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Berry Mii visits 100% Pure!

27 Oct

As per my previous posts (you can find them under the 100% Pure category on my right sidebar under ‘Sort by Brands’), I had bought a Cranberry cleanser in early September from Bud Cosmetics.  And ever since, I have been pretty interested in this brand.

I managed to find another local Singapore seller for the 100% Pure brand & its website HERE.

Janet is giving out a rather good promotion where you choose 7 products & get the cheapest 2 for FREE.  Because of her current promotion, I did a little research & calculation, and found out that it is still slightly cheaper than ordering online from the US sites.

And since I have received some email enquiries on 100% Pure cosmetics from some readers, I asked Janet if I could also take some photos of the natural makeup range & she agreed.  =)

The good thing is that testers are available at her office.


I myself have been curious about the cosmetics from 100% Pure because I have never used natural or organic cosmetics.  As 100% Pure cosmetics claim to use natural ingredients, I wonder how will its performance compare to the commercial brands.

*one big long hmmmmmmmmmmmm*

Nevertheless, 100% Pure cosmetics are using fruit & vegetable pigments instead of synthetic dyes / minerals.  So, we will be applying all the healthy nutrients directly on our skin while looking chio (gorgeous) at the same time!  =D

Nothing but natural natural natural.

So, does this mean it is safe to eat 100% Pure products?

Read on & find out.  😉

Note:  No humans were harmed in the tasting of 100% Pure.

100% Pure cosmetics – Revealed!

I hardly put on makeup, but I do need some colors on my face when I attend functions or events.  And because of the recent sensitivity of my skin (ie: disgusting cold sores & irritating eczema, where did you come from & why don’t you just go away), I am beginning to explore the natural/organic makeup range.

Perhaps 100% pure would be ideal?


Powder Eyeshadows

Most of them look like nudes to me & notice how there isn’t any shade of greens or yellows or blues.  I am guessing that it must hard to get the fruit pigments in those colors.

Blues can come from blueberries.

But what about greens?…. hmmm… kiwi?  no.  green apple’s skin?  no.  spinach??  nah.

And all I think of for yellows is…. …. banana?  Ok, nevermind.

This is why I don't fomulate cosmetics.


In the below photo, I picked out 4 colors that looked the most interesting to me.

p.s – try to keep your eyes away from my half bitten thumb nail… *ahem*…

Upon application of the powder eyeshadows to the back of my hand, the powder does not seem to ‘stick’ to the skin & there were flakes of powder around that area.  That would probably explain the uneven color shadings.  The result is similar to applying talcum powder on your skin.  It has sort of a fluffy feel to it, and some of the powder can be ‘dusted’ off if you sweep your fingers across it.

The degree of color intensity from the natural cosmetics are of course, not as vibrant than our commercial ones.  But how can we complain when these natural cosmetics do not harm our skin, right?

I know Pewter looks like a blue in this photo, but in reality, I think it is more of a dark grey that is perfect for that smokey eyes effect.

Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadows

Again, I selected a few colors that caught my eye…

I tried to pick a few darker shades, but still the colors are less obvious than their powdered siblings.

For the cream eyeshadows, it does not come off as loose powder, but you will probably need to apply several more coats to bring the colors out.

I would think that these cream eyeshadows will be good as a base color for your eyes as it is light & sits in the background.  Then you can use the stronger brighter shades from the powder eyeshadows to do the highlighting & stand out.

Personally, I quite like the Star & Posey shades.  I would think they will look great if you dab a little of it at the corner of your eyes.

Lip Butters

Of all the make-up products in the world, I like lip cosmetics the most!

Lips should look soft, moist & pinkish.  And if they don’t, then what better to correct this than a little lip gloss, right?  Sometimes, when I talk to certain people, I noticed that they have this habit of looking at my lips when I talk.  AWKWARD…. so odd & uncomfortable.  It makes me feel extra insecure because I am wondering if my lips are presentable! 

I started with the lip butters as shown below.  Gorgeous gorgeous packaging.

When I opened the tins to take the following photo,  they smell of their respective fruits!  How cute!  I like the strawberry & watermelon ones.

