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OFF TO MALACCA + Simmons PawPaw Salve

29 Sep

Updated 07 nov 2010:  Found a local seller for Simmons PawPaw Salve.  Read my review HERE.

Off to Malacca!!!


Not now, but tomorrow morning!


*sings*… I’m leavinggggg in a blue Rush… I dun know when I’ll be back again…

Wait… actually I do know.  I’ll be back on Saturday.  And me & my friends will be driving up in a friend’s Toyota Rush that is blue in color.  That poor car.  Sounds like Ferrari, but speed like lorry.

I’ll be bringing my new Sony Nex-5 camera there to put its functions & quality to the test (and also my skills).

Simmons Paw Paw Salve

By the way, I am wondering if I should order the Simmons Paw Paw Salve that a friend recommended.

I did some research & read it on a few other blogs that this salve is pretty good + it is petroleum free (which means that my pores will not get clogged).

I thought about ordering from this Aussie website HERE.  The site ships internationally too, but I don’t know how much the shipping is yet.

Wait, let me go check.


The salve costs like SGD$5.98 and the freaking shipping costs like SGD$12.76 without insurance.







Quick Update – 100% Pure Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam

28 Sep

Remember I gave a review on my 100% Pure Cranberry Cleanser & it was was missing some photos because my laptop was sent for repair??  I’ve got my laptop back & have uploaded the original photos!

See the blog post in its fullest glory HERE!!!

Hug Kiss Punch!

Spam or Not? Sony Nex-5. Boredom at Work with no Facebook. HTC Desire Z.

28 Sep

Spam or Not?

Was just looking thru my Comment folder in wordpress & found a lot of spam comments.

Some of them looked like spam.  The rest looked like they might or might not be spam.  And a handful of them looks credible, but at the same time looked a little like spam because of the email address that was included in the comment box.

I’m not an IT expert so I deleted everything just in case it is some kind of virus or something that could hurt my little vulnerable laptop that just came back from the repair shop.

If you had genuinely posted a comment directed for me, please email me at first & I’ll look out for you in your next comment posting.  Please no send me virus.  Me scared.  I already got a vicious cold sore virus to worry about.  Make love, not war.  Be friends, not enemies.  I love you, you love me, we are one big family.  Peace.  (-_-)v

Soon, I will be reposting the pictures which I left out in my 100% Pure Cranberry cleanser blog post.  Will keep you informed!  =D


Sony Nex-5

Plus I bought a new Sony Nex-5 MFT camera!!!  I got the silver-coloured one.  Not my 1st choice in color.

If they got a red one, I would not have to ponder for so long.

It would have been *sees RED*, ok give me that.

But since it is SILVER, I held back for more than a month & then went down to Audio House to fiddle with it for another 1 hour & remained hesistant & undecided until my daddy got so frustrated & yelled, “JUST TAKE IT OMFG JUST TAKE IT, YOU STUPID KID“.

But but but daddy, Silver is not eye candyyyyyy... =(


I’ve been playing around with the Nex-5 & so far I am loving it (despite its tacky silver casing).

I’m not an expert in semi-pro cameras with all that fancy functions & stuff, but I’m still pretty glad that it is user-friendly!!!  I am loving the photo quality & the quick shutter speed.  And I’m bringing the Nex-5 to my Malacca trip this weekend!  =D


Boredom at Work with no Facebook

Lastly, I am bored.  Freakin bored at work.  They blocked Facebook.  And I am officially cut from the outside world.  All I can do now is sit in my lonely cubicle with its 1.8m high panels & work.  Pure hard work.  No talking to colleagues.  No interaction with others.  No Facebook.


HTC Desire Z

The No-Facebook part is spurring me to give up my pretty smoking-hot red Sony Ericsson Satio mobile phone for a dull boring black HTC Desire Z that is to be released soon.  I have my eyes on that one.

I’ve always hated touchscreens & prefer the feel of pressing on physical buttons.  A physical Qwerty keyboard will be a nice change.  I have never had one of those before.

Read about it on the HTC website for an overview HERE.

See what CNet has to say HERE  & I feel that they are taking the words right out of my mouth.  Oh CNet, you know me like physical keyboard too.  And if you read further, the author even stated, “… or if you fear your precious data has fallen into the hands of some miscreant, there’s a self-destruct button on that will wipe all your data“.



