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Haley Reinhart from American Idol Season 10

14 Apr

This season of AI 2011, I am really rooting for Haley Reinhart.

So wat if my eyes are too close together?


Yeah!  So wat if her eyes are too close together?

I think her looks grow slowly but surely on me. 

And her voice is appealing.

Plus, who in the world can make yodeling & growling sound cool??? 

Go youtube & search for these few songs that she sang on AI

Haley Reinhart Blue
Haley Reinhart Bennie and The Jets
Haley Reinhart You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me

Ok, the last one will sound a bit sleazy……. but I like sleazy.  LOL


p.s – me  ❤   you in super hot red lipstick



10 Jan

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY…  I ignored my blog!!!

*runs away*

Must be the holiday season.

It’s making me feel sooooooooo lazy.

The whole of the December month is like 1 big holiday mood for me, but ironically, it is the busiest period for me in the working world.

Then January is like the hangover from the December holiday mood.  Which is basically, also making me feel very lazy.  And again, ironically, I should be working hard because of all the start-of-the-new-year reports to be done at work.

To top it all off, the Chinese New Year is in the beginning of February so that makes me feel even more lazyyyyyyyy.

I think I am born lazy.  Maybe I was born with a brain that has a super high amount of activity in area where it controls the lazy/hardworking functions of the body.

I have been communicating with some of you via email & you guys really have interesting topics!  You have ignited the curiousity in me & I am currently already doing some research.

I have read up on pH levels for skin & body.  Different people seem to react differently with different levels of pH.  But I want to research more before I blog on it.

A few of you are also enquiring about other products from the BSY line, especially on the Noni Black Hair Magic.  I did some research & found that it is also made from natural ingredients.  Apparently, some of our local organic stores are already selling it at $8 per sachet or $98 for 20 sachets, but you guys want me to ask for lower price.  (-_-“)    I feel like you want me to be an auntie bargaining in a wet market, but ok I will work on that soon.  LOL!  Please give me some time though… because Berry Mii is a little… err… ermmm… a little… under… the weather?


But I’ll try to get it done after the Chinese New Year.

On the BSY soap, I want to say that I have stopped using it for 4 days now & my cold sores gradually came back.  =\   Is there really no cure for that??????  Those bumpy clogged pores also returned.  I am so sad.  I cannot use other cleansers.  Still have 1 full bottle of 100% Pure cleanser sitting in my cupboard.  =\

Quick update on what has been going on in my life since my last blog post.

I watched a few movies.

The 1st one was…

 Gulliver’s Travel starring Jack Black.


My bf almost fell asleep.  I watched the big screen like a zombie.  It was THAT bad.  I wonder why comedy actors like to repeat their actions.  It’s like once you’ve seen one of their movies, you will feel like you’ve watched them all.

For example, Jim Carrey’s facial expressions are the same throughout when he starred in The Mask, The Cable Guy, Liar Liar, etc.

For Jack Black, it was the same crazy loser rocker vibe in School of Rock, Tenacious D, Nacho Libre, etc.  hahaha… ok actually he is a pretty funny guy.  Plus he can sing.

The 2nd movie was…

Little Fockers starring Ben Stiller & Robert De Niro.
p.s – a lot of my friends told me that when they look at Robert De Niro, he reminds them of my daddy.  I think so too.  The resemblance is uncanny!  especially the grumpiness.  LOL!


Another comedy that didn’t make me laugh.  But for some reason, the girl seated next to me thought it was so funny that she laughed extremely loudly at all the not-funny parts of the movie.

*curious side-glance at her with puzzled eyebrows*…

buay beng (translation: dun understand / dun get it) at all.

Most recently watched movie was…

The Tourist starting a A-lister combo of Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie.


HOLY SMOKES!  Now THAT is what I call acting!  They made the movie very believable & I was totally immersed into it… … except for that stupid kid who kept making a din in the theatre, I was enjoying myself in this movie.