When I tested the products, the lip butter slides on smoothly without any ‘dragging’ feel.  I did not test them on my own lips because I am an OCD freak.  I can only imagine the amount of bacteria living happily in a tester.

The colors are pleasant & the color intensity faired much better than the eyeshadows.  Just 2 coats to reach the achieved result in the photo above.

I quite like the Watermelon lip butter because it has the right kind of pink that I adore.  Light & sweet & smells wonderful.  Plus we won’t be ingesting any potentially harmful chemicals.

Lip Glazes (also known as Lipsticks)

I have always associated lipsticks as a makeup product for the woman in you.

Maybe it is because when I was in school, students are not allowed to put on any form of makeup & must remain our naturally fugly self.  But some of the vain schoolgirls would still dab on a little bit of lip gloss for that little bit of color for that little bit of fresh look.

Upon graduation & when they step out into the working world, these girls went all out to get the bolder colors that a lipstick can provide.

So the way I see it is… … lip gloss = girls… … and lipstick = woman.

However, when I tried out the lip glazes from 100% Pure, it appears that not all of them produce a strong color.  And a handful of them are actually still perfect acting as lip glosses!

Chio colors.  They all look so so good, right??????????

I picked Vixen & Peach Bellini as I have always had a thing for pink.  And Peach Bellini looks like it can provide a wonderful subtle pinkish stain to your lips.

Then I picked out 2 darker shades.

Surprisingly, although Raspberry has this dark strong red color, the result is actually very natural.  If this lip glaze was available back in my schooling days, I bet all those vain girls would go crazy over this.

Cabernet on the other hand, looks like it can be good for that wild party night out.  And for some strange reason, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.  (^_-)


Lip Glosses

How can we miss out those traditional lip glosses, right?

This range of 100% Pure lip glosses is designed like a twist pen.

You twist it at the bottom, some gloss oozes out onto the brush & you apply it to your lips.

This is the first time I used a twister lip gloss, so it was a little hard for me to gauge just how much twist I should make in order to squeeze the right amount of gloss out.

And me being the enthusiastic person that I am, twisted a little overboard which resulted in a thick glob of gloss on the back of my hand & this is reflected in the photo below.


I feel that these twister glosses are great for those who have dry chapped lips because of its rich texture.  As written under the description of the Cosmopolitian lip gloss in 100% Pure HERE, it stated:

“100% Natural lip glosses made with 83% Vitamin E from organic rice bran and beautiful colors from fruit pigments. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that drenches your lips with moisture and deeply softens.”


Tinted Moisturizers

Next I looked at the tinted moisturizers with SPF 20 & tested the shade closest to mine.

The texture felt light enough, but would it blend into my skin?

*pats the tinted moisturizer around the back of my hand before rubbing it in*


It blends well!

As I have not worn this on my face for the whole day or under the sun, I am unsure if it will clog pores or show streaks when you perspire.  But still, it absorbs quickly & my hand feels smooth.

Foundations & Primer

In the photo below, the 1st 4 are foundations with SPF 20.  The last one on the right is a Primer.

This is actually the 1st time I tested a Primer.  It is to be put on before your foundation so that it can even out your skin & prepare it for the next step of your make-up routine.

Here are the various shades available as shown below:

Then Janet showed me how to enhance the colors of the eyeshadows by putting Primer & tinted moisturizer on 1 of my hand.  See the difference below:

You can see that the colors are more even on the hand with the Primer & tinted moisturizer.  Also, the application is smoother & you need less coats to bring out the colors.

What do you think?

A little on 100% Pure skincare & body care:

Since I am already at the office, I went ahead to take some shots of the available skincare & body care ranges.

And I must say that Janet was the face of patience & politeness while I anti-socially arranged the products & stoically snapped away with my Sony Nex-5 in a hunched Gollum stance.

*Berry Mii snapping away at the 100% Pure products*
omg!  The resemblance is uncanny!


If I were Janet, I can imagine the thoughts that were going thru her head at that moment.  But I cannot help the fact that I do transform into a robot when I am totally engrossed in doing something.   =P

Anyway… if you have been asking yourself, “since 100% Pure claims to be so… pure, then can it be eaten?

