  The question would be… if I don’t rotate with the 100% Pure cleanser, then who is going to finish up that cleanser for me?  LOL.  I can’t just let the 100% Pure cleanser sit in my cupboard.  It just looks… … lonely.  Also, I would want to use that up before it goes rancid.

2)  A reader who has dry & pimply skin told me that she rotates the BSY soap with her own cleanser.  Her feedback was that the BSY soap made her skin drier.  So by rotating, her skin was not that dry & her pimples started to clear up.  What she did was to use her own cleanser in the morning, then the BSY soap in the night.  Thus, I decided to copy her method.  LOL.

3)  Because of Points 1 & 2 above, I accidentally also found out that my skin likes the rotating method.

Another thing is that I have to update my review on the GoW products (which I had given a review previously HERE), specifically the hydrating mists & the vinegar toner.

I had recently switched it up a bit with the following routine:

1)  After cleansing face, spritz with Avene Thermal Water.

2)  Allow it to air dry just a little bit, then spritz with the Clarifying Toner.

3)  Allow it to air dry just a little bit again, then spritz with the hydrating mist (currently I’m using the honey one).

4)  Allow it to air dry just a little bit again, then spritz again with Avene Thermal Water.

5)  Allow it to air dry completely.  Put nothing else after that or just 1 drop of Rosehip Oil.


I know it sounds like a lot of spritzing & air drying, but if you stand around a ceiling face, I assure you that it takes no more than 3 mins.

My skin seems to love it for now.  It’s like… nicely hydrated, so my face does not feel ‘oily’ or ‘sticky’ or ‘blocked’.

I’m just going to try this for some time & see if my skin continues to relish it.

I dunno if all of you are the same, but for me, when I use a product over a period of time, my skin will at first seem to like it, but after awhile, it doesn’t seem to work anymore.  I read from the GoW website that this is a normal thing because your skin may become ‘complacent’ over time.  So what you can do is to switch your products or change your skincare routine a bit.

hmmmm… worth a thought.

I ordered a bottle of Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil from Milagro Trading recently.

I dropped a few drops into a bowl of hot water & use that to steam my face with.

Then when I was going thru some hormonal changes during that…. ‘MONTHLY’ thing, my skin broke out with a few zits around the face.  So I tried to dot a little TTO on the spots with a carrier oil like jojoba, but… … oh. my. god.

It was not good.  Not good at all.  In fact, it was close to being horrifying.  It made my zits even ANGRIER and pus-sier (if there’s such a word, which means more pus LOL!!!).

The surrounding skin around that zit had also broke out with 1 cystic acne.  =\

And I thought TTO was supposed to be like the mother of all zit-busters.  I’ve read so many reviews how great TTO is for their acne & whatever spotty skin they have, but it didn’t work for me at all.

I think I’m just going to just stick to using TTO in a steaming session & not to be applied directly on my skin.

Not sure if it’s due to the quality of the TTO or if my skin hates TTO.

I will probably finish up this current bottle, then get the TTO from another source to test it out again.

God bless my face.

Orh mi tuo fuo.

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse for Hair.

I tried that the past month.  Once a week.  I chose Friday because I am worried that the ACV stench will remain in my hair & my colleagues might think that I don’t like to take showers.

I have to say that my favorite shampoo so far is still the Asience Nature Smooth Shampoo which I had posted a review HERE.  It is not a natural shampoo, but my hair likes this.  I haven’t had any luck finding a natural shampoo that pleases my hair & scalp yet.

I’ve tried Aubrey Organics GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Shampoo, Phyto shampoo for oily scalp & the shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley which I have reviewed HERE.  None of them gives me the results like the Asience one.  =(

So, using the ACV rinse would help to get rid of any chemical build up & balance out the pH levels of my hair/scalp.

I use 1 part ACV to 5 parts water & leave the mixture in my hair without rinsing it off.  Then I wrap my hair up in a towel till it is semi-dry.  After that, I let it air dry.

I am a big fan of air dry.