Speaking of young children in movie theatres, for god’s sake, can parents please DO NOT bring them into a dark quiet environments???????  You should know that kids cannot sit still & they are demanding little pricks.  Also, they cannot control their voices & tend to talk/yell/cry/sob loudly in the nice dark quiet environment.  Verrryyyyy irritating, okay?!?!?!?!  Unless you want your kid to get beaten up by an angry mob of cinema-goers.

If you want to watch a movie in the theatre & insist on bring your noisy kids along, then at least feed them with alcohol to knock them out first.  Geez.  Parents.

Johnny Depp is seriously charming & he grows on you.  He is one actor whom does not have the same expressions over & over again.  I love him.

As for Angelina Jolie, she lost a lot of weight, but she’s still looking so fabulous & supermodel’ish.  She has really tiny ankles that looked so delicate & girlish!!!

The movie ending was predictable though.  Halfway thru the movie, I told my bf the plot & ending then he was sian* (translation: bored) throughout the movie already.  hahahhaa… I am such a killjoy.

p.s – Do not feed alcohol to young children.  I was JUST KIDDING.  omg.

As I was surfing thru the internet, I found this photo on that Twilight couple.

Kristen & Robert


Kristen is looking hot as ever with her sleepy bedroom eyes that can pierce thru your soul.

But… Robert… somehow managed to look like an old chee ko pei* (dirty pervert) to me.  He also looks like he is going thru premature male pattern balding.

*stares at the photo somemore*

He looks downright creepy.

I’m going back to lazing.


My New iPhone4 + The Pesky Little Kid

25 Nov


I know I know I said that I wanted to get a HTC Desire Z because of its physical Qwerty keyboard.  But everyone around me has been brainwashing me into thinking that the iPhone4 would be a much much better choice.

Daddy & Gigi has been hard-selling Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 or the Samsung Galaxy.  Honestly, I was tempted for its good camera functions.

But Buggy & my bf is telling me how fun iPhone is.  And all about its wonderful applications & games.

Then Mummy said, “it is better to get a hp where you can share charger“.  Errmm.  Ok, I’ll take the iPhone4 since both my brother & bf is using iPhone as well.

Of all the logic in the world, why would I take THAT advice from Mummy????????  She has not even mastered the art of SMS.

I think you know by now that I am not only indecisive, but I am impulsive as well when it comes to purchasing things.  These 2 combos cannot be good.

But you know what???????????????????

It’s day 5 today.  Even though it has a stupid Qwerty touchscreen keyboard that my fingers can never seem to hit the alphabets that I want, I am still growing to love this new phone of mine & I’ll tell you why.

1)  Super fun games – currently loving Plants vs Zombies but you got to pay for this one at US$2.99 if I’m not wrong.  This new game called Dinosaur Slayer & it is FREE.  Quick go & download it NAO NAO NAO before they decide to charge you for it.  Another free game download is Flick Fishing & it makes me feel that I could be a successful angler, but of course, be careful with the flicking when you want to cast your line out to sea because I once flicked so hard that the iPhone flew out of my hand.  I can only thank God that I was playing the game in bed & the iPhone hit the pillow instead of the wall.

2)  Books Applications – there is this book application called MangaDL where you can download mangas online & read it offline!  You only pay US$2.99 for this MangaDL application & you can download unlimited mangas online!  It has totally re-ignited my love for mangas.

I was first introduced to the fantastic (and at times, perverted) world of manga by Gigi a few years back.  I usually read mine on MangaFox but I don’t know why I gradually forgot all about it.  Now, I get a chance to re-love manga reading & it is great for keeping me occupied in the mrt… or when I’m waiting for an irresponsible friend who does not turn up on time for our outings… or when I’m queuing at at ridiculously long line of people at the cashier.

