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Let’s Talk About Halloween

29 Oct


Halloween is around the corner.  All that dark ambience & costumes.  Dressing up as ghouls, dead celebrities, sexy undead, white angels, fallen angels, etc.

In Singapore, Halloween is not as widely celebrated as other parts of the world & I’m pretty sure it is confined to mostly party places.

Our local kids do not dress up like ghouls or fairies, and they do not go around trick or treating around the neighbourhood.  Not even with an adult chaperone.

Our parents were raised to be paranoid & so we were raised to be paranoid & so our kids will be raised to be paranoid & so will their future kids & so on.

We do not allow smalls kids or teenagers to go out at night, knocking at strangers’ doors & yell TRICK OR TREAT.  You know how dangerous that is?  Even with an adult present, some crazy person can just grab your kid into the house & slam it in your face all in a matter of seconds.  By the time you break the door down or smash a window or call the cops, it will be too late.

So what if Singapore has a low crime rate?  Low crime does not mean no crime.

Even the Singapore government has been reminding us that.

Image Credit: Lonely Planet

Think about them perverts, man.  Child molesters?  Psychos who like to eat human flesh?

“come come… uncle give you sweet sweet… come in to uncle’s house… ohhhhh you so cuteeeeee (and tender)”

… not the face of Halloween, but the face of a lao chee ko pei (diry old pervert)…

WTH.  No way, dude.

I support paranoia.  Or to be overly cautious.  Or overly protective.  Whatever you want to call it.

The number of perverts I have encountered in my life is way too frequent for me to trust my future kids running around innocently & talking to strangers.  I do not want them standing near an open door of an aspiring Adrian Lim wannabe.  Dunno who Adrian Lim is?  Have not heard of him because you were not born when he was executed?  Click HERE to freak yourself out.  Go on, read it.  You know you want to.

And of course, I am proud that Singapore has also improved on crime prevention over the years.  But again, low crime doesn’t mean no crime.  Be vigilant.  Be alert.

There must be a reason why our ministers do not celebrate Halloween in Singapore, right??

I even read somewhere that some places even set an age limit for participating in Halloween Trick or Treat.  The underlying meaning is probably saying – if you are old enough to identify creeps & are able to run away from danger, then you are allowed to Trick or Treat.

On a lighter note, I have attended a Halloween party a long time back where I saw girls dressed up in sexy catwoman outfits, a guy wearing a queer Head-Served-on-The-Table-Top & a lifeless hunched zombie eyeing everyone in his vicinity as he stood creepily in a corner (oh wait a minute, that wasn’t a costume).

p.s - I was searching for some creepy guy photos
when I happen to stumble onto this blog post.
Hilarious. Read it HERE.

Elvis & Batman got into a impromtu dancing competition in the middle of the dance floor as Elvis shook his pelvis while Batman… err… flapped his wings in a Saturday Night Fever kind of way.  Everyone cheered & clapped.

The undead air stewardess flirted with the bartender just so she can get his attention & order her drink.  I checked out the butt on Incredible Hulk.  It was fun (the party, not the butt).

But in recent years, Halloween was nothing more than just another day for me.  No crazy parties, no dancing to ear-deafening music, no liver damaging alcohol, no more waking up with hangovers & wondering where you are (just kidding on this one… *ahem*).

Have I aged?  Or did I party so much in the past that I got tired of the party scene?

You know what I am going to do this October 31?  I think I am going to put on my spanky new jogging shoes & head down to the sky garden at The Pinnacle for a run.  Time to firm up these soft twiggy legs & try to get those supermodel thighs that I always wanted.

What will you be doing on Halloween?  More interestingly, what will you dress up as?

Happy Halloween!


Berry Mii visits 100% Pure!

27 Oct

As per my previous posts (you can find them under the 100% Pure category on my right sidebar under ‘Sort by Brands’), I had bought a Cranberry cleanser in early September from Bud Cosmetics.  And ever since, I have been pretty interested in this brand.

I managed to find another local Singapore seller for the 100% Pure brand & its website HERE.

Janet is giving out a rather good promotion where you choose 7 products & get the cheapest 2 for FREE.  Because of her current promotion, I did a little research & calculation, and found out that it is still slightly cheaper than ordering online from the US sites.