Please share your views & opinions!!!  I desperately need help in this area.

How would you like to celebrate your wedding????

Option 1:  Register your marriage (ROM), take wedding photos, then go for a 2 weeks overseas honeymoon.  Forget about the wedding dinner & all those traditional formalities.

Option 2:  ROM, take wedding photos, do the whole shebang with the wedding dinner & the traditional tea ceremony.  Go on a short overseas honeymoon (not 2 weeks, or maybe 2 weeks if you can still afford it after spending a bomb on the wedding dinner).

Option 3:  Friggin just ROM & get on with your goddamn life.

Option 4:  Get pregnant, ROM & get on with your miserable goddamn life.

Important Note – I am JUST KIDDING on Option 3 & 4.  I realized that people always think I am being serious when I am telling a joke.  *poker face*

Ok, so between Option 1 & 2, which would you pick?


Gong Xi Fa Cai.

And may all of those who read my blog win BIG MONEY in 4D / Toto / CNY gambling!



Cruella De Vil & her Peanut Shells

13 Jan

I am feeling disturbed by a situation that happened a few days ago.

I feel like I have to blog it out & get it off my chest or something bad is going to happen.

In order to protect the identities of the persons involved, all names or events have been modified.

Jennifer Aniston went out to meet her friend, Johnny Depp.  They had a really great time during the day.  Later in the evening, they had to meet this other friend called… Cruella De Vil.

“i am as mean as it gets.  deal with it, sucka”



Now, Cruella has an inborn mean streak & can spew out venom words that cut you like a carving knife.  So why does Jennifer Aniston & Johnny Depp still want to be her friend?  Well, let’s just say they don’t have a choice.

Cruella can be nice & friendly at times.  But she likes to pick on Jennifer Aniston a lot by saying sarcastic things to her.  And she bullies Johnny Depp by ordering him around to do her errands even when he is tired & hungry.

But this day is a special day for all 3 of them.


Because something weird is about to happen.  It will be epic.

On this particular day, there was a house gathering at Cruella’s mansion.  And she invited some friends over.

Cruella de Vil was watching TV while deshelling & munching on some peanuts.  She threw all the peanut shells into a tiny plastic bag which was placed beside her.  How considerate, right?  Never anyhow throw the shells around the house.  But then again, it is her own house so she wouldn’t dirty it.

Then Jennifer & Johnny arrived.

The second they opened the house door, Cruella shouted, “EH JOHNNY… HELP ME TO THROW RUBBISH!!!!

Then she immediately grabbed the tiny plastic bag of peanut shells & she literally… *FLING*… it at Jennifer & Johnny.

The amazing part was… … she did not even BOTHER to turn around while flinging the bag.  She just tossed the bag over her shoulders while she continued staring at the TV.  Eyes GLUED to TV as she threw the rubbish over her shoulders, like this photo below:

Bah… who cares where the rubbish lands…




I thought only brides will do the flower tossing over their shoulders.

See which lucky lady catches the bouquet!  Weeeee!!! =D



Didn’t know this kind of tossing applies to garbage as well.

=\     <— disapproving look

Cruella did not give a damn where the bag landed.  She just tossed it over her shoulders & expected Johnny to pick it up from the floor & throw it away for her.

And since Jennifer & Johnny was caught off-guard by that sudden flinging, the bag of garbage hit Johnny’s leg & dropped on the ground.

Both stared at the bag of garbage for a split second.

Both felt like they were being treated worse than maids.  It was downright disrespectful.

Everyone else who was in the house at that time, just stood one corner & watched the commotion.  Must be either too shocked to react or they pretended that they did not see such a horrifying act.

Jennifer saw that Johnny blinked in hesitation & she knew that he must be feeling very degraded by Cruella’s actions.  So she decided to walk towards the bag of peanut shells, pick it up for him & throw it away.

Then suddenly, something snapped in Johnny & he scolded Cruella on her actions.  GO JOHNNY!  YOU DA MAN!



First of all, WHY PIN-POINT AT JENNIFER ANISTON??????  It was Johnny Depp who scolded her, right?!

