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Nature’s Farm: Pycnogenol (The Review)

29 Mar

I am such a procrastinator.  But thank you for reminding me that I should be doing an update on the Pycnogenol RX GOLD Super Strength which I have bought awhile ago (ok, not really AWHILE… actually quite some time back).

I have already finished the 2 bottles which I bought during a promotion at Nature’s Farm.  I took it regularly, one tablet a day.  After about 1 week, my bowel movements seem more regular… managed to poop everyday.  But then after a few weeks, it became irregular again, so I’m not sure if it’s the Pycnogenol or my diet that helped with the regular bowel movements before.  LOL… ok a bit gross to talk about bowels.  Let’s move on.

For the hefty price tag at SGD$323 a bottle (for regular price without promotion), I honestly do not think it had showed that much of a result.  I mean, for that kind of price, I would expect to have at least 2 of the following improvements:

1)  Soft dewy glowing skin that even babies will envy it

2)  Strong healthy eyes that won’t get tired even after watching 12 hours of tv

3)  Not have any other aged spots on my body

4)  Regular periods that are pain-free

… but sad to say, I didn’t see any visible improvements.

It could be that the 2 bottles of Pycnogenol are not enough for it to work, but come on… … … the price is heavy, so I would expect it to give me some good results even after ONE bottle, rightttttttt.  Besides, it’s RX GOLD Super Strength lehhhhh~~~~~ and it costs $323 a bottle at regular price… so it better be good.

Well, I guess the Pycnogenol has been very hyped up by advertisements & the internet, etc.  Just becuz some random French maritime pine bark extract got scrutinized by some researchers doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone.  And so wat if it has some kind of international patent… … *moody moody*… (ok, getting a bit sour here becuz I spent over 300 dollars & did not get supermodel-worthy glowing skin or have pain-free regular periods).

After I finished the 2 bottles of Pycnogenol, I had very disgruntedly decided to try out other kinds of supplements… like Aloe Vera Gel, Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin C, Cranberries, etc etc.

And you know what???  They are CHEAPER & more effective!  Plus, I can purchase like… 5 bottles of other supplements with the 300 dollars.  LOL  (sounds so cheapskate, but for a better cause)

I’m also wondering if any of you have tried this Pycnogenol as well?  If so, did it give you any results?  Or am I the only unlucky one.

So for those of you who have been curious about this product, at least now you know that it did not work for one person in this world.  Me.

*gravitates into a dark corner to emo a bit*

that tuff of hair looks like it’s
coming out from his nostrils…


Me & My Youthful Looks (LOL)

16 Mar

It’s true.  Everyone says that I look like I’m in my mid 20s.  LOL

Even when I buy cigarettes for my friend at 7-11, the cashier will ask to check my ID.  Or when I go to the theatre to watch a R21 movie, the ticketing staff will ask for my ID.  And there was this one time when this auntie came over to chat with me, asking me about my mother, and asking me about this & that… then I was like “who the hell is this auntie”… and after a few minutes later, she realized her mistake & admitted that she thought I was my sister (who was 10 years younger than me ok).  LOL i know very thick skin, but it’s true.

I guess looking youthful has its perks.  Like people will fuss around me because they think I’m a kid & I can’t look after myself.  And for the obvious reason that I don’t look like an old hag.

However, I seem to realize that youthful looks can be very frustrating as well.

It is precisely that people think you are a kid, so they don’t respect you that much… or they try & bully you to do their stuff… or they think that  you are inexperienced so they can try & make you change your procedures to suit them even if it means inconveniencing yourself… or they talk to you with a lesser amount of respect.




ok, I think you can guess by now that I had experienced some bad incidents at work.

and it’s ALL MY FAULT!!!  Because I left a good management job for a new job that downgraded myself in position (but slightly higher in salary).  So now I don’t get the respect that I should deserve for my skills & knowledge.  =(   Serve me right.  Somewhere out there, I can hear my ex-boss saying, ‘I TOLD YOU SO”.

But… I just wanted to indulge in some personal time & not spend all my life at work.  But then again, I am still spending A LOT of time at my new workplace because the system is so terrible & so messy that I have to work OT to clear up all the crap.


hahahaha… I so regret leaving my 1st serious job for a supposedly relaxing new job (but it now seems like I got conned into the job).  sigh… i hate interviewers who misrepresent the job scope & working environment during my interviews.  I feel cheated.

Life is unfair.  So kill yourself or get over it.

Side Note (and very out of point):  Calling out to Sheryl, your BSY soap is still with me!  I am already bringing in the 7th batch of soaps for new buyers. LOL.  You already paid for this, so I want to hand it over to you!  I have been sms’ing you but I didn’t get any reply.  Did you change your hp number????  If you see this message, please email me at to arrange a date & time & place to collect it.  hahaha…


Sorry for the Spiderwebs

8 Mar

It has been a while since I last blogged.

I am a terrible terrible person.

Just started on my new sucky job. I have no idea what I have gotten myself into until the 1st day at work.

The pay is higher than my previous job, but dunno why the job scope is lower level. Which means that I am being paid higher to do an assistant’s job when I was previously paid lower but performing at an executive/manager level. Makes sense?

Most of you will be saying, “That is good. You are paid more for lesser responsibilities.”


You are so wrong.

Doing a lower level job is unsatisfying & unrewarding. My brain is asking me for more challenging work. And of course, an actual assistant to delegate work to.

*wails in pain like a banshee who just stepped in fresh cow dung*

So for now, I’m afraid I cannot devote time in blogging. But I have a feeling that very soon, I will be able to blog A LOT. hehehe…

Oh btw, if you are still looking to purchase the BSY soap, please email directly to me at

Also, I have Chagrin Valley soaps going at a flat rate of SGD$22 per piece (postage not included yet) if you are interested. Email me too.

I’ll be back to update my blog soon!