OMG I LOVE iPHONE!!!  *heart beaming with love*… but the way, if you want to have a taste of what Gigi has been introducing to me, you can go to MangaFox to search for the titles “Love Celeb” or “Midnight Secretary” or “Desire Climax” (just by its title you KNOW what genre it is under already) for *smut genre.    GOD WHAT IS MY YOUNGER SISTER TEACHING ME?????    Or “Paradise”, “Model”, “Visitor” for more of a psychological thriller genre.

*smut = obscenity and pornography


3)  Other Cool Applications – you ever get paranoid when there is a blackout at the office in the middle of the night while you’re rushing your reports???  FEAR NO MORE!!!!  You can download an application called iLights where you can command light out from your camera flash!!!  Sorry this only works with iPhone4 because the older versions do not have a physical camera flash on the hps.  Hmmm… actually I’m not that sure, maybe those with 3G or 3Gs can try out this application.  It’s free!!!

Not to mention other free apps like PhotoPro, Currency Converter & even some kind of mosquito repeller but I didn’t bother to download this as my blood isn’t attractive to mosquitoes.  Really!  If you put me in a room with another person & a hungry mosquito, the bloodsucker will go for that other person 9/10 times.  The 1 time it would suck my blood is if it is superbly desperately hungry & that other person is not in the room.  Maybe it is because I love to eat garlic.  Cooked, of course.

4)  Very User Friendly – I have used Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung & now iPhone.  The most user friendly is iPhone.  I think even a 5 year old kid can get the hang of it very soon.  It is clutter free & uncomplicated to maneuver around the applications.  And I like the fact that it responds really quickly to your finger’s touch.

5)  Speed – I tried out Gigi’s SE Xperia 10 & iPhone4 side by side using the Angry Birds game.  The Xperia 10 lagged noticeably but the iPhone 4 swirled the game screen around with no problems at all.  I totally pwn’ed Gigi & made her feel lousy for thinking that the Xperia 10 was da bomb.  Now she is tempted to get the iPhone as well.

The only thing I hate is the touchscreen Qwerty.  Other than that, so far so good.

Now the only problem is keeping my iPhone safe from that pesky little kid.  I know for a fact that she WILL demand to play with my iPhone.  And she WILL hang on to it for as long as she can.  Her grubby dirty little fingers WILL stain my iPhone with her snot, oiliness from food, sweat, (add in all kinds of dirty icky stuff).  The worst part is once she lays her hands on the iPhone, you will NEVER get a chance to take it back.

There was once when my bf’s cousin’s gf made the mistake of letting that kid play with her iPhone 3Gs.  And when she wanted to take the hp back, that kid went CRAZY.  As in REALLY crazy.  She screamed at the top of her lungs, reaching the highest note that a human voice can ever make & hurting everybody’s eardrums in the process.  I got an instant headache just between my eyebrows.  How can that even happen?!  I think she has some sort of superpower where she can kill a person with that scream.  Bleed from the ears to immobilize you then your brain explodes, killing you.  And her mother would sit there & watch the entire scene in silence.

If she was a villian in X-Men, I envision her to look like this.

The Screamer



Then she went into depression.  The kid sulked the rest of the night.

She sat in a dining chair.  Hunched & with her head bowed down so low that from her back view, you probably will freak out because you cannot see her head & will mistaken her for a headless little child.  And there she sat for 3 hours, not moving.

My bf’s cousin’s gf was heartless enough not to care about that sulky kid.  I totally dig heartless, especially those who has an infinity dislike for that 4-year old kid.

With everything said about that kid, I do not hate her.  As long as she does not disturb me, I am still ok with her.  But the second she starts her nonsense, I just have this compulsive urge to kidnap her & hide her in a deserted house.  Then let her learn how to be a proper human being.

On the other hand, kids will be kids.  But I sure hope my future kid will not turn out like her & even if she does behave inappropriately, I will go hard on her.

Now I just got to find a perfect hiding spot for my new iPhone.