That sounds so… … … James Bond.

My Short Days

24 Sep

I sometimes experience short days.

Not exactly short working days, although that would be nice.

But there are days (like today), when I look down on the floor while I’m walking & I realize how close the ground is to me.

Today, it looks extra close & my legs look short, which in turn makes me feel short.

Is it the fact that I am not wearing my heels today?  Or maybe it’s because I am wearing jeans today?

And because the ground looks so close to me, I feel that my legs are short & therefore, I try to take longer strides & stand a little bit straighter.

When I see girls who are taller than me, I imagine what it will be like to be standing at their height & so I walk on tip-toes until my calves hurt.

Am I the only one who feel this way?  Or is there someone out there who has a ‘short’ day too?  Do we all wish that we are taller?

Anyway, I’m at the height of about 162 cm.  It’s not THAT short.


100% Pure: Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam

20 Sep

Dated 20 Sept 2010
p.s – i am very very angry!!!!  I lost all my photos in my laptop due to virus!!!  And as one of my Facebook friends put it, it is one classic FML situation.

Therefore, I have to take the photos from the original 100% Pure website first to put up this post.  I will put up my own original photos of the product once I get my laptop back.

Dated 28 Sept 2010
NEWLY UPDATED:  Hey people!  I have updated those missing photos as I have gotten my laptop back already!  Check it out if you want.  All updated parts are typed out in this soothing green color.  How considerate of me.  =D

In my previous blog posts on my discovery of organic skincare (Part I is HERE & there is a link in there for Part II), I said that I will provide my review on the organic skincare products in 3 weeks’ time.

One of these products is the Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam from the brand 100% Pure.


Front View

Close-Up View

Let’s see what this cleanser can do for our skin!  See below photo!

Long before the birth of this blog, there must have been dozens of cleansers that I have washed my sensitive face with in my past many years.  Neutrogena, Bioessence, Beauty Credit, The Face Shop, The Skin Food, Biore, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, etc etc.

Some of these cleansers dried my skin out, which caused lots of flaking skin & dry rough patches (especially around my mouth area).

Others left my face producing more oil than ever.

A few of them irritated & probably made my cold sores worse.

A minority of the cleansers did not inflict any further harm, but also did not improve anything.

In a way, it was my own skin that could not tolerate the chemicals used in these cleansers.  They will probably work better on people with tougher flesh & higher immunity system.

If you are looking to feed your skin with wholesome natural goodness, then I suggest you go organic as well because our skin basically absorbs up to 60 – 70% of whatever stuff we apply to it.

Why I chose this brand over so many other organic brands in the world???  I have absolutely no idea.  Maybe it is because when I look at its ingredient list, it contains only natural ingredients.

But but but… exactly how natural???

You can check it out for yourself!  See below photo for ingredient list:

Ingredients:Organic White Tea1, Organic Green Tea1, Organic Rose Hydrosol1, Extracts of Organic Cranberry2, Organic Raspberry2, Organic Blackberry2, Organic Cherry2, Organic Pomegranate2, Organic Blueberry2, Organic Grapefruit Seed3, Organic Rosemary4, Organic Thyme4, Organic Oregano4, Organic Goldenseal5, Organic Cinnamon4 and Organic Blood Orange2, Organic Tangerine Essential Oil2, Coconut Cleanser (coco betaine), Citric Acid, Witch Hazel, Japanese Honeysuckle Extract

1 Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
2 Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers
3 Certified Organic by Baystate Certification Organic
4 Certified Organic by QAI
5 Certified Organic by Maryland Department of Agriculture

It does not even contain WATER, okay.  You want to know why?  Because according to my EXTENSIVE research on Google, I found out that air & water are the 2 elements that will cause products to go ‘bad’.

And since 100% Pure does not use preservatives that will cause irritation to your skin, they take out water & replace it with tea – Organic White Tea & Organic Green Tea.  This is to minimize the chances of the products going ‘bad’.

How radical is that?!?!

