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Tony Moly: Vitamin Essence Mask Sheet

19 Aug

Remember my previous blog post on The Face Shop Hand Lotion??  Read it HERE.

Since my body is rather dry, I’m always on the lookout for products that are moisturizing & preferably with collagen.  People with dry skin usually is more prone to wrinkles & fine lines.  And when your skin is dry, it will sometimes peel or flake, and when that happens, your skin may become sensitive.  Woe is me.

Through some websites, we found out that about the Korean brand – Tony Moly!!!  Kim Hyung Joong endorses Tony Moly!!!

Tony Moly is a brand from Korea & not yet available in Singapore, unless you go to eBay or blogshops to purchase them.  But be very careful on who you’re buying this from & make sure the products are AUTHENTIC.

Anyway, I was given some Tony Moly stuff from a friend of mine.  YES I LOVE FREE STUFF!

One of these items is the Tony Moly Vitamin Essence Mask Sheet, together with some other cute kawaii stuff (and I will blog about them after I tested them out).

Hmmmmmm… let’s take a closer look at what this vitamin sheet contains:

–      Vitamin C

–      Vitamin E

–      Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate:  what in the world is this, right? I did a quick Google check & it is actually Licorice Root Extract (more trival info on this coming up later)


Ok, so trival info on Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (I can’t even pronounce this, why they cannot just call it Licorice Root Extract) on Google search states that it is a salt derived from the Licorice plant.

But how does it benefit our skin???????????

This ingredient can improve the appearance of dry / damaged skin by restoring suppleness!  It also acts as an anti-irritant with anti-inflammatory and skin soothing capabilities.  Studies also show that it may also prevent hyper-pigmentation & reduce redness / irritation.  Nice.  Since I totally have dry skin, I have to take extra measures on providing more collagen & moisture to my face.

Upon tearing open the packet, the mask sheet is thoroughly soaked with ‘juice’, but don’t expect to have any remaining liquid left for your neck or arms or legs.  The ‘juice’ is JUST NICE only.

Usually, when I buy mask sheets from The Face Shop, they have remaining juice left in the packet & I will rub some on my neck / shoulders / chest / hands / feet / wherever.  Don’t waste, right????

The juice from the Tony Moly Vitamin Essence Mask Sheet is light & not sticky.  It has a faint orange scent, but somehow reminds me of…. COUGH SYRUP.  (-_-“)

When I first placed the mask sheet on my face, there is an ever so slight tingling sensation, so I figured that its contents are a little too harsh for sensitive dry skin like mine.

After 20mins, I removed the mask sheet & washed my face with warm water.

My skin does feel like it has been pampered with moisture and there was no irritating sticky feeling.

As for my other friends who have regularly used the mask sheets twice a week for a period of 4 weeks, their reviews on the product was much more favorable than mine (becuz I only used it 3 times).  They claimed that they felt fully protected with moisture & their skin felt more supple & firm.

Both my friends & I pass the verdicts that on the plus side:

–      The juice is light & not sticky.

–      Our skin does feel moisturized & there is a slight firmness after 4 weeks.

–      Although there is a slight tingling sensation when I put the mask on, it went away in less than a minute.  No allergic reaction after usage!

On the down side:

–      Not enough juice for the rest of the body parts (I know I’m just being demanding).

On the whole, I feel that the people who can benefit most out of this mask sheet are:

–      Anyone who does not have overly sensitive skin becuz the tingling sensation indicates that contents might be a little harsh.  However, I do have rather sensitive skin but I did not experience any allergic reaction after usage, so it is still acceptable for me.

–      Those who need a moisture boost & collagen.

Although my friends seem to love this mask sheet, but it was just ok for me.  I will have to personally try it out longer in order to reach a better verdict for this face sheet.  Will keep you updated on this!

Have you tried the Tony Moly – Vitamin Essence Mask Sheet?

Our Stalker san @ Berry Mii is now stalking down authentic sellers for Tony Moly at good rates.  Once he finds one, I’m going to get a few more pieces of this mask sheet & put it to the test.  Tee hee!