The answer is… …


One of the first items that Janet brought out during our meet-up at her office, was the 100% Pure Organic Tangerine Butter Body Scrub & asked if we wanted to try it.

And try it = eat it (not the “oh TRY IT on your hands, rub it around & see how good it feels… mmmmmm… you won’t regret it”)

My bf immediately shook his head with doubt in his eyes & a down-turned mouth.

And me?  I was born curious.

First, I brought the jar to my nose & took a deep whiff.  It smelt super super good, like sweet minty oranges.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm… nice.

Then, I poked around the body scrub with the chopstick that Janet provided.  I examined the contents & saw a whole lot of sugar (for a whole lot of exfoliating when you use it as a body scrub, of course).  There were even tangerine bits in it.



… … uh huh.  Rrrright… … … okay.  Just to be sure, let me check out the ingredients first.

I could understand every ingredient stated there & they all look natural enough.

But is it really that yummy?  I have not eaten a cosmetic product that tastes good.

So, here goes nothing…

*silently mumbles a series of Amitabha’s & Allah’s & Amen’s* (I need all the help that I can get)…

*eats body scrub while my bf gleefully snapped photos of me*

… tsk tsk tsk… so evil of him.

OMG SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never see body scrubs the same way again!!!!  It tasted like sweet tangerine jam with a hint of mint.

So for those of you kinky people out there who actually asked me if 100% Pure products can be eaten ‘if the girl wants to‘, then you have gotten your answer here today on Berry Mii.

*nods sagely*

Word of caution:  I still will not recommend that you eat (or make someone eat) A LOT of the 100% Pure product.  A tiny little taste is fine, but not… you know, a big generous mouthful of its juicy contents.  You have been warned.  And I will not be held responsible or liable.

By the way, right after I ate the body scrub, I asked my bf if he wanted to try it now & he said yes.


Welllllllll… okayyyyyyyyy… alrighttttttttttttt… after seeing how I did not reach for my own throat in a choking manner & convulse on the floor after eating the scrub, NOW he wants to try it, huh.

p.s - he liked the taste too


Before I end this post with a summary of my thoughts, these were the skincare / body care products which I took photos of:

All the foaming cleansers lined up in a row for the photoshoot.

You may visit the website to find out the variety of products they have under 100% Pure!

And more cleansers in a cream form!  See below photo:

The muddy looking one on the extreme right is the 100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser for those acne skin types!

In photo below, fruity masks & scrubs!!!

And then we have the 100% Pure hand creams!

I tested the Strawberry Lemonade one & felt that it was very light on my hands.  But I wonder if it will be great for my dry hands (and they are VERY dry).  hmmmmm….

It smells of faint sweet strawberries for a very short while & then it was scentless.  So for those of you who want to walk around smelling like flowers after applying cream, you might be a little disappointed.  But then, as the body absorbs 60-70% of what you apply on it, at least you know that you will be feeding your skin with natural nutrients rather than chemicals, right?

100% Pure also sells stuff for kiddies!

They have 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body washes, bubble baths & body creams that all smells like vanilla ice-cream!!!  Hmmm… I wonder wonder wonder… … can these be eaten too?

As I was getting ready to end the visit, my bf suddenly perked up & walked over to the shelf where the products are displayed.

Then he came over & mumbled something like “…m m mm m m … very cute“.

And I was like, “what did you say?

So, he brought over this tube of kiddy body cream & I thought it was so adorable!!!!!!

They have names too!  The girl is called Strawberryina & the boy is Appleton.

Cute, righttttt??

btw, is it me or is Strawberryina super sexy?

Things I bought:

Since there was a promotion going on, I took advantage of it.

I chose 7 items & got the cheapest 2 for free.  When I divide the cost out over 7 items, I am paying about SGD$23 per item.  It is a reasonable price for natural/organic skincare.  Too bad Janet does not carry the full range of skincare products yet, but she has ordered & is waiting for the US factory to ship them over to her.