I am no expert, but isn’t green tea supposed to be high in antioxidants & all kind of lovely stuff associated with it???  And now, it is not only green tea, but ORGANIC green tea with a certification from Oregon Tilth Certified Organic!!!  *thumbs up thumps up*

I have been using this cleanser every single day since Thursday (02 Sept 2010).  This is for all skin types, especially for those with dull skin.  Yay for me!  Because I have the ultimate dull tired-looking skin ever made in human history!!!  I am exaggerating, but I do look tired or ‘yellow’ all the time.

I have to stress that I have stopped ALL other skincare products.  And I am using this cleanser together with the products from The Organic Pharmacy, so I am currently still not sure if the results that I am getting now is due to the cleanser or the other skincare from The Organic Pharmacy or both.  But my next blog post will be on the skincare from The Organic Pharmacy.

Let’s talk about this cleanser first.

The liquid in the transparent container is light yellowish in color & its consistency is like water scratch that, juice.  It resembles ORANGE juice.  You might even see some residue at the top of the liquid, but I guess that is perfectly normal as it is probably from the natural ingredients.

In fact, it even smells like freshly peeled oranges.

When I squeeze the pump at the top, frothy deliciously-smelling foam comes out.  See photo below:

It is amazing how it can foam like this when there are no chemicals in this cleanser!  Then I looked closer at the ingredients & noticed Coco-Betaine, so that’s how they do it.  This ingredient is derived from coconut & is used to create foam, so it is kind & gentle to our skin.

In addition, if you look at the label, you will notice this symbol with a number on it.  See below photo:

This symbol with the drawing of an opened container means that once opened, the product’s shelf life is up to 6 months.

As the organic products do not contain preservatives, it has an understandably shorter shelf life.  That is why manufacturers produce these products in small quantities, so that they can remain fresh!  In other words, it is good for us consumers because we get to purchase FRESHIES!!!

Getting on with the actual review!!!

This cleanser is NOT harsh at all.  It does not leave me with a burning sensation around my mouth / lip area & it did not make my skin feel tight.  When I previously used a tea tree cleanser from Beauty Credit, my lip area immediately felt like it was BURNING, ok.

There is also no weird reaction to the cleanser like cold sores or funny itch rash on my chin.

After I wash off the cleanser with warm water, it feels slightly moisturizing but not oily.  Does that make any sense??  Hmmm… ok, just imagine you grab some papaya skin to wipe across your face.  Sorry, that’s the best description I can think of.  It is the feeling of smoothness & feeling safe, knowing that it contains only organic stuff.

In fact, I can choose not to slap on any moisturizer after washing my face because it does not feel too tight or dry.  Unless the weather is kinda cold, then my cheeks will feel a little too painful from the dryness.

What’s up with my face, right????  It’s either you stay oily or you stay dry or you are normal.  What the hell do I have oily T-zone but super dry cheeks?!?!?!?!  FRUSTRATING!!!

Although it states that the cleanser can remove makeup, but I personally would not try that.  I still believe in using a proper makeup remover.

This cleanser is slowly, but surely taking its place in becoming my #1 must-have cleanser!

I honestly love the freshly squeezed juice scent.  It is NATURAL, HEALTHY & ORGANIC and and… and…. THANK YOU MOTHER OF ALL NATURE!!!!

I am so grateful to have found this organic cleanser that my heart is just bursting with emotions now.  You have no idea how desperate I am to find a product that doesn’t give me allergy problems or cold sores!!!

However, being the unfaithful lover that I am, I might want to try out the Cucumber Facial Cleanser under the same brand as well.  In fact, I suddenly want to try out all the 100% Pure products now!!!



One thing I have to admit is that when you see the packaging for all the 100% Pure products, they look like some cheapo brand that nobody wants to buy.

But as I researched over the internet, it seems like people love this brand for its natural organic ingredients!  And by ‘people’, I mean the ang  mohs (Caucasians).  I am almost sure that us Singaporeans have never heard of 100% Pure unless you are obsessed over organic stuff, especially the younger generation.  I mean, I am not THAT young, but I was also previously obsessed with Korean skincare because they all look so cute & fascinating.

Next reviews will be on The Organic Pharmacy!!!  This brand is said to be well-liked by famous Hollywood people!  WHAT???????  SURE OR NOT!!!  Definitely must set my standards higher now.