And since I have received some email enquiries on 100% Pure cosmetics from some readers, I asked Janet if I could also take some photos of the natural makeup range & she agreed.  =)

The good thing is that testers are available at her office.


I myself have been curious about the cosmetics from 100% Pure because I have never used natural or organic cosmetics.  As 100% Pure cosmetics claim to use natural ingredients, I wonder how will its performance compare to the commercial brands.

*one big long hmmmmmmmmmmmm*

Nevertheless, 100% Pure cosmetics are using fruit & vegetable pigments instead of synthetic dyes / minerals.  So, we will be applying all the healthy nutrients directly on our skin while looking chio (gorgeous) at the same time!  =D

Nothing but natural natural natural.

So, does this mean it is safe to eat 100% Pure products?

Read on & find out.  😉

Note:  No humans were harmed in the tasting of 100% Pure.

100% Pure cosmetics – Revealed!

I hardly put on makeup, but I do need some colors on my face when I attend functions or events.  And because of the recent sensitivity of my skin (ie: disgusting cold sores & irritating eczema, where did you come from & why don’t you just go away), I am beginning to explore the natural/organic makeup range.

Perhaps 100% pure would be ideal?


Powder Eyeshadows

Most of them look like nudes to me & notice how there isn’t any shade of greens or yellows or blues.  I am guessing that it must hard to get the fruit pigments in those colors.

Blues can come from blueberries.

But what about greens?…. hmmm… kiwi?  no.  green apple’s skin?  no.  spinach??  nah.

And all I think of for yellows is…. …. banana?  Ok, nevermind.

This is why I don't fomulate cosmetics.


In the below photo, I picked out 4 colors that looked the most interesting to me.

p.s – try to keep your eyes away from my half bitten thumb nail… *ahem*…

Upon application of the powder eyeshadows to the back of my hand, the powder does not seem to ‘stick’ to the skin & there were flakes of powder around that area.  That would probably explain the uneven color shadings.  The result is similar to applying talcum powder on your skin.  It has sort of a fluffy feel to it, and some of the powder can be ‘dusted’ off if you sweep your fingers across it.

The degree of color intensity from the natural cosmetics are of course, not as vibrant than our commercial ones.  But how can we complain when these natural cosmetics do not harm our skin, right?

I know Pewter looks like a blue in this photo, but in reality, I think it is more of a dark grey that is perfect for that smokey eyes effect.

Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadows

Again, I selected a few colors that caught my eye…

I tried to pick a few darker shades, but still the colors are less obvious than their powdered siblings.

For the cream eyeshadows, it does not come off as loose powder, but you will probably need to apply several more coats to bring the colors out.

I would think that these cream eyeshadows will be good as a base color for your eyes as it is light & sits in the background.  Then you can use the stronger brighter shades from the powder eyeshadows to do the highlighting & stand out.

Personally, I quite like the Star & Posey shades.  I would think they will look great if you dab a little of it at the corner of your eyes.

Lip Butters

Of all the make-up products in the world, I like lip cosmetics the most!

Lips should look soft, moist & pinkish.  And if they don’t, then what better to correct this than a little lip gloss, right?  Sometimes, when I talk to certain people, I noticed that they have this habit of looking at my lips when I talk.  AWKWARD…. so odd & uncomfortable.  It makes me feel extra insecure because I am wondering if my lips are presentable! 

I started with the lip butters as shown below.  Gorgeous gorgeous packaging.

When I opened the tins to take the following photo,  they smell of their respective fruits!  How cute!  I like the strawberry & watermelon ones.

When I tested the products, the lip butter slides on smoothly without any ‘dragging’ feel.  I did not test them on my own lips because I am an OCD freak.  I can only imagine the amount of bacteria living happily in a tester.

The colors are pleasant & the color intensity faired much better than the eyeshadows.  Just 2 coats to reach the achieved result in the photo above.

I quite like the Watermelon lip butter because it has the right kind of pink that I adore.  Light & sweet & smells wonderful.  Plus we won’t be ingesting any potentially harmful chemicals.

Lip Glazes (also known as Lipsticks)

I have always associated lipsticks as a makeup product for the woman in you.