The photo below shows the skincare products that I bought from Janet:

1.  100% Pure Organic Mint Eucalyptus Foaming Shower Gel
2.  100% Pure Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam
3.  100% Pure Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam
4.  100% Pure Brightening Cleanser
5.  100% Pure Jasmine Green Tea Cleanser
6.  100% Pure Lavender Seafoam Facial Cleanser
7.  100% Pure Super Fruits Scrub + Mask
8.  FREE Fila travel bag (medium)

As you can see, I loved the Cranberry cleanser so much that I repurchased it before my current one is completely used up.  I had already given a review HERE.  Based on the usage of my current Cranberry cleanser, I am estimating that a bottle of cleansing foam will last about 2 to 2.5 months for me.  I wash my face 2 times a day & use about 1-2 pumps each time.

I also bought the Jasmine Green Tea cleanser for myself to try out & will give a personal review on this in due course.

The Eucalyptus shower gel is for my bf who accompanied me to Janet’s office & sat in boredom for 1.5 hours while I ignored him & left him to play Plants vs Zombies on his iPhone.  hahaha… poor guy.  I have a story to tell about this meet-up as well but shall leave it to another post.

The rest of the cleansers are actually for Mummy & Gigi.  They got interested in 100% Pure when they saw that my cold sore condition had miraculously reduced in occurrence & severity.  Mummy also commented that my complexion is much better now.  Of course I should also credit the improvement to the skincare from The Organic Pharmacy which I had also given a review HERE.

As for the Fila bag, it came free with my purchase.

Overall thoughts on 100% Pure cosmetics:

The 100% Pure cosmetics look fascinating enough with the selling points of using fruit pigments to produce the colors & that they are all safe to use without harsh chemicals / preservatives / etc.

All of their makeup products do not smell strongly of chemicals like our commercial brands. They are either scentless or comes with a faint fruity smell.

Through my session with Janet, I also get to see that the Primer is an important step in this case as it is used to bring out the colors of the natural cosmetics. Also, to make the application smoother & more refined.

The ultimate question is, will I purchase the cosmetics from 100% Pure?  I probably would.  But before I do, I would still like to do a little more research on the other brands of natural/organic cosmetics out there.  And like I have said earlier, the 1st thing I would change in my cosmetics, would be the lipstick.


100% Pure – Brand New Products!

8 Oct

2nd post of the day!  There was an earlier post, so scroll backwards for it.

I am doing a lot of snooping around today!

I visited the 100% Pure US website to spy on their products this early afternoon.

As per my previous blog review on their cranberry cleanser which I absolutely love, I am really interested in this organic brand.  Read the review (if you haven’t yet) HERE.

And today, I see that 100% Pure has launched brand new products!!!  See them HERE.


I WAN I WAN I WAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But alas, the US website does not provide shipping to Singapore yet, but they are in the process of providing shipping to Singapore.  YES!  Anywayz, I have emailed them about international shipping & that was what I was told.  Unless they are just saying it to humor me & cheat my feelings.

In the meantime, if anyone in Singapore decides to purchase 100% Pure products, then I suggest you use VPost.  If you have not heard of VPost, then WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN????  Do you live in a cave?  Are your friends wild baboons?  Do you wear a loin cloth made out of tiger’s skin?

I admit that I myself have not heard of VPost until last 2 weeks.

I KNOW, RIGHT????  Where the hell have I been????  Do I live on mother earth???

I guess I was just not the shopping-online-kind-of-girl.  Therefore, all these online shopping savvy’ness is really not me, but I am slowly discovering the world outside of Singapore while I am in Singapore in front of my laptop.  =D

… what a frog in a well…

But this twiggy frog is trying get out of the well with her tiny arms & explore the world now.

Ok.  So.  VPost, right?  It is like a postal service provided to us Singaporeans by creating a US address for us.  This allows you to shop at US online shops that do not provide shipping outside of the US.  Apparently, there are some US online shops that do not accept international credit cards, so VPost can help you to buy these items for you at a small fee.  Then once the ordered products are delivered to the US address, VPost will send it to your doorstep.  So convenient!  Read more info on VPost HERE in case you are stuck in a well like me.

I might get VPost to order for me because I am sure the 100% Pure US website does not accept international cards.

Their products all look great, especially the Hydrating Body Washes with auto-foaming pumps.  They also have new skincare range like the Jasmine Green Tea collection, Red Wine Resveratrol collection, Skin Brightening collection, Purity Collection & Super Fruits collection.