And before I end this post, this organic Cranberry cleanser deserves a Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!!

The Face Shop Flebeaute Collagenic 70 Cream

11 Sep

(click photo for larger image)

I went home one weekend & noticed that my mum’s complexion has improved significantly!!!  She looks really really different (in a good way, of course).  And when I asked her, “what did you do to your face?

The following is an excerpt of what she said,

“I tell you, no joke.  The Face Shop Collagen cream is damn good.  It really gives the skin a lot of moisture & even the cheeks are like… lifted up.  You don’t believe, you go & try.”

I don’t need to try.  When I look her face, I know it works.

Since I am nearing that age to worry about saggy loose skin, I am seriously thinking of getting 1 tub for myself.  But I still have not finished the one from Beauty Credit & I’m not very religious with anti-aging for now.  That’s because I’m more concerned about my T-zone oiliness, freckles, pus-like zits & dry wrinkly eyes.

But still, I am curious enough to try out that collagen cream.

The first thing that surprised me is the opening of the tub of cream.

(click photo for larger image)

See?  The opening so small, should be quite difficult to dig the cream out, right?  And no way am I sticking my finger in that.  It will just trigger my OMG-bacteria signals.

But luckily, it comes with a cute little wavy stick to get the cream from the bottom of the tub.  Looks like a cute mini golf club!!!

(click photo for larger image)

Second thing that surprised me was the consistency of the cream.  It looks & feels like… … soft cheese which is thick & almost clumpy.  So I’m very curious to know what it would feel like on my face.

(click photo for larger image)

*smears cream on face*

Not bad!!!

I don’t know if it is because that tub of cream is kept away from the sun or what, but when I applied it to my face, it actually felt good & slightly cool (not minty cool, but more like low temperature cool).  No sticky & no heavy feeling on the skin.

I didn’t get any allergic or sensitive reaction & no funny pus-like zits formed around my face.  Usually products that are too harsh on my skin will cause an almost immediate reaction the very next morning.

Seeing what wonders it did for my mom, I seriously will give it some consideration in a few years’ time when I need collagen help.

Word of advice:  If you get this product, apply some on your neck as well.  Then you won’t end up looking like you went for plastic surgery on your face, but neglected the neck.  I call it the Young Face Old Neck syndrome.

Also, the only 1 thing that I did not fancy was the smell of the cream.  It irritated me with its strong fragrance.  But then again, some perfumes with a sharp scent like Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss makes me dizzy too (not in a good way).  So, I suggest that before you purchase this product, make sure you test it out first.  Because this is going to be on your face the whole night & you definitely do not want to feel nauseous in your sleep. hahaha…

I also did not get to take a photo of the ingredient list because my mother already threw the box away.  =\  I really am interested to see what exactly did The Face Shop put in this collagen cream.  Well, if I manage to get my hands on it, I’ll post an update here.

In the meantime, I’m going to watch The Mentalist Season 2 now.  I love this TV series!


The weekend that went horribly wrong =(

9 Sep

Dear Diary

I finally feel better & less traumatized from last Saturday where I went on an outing make that, 2 outings on the same day.  I am ready to talk about it now.

In the early afternoon around 12pm, I met up with my ex-colleague to eat at Novena Square 2.  There is this DELICIOUS, I repeat, SINFULLY DELICIOUS place called Chicken Pot.  It’s on the 4th floor.

(click photo for larger image)

This next photo makes me salivate all over again!

(click photo for larger image)

God… did you see how steaming hot it is???  That brown sauce is oh-so-yummy!!!!  Especially the pot on the right where you can visibly see the steam emerging… *sniffffffffffff*… oh god, I can practically smell it now.

Although it is called Chicken Pot, but they actually serve 3 flavors – Chicken (duh), Beef (has a taste that is slightly too strong for me, but that’s because I don’t really fancy beef) & Spicy Prawn (kind of like your local prawn noodle, but the soup is thicker & spicy).  Personally I prefer the Chicken one because the meat is tender & somehow the sauce tastes nicer.

The name does not sound fantastic at all.  But I discovered this place by pure sense of smell.  I was taking the escalator down when I suddenly detected this fabulous smell!!!  *tummy immediately rumbled*… That was what led me to this place.  I smelt whatever they were cooking & I ate there & loved it ever since.