I’ll tell you why.  Because usually Johnny would listen to her & he is quite afraid to get her angry.  So in Cruella’s pea-brain, she assumed that the only reason why Johnny would raise his voice at her is because of Jennifer.  That is why she directed her anger at poor Jennifer.

Those words were dripping with sarcasm.  She must be feeling very pissed that Johnny finally became a man & stood up for something right.  Cruella must be thinking that she is losing a servant who can serve her hand & foot each time she rings the butler’s bell.

*ting ting*
get me a glass of red wine, butler



Her words carried that tone & pitch (high & sharp) that made the apology so not sincere.  Might as well don’t apologize & just admit that you don’t give a damn about respecting human beings because you feel that you are so high & mighty & everyone else are just here for you to boss around.

=\  <– disapproving look again

That was the ultimate.

She has said mean things before.  She has done spiteful things before.

But this incident really takes the whole cake.  It is, by far, the rudest thing I have ever seen her done.

I am still dazed by her actions.  What in the world is that supposed to mean?  How can anyone do such a disrespectful thing.

If you reflect upon Cruella’s actions & reach deep into her soul, the only reason why she would do a thing like that is because she really bu ba ni fang zai yen li (direct translation: never put your presence in her eyes).  She really ba ni cai dao di di (direct translation: step you low low).

Cruella made it very clear with her actions.  The whole world can see it crystal clear now – She really doesn’t care what you think or how you feel or who you are.  The only important person in this world…. is her.

Ha HA!  I am faaabulous faabulous faaaaabulous!


Which interprets as… … the highest form of selfishness.

p.s – i must say that my respect for Johnny Depp has increased ever since I saw him standing up for himself.  He finally did something right for himself.  Oh I’m so proud of him.

p.p.s – I am trying my hardest to be nice & polite & respectful to Cruella, but she seems to be making it really difficult for me.  Sometimes, she makes me just want to go hide one corner & be a loner.  LOL.  I’m afraid that she will bully me & I will have to resist the urge to argue with her.

Please note that I am not against doing things for people.  I do not mind helping people I love & care about.  But sometimes, people just want to take advantage.  The more you treat them nice, the worse they treat you.  Where’s the logic in all of these.

So the only way to correct this kind of behavior will be… … … to ignore them.  I don’t mean that we have to be hostile towards them.  But just… … ignore them.  If they talk to you, you can still talk to them nicely.  But if they ask for help or start bossing you around again, then just decline & give some kind of excuse.

Don’t even think about offering your extra services, like if they ask you to get a glass of water, you don’t need to go the whole extra mile by asking “hot or cold?  you want to put ice or not?  how many cubes of ice?“… … (-_-) … … that will confirm, chop & guarantee make you are a target for future bullying/abuse by these people.


Get that into your brain.

Ok, but just to be fair, a minority of them do learn to appreciate.  But that is after they suffer a big lesson or they suddenly grow a conscience.  Also, I learnt that the older they are, the harder it is for them to learn to appreciate.

For me, I learnt the meaning of appreciation at a really really young age.  Unfortunately, that also meant that I found out all about selfish people when I was a teenager.  I lead a sad sad life.  Just kidding.  It’s not that sad.

Is human nature really such a terrible thing?

Take some time off & self-reflect on yourselves today.  Think about all the times where you have ill-treated someone.  Then imagine that you are the one who are being ill-treated in that same way.  How would you feel.

Before you do anything evil to another person, always put yourself in their shoes first.

Unless… … you are born evil & you don’t find anything wrong with the things you do & you don’t want to self-reflect because it’s a waste of time, then… … all I can say is… …

Karma is watching you.

*points points to something behind you*… *runs away*…

… I know what you did last weekend…

New Year Resolutions of 2011

11 Jan

I shall file this under “About Berry Mii” because this is describing a little part of me.

As I have promised myself, I have done up my very 1st NYR (New Year Resolutions) for year 2011!!!