I am really looking at the Jasmine Green Tea & Super Fruits collections.

Also, thinking of getting some of their body washes with auto-foaming pumps & body lotions… hand creams…. & did I mention before that they also have a make-up range that is made out of fruit pigments?!?!?!??!  ARGH!!!!  WILL MY COMPULSION EVER END?!?!?!?!?!?!  WHEN WILL THEY PROVIDE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING (cheaply is of course preferred)?!?!?!

Image Credit: Unknown

Quick Update – 100% Pure Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam

28 Sep

Remember I gave a review on my 100% Pure Cranberry Cleanser & it was was missing some photos because my laptop was sent for repair??  I’ve got my laptop back & have uploaded the original photos!

See the blog post in its fullest glory HERE!!!

Hug Kiss Punch!

100% Pure: Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam

20 Sep

Dated 20 Sept 2010
p.s – i am very very angry!!!!  I lost all my photos in my laptop due to virus!!!  And as one of my Facebook friends put it, it is one classic FML situation.

Therefore, I have to take the photos from the original 100% Pure website first to put up this post.  I will put up my own original photos of the product once I get my laptop back.

Dated 28 Sept 2010
NEWLY UPDATED:  Hey people!  I have updated those missing photos as I have gotten my laptop back already!  Check it out if you want.  All updated parts are typed out in this soothing green color.  How considerate of me.  =D

In my previous blog posts on my discovery of organic skincare (Part I is HERE & there is a link in there for Part II), I said that I will provide my review on the organic skincare products in 3 weeks’ time.

One of these products is the Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam from the brand 100% Pure.


Front View

Close-Up View

Let’s see what this cleanser can do for our skin!  See below photo!

Long before the birth of this blog, there must have been dozens of cleansers that I have washed my sensitive face with in my past many years.  Neutrogena, Bioessence, Beauty Credit, The Face Shop, The Skin Food, Biore, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, etc etc.

Some of these cleansers dried my skin out, which caused lots of flaking skin & dry rough patches (especially around my mouth area).

Others left my face producing more oil than ever.

A few of them irritated & probably made my cold sores worse.

A minority of the cleansers did not inflict any further harm, but also did not improve anything.

In a way, it was my own skin that could not tolerate the chemicals used in these cleansers.  They will probably work better on people with tougher flesh & higher immunity system.

If you are looking to feed your skin with wholesome natural goodness, then I suggest you go organic as well because our skin basically absorbs up to 60 – 70% of whatever stuff we apply to it.

Why I chose this brand over so many other organic brands in the world???  I have absolutely no idea.  Maybe it is because when I look at its ingredient list, it contains only natural ingredients.

But but but… exactly how natural???

You can check it out for yourself!  See below photo for ingredient list:

Ingredients:Organic White Tea1, Organic Green Tea1, Organic Rose Hydrosol1, Extracts of Organic Cranberry2, Organic Raspberry2, Organic Blackberry2, Organic Cherry2, Organic Pomegranate2, Organic Blueberry2, Organic Grapefruit Seed3, Organic Rosemary4, Organic Thyme4, Organic Oregano4, Organic Goldenseal5, Organic Cinnamon4 and Organic Blood Orange2, Organic Tangerine Essential Oil2, Coconut Cleanser (coco betaine), Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Japanese Honeysuckle Extract

1 Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
2 Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers
3 Certified Organic by Baystate Certification Organic
4 Certified Organic by QAI
5 Certified Organic by Maryland Department of Agriculture

It does not even contain WATER, okay.  You want to know why?  Because according to my EXTENSIVE research on Google, I found out that air & water are the 2 elements that will cause products to go ‘bad’.

And since 100% Pure does not use preservatives that will cause irritation to your skin, they take out water & replace it with tea – Organic White Tea & Organic Green Tea.  This is to minimize the chances of the products going ‘bad’.

How radical is that?!?!

I am no expert, but isn’t green tea supposed to be high in antioxidants & all kind of lovely stuff associated with it???  And now, it is not only green tea, but ORGANIC green tea with a certification from Oregon Tilth Certified Organic!!!  *thumbs up thumps up*

I have been using this cleanser every single day since Thursday (02 Sept 2010).  This is for all skin types, especially for those with dull skin.  Yay for me!  Because I have the ultimate dull tired-looking skin ever made in human history!!!  I am exaggerating, but I do look tired or ‘yellow’ all the time.