Maybe it is because when I was in school, students are not allowed to put on any form of makeup & must remain our naturally fugly self.  But some of the vain schoolgirls would still dab on a little bit of lip gloss for that little bit of color for that little bit of fresh look.

Upon graduation & when they step out into the working world, these girls went all out to get the bolder colors that a lipstick can provide.

So the way I see it is… … lip gloss = girls… … and lipstick = woman.

However, when I tried out the lip glazes from 100% Pure, it appears that not all of them produce a strong color.  And a handful of them are actually still perfect acting as lip glosses!

Chio colors.  They all look so so good, right??????????

I picked Vixen & Peach Bellini as I have always had a thing for pink.  And Peach Bellini looks like it can provide a wonderful subtle pinkish stain to your lips.

Then I picked out 2 darker shades.

Surprisingly, although Raspberry has this dark strong red color, the result is actually very natural.  If this lip glaze was available back in my schooling days, I bet all those vain girls would go crazy over this.

Cabernet on the other hand, looks like it can be good for that wild party night out.  And for some strange reason, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.  (^_-)


Lip Glosses

How can we miss out those traditional lip glosses, right?

This range of 100% Pure lip glosses is designed like a twist pen.

You twist it at the bottom, some gloss oozes out onto the brush & you apply it to your lips.

This is the first time I used a twister lip gloss, so it was a little hard for me to gauge just how much twist I should make in order to squeeze the right amount of gloss out.

And me being the enthusiastic person that I am, twisted a little overboard which resulted in a thick glob of gloss on the back of my hand & this is reflected in the photo below.


I feel that these twister glosses are great for those who have dry chapped lips because of its rich texture.  As written under the description of the Cosmopolitian lip gloss in 100% Pure HERE, it stated:

“100% Natural lip glosses made with 83% Vitamin E from organic rice bran and beautiful colors from fruit pigments. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that drenches your lips with moisture and deeply softens.”


Tinted Moisturizers

Next I looked at the tinted moisturizers with SPF 20 & tested the shade closest to mine.

The texture felt light enough, but would it blend into my skin?

*pats the tinted moisturizer around the back of my hand before rubbing it in*


It blends well!

As I have not worn this on my face for the whole day or under the sun, I am unsure if it will clog pores or show streaks when you perspire.  But still, it absorbs quickly & my hand feels smooth.

Foundations & Primer

In the photo below, the 1st 4 are foundations with SPF 20.  The last one on the right is a Primer.

This is actually the 1st time I tested a Primer.  It is to be put on before your foundation so that it can even out your skin & prepare it for the next step of your make-up routine.

Here are the various shades available as shown below:

Then Janet showed me how to enhance the colors of the eyeshadows by putting Primer & tinted moisturizer on 1 of my hand.  See the difference below:

You can see that the colors are more even on the hand with the Primer & tinted moisturizer.  Also, the application is smoother & you need less coats to bring out the colors.

What do you think?

A little on 100% Pure skincare & body care:

Since I am already at the office, I went ahead to take some shots of the available skincare & body care ranges.

And I must say that Janet was the face of patience & politeness while I anti-socially arranged the products & stoically snapped away with my Sony Nex-5 in a hunched Gollum stance.

*Berry Mii snapping away at the 100% Pure products*
omg!  The resemblance is uncanny!


If I were Janet, I can imagine the thoughts that were going thru her head at that moment.  But I cannot help the fact that I do transform into a robot when I am totally engrossed in doing something.   =P

Anyway… if you have been asking yourself, “since 100% Pure claims to be so… pure, then can it be eaten?

The answer is… …


One of the first items that Janet brought out during our meet-up at her office, was the 100% Pure Organic Tangerine Butter Body Scrub & asked if we wanted to try it.

And try it = eat it (not the “oh TRY IT on your hands, rub it around & see how good it feels… mmmmmm… you won’t regret it”)

My bf immediately shook his head with doubt in his eyes & a down-turned mouth.

And me?  I was born curious.

First, I brought the jar to my nose & took a deep whiff.  It smelt super super good, like sweet minty oranges.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm… nice.