The Gossips on Cosmetic Surgery

5 Nov

Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind,
hey Mickey (huff huff), hey Mickey (huff huff)

Oh Mickey, what a pity you don’t understand
You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand
Oh Mickey, you’re so pretty, can’t you understand

Did you read xinmsn yesterday???  Missed it?  See it HERE.  12 pages of juicy celebrity gossips & their ‘makeovers’.  I LOVE IT!!!

They have Before & After photos of Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin, Elva Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Huang Xiaoming & others!  They were all common faces until cosmetic surgery made them fabulous.

Of course most of them denied have any work done.  Only Elva Hsiao admitted to the double eyelid surgery (you go, girl).  A few of them denied then admitted.

She was one of those who denied then admitted to have eyelid surgery done on her right eye.  Only the right eye???  Are you sure?  She denied having a boob job though.

Jolin Jolin, I thought she looked rather cute & immature in her Before photo.  She denied having a boob job, along with cheek, lips & nose jobs.  But she did say that her boobs grew after she binged on pig trotters & beef tendons.  Well, if an A cup can grow into a C cup by just eating that, I can foresee a lot of little girls growing very very fat instead.

Takeshi Kaneshiro!  That solves the mystery.  I never had a thing for him (or paid any attention to him) until he starred in House of Flying Daggers with Andy Lau & Zhang Ziyi.  I thought he looked extra charming & manly in that movie.  Now, I feel like watching that movie again.

Is cosmetic surgery really that big a deal?  Koreans are doing it all the time & they are proud to flaunt it.  I heard that Boa had to zhng (modify) herself at least one time before each release of an album.  She even had 2 of her ribcages removed in order to look taller (didn’t understand this one, because wouldn’t that make her waist extra extra long??).  Every single member of SNSD turned to cosmetic surgery as well.

If I had gone for double eyelid surgery, I would tell.  Actually even if I do not want to tell anyone, others would be able to see the difference if I go from single to double.  So why deny?  Now that I think about it, I have considered getting double eyelids for the longest time.  I will probably opt for the stitching kind & if I really like my new look, then I will consider the more permanent eyelid surgery.  If it makes me look better, then why not.

But I’m wondering if I would say anything if I went for a more intimate surgery… like a boob job.  I think that would be a little too private though.  What if I revealed the news & everyone suddenly pays more attention to my chest?  Or everybody’s topic at the pantry will be able how I got my fake boobs.  Or each time I start a conversation about cats dying from curiousity, they would abruptly ask me questions about my boob surgery & ignore the fact that I wanted to talk about the death of a cat.  I think in our conservative country, others cannot keep an open mind.  It is not like Korea or Hollywood where everyone is going to have work done on themselves.

This reminds me of an episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11.

There was this one asian hot sexy mama called Sheena.  And Paulina Porizkova bluntly asked her at judging if her boobs are fake because it looked very plastic.  Sheena might have been surprised by the sudden question, so I guess her 1st instinct was to deny it.  But at the end of the judging, when Tyra Banks told them to go back to the waiting room while the judges deliberate over the results, Sheena suddenly stepped forward & confessed that she did get a boob job when she was younger.  And before she can go on about how much she regrets it & apologizes for her denial earlier, Tyra Banks kindly stopped her halfway & told her that she admired her bravery for stepping out & admitting this, but it is not a concern at ANTM as long as she can model.  I think Tyra knew that Sheena was embarrassed & she did not want to prolong Sheena’s misery by letting her continue to explain herself in front of national TV.  Sigh.  I love Tyra Banks.

Ok that was a little bit out of topic.  But I think Tyra is admirable for she has not been corrupted by the modelling industry & still managed to remain compassionate & all sorts of wonderful.

Would I get cosmetic surgery done?  I know that if the need arises, I will.  I am getting old.  Young girls are rubbing their youth in my face all the time.  If it makes me look & feel better about myself, why not?   The 1st thing I might want to get is a pair of big bright sparkling eyes.