I have to stress that I have stopped ALL other skincare products.  And I am using this cleanser together with the products from The Organic Pharmacy, so I am currently still not sure if the results that I am getting now is due to the cleanser or the other skincare from The Organic Pharmacy or both.  But my next blog post will be on the skincare from The Organic Pharmacy.

Let’s talk about this cleanser first.

The liquid in the transparent container is light yellowish in color & its consistency is like water scratch that, juice.  It resembles ORANGE juice.  You might even see some residue at the top of the liquid, but I guess that is perfectly normal as it is probably from the natural ingredients.

In fact, it even smells like freshly peeled oranges.

When I squeeze the pump at the top, frothy deliciously-smelling foam comes out.  See photo below:

It is amazing how it can foam like this when there are no chemicals in this cleanser!  Then I looked closer at the ingredients & noticed Coco-Betaine, so that’s how they do it.  This ingredient is derived from coconut & is used to create foam, so it is kind & gentle to our skin.

In addition, if you look at the label, you will notice this symbol with a number on it.  See below photo:

This symbol with the drawing of an opened container means that once opened, the product’s shelf life is up to 6 months.

As the organic products do not contain preservatives, it has an understandably shorter shelf life.  That is why manufacturers produce these products in small quantities, so that they can remain fresh!  In other words, it is good for us consumers because we get to purchase FRESHIES!!!

Getting on with the actual review!!!

This cleanser is NOT harsh at all.  It does not leave me with a burning sensation around my mouth / lip area & it did not make my skin feel tight.  When I previously used a tea tree cleanser from Beauty Credit, my lip area immediately felt like it was BURNING, ok.

There is also no weird reaction to the cleanser like cold sores or funny itch rash on my chin.

After I wash off the cleanser with warm water, it feels slightly moisturizing but not oily.  Does that make any sense??  Hmmm… ok, just imagine you grab some papaya skin to wipe across your face.  Sorry, that’s the best description I can think of.  It is the feeling of smoothness & feeling safe, knowing that it contains only organic stuff.

In fact, I can choose not to slap on any moisturizer after washing my face because it does not feel too tight or dry.  Unless the weather is kinda cold, then my cheeks will feel a little too painful from the dryness.

What’s up with my face, right????  It’s either you stay oily or you stay dry or you are normal.  What the hell do I have oily T-zone but super dry cheeks?!?!?!?!  FRUSTRATING!!!

Although it states that the cleanser can remove makeup, but I personally would not try that.  I still believe in using a proper makeup remover.

This cleanser is slowly, but surely taking its place in becoming my #1 must-have cleanser!

I honestly love the freshly squeezed juice scent.  It is NATURAL, HEALTHY & ORGANIC and and… and…. THANK YOU MOTHER OF ALL NATURE!!!!

I am so grateful to have found this organic cleanser that my heart is just bursting with emotions now.  You have no idea how desperate I am to find a product that doesn’t give me allergy problems or cold sores!!!

However, being the unfaithful lover that I am, I might want to try out the Cucumber Facial Cleanser under the same brand as well.  In fact, I suddenly want to try out all the 100% Pure products now!!!



One thing I have to admit is that when you see the packaging for all the 100% Pure products, they look like some cheapo brand that nobody wants to buy.

But as I researched over the internet, it seems like people love this brand for its natural organic ingredients!  And by ‘people’, I mean the ang  mohs (Caucasians).  I am almost sure that us Singaporeans have never heard of 100% Pure unless you are obsessed over organic stuff, especially the younger generation.  I mean, I am not THAT young, but I was also previously obsessed with Korean skincare because they all look so cute & fascinating.

Next reviews will be on The Organic Pharmacy!!!  This brand is said to be well-liked by famous Hollywood people!  WHAT???????  SURE OR NOT!!!  Definitely must set my standards higher now.

And before I end this post, this organic Cranberry cleanser deserves a Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!!