Then, I poked around the body scrub with the chopstick that Janet provided.  I examined the contents & saw a whole lot of sugar (for a whole lot of exfoliating when you use it as a body scrub, of course).  There were even tangerine bits in it.



… … uh huh.  Rrrright… … … okay.  Just to be sure, let me check out the ingredients first.

I could understand every ingredient stated there & they all look natural enough.

But is it really that yummy?  I have not eaten a cosmetic product that tastes good.

So, here goes nothing…

*silently mumbles a series of Amitabha’s & Allah’s & Amen’s* (I need all the help that I can get)…

*eats body scrub while my bf gleefully snapped photos of me*

… tsk tsk tsk… so evil of him.

OMG SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never see body scrubs the same way again!!!!  It tasted like sweet tangerine jam with a hint of mint.

So for those of you kinky people out there who actually asked me if 100% Pure products can be eaten ‘if the girl wants to‘, then you have gotten your answer here today on Berry Mii.

*nods sagely*

Word of caution:  I still will not recommend that you eat (or make someone eat) A LOT of the 100% Pure product.  A tiny little taste is fine, but not… you know, a big generous mouthful of its juicy contents.  You have been warned.  And I will not be held responsible or liable.

By the way, right after I ate the body scrub, I asked my bf if he wanted to try it now & he said yes.


Welllllllll… okayyyyyyyyy… alrighttttttttttttt… after seeing how I did not reach for my own throat in a choking manner & convulse on the floor after eating the scrub, NOW he wants to try it, huh.

p.s - he liked the taste too


Before I end this post with a summary of my thoughts, these were the skincare / body care products which I took photos of:

All the foaming cleansers lined up in a row for the photoshoot.

You may visit the website to find out the variety of products they have under 100% Pure!

And more cleansers in a cream form!  See below photo:

The muddy looking one on the extreme right is the 100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser for those acne skin types!

In photo below, fruity masks & scrubs!!!

And then we have the 100% Pure hand creams!

I tested the Strawberry Lemonade one & felt that it was very light on my hands.  But I wonder if it will be great for my dry hands (and they are VERY dry).  hmmmmm….

It smells of faint sweet strawberries for a very short while & then it was scentless.  So for those of you who want to walk around smelling like flowers after applying cream, you might be a little disappointed.  But then, as the body absorbs 60-70% of what you apply on it, at least you know that you will be feeding your skin with natural nutrients rather than chemicals, right?

100% Pure also sells stuff for kiddies!

They have 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body washes, bubble baths & body creams that all smells like vanilla ice-cream!!!  Hmmm… I wonder wonder wonder… … can these be eaten too?

As I was getting ready to end the visit, my bf suddenly perked up & walked over to the shelf where the products are displayed.

Then he came over & mumbled something like “…m m mm m m … very cute“.

And I was like, “what did you say?

So, he brought over this tube of kiddy body cream & I thought it was so adorable!!!!!!

They have names too!  The girl is called Strawberryina & the boy is Appleton.

Cute, righttttt??

btw, is it me or is Strawberryina super sexy?

Things I bought:

Since there was a promotion going on, I took advantage of it.

I chose 7 items & got the cheapest 2 for free.  When I divide the cost out over 7 items, I am paying about SGD$23 per item.  It is a reasonable price for natural/organic skincare.  Too bad Janet does not carry the full range of skincare products yet, but she has ordered & is waiting for the US factory to ship them over to her.

The photo below shows the skincare products that I bought from Janet:

1.  100% Pure Organic Mint Eucalyptus Foaming Shower Gel
2.  100% Pure Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam
3.  100% Pure Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam
4.  100% Pure Brightening Cleanser
5.  100% Pure Jasmine Green Tea Cleanser
6.  100% Pure Lavender Seafoam Facial Cleanser
7.  100% Pure Super Fruits Scrub + Mask
8.  FREE Fila travel bag (medium)

As you can see, I loved the Cranberry cleanser so much that I repurchased it before my current one is completely used up.  I had already given a review HERE.  Based on the usage of my current Cranberry cleanser, I am estimating that a bottle of cleansing foam will last about 2 to 2.5 months for me.  I wash my face 2 times a day & use about 1-2 pumps each time.