Johnny Deep, £40,000 & the 500 crew

19 Oct

He spent £40,000 on waterproof hiking coats for the 500 crew of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

To protect them from the icy cold weather in Buckinghamshire, England.

I wish I was one of them crew  members.  Read the full article HERE.

I have been a fan of most of Johnny Depp’s movies.  The very 1st one that captured my attention was Edward Scissorhands back in 1990.  And I must have watched that movie like… … oh not much… … 100 times???????

Edward: omg!  I see rust!


Is it because of his crazy uncombed hair that is badly in need of a Loreal treatment?

Or that dazed psychotic eyes that suffers from severe dark eye circles?


I also like the musical Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  It started out with me staring at the TV screen like this     (O_O) WTH is this?????    to attempting to sing along with the dark music.  Some of the tunes are actually quite catchy.

Of course, everyone’s favorite character must have been Captain Jack Sparrow.

If I were as rich as Johnny Depp, would I have done the same for the crew?  Never in a million  years would the thought of waterproof hiking coats come across my mind.

… … sounds so… … … … … … unthoughtful of me.


I will attempt to be a better person in my New Year’s Resolution 2011.

That is why it is good for me (and the rest of the unthoughtful people of the world) to read articles of kindness like this Johnny Depp one.  He is probably thankful for getting to where he is right now, which is rich & famous.  And he is giving back to the people who are indirectly or directly contributing to his success.

I am guessing that most of us do not even carry out random acts of kindness for our own immediate family, let alone strangers.  We just take & take & take whatever people give to us.

We should be thankful for the little things in life & give back to others.

So this weekend, I will start by bringing my Mummy out for dinner because she has relentlessly cooked delicious homecooked food for the spoilt brats in my family for the past 30+ years.

What would you be doing for your loved ones?  =)


11 Oct

Yesterday, my friend forwarded an sms to me on the special date – 10.10.10 & today, I read that 830 couples had gotten married yesterday.  See the link HERE.

The article from stated that a couple at 22 years old opted to get married underwater in their wedding attire.  Even the solemniser had to get wet.  I guess it would be something special.  And the couple should be very rich to be able to afford to damage their wedding attire for the event.  LOL.

But I wonder how is the solemniser going to conduct the ceremony underwater.  How will he speak?  Or did he hold up cards with writings like “will you take her as your lawful wedded wife” and then the groom will nod his head while blowing bubbles out of the breathing apparatus?

Another interesting fact is that most of the couples who have gotten married on the special date were Singaporeans who married foreigners or Singapore PRs.  I am guessing that it is because foreigners are… … more romantic?

Coincidently, the friend who forwarded the sms to me is Malaysian.  None of my Singaporean friends did the same.  Even for myself, I did not even realize the significance of 10.10.10 until I received the sms.

Even our Jacelyn Tay has tied the knot yesterday!  Jacelyn Tay has married!  Read the article HERE.

Oh Jacelyn, you so slim & pretty!!!  Me like!!!

I saw her in real life when she visited my ex-workplace & she looked so radiant.

I’m not kidding.

There are those fair girls & then there is Jacelyn Tay who shines.  It felt like the sun bounced off her skin.

If she were to stand in a crowd, your eyes will be drawn to her because she is so shiny!  She then told some of my colleagues about healthy eating & exercise.  So THAT is how she glows in that skin!

Jacelyn Tay’s wedding dress is FABULOUS!  But I can never carry a tube dress with my twiggy’ness, so I will not choose that for my own wedding.

Her husband looks decent.

I wish her all the best!

(^_^)  Tee hee!  (omg so childish)

Anyway, this makes me think about next year.  I am guessing that 11.11.11 would be special too.  Then the year after that will be 12.12.12 & there will also be a lot of wedding bells.

Actually the number 10.10.10 also holds a special memory for me in a different kind of way.

It made me recall an experience that my younger sister (Gigi) went through just last year.

She came home one day & told us that she met a very strange guy at Bishan Junction 8.