The Discovery of Organic Skincare (Part 2)

8 Sep

In case you feel that this post is all over the place & not in a rational sequence, that is because I am blogging this in the middle of the night & feeling very groggy now, but yet cannot go to bed until I let out all these thoughts in my head.

I love blogs.  Do you love blogs?  I think they are like online diaries where you leave a piece of you in the virtual world & it remains there for your kids or grandkids or great-grandkids or any future family member whom you will never meet after you pass away.  But they can still type in your blog address & read what their ancestors (ie: me) have experienced in the past.

And obviously, my future generations will probably realize that I have been obsessed with skincare for now.  And I still have lots of posts on FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.  And who knows where else my obsession will take me in the future?  Oh right, I am also searching for a semi-pro camera!

Anyway, further to my previous blog post HERE, I realized something strange.

As I was doing  my research on where to purchase organic skincare in Singapore, it was actually difficult to find any information related to this.


I need help!!!  I feel so paranoid from all these stares from people.  They keep looking at my mouth area!!!

In animal world, it would probably feel like:

“HA HA never wash mouth ah!!
HA HA got pimple on your lip!!
HA HA your face got mushrooms growing!!”
Image Credit: Unknown



I figure that Singaporeans are so not into the whole organic trend yet.  Instead, it is the Americans & the Canadians & the British who are more into organic skincare.

Although my mother got into this manic craze over organic food products 10 years ago, we ourselves have never even thought about organic skincare until I got sick of my face looking like crap all the time + my new doctor urging me to use products that are free from parabens / chemicals / preservatives / fragrances.

When she said free from everything, the 1st thought in my head was, “siao ah… where to find this kind of product“.

What does this tell you?  Are Singaporeans really that ignorant towards the availability of organic skincare???  Or we just don’t care?  Or is it just me who is oblivious to healthy stuff?

Hmmm… let’s give this a little thought.

I think there are a few logical reasoning to this:

1)  Singaporeans are not as exposed to organic skincare!!!

Instead, we are crazy over the Korean brands because they are endorsed by cutesy Korean actors / actresses bouncing around adorably on our Korean dramas.

We also have high-end products like Estee Lauder & Shu Uemura & SKII calling all the big shots.  But organic skincare???  Can you even think of 1 TV advertisement on organic skincare???  I know I can’t.

Note: For some strange reason, Bee Choo comes to mind, but I do
not think they are organic. Herbs, yes. But organic? I dunno.

2)  Singaporeans are not as concerned about health because we take our healthcare benefits for granted.

Unlike the Americans, they need to purchase health insurance in order to be subsidized for medical treatment.

But us?  We get to enjoy subsidized rates at Polyclinics & Government Hospitals just by being Singaporeans!  How great is that?  But this probably leads us to think that we do not need to take care of our health.

3)  Organic skincare is not readily available here in Singapore!

Why is that????  I have been trying to source for a store here in Singapore that carries various organic brands & so far, only 1 store came up – Bud Cosmetics.

Either that or we have to ship directly from the brand’s website itself.

Maybe I am really bad at research, but I shall press on & look for more local alternatives!!!

KAMBATE~~~~~ (if that is even the right spelling)

Wait wait wait…

… must include act cute symbol…    (^_^)v

4)  Organic skincare is expensive.

You bet it is.  I recently bought a cleanser from 100% Pure & a starter kit from The Organic Pharmacy.  Don’t bother to search for their retail outlets because they are not in Singapore.  I bought their products through Bud Cosmetics & you can view the website HERE.  They do home delivery too.

The cleanser alone costs $36.

The starter kit can probably only last you about 3 – 4 weeks & it costs a whopping $150!!!  Just for a trial set!!!

Organic skincare can be between the range of Shiseido to SKII to Estee Lauder, depending on the brand you get.  It is definitely not your Biore or Neutrogena.  So far, I have not found an organic skincare below the price of SGD$20.  =(

Btw, I am currently on the search for organic skincare is partly due to my current skin problems.  Just this year alone, I have no idea why my face decided to go on a strike & burst out with cold sores + weird rashes + mosquito-like itchy bumps.

Too much chemicals accumulated over the years?  Probably.