And again, I have procrastinated because New Year passed like… more than a week ago.  (-_-“)    Which is why, the very first item on my NYR list is (not in any particular order)…

#1 – Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t be lazy.

#2 – Follow my facial masking routine or else I will get clogged pores, dead skin & that will eventually lead to pimples.  Don’t be lazy.

#3 – Attempt to be happy for my future wedding.  The wedding preparations are so bothersome.  I haven’t even started anything & I am already feeling sian* (no mood).  Don’t be lazy.

#4 – Strive to combat cold sores & eczema!  I read that I should be taking Lysine supplements if I want to reduce the outbreak of cold sores.  That is why I am ordering them from iHerbs!  My friend orders her skincare products & supplements from them too, so it should be… … safe?  I hope.  Oh well, I’ll be the guinea pig & try it out first.  If I don’t receive my delivery, I’ll be damn sad.

#5 – Try to be satisfied with my single-eyelids.  Stop thinking about going for double-eyelid surgery.  Anyway, as I’m starting to age & skin starts to sag, I am already beginning to form a double-eyelid crease.  =\   Dunno whether I should be happy or not.

#6 – Try not to think about evil thoughts towards another human being, even if they are being superbly ungrateful / spiteful / vicious.  I am not exactly what you would call religious.  But I think if I were to visualize some kind of diety in front of me, I would still feel guilty if I have murdeous thoughts.  Imagine what would Buddha or Goddess of Mercy think of me if they knew I was wishing someone dead.  They would look at me with disapproving eyes.



#7 – Get rid of that irritating freckle on my chin.  It appeared recently when a pimple grew at that spot.  The pimple was like… … … fertilizer.  The freckle grew right on top of that pimple the very next day.  I am so annnnngry.  HUMPH.

#8 – Try to get into the mindset that I will need to have children someday.  Not for myself, but for people who likes to have irritating smaller versions of humans around them.  I don’t seem to have a biological clock.  It doesn’t tick.  It doesn’t tock.  I have no idea what is wrong with me.  I find children extremely irritating. 

My mother told me that once I have my own kids, I will feel that they are verrryyyyy cute even if they make a horrible scene.  She said that she used to feel that young children are disgusting until she had her own kids.  She said that you’ll always feel that your own children are the best.

So maybe what I have is a classic syndrome of…

My Kid will Pwned Yours



#9 – Stop playing an excessive amount of KAW (Kingdoms at War) on my iPhone4.  You have no idea how obsessed I am now.  I stared at that 3.5inch screen so much that now I think I am going blind in the right eye.  I think they should attach a warning sign before they allow iPhone users to download the application.



As I am typing out this blog post, I am still KAW’ing.  What is wrong with me.  Is there some kind of KAW Anonymous help group?  “Hi, I am Berry Mii & I am a KAW addict.”

This game is so addictive that my KAW buddy (omg I have a KAW buddy) said that he wants to employ people to join his clan & pay his employees in KAW gold.  And if they don’t KAW 24/7, then he will farm them until they reset.

Side Note:
Clan = can be created once you have 6 billion KAW gold
= hitting the same player more than 5 times within a 24-hour time frame
Reset = reset account & player has to start from scratch

#10 – Attempt to get some exercise.  Being born with a fabulous naturally twiggy body does not give me the right to eat junk food & lie down watch tv all day.  Don’t be lazy.

#11 – Travel to an exotic destination that is not within Singapore or Sentosa.

#12 – Attempt to DIY a facial cleanser, body cleanser/scrub & deodorant.

#13 – Try to control my mood swings during PMS.

I know it’s weird to do an odd number list & stop at #13, but oh well.  Prime numbers rule.

Now that I got the NYRs out of the way.

Let’s recollect a little on year 2010 & what I have learnt.  Also, not in any particular order.

#1 – My face can no longer tolerate anything skincare products that contains chemicals.  Otherwise I will break out terribly in cold sores, eczema, zits & weird rash.  And I know which skincare brand is the culprit but I shall not speak of its name here.

#2 – My face really really loves manuka honey & rhassoul clay.