I also bought the Jasmine Green Tea cleanser for myself to try out & will give a personal review on this in due course.

The Eucalyptus shower gel is for my bf who accompanied me to Janet’s office & sat in boredom for 1.5 hours while I ignored him & left him to play Plants vs Zombies on his iPhone.  hahaha… poor guy.  I have a story to tell about this meet-up as well but shall leave it to another post.

The rest of the cleansers are actually for Mummy & Gigi.  They got interested in 100% Pure when they saw that my cold sore condition had miraculously reduced in occurrence & severity.  Mummy also commented that my complexion is much better now.  Of course I should also credit the improvement to the skincare from The Organic Pharmacy which I had also given a review HERE.

As for the Fila bag, it came free with my purchase.

Overall thoughts on 100% Pure cosmetics:

The 100% Pure cosmetics look fascinating enough with the selling points of using fruit pigments to produce the colors & that they are all safe to use without harsh chemicals / preservatives / etc.

All of their makeup products do not smell strongly of chemicals like our commercial brands. They are either scentless or comes with a faint fruity smell.

Through my session with Janet, I also get to see that the Primer is an important step in this case as it is used to bring out the colors of the natural cosmetics. Also, to make the application smoother & more refined.

The ultimate question is, will I purchase the cosmetics from 100% Pure?  I probably would.  But before I do, I would still like to do a little more research on the other brands of natural/organic cosmetics out there.  And like I have said earlier, the 1st thing I would change in my cosmetics, would be the lipstick.

What’s up with Fluoride?

25 Oct

Long time ago when I was still having teenage acne, my school organized some Dental Day on a Saturday.  There were dentists who stationed themselves at our Science Lab to see individual students & clean those dirty teeth.  After that, they would give out a free toothpaste to the student who bravely endured the trauma of having their teeth dug & prodded by the dentist.

I was waiting in line when I heard one of the parents rejecting the toothpaste from the dentist & said, “oh no thanks… fluoride is so bad for us“.

I was mildly curious, yes.  But at that young age, I did not know that I can find my answers on Yahoo, so I never thought much about it until recently, when I was looking thru websites on natural/organic skincare & one thing that kept popping up was Fluoride-Free toothpaste.

That was what made me recall that one such parent had rejected a free toothpaste before.

Hence, now that I am older with an increased sense of curiosity, a series of questions flashed across my head.

Why must there be a fluoride-free toothpaste?

I thought fluoride is supposed to be good, but then why would anyone create a toothpaste without it?

Is it because of an allergy?  Or is it something more?

So I decided to do a little research & asked Google why is fluoride bad for our teeth.  I found this interesting web article HERE & I summarized below.

A little history on Fluoride
It stated that before fluoride was added into our toothpaste, it was used as an insecticide & rat poison.  It is actually a pollutant – a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing.

When faced with the problem of legally disposing fluoride back in the 1930s, a large aluminum company funded a study that concluded that fluoride can prevent tooth decay.  And so, it was added into our water supplies.

Research conducted on the benefits of Fluoride
Over extensive research conducted on fluoridation & oral health in the mid 80s till present time, it shows that there is no difference in tooth decay rates between the fluoridated and non-fluoridated cities.

And the clear reason why there are lesser & lesser tooth decay cases is simply because we are educated on better oral hygiene & the decrease is not because of the use of fluoride.

Some countries have even stopped adding fluoride into their water systems.

The harmful effects of Fluoride
So, exactly how is Fluoride bad?

It actually weakens our teeth & causes discoloration.

Fluoride can also increase the absorption of aluminum in the brain & this substance can be found in most Alzheimer’s patients.  Not to mention, that it has also been associated with hip fractures, damage the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, leading to limited joint mobility, ligament calcification, muscular degeneration and neurological deficits.

Also, as extracted directly from the web article, “a number of different studies have linked fluoride to as many as 10,000 cancer deaths per year, with a high incidence of bone cancer among men exposed to fluoridated water“.


You can read the full article if you’re interested as per the link I have provided above.

But if you are not yet convinced, here are a few more websites that I found that will scare the living daylights out of you while you wonder what you have been consuming all these while!

Read more HEREHERE & HERE.

Here is what Dental Fluorosis looks like.  Click HERE.