He approached her & asked her if she knew what was 10 + 10 + 10.  And Gigi replied that it was 30.

Then this strange guy said, “noooooooo… … … *raises up both his hands with all his 10 fingers outstretched*… … it is… … … TEN TEN TEN (he said this in a musical way)!!!

I thought it was extremely funny so I burst out laughing!

But then Gigi said that she was just thankful that he did not do a TEN TEN TEN on her boobs.  haha!!!

Well, although I did not realize in time that yesterday was special in time to do something special as well, but at least I went jogging for the 1st time in my life.  Tee hee!  I guess that counts for something special?  I was actually forced to go jogging because my boyfriend just bought new running shoes & invited me to go along.  I so regret.  My thighs & butt are aching so badly right now that I can hardly walk straight.

Can I ever bring myself to jog again?

Well, as I was attempting to half-jog half-walk yesterday late afternoon, it suddenly dawned upon me that I am absolutely weak.  I think I practically jogged 20 steps & decided that it was just too much for me.  So I brisk-walked most of the time. 

As I was discovering how weak my muscles are, I decided to exercise more often.

The reason?

Becauase if a bad person (like a robber or rapist or whatever) is to hurt me, I surely cannot fight him off with my twiggy arms.  But if I have enough stamina & speed, I can at least run away in lightning speed, right????????  It makes a lot of sense for me to start jogging.  If I cannot fight, then at least I can flee!


Funny Quotes on Plastic Surgery by Hollywood Stars

9 Oct

I found this one site on (Un)Graceful Aging by 10 Celebrities.

My favorite one definitely has to be from Sharon Stone who said, “Nobody loves me. I’m 103. My life would be better if I had better lips.


Oh god.  Now that is witty!

Read the rest HERE.  Just click on ‘next slide’ to see the rest of the celebrities & what they have to say.

HTC DESIRE Z – Launch in Singapore

8 Oct


Remember my quick peek on the HTC Desire Z in my previous blog post HERE?

I read in TODAYonline today (haha) that the smartphone will be launched in November!  HERE!  IN SINGAPORE!  Read the article HERE.

EXCITED’NESS TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, assuming that it will be launched on 01 November 2010, this means that I only have 23 more days to wait.  552 hours to sweat it out.  33,120 minutes living in anticipation.  1,987,200 seconds to watch the clock tick before I can *CHEONG AH to Singtel & get my twiggy fingers on that Qwerty slider.

*CHEONG AH is loosely translated from Hokkien to English as
'hurry' or 'rush' or 'dash'.


In the article, the suggested retail price for the Desire Z is SGD$868.  It costs about the same as my Sony Ericsson Satio when I first bought it.

I know a few friends will go like, “WHATTTTTTT?????  Why in the world would you spend SGD$868 on a mobile phone?  The money can be spent on other things!

It’s true.  I can buy a lot of organic skincare or a few bottles of supplements with SGD$868.

But can organic skincare allow you to reach your friends when you need to?

Can supplements give you magic abilities to log into WIFI with your brain waves & let you surf the internet?

I have to say that it is emotionally satisfying to hold a powerful gadget in my scrawny little hands, even if I do not know how to use it.

FEEL THE POWER~~~~~!!!!!!!


So what if I only know how to call people on my mobile phone, sms & take newbie photos with the built-in camera?  I can start learning how to log into WIFI & surf Facebook on my mobile while acting professional.

The Desire Z also has a 5.0 megapixel built-in camera, so I can still take newbie photos when I did not bring my Nex-5.  SMS’ing will be made easier for me because it has a physical Qwerty keyboard & I heard that it has adequate spacings between each key, so your tubby fingers will not hit 2 keys at the same time.

I can’t wait to own that smartphone.

Peace!  (^_-)v

OFF TO MALACCA + Simmons PawPaw Salve

29 Sep

Updated 07 nov 2010:  Found a local seller for Simmons PawPaw Salve.  Read my review HERE.