So naturally, when I had to decide on a place for the outing with my ex-colleagues, I chose to meet at Chicken Pot.  I was definitely hankering for some spicy chicken hot pot yummyomgwtfwhyisthissoyummy!!!

Before I left the house, I do not know what has gotten into me, but I actually spent 10 mins standing in front of my wardrobe thinking of what to wear.

After 10 mins of pondering, I dunno what in the world possessed me to chose a shaggy 3-quarters & worn out T-shirt with some old-looking Adidas slippers?!?!?!  When I saw how well my ex-colleagues dressed, I felt a little ashamed of myself.  I must not be in the right mind this morning.

After Chicken Pot, we went down to Old Town which is at ground level & I ordered some Blackcurrent Smoothie.  It was too sweet for my taste & did not quench my thirst.  In fact, it made me crave for water.  Water is still the ultimate thirst-quencher.

The worst thing was that we lost track of time because we had too many juicy gossips about other people.  Then I had to hurry hurry rush to Orchard to meet Mello.  But but but… I was supposed to go home to change into nicer clothes first!!!  Then again, I felt too lazy to do that, so I just took the MRT straight down to Somerset.

In the MRT, I had this overwhelming feeling that I simply MUST go on a mad rush to change my entire clothing.  Which girl in the right mind would walk around in Orchard in home-wear clothes???  I can NOT wear clothes that were only fit to go to the wet market!!!

313 Somerset shall save my lack of fashion sense that day.

YES!  I saw Miss Emily & I know that store sells all sorts of Korean/Japanese-inspired clothes.  They have another outlet at Tampines Mall.  Best of all, I know that their sizes will fit me perfectly because I have tons of clothes from them.

p.s – not easy to find clothes that fit my twiggy body…


Bought a flowery-looking dress @ about SGD$35.  Cheap, rightttttttttt???  The material is not bad too.  And I love the way Miss Emily makes the dresses with this elastic band thingy at the back of your waist, so that it makes you look like you have an hour-glass body (sort of).  You go, girl… whoever you are.  I bet her name is not even Emily.  See photo below:

Sigh… POINT those damn toes, Berry!!!  Why in the world did I forget to stand on tippy-toes when this photo was taken????  Tyra Banks always say that on America’s Next Top Model whenever commenting on the model’s photos.  It is Model 101 to POINT. YOUR. TOES.  You will look  more elegant… *floats like a butterfly to the toilet*…

And I dun care if I look like an amputee but nobody gets to fully look at my feet!!!  I have toes that are meant to be treated like a well-kept secret!!!  Tee Hee!

Also, have you noticed that nowadays old granny-type of floral prints are back in fashion???  It’s like… Granny prints are being made new again.  And… I LOVE THEM.  I have another dress that has an even higher ranking in Ah-Ma (translation: Granny) prints, but I still think it looks good.  hahahhaa… I will take a photo of it someday.

After the dress purchase, I ran over to Charles & Keith for some casual yet presentable sandals @ about SGD$30 (or was it $25??).

It looks painful to wear & like the bottom has no cushion for the soles of your feet.  When I first saw it, I thought that it would feel like I’m wearing hard wood.  However, the material is actually quite soft, but don’t expect it to be super cushion’y.  I didn’t get bruised wearing this for the 1st time though.

I like the gold buckle in front!  It has this bright clear gold & not the rusty faded kind.

After changing into the dress & sandals, I realized that there is another problem.

My dress does not come with pockets!!!


I had to dump my hp, money, credit cards & EZlink card into the shopping bags.  Now, I have to quickly search for a little pouch to carry around!

By this time, Mello called & said that he has reached 313 Somerset.  I told him of my situation & he brought me over to Orchard Central where there was this mini bazaar place.

How did this tall dark handsome guy managed to know about this mini bazaar that sells handcraft items & girlish clothes?  Is he gay?

No, he clarified that he had just parked his car at Orchard Central because it charged only $2 per entry after 6pm.  That is freakin cheap parking within the Orchard area!  I am so going to Orchard after 6pm now.

In less than 20 mins, I found the perfect cute little handmade pouch @ SGD$16.  =D

Isn’t it a little cutie??  It has the shape of a money bag.