You know I think my body has some kind of WARNING trigger.  Sometimes, when I eat too much meat, my body suddenly will crave for vegetables.  Or if I’m drinking too much soft drinks, my mouth will crave for water.  Or when I snack too much, even the cookie looks like it is giving me a disapproving look.

Grandma, is that you?????
Image Credit: Unknown


Do you experience this too, or is it just me?

That is also why I believe that now my face is going on strike.  It is craving for the natural goodness from mother nature.

Does this mean that Berry Mii will no longer use non-organic skincare?


I am still very much interested in kawaii-looking skincare from Korea.  So far, Innisfree & Baviphat are pretty gentle on the skin & some of their products do work, you just got to find the right one for you.

Besides, now that I know I have organic skincare to fall back on, I might go even wilder on trying out all these products.








The End.

The Discovery of Organic Skincare (Part I)

4 Sep

Just a quick one today.

Remember I had these horrible cold sores for like… MONTHS???  Don’t remember?  Click HERE to see how bad it is.  This basically went on for about 5-6 months already.  Recently, my doctor put me on 2 weeks antibiotics + 1 week anti-viral medication + continuous application of an anti-viral cream.  So why do I have a massive breakout of cold sores?  It could be any of the reasons as stated in my previous blog.

Besides the horrifying cold sores, you may ask any of my ex-colleagues & they will tell you that I have been having these weird rash since 2 years ago.  This weird bumpy / scaly rash is located on my chin & occasionally the right side of the corner lip would flake like crazy & eventually get infected.  Why am I getting this?  Even my doctor doesn’t know, but she said that she suspects it is eczema.

Also, my face will itch like crazy if I use the wrong facial products.

You know what I think?

I think this is one of those FML moments big time.  Which human on earth wants to live life constantly worrying about her freakin face?  It makes me feel goddamn self-conscious, I tell you.

Ok that is actually not what I wanted to say.  What I really wanted to say was that I think it was my facial products.  Especially the facial cleanser from Beauty Credit called Acnever.  Thank god they are going to discontinue this Acnever cleanser.  Beauty Credit has replaced it with this Bamboo cleanser which I heard from my brother that it worked WONDERS for his face.  And it is true.  This Bamboo cleanser got rid of all my brother’s chin acne & his face is practically reborn.  Jealous.

Anyway, my constant outbreak of cold sores + weird rash drove me to DESPERATION MODE.  I just want to have good clear skin!  Is that so wrong?!?!?!

But I can’t help that I have got sensitive skin.  I do not have iron-clad skin like some of you.  There are people who can use harsh soaps on their faces & it doesn’t even harm them one little bit.

Since the doctor told me to go simple & use products that are free from parabens / chemicals / fragrances /etc, I started to do my own research on the internet.  I wanted to know which ingredients are the so-called chemicals, etc etc.

For a whole month, I started to research on what the hell are those ingredients in our skincare.  It’s pretty amazing what the internet can tell you & you’ll be shocked at what you can find.  I won’t go into details on this, but if you really want to find out, go grab one of your skincare now & key the ingredients into your Google search engine.

My research led me to Organic skincare.  I was skeptical, but curious & also aware that organic products are always more costly.  See HERE for my post on the Elianto Organic Infusion mask.  I still have a yet-to-be posted review on its cleanser, which will be soon.

Again, I have to remind you that just because the product has the word ORGANIC on them, it does not mean that the product contains only organic stuff.  You have to look closer at the ingredient list.

Overall, I think Elianto is pretty decent.  But are there more organic brands out there?  There ARE.

I’m particularly interested in these 2 brands at the moment:

1)  100% Pure

2)  The Organic Pharmacy

So far, these 2 brands do not include any funny stuff in their products apart from organic ingredients.  I have bought a few products from them already & am trying them out.  If you’re interested, my reviews will be coming up soon.  But not so soon.  Probably in another 3 weeks’ time, because I want to be sure of their results before reviewing them.

I’m still in the search for more organic brands!  =)

In the meantime, wish me luck!  I really need these products to work for my sensitive skin right now.  Pray that my cold sores + weird rash will disappear for good.

Have a good Saturday, people!  =)

Updated:  Read Part II over HERE.