#3 – Learnt that tea tree oil somehow breaks me out even more, if I apply it directly on my skin.  wattttttttttttttt why like tatttttt… =(

#4 – My hormones have gone imbalanced after I stopped taking contraceptive pills.  NO, it is not to prevent preganancy, but more for regulating my periods.  I decided to stop because the side effects make me feel so nauseous.  The doctor told me that the pills can prevent ovarian cancer, but… … the nauseous feeling is too much for me to bear.  Btw, side effects vary for different girls.  My complexion did improve a lot while I was taking the pills though.

#5 – Humans can be very very unappreciative & spiteful, especially old people who only care about themselves.  So I learnt to ignore them even if they are crying out in pain.  I don’t even want them to approach me.

… fed up with these ppl



#6 – My bf taught me that I have an O-zone.  LOL.  He said that normal human beings has a T-zone & a U-zone, but for me, I have an O-zone because my skin problems mainly exist around the mouth area.  (-_-)   I feel like slapping him.

Here’s a photo as illustration:

Blue = T-zone
Green = U-zone
Red = Berry Mii‘s O-zone, where everything bad happens


#7 – My sister needs to be bribed & her face is so cute that I want to pinch it to death.

#8 – My brother is becoming a loner, but still has that sarcastic sense of humor.  I love it.

#9 – I am born lazy.  What else is new.

#10 – My bf is probably the only guy on earth who can handle my PMS.

Ok, I need to go bom bom now.





10 Jan

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY…  I ignored my blog!!!

*runs away*

Must be the holiday season.

It’s making me feel sooooooooo lazy.

The whole of the December month is like 1 big holiday mood for me, but ironically, it is the busiest period for me in the working world.

Then January is like the hangover from the December holiday mood.  Which is basically, also making me feel very lazy.  And again, ironically, I should be working hard because of all the start-of-the-new-year reports to be done at work.

To top it all off, the Chinese New Year is in the beginning of February so that makes me feel even more lazyyyyyyyy.

I think I am born lazy.  Maybe I was born with a brain that has a super high amount of activity in area where it controls the lazy/hardworking functions of the body.

I have been communicating with some of you via email & you guys really have interesting topics!  You have ignited the curiousity in me & I am currently already doing some research.

I have read up on pH levels for skin & body.  Different people seem to react differently with different levels of pH.  But I want to research more before I blog on it.

A few of you are also enquiring about other products from the BSY line, especially on the Noni Black Hair Magic.  I did some research & found that it is also made from natural ingredients.  Apparently, some of our local organic stores are already selling it at $8 per sachet or $98 for 20 sachets, but you guys want me to ask for lower price.  (-_-“)    I feel like you want me to be an auntie bargaining in a wet market, but ok I will work on that soon.  LOL!  Please give me some time though… because Berry Mii is a little… err… ermmm… a little… under… the weather?


But I’ll try to get it done after the Chinese New Year.

On the BSY soap, I want to say that I have stopped using it for 4 days now & my cold sores gradually came back.  =\   Is there really no cure for that??????  Those bumpy clogged pores also returned.  I am so sad.  I cannot use other cleansers.  Still have 1 full bottle of 100% Pure cleanser sitting in my cupboard.  =\

Quick update on what has been going on in my life since my last blog post.

I watched a few movies.

The 1st one was…

 Gulliver’s Travel starring Jack Black.


My bf almost fell asleep.  I watched the big screen like a zombie.  It was THAT bad.  I wonder why comedy actors like to repeat their actions.  It’s like once you’ve seen one of their movies, you will feel like you’ve watched them all.

For example, Jim Carrey’s facial expressions are the same throughout when he starred in The Mask, The Cable Guy, Liar Liar, etc.

For Jack Black, it was the same crazy loser rocker vibe in School of Rock, Tenacious D, Nacho Libre, etc.  hahaha… ok actually he is a pretty funny guy.  Plus he can sing.