You know, the kind where they put bank money in it?  See photo below:


The little pouch is so cute that it totally goes well with the kawaii-fashion that I see on the streets these days!  ACT CUTE GIRLS, now you know where to get pouches to make you look even more act cute!!!!!!!  REJOICE!!!!

The greatest thing about it was that the lady told me that this pouch is the one & only piece she made, so that makes me special now.


I even took a namecard & it read “Projects By Jane”.  She has a blog HERE.  And hey!  I found a nicer photo of my new pouch HERE!!!  It’s the 3rd photo from the top, just below the dragonfly zip pouch.  You can see other designs there as well.

I wonder if she can custom make some pouches according to the colors that I want.  Probably something with a shorter strap & smaller mouth opening.

Maybe I can request for her to make the outer layer bright sunny yellow with a red inner lining.  Hahahhaa.. so cheena (meaning: chinese old-fashioned style), but can match my Granny prints.

Or maybe dark purple on the outside, with a red inner lining.  Then paste those Swarovski crystals around the purple cloth.  EEEEEEEEEE YUCKS!!!  no wait… maybe not a bad idea.

Anyway, after getting the new clothing & pouch, I felt more Orchard-worthy now.  We headed down to Heeren basement to this Japanese buffet place.  Oh crap, I forgot the name.  But it is opposite MacDonalds & there is this fat Sumo wrestler with droppy tits statue in front of the restaurant.  I promise to go there again & take lots of photos.

Now I want to defend myself.  The reason why I did not take photos was because my stomach was starting to hurt really really bad.  I excused myself TWICE & left poor Mello eating alone.

Note:  Was it the Chicken Pot?  Too spicy, perhaps??  Or… inhygienic???

I…. …. … (there is no better way to say this)… … practically passed water out from you-know-where.  My stomach was hurting SOOOOO bad.  It cramped up every 5-10mins & when the pain came, I felt like puking.

I could not go on the rest of the night & Mello had to take me to the 24-hour clinic at Bishan Street 11.

Throughout the journey from Orchard to Bishan, Mello kept telling me not to lao4 sai4 (translation: diarrhea) in his car.  Hahahhaa… he kept joking & made me laugh with all this weird scenarios about how my diarrhea would go wrong in Orchard Road.  But too gross to mention here, so I’ll leave it up to your own imagination.

Note:  He probably started joking because he didn’t want me to feel bad for ruining the night??  We WERE supposed to watch The Expandables that night & tickets were already bought… =(

As the medical consultation was after 9pm, it costs a whopping total of SGD$62!!!!  WTF, right???????  Why are they making sick people pay that much????  Are we not allowed to be sick after 9pm?????  BLASPHEMY!!!  Taking advantage of the sick.

So yeah.  Last weekend, everything went wrong.

Wore the wet-market clothes even after deliberating for 10 mins in front of my wardrobe.

Went on a mad rush to give myself a last-min makeover to feel more Orchard-worthy.

After all that trouble, got food poisoning (according to 2 doctors, 1 seen on that very day & the other one on the following Monday) & did not enjoy the rest of the night.

Gave up 2 tickets to The Expandable which was bought online earlier in the day.

All in all, I spent about $200.

Still, I would not say that it was a waste.

At least I got myself some nice clothes & a cute little pouch.

I feel blessed that Mello has always been around & not bearing any grudges on me for ruining the outing.  Speaking of Mello, I think there were various occasions when we went out & I fell ill.

There was that one time when I felt faint at CityLink & I just HAD to have a packet of Tao3 Ni1 (soya bean drink).

There was that other time when I practically blacked out & Mello had to carry me back home in the middle of the night.  Daddy must have heard some commotion in the kitchen, so he came outto investigate.  Imagine the shock when he saw this big tall guy bending over his daughter in the dark.  HAHAHAHHAA!!!  Mello was just making sure I was ok as I sat on the floor to recover from the black out.

Still, Daddy’s expression was priceless.  He was practically like…

D:  s..s….s….. STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!


The next morning, when I teased him about looking all shocked & dazed, Daddy still pretended to act tough & said that he was not shocked at all.  He even said that he was all ready to karate-chop Mello on the head if needed.  Hahahahaha!!!  Oh Daddy, you’re so funny.