I know some of these web articles are lengthy, but when it comes to your health & your children’s health, don’t you want to be aware of the potential hazards?

In the meantime, I also found out that these 2 brands – Weleda & Green People (hoover your cursor over the words to click on the links) – have pretty good safe toothpastes for the whole family.

Now, the question is, where to get them at an affordable price.

Jurlique: Lavender Hand Cream

24 Oct

I never cared much about my own skin until I sat beside my sister who reached young adulthood & is a decade younger than me.  Trust me, not a good thing.  It made me realized how much we look alike, only that I am the more wrinkly version.  This sounds a little bimbotic, but I do not want to look like the inferior quality.

It sent me on a quest (a natural/organic one) in search of age-preventative products & solutions.

You can imagine my excited’ness when a friend from Australia came to visit & gave me a tube of the Jurlique Lavender Hand Cream!

Ingredients are as follows:
Aqua (Water); Cetearyl Alcohol; Carthamus tinctorius (Safflower) Seed Oil; Glycerin; Macadamia ternifolia Seed Oil; Honey; Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate; Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract; Althaea officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract; Calendula officinalis Flower Extract; Rosa gallica Flower Extract; Bellis perennis (Daisy) Flower Extract; Viola odorata (Violet) Extract; Echinacea purpurea Root Extract; Viola tricolor (Heartease) Extract; Lecithin; Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate; Aloe barbadensis Leaf Extract; Daucus carota sativa (Carrot) Root Extract; Alcohol; Fragrance (Parfum)*; Lactic Acid; Citrus grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Extract; Tocopherol (Vitamin E); Linalool*; Limonene*; Coumarin*; Geraniol*.
* From Natural Essential Oil (Lavender – Lavandula angustifolia)

Although I am not too pleased upon seeing water & alcohol at the top of the ingredient list, but the rest of the ingredients look promising.  I also do not see any silicone, mineral oil or any petroleum products, so this is good as it will not clog my pores.

I know it says HAND CREAM, but I don’t care & used it for my entire body.

The texture is a buttery soft cream that does not leave a waxy film on my skin.

I usually apply this twice a day after my morning & bedtime showers when my body is still damp.  It glides on smoothly & I love the way it absorbs quickly into my skin without any sticky residue.  The lavender scent leaves me feeling very relaxed & girlish!  =D

As you can see from the almost empty tube, I do like the results that I am getting.  My legs used to be so dry that you can use a fingernail to sign on my skin & it would leave a white mark reflecting the signature.  But now, my legs are quenched from thirst & they are looking a lot less scaly.

Would I get a 2nd tube of this hand cream?

Probably not because of the alcohol content as it will dry out my skin in the long run.  However, if you have oily skin, the alcohol might help you take away a little of that oil so you might enjoy this cream.

I was this  |–|  close to giving it a Berry Mii stamp of approval, but I got to be tough & say no to alcohol in my skincare.  And also, a little wee disappointed with the high content of water in this product.  But I will still rate it 3.5/10 for the satisfying results it gave me.

The Spooky Shade of Pale

22 Oct

I have not been posting up any reviews on products the past couple of days.  I am not lazy, but maybe just a tinge of procrastination.

I am working on a post on 100% Pure.  Besides Bud Cosmetics, I found another local seller for this brand & have been granted access to the office to snap a few shots of their fruit-pigmented cosmetics.  =D  The post should be up by next week.  And also a little something special where it can be potentially kinky.  hahaha…

It is totally irrelevant to the title of this post though.

The topic I want to touch on today is about all things that spook us out at night.  Things that turn us to a shade of pale.  I had blogged a little about spooky encounters in my previous post HERE.  Now, this is like… part II.

*cues Twilight soundtrack*

One night, we were watching a rerun of this Japanese ghost film on TV & it got us into the topic of ghosts.  Then me & Gigi thought it would be funny to take photos of ourselves & photoshop it to look like spirits.  So I acted out as a long-haired ghost & then we photoshopped the photo to make it look more haunting.

In the end?

Not funny at all.

On that very night, I dreamt that I woke up from my sleep & I was in my bedroom.  Then right outside my door, there was this lady dressed in a red chinese dress, staring at me.