The 2nd movie was…

Little Fockers starring Ben Stiller & Robert De Niro.
p.s – a lot of my friends told me that when they look at Robert De Niro, he reminds them of my daddy.  I think so too.  The resemblance is uncanny!  especially the grumpiness.  LOL!


Another comedy that didn’t make me laugh.  But for some reason, the girl seated next to me thought it was so funny that she laughed extremely loudly at all the not-funny parts of the movie.

*curious side-glance at her with puzzled eyebrows*…

buay beng (translation: dun understand / dun get it) at all.

Most recently watched movie was…

The Tourist starting a A-lister combo of Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie.


HOLY SMOKES!  Now THAT is what I call acting!  They made the movie very believable & I was totally immersed into it… … except for that stupid kid who kept making a din in the theatre, I was enjoying myself in this movie.

Speaking of young children in movie theatres, for god’s sake, can parents please DO NOT bring them into a dark quiet environments???????  You should know that kids cannot sit still & they are demanding little pricks.  Also, they cannot control their voices & tend to talk/yell/cry/sob loudly in the nice dark quiet environment.  Verrryyyyy irritating, okay?!?!?!?!  Unless you want your kid to get beaten up by an angry mob of cinema-goers.

If you want to watch a movie in the theatre & insist on bring your noisy kids along, then at least feed them with alcohol to knock them out first.  Geez.  Parents.

Johnny Depp is seriously charming & he grows on you.  He is one actor whom does not have the same expressions over & over again.  I love him.

As for Angelina Jolie, she lost a lot of weight, but she’s still looking so fabulous & supermodel’ish.  She has really tiny ankles that looked so delicate & girlish!!!

The movie ending was predictable though.  Halfway thru the movie, I told my bf the plot & ending then he was sian* (translation: bored) throughout the movie already.  hahahhaa… I am such a killjoy.

p.s – Do not feed alcohol to young children.  I was JUST KIDDING.  omg.

As I was surfing thru the internet, I found this photo on that Twilight couple.

Kristen & Robert


Kristen is looking hot as ever with her sleepy bedroom eyes that can pierce thru your soul.

But… Robert… somehow managed to look like an old chee ko pei* (dirty pervert) to me.  He also looks like he is going thru premature male pattern balding.

*stares at the photo somemore*

He looks downright creepy.

I’m going back to lazing.


My Hunchback of Notre Dame (and proud of it)

1 Jan

I don’t know what possessed my younger sister, but she went & bought a GOLD GLITTER nail polish.  Maybe it’s the in thing for young kids these days, but during my time, I was into nude colors & light pink.

Anyway, one afternoon, she was like, “Jie Jie, Jie Jie, Jie Jie” (translation: elder sister).

And each time she calls me in this manner, I knew that nothing good will come out of this.

Gigi has this crazy look in her eyes as she held up the GOLD GLITTER nail polish & asked if she can paint my fingernails.


“Then at least let me paint your toenails”…. she was very persistent.

Ok, toenails not so bad.  I can still accept.

I never paid much attention to my feet, but since Gigi is painting my body parts, I feel like I have to constantly watch over her.  Not that I don’t trust her painting skills.  I just don’t trust her not to draw any embarrassing stuff on my toes.

Digressing a bit, you know why I’m worried about her trademark “Jie Jie, Jie Jie, Jie Jie”???

Some time ago, she went, “Jie Jie, Jie Jie, Jie Jie”.  And then she did that quick eyebrow lifting thing (the one where you raise your eyebrows & drop them, then raise them again & drop them… but do it really fast & repeatedly).  Plus add 1 toothy psychotic smile to that.

I was home watching tv at that time & I turned around to see her do the eyebrow thing + psychotic smile.  At that time, the gullible me thought that she had something REALLY REALLY interesting.  So I brightened up & went, “what what what?? what exciting thing you have now?”.

Then she handed me a glass of drink.  It looked like harmless chocolate milk, so I took a sip.

Immediately I identified it as Baileys, but it tastes like it was filtered.  Only alcohol & a faint chocolate taste.  I asked if it’s Bailey & she confirmed it.  I told her it doesn’t taste fully like Baileys, but she told me that it is still frozen as my mother had put it in the freezer the previous night.