Off to Malacca!!!


Not now, but tomorrow morning!


*sings*… I’m leavinggggg in a blue Rush… I dun know when I’ll be back again…

Wait… actually I do know.  I’ll be back on Saturday.  And me & my friends will be driving up in a friend’s Toyota Rush that is blue in color.  That poor car.  Sounds like Ferrari, but speed like lorry.

I’ll be bringing my new Sony Nex-5 camera there to put its functions & quality to the test (and also my skills).

Simmons Paw Paw Salve

By the way, I am wondering if I should order the Simmons Paw Paw Salve that a friend recommended.

I did some research & read it on a few other blogs that this salve is pretty good + it is petroleum free (which means that my pores will not get clogged).

I thought about ordering from this Aussie website HERE.  The site ships internationally too, but I don’t know how much the shipping is yet.

Wait, let me go check.


The salve costs like SGD$5.98 and the freaking shipping costs like SGD$12.76 without insurance.






Spam or Not? Sony Nex-5. Boredom at Work with no Facebook. HTC Desire Z.

28 Sep

Spam or Not?

Was just looking thru my Comment folder in wordpress & found a lot of spam comments.

Some of them looked like spam.  The rest looked like they might or might not be spam.  And a handful of them looks credible, but at the same time looked a little like spam because of the email address that was included in the comment box.

I’m not an IT expert so I deleted everything just in case it is some kind of virus or something that could hurt my little vulnerable laptop that just came back from the repair shop.

If you had genuinely posted a comment directed for me, please email me at first & I’ll look out for you in your next comment posting.  Please no send me virus.  Me scared.  I already got a vicious cold sore virus to worry about.  Make love, not war.  Be friends, not enemies.  I love you, you love me, we are one big family.  Peace.  (-_-)v

Soon, I will be reposting the pictures which I left out in my 100% Pure Cranberry cleanser blog post.  Will keep you informed!  =D


Sony Nex-5

Plus I bought a new Sony Nex-5 MFT camera!!!  I got the silver-coloured one.  Not my 1st choice in color.

If they got a red one, I would not have to ponder for so long.

It would have been *sees RED*, ok give me that.

But since it is SILVER, I held back for more than a month & then went down to Audio House to fiddle with it for another 1 hour & remained hesistant & undecided until my daddy got so frustrated & yelled, “JUST TAKE IT OMFG JUST TAKE IT, YOU STUPID KID“.

But but but daddy, Silver is not eye candyyyyyy... =(


I’ve been playing around with the Nex-5 & so far I am loving it (despite its tacky silver casing).

I’m not an expert in semi-pro cameras with all that fancy functions & stuff, but I’m still pretty glad that it is user-friendly!!!  I am loving the photo quality & the quick shutter speed.  And I’m bringing the Nex-5 to my Malacca trip this weekend!  =D


Boredom at Work with no Facebook

Lastly, I am bored.  Freakin bored at work.  They blocked Facebook.  And I am officially cut from the outside world.  All I can do now is sit in my lonely cubicle with its 1.8m high panels & work.  Pure hard work.  No talking to colleagues.  No interaction with others.  No Facebook.


HTC Desire Z

The No-Facebook part is spurring me to give up my pretty smoking-hot red Sony Ericsson Satio mobile phone for a dull boring black HTC Desire Z that is to be released soon.  I have my eyes on that one.

I’ve always hated touchscreens & prefer the feel of pressing on physical buttons.  A physical Qwerty keyboard will be a nice change.  I have never had one of those before.

Read about it on the HTC website for an overview HERE.

See what CNet has to say HERE  & I feel that they are taking the words right out of my mouth.  Oh CNet, you know me like physical keyboard too.  And if you read further, the author even stated, “… or if you fear your precious data has fallen into the hands of some miscreant, there’s a self-destruct button on that will wipe all your data“.



That sounds so… … … James Bond.