*gets distracted*

The skin on my hands are soooooooooo dry.

Time to moisturize.

The End.

The Discovery of Organic Skincare (Part 2)

8 Sep

In case you feel that this post is all over the place & not in a rational sequence, that is because I am blogging this in the middle of the night & feeling very groggy now, but yet cannot go to bed until I let out all these thoughts in my head.

I love blogs.  Do you love blogs?  I think they are like online diaries where you leave a piece of you in the virtual world & it remains there for your kids or grandkids or great-grandkids or any future family member whom you will never meet after you pass away.  But they can still type in your blog address & read what their ancestors (ie: me) have experienced in the past.

And obviously, my future generations will probably realize that I have been obsessed with skincare for now.  And I still have lots of posts on FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD.  And who knows where else my obsession will take me in the future?  Oh right, I am also searching for a semi-pro camera!

Anyway, further to my previous blog post HERE, I realized something strange.

As I was doing  my research on where to purchase organic skincare in Singapore, it was actually difficult to find any information related to this.


I need help!!!  I feel so paranoid from all these stares from people.  They keep looking at my mouth area!!!

In animal world, it would probably feel like:

“HA HA never wash mouth ah!!
HA HA got pimple on your lip!!
HA HA your face got mushrooms growing!!”
Image Credit: Unknown



I figure that Singaporeans are so not into the whole organic trend yet.  Instead, it is the Americans & the Canadians & the British who are more into organic skincare.

Although my mother got into this manic craze over organic food products 10 years ago, we ourselves have never even thought about organic skincare until I got sick of my face looking like crap all the time + my new doctor urging me to use products that are free from parabens / chemicals / preservatives / fragrances.

When she said free from everything, the 1st thought in my head was, “siao ah… where to find this kind of product“.

What does this tell you?  Are Singaporeans really that ignorant towards the availability of organic skincare???  Or we just don’t care?  Or is it just me who is oblivious to healthy stuff?

Hmmm… let’s give this a little thought.

I think there are a few logical reasoning to this:

1)  Singaporeans are not as exposed to organic skincare!!!

Instead, we are crazy over the Korean brands because they are endorsed by cutesy Korean actors / actresses bouncing around adorably on our Korean dramas.

We also have high-end products like Estee Lauder & Shu Uemura & SKII calling all the big shots.  But organic skincare???  Can you even think of 1 TV advertisement on organic skincare???  I know I can’t.

Note: For some strange reason, Bee Choo comes to mind, but I do
not think they are organic. Herbs, yes. But organic? I dunno.

2)  Singaporeans are not as concerned about health because we take our healthcare benefits for granted.

Unlike the Americans, they need to purchase health insurance in order to be subsidized for medical treatment.

But us?  We get to enjoy subsidized rates at Polyclinics & Government Hospitals just by being Singaporeans!  How great is that?  But this probably leads us to think that we do not need to take care of our health.

3)  Organic skincare is not readily available here in Singapore!

Why is that????  I have been trying to source for a store here in Singapore that carries various organic brands & so far, only 1 store came up – Bud Cosmetics.

Either that or we have to ship directly from the brand’s website itself.

Maybe I am really bad at research, but I shall press on & look for more local alternatives!!!

KAMBATE~~~~~ (if that is even the right spelling)

Wait wait wait…

… must include act cute symbol…    (^_^)v

4)  Organic skincare is expensive.

You bet it is.  I recently bought a cleanser from 100% Pure & a starter kit from The Organic Pharmacy.  Don’t bother to search for their retail outlets because they are not in Singapore.  I bought their products through Bud Cosmetics & you can view the website HERE.  They do home delivery too.

The cleanser alone costs $36.

The starter kit can probably only last you about 3 – 4 weeks & it costs a whopping $150!!!  Just for a trial set!!!

Organic skincare can be between the range of Shiseido to SKII to Estee Lauder, depending on the brand you get.  It is definitely not your Biore or Neutrogena.  So far, I have not found an organic skincare below the price of SGD$20.  =(

Btw, I am currently on the search for organic skincare is partly due to my current skin problems.  Just this year alone, I have no idea why my face decided to go on a strike & burst out with cold sores + weird rashes + mosquito-like itchy bumps.

