Asience: Nature Smooth Shampoo

31 Aug

I love the effect I did on the above photo!  Looks like a cut-out from a magazine…
tee hee!


Previously, I was using that Jackie Chan shampoo!  hahaha… very auntie, right?  But I think that is a little too moisturizing for my oily scalp.

I also noticed that my hair keeps falling out during showers when there is excessive oil… :-\  maybe because the oil clogged my hair follicles & prevents them from breathing???  I dunno what is the exact reason, but it makes sense.

Before using this Asience shampoo, my hair looks lifeless & flat throughout the day.  It even gets progressively oilier & oiler at the crown.

SO IRRITATING, right?????

After work, if I happen to have dinner plans with my friends, I look in the mirror & see a dirty little thing who hasn’t showered for days.  Sometimes, it gets so bad that I am embarrassed to be standing near a taller person because that fella is going to look down at me & see nothing but oily dirty-looking hair.  I am not even going to proceed to talk about what oily scalp smells like.  😦

… … or maybe I am going to talk about it.  You know your scalp is oily when you detect a foul smell as you shake your head left & right.  Or when you’re squatting down & then the same foul smell hits you as you stand up.  Or when you lie on your bf’s shoulder & he goes, “Wheww!!!  Something died in your hair!!!

… *shifty eyes left right up down*

… n… n… not that it has ever happened to me but you know what I mean…

*shifty eyes shifty eyes*…

Anywayz, I also feel that if my scalp is oily, then that oil is going to eventually travel down my strands of hairs & end up on my forehead, which would give me all sorts of skin problems like blackheads & zits & whatever.

This has got to stop, man!!!

I even went to Bee Choo (i bet you never heard of this, but you can Google) to perform herbal magic on my scalp.  Of course it will leave a strong chinese herby smell on your hair for a least 1 week, but it doesn’t bother me as much as Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein.  Also, it definitely made my scalp less oily for about a month.  And what do you know?  YIPPEE!!!  Less hair fall during my showers!!!  HORRAY FOR BEE CHOO!!!

*sees mummy jumping for joy in the toilet*

I had always known that Asience was in the market for quite some time now, but I do not know why I never wanted to try it.  However, seeing how my mother keeps complaining of having to clear the gutter hole from my bunch of hairs, I decided to shop for one meant for oily scalp.  I cannot depend on Bee Choo forever!  What if they jack up their prices??  Or move out of Singapore??

I saw the description on the Asience shampoo & I decided to give it a go.

(click for a larger photo)


My Asience shampoo is almost finishing up & I am replenishing my supplies this weekend.  This shampoo works for me!  My hair doesn’t stick flat down onto my scalp anymore & even has a little bit of volume now.  At the end of the day, it still does get a tiny bit oily, but it is not as bad as before!

Also, from losing about 20 hairs everyday in the shower, it has definitely reduced to about 5 strands.  This statistic is provided by mummy.  She came up to me & told me how much hair I was losing in the shower.  I cannot believe she actually counted.  Either that, or she makes a damn good guess because right after she told me that I was losing 20 strands, I started to count them myself.  It was really about 20 each time I showered.  After Bee Choo & Asience combined, it reduced to 5 strands.

Yes, I’m still going to Bee Choo.  At least once in 2 months.  It is supposedly to promote healthy scalp using a blend of chinese herbs.  Each time I visit their outlet, there is such a lot of people.  Does this mean Bee Choo works?  *shrugs*… for me, it does help in its own little way.

*gets distracted*

Oh god it’s only Tuesday today.


One Response to “Asience: Nature Smooth Shampoo”

  1. Gwyn 14 December 2014 at 6:06 PM #

    Thanks to your review, i think i’m gonna give this product a try cause i have a serious problem with oily scalp and hair loss ( i lose approximately more than 20 strands per shampoo time) . Crossed finger that it will works efficiently on my hair since i live in Vietnam (air pollution and humidity are worse than in Singapore).

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