No wonder taste so weird.  I told her to try & warm it up a little first.  So we went to the kitchen and there was a very VERY VERRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY strong nasty smell.

OH MY @%!$^*#, the smell came from the BAILEYS?!?!?!?!?!

Just imagine you walk past a rubbish collection center & you get a nice big whiff of whatever foul smell is coming from that place.  RUBBISH.  And I DRANK IT.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Mummy & Daddy said that they thought somebody’s house pipe had burst, so there was a stench.  Even my brother who was in his room, WITH HIS DOOR CLOSED, could smell it.

AND I. DRANK. IT.  And Gigi handed it to me with glee in her eyes.  I still think that she suspects it is spoilt, but just wanted me to double-confirm it.

p.s – I checked the manufacturing date.  It was more than 10 years ago.

From then on, we call Gigi’s twisted eyebrow lifting + psychotic smile -> The Baileys Look.

*shudders*… I can still taste it in my mouth.

Ok, back to this GOLD GLITTER (it deserves CAPS each time I say it as it is horrifying to me).

Gigi didn’t give the Baileys look, but the “Jie Jie, Jie Jie, Jie Jie” is enough to scare me now.

Anyway, the bottom line is, she made me notice that I have a very unique right foot!!!

If you have anything against feet or weird feet or
ugly toes (or GOLD GLITTER), walk away now.

Bubblegum looks like it’s a very affection-seeking toe.  See how it’s tilting towards Mother Toe?  Like going “mmmmmm”… or like a kitty cat who rubs herself against you as a form of affection.

Twisties is always abused from my shoes, so it permanently has a bump on its body.  It is also kind of protective over Hunchback as you can see it leans over like an “umbrella” to provide shelter.  And it’s called Twisties for a reason.  Can you guess why???????????? hehehehe…

Hunchback doesn’t look very hunched here, but it is actually a toe that curves downwards with a hump.  You’ll be able to see it more clearly later.

I guess Baby is the most normal toe on my right foot now.

Now, compare both feet together!

You can see clearly why Hunchback is called Hunchback now.  As you can see the nail is actually pointing downwards.

I love my Special foot as much as I love the Normal one.  Honestly, I hated the fact that I was forced to post this up here… because it will not be my SECRET special foot anymore once it is posted.

My friends think I’m weird for naming my right toes, but I think they deserve names.

Everyone has a special part, right???

Like my friend has a Frankenstein’ish body part, but is too PRIVATE to state it here.

Another friend has a “Hammer” thumb which I am still trying to secretly take a snapshot of that when she’s not looking.

One guy I know has TWO earholes on each side of his face, so that means 4 in total.  2 normal ones & 2 tiny ones.  The ‘extra’ earholes will become super itchy & oozes pus occasionally.  And to prevent that from happening, this guy has to periodically squeeze the ‘extra’ earholes to release the pus (similar to how you squeeze your zits or blackheads).  When he was younger, he was so frustrated that he heated up a sewing needle & stuck it into the tiny ‘extra’ earholes just to punish them for being there.  Then it became so infected that he had to see a doctor.  During that consultation, the doctor told him the reason why there is a set of ‘extra’ earholes is because when he was just a foetus & the body parts were forming, it just so happen that the ear parts did not ‘close’ properly.  Therefore, it seems like there is a tiny opening near his ear.


Wow.  That is the most bizzare thing that I have ever heard.

I know this guy personally when I was younger, but we eventually lost contact because he is an American & went back to his country.  I remember bugging him constantly because I want to squeeze the pus out of his ears.  I know it is gross, but I get this satisfaction when I squeeze the tiny openings & pus just oozes out NON-STOP.  I am serious.  NON-STOP.  It’s like a bottomless pit.  It’s like his whole body is made up of 70% pus instead of water.

I’ll end here now.

Each time I am reminded of him, there is just a sense of… speechless’ness & my brain stops functioning.