Too much chemicals accumulated over the years?  Probably.

You know I think my body has some kind of WARNING trigger.  Sometimes, when I eat too much meat, my body suddenly will crave for vegetables.  Or if I’m drinking too much soft drinks, my mouth will crave for water.  Or when I snack too much, even the cookie looks like it is giving me a disapproving look.

Grandma, is that you?????
Image Credit: Unknown


Do you experience this too, or is it just me?

That is also why I believe that now my face is going on strike.  It is craving for the natural goodness from mother nature.

Does this mean that Berry Mii will no longer use non-organic skincare?


I am still very much interested in kawaii-looking skincare from Korea.  So far, Innisfree & Baviphat are pretty gentle on the skin & some of their products do work, you just got to find the right one for you.

Besides, now that I know I have organic skincare to fall back on, I might go even wilder on trying out all these products.








The End.

Elianto: Organic Infusion Refreshing Gel Cleanser

6 Sep

I had previously given a review on the mask under its similar range – Organic Infusion.  Read it HERE.

I think it is time to review on the cleanser as well.  I have been using this everyday for more than 12 weeks now.

You may click on all the photos for a larger image.

Before purchasing a product, I never forget to check out its manufactured date.  I am pleased to know that it was freshly released on Jun 2010!!!  See photo below:

I guess with organic products, their shelf life is shorter than those with preservatives (aka parabens).  Therefore, the manufacturers produce in small but frequent quantities.  Which is good for us because we are using fresh products!

This cleanser comes in a semi-transparent gel with a light brown color.  It is almost odorless as it does not contain any fragrance which is great for my ultra-sensitive skin!

I did not get any additional skin problems like zits or reactivation of cold sores, but the cleanser did not really ease any of my current problems as well.  Even the weird rash that I was having on my chin remained there.

Also, I find that with frequent use, the cleanser does leave my skin around my cheeks & mouth areas a little too dry & tight.  At one point in time, the area around my mouth even flaked because it was sooooo dry.  And because it flaked so badly, it made my mouth area a little sore.

I originally already have a dry U-zone (which is the cheek & mouth area), so I guess this cleanser will be more suitable for those with oily skin.

Also, I did a little internet research on the ingredient that sparked a curiosity:

This ingredient is generally regarded as a mild and safe ingredient, and for this reason is replacing Cocamide DEA. However, it has been shown to cause allergic reactions in some individuals. This is most likely a result of the manufacturing byproducts amidoamine and dimethylaminopropylamine, two impurities commonly associated with skin sensitization and irritation. However, studies have shown that coco-betaine’s potential for dermal allergies and irritation can be avoided if the byproducts are low and tightly controlled (source taken from HERE).

Decyl Glucoside
A non-ionic surfactant that’s used as a cleansing agent. It’s gentle enough for sensitive skin and can be used in baby products. It also possesses moisture binding properties that help make the skin feel smooth and soft (source taken from HERE).

Overall, I think this cleaner is on the borderline for me.  Not good, yet not too bad.  I would look for an alternative organic cleanser that can ease my skin problems + not give me dry flaky skin around my U-zone.

No stamp of approval from me on this product.

Why keep fishes as pets?

6 Sep

What’s so great about fishes?

I don’t even like them as food.

You can’t pet them.  Can’t bring them out for walks.  They don’t respond to you except when it’s feeding time.  They don’t blink.  They feel slimy all over.  They swim aimlessly around in a little tank.  They can’t act cute like Puss In Boots.

Awww… this photo of Puss makes me want to compulsively get a little ginger kitty now.

Actually, I already have a ginger-colored rabbit.

Ok fine, he’s not really ginger.  But he’s still adorable.  And likes to play catching with you.  When he is hungry & there is no food in his metal bowl, he will bite onto the bowl & bang it against his cage until someone comes over to feed him.  HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?!

So I’m wondering, what is so great about fishes that people have to keep them as pets?  Because they are colorful?  What can they do to interact with their owners?  Blow bubbles?

Sorry, this blog post was written because I was forced to eat fish at dinner last night.

God I hate fish.