Her feet were dangling about a few inches off the ground, but her neck would tilt to the side like she was hung from a rope on the ceiling.  And she would swing left & right… left & right… left & right… while staring straight at me.  My whole body felt frozen.  With fear.

*screams hysterically in my head*

I think it was a good 10 secs of her swinging in the air until I woke up from the dream feeling darn relieved that it was nothing but a dream.

But then, I had the same exact dream for the following few nights.  She would always stare at me.  And I get the feeling that she wanted to come into the room.  *deep breathes*… I felt so odd about this whole situation that I told my family about it & you know what my Daddy said?

He said nonchalently, “oh maybe it’s because you kept pretending to be a ghost & a real ghost passed by & thought that you are her friend“… LOL!!!  OMG DADDY?!?!?!  Ok, it was freaky yet funny at the same time.

Mummy looked worried & said that maybe I accidentally ‘attracted’ spirits when I photoshopped all those creepy photos of myself… or maybe they felt that I was making fun of them.  So, she told me to “better delete all those photos“.


Gigi was so freaked out that she screamed, “SHITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!  AND I’M SLEEPING IN THE SAME ROOM AS *JIE JIE (*big sister)!!!!! MAYBE SHE’S (the lady ghost) ALSO LOOKING FOR ME, HOW?!?!?!?!”  And immediately turned on the PC & deleted everything.

I did not dream about that hanged lady after that.

Strange.  Was it psychological?  Or something more?

There was another time when a group of friends were staying over at this guy’s house for the night.  Let’s call him El.

That night, I dreamt that I was in the same room in my friend’s house & sleeping on the same bed beside the same friends around me.  I looked up & saw an old granny in front of me.  She had uncombed white hair, a long skinny face & was wearing this purple polka-dot matching outfit.  As I looked at her face, I saw that she did not have eyes.  They were just sockets.

She then leaned over to touch me & I jerked myself up from the dream.

At first, I laid there feeling a little confused.  Then wondered what the hell happened.  And finally my nerves got the better of me & I turned around to poke the nearest friend to me, attempting to wake her up.

She stirred & mumbled “dun disturb“.

So I turned to the other side & shook the other friend.  He moved a little & before he can tell me “dun disturb“, I blurted out “wake up I’m very scared“.  And you know what this kind friend did?  He opened his eyes briefly & told me to tell him tomorrow morning.  (-_-)  Thanks, ah.

The next morning, that kind friend asked me what happened last night.  So I told him about the old granny.  Everyone was spooked.  But the real scare came when El asked me if the old granny looked like his father & what she was wearing.

I said “no, your father’s face is so square.  The granny’s face is long & skinny”.  And I told him about the purple polka-dot outfit.

El then told us that he always hear strange noises in the house.  Like furniture moving or a glass being moved right in front of his eyes or the radio would blast on its own.  Then he said that the old granny I dreamt of sounded like his father’s mother – long skinny face.  And the outfit also sounded like what she was buried in.


The first thought that came to my head was… … … … …



So, if you are staying in Woodlands near the Republic Polytechnic, you might be neighbours with the purple polka-dot granny.

Why am I blogging about encounters with the 3rd kind?

I had a dream last night that stirred up some of these memories for me.

I was about to drift off to sleep when I was woken up by a soft female voice under my bed going, “help… help me…. help“.  I opened my eyes & waited to see if I heard anything again.  Thankfully, none.

Not that I am superstitious or anything.  But I do wonder if there is life outside of the world we know.  Was I really dreaming & everything was just a psychological effect?  Or do spirits try to reach out to us humans?

Until today, I still remain a skeptic on these kind of stuff.  Despite the fact that I have encountered creepy coincidences, or the few times when young Buggy walked toward the car & suddenly swerved around to stare into blank spaces then told me he thought he saw someone’s reflection in the car window.

And that one time when I sat in a homemade swing at home & mentally saw a figure standing behind me.  That gave me enough goosebumps to immediately jumped off that swing & sit with my family in the living room.  Then Gigi got out of the shower & sat in that same swing & she jumped off, saying “eeeee i feel like someone is watching me from behind“.  Really?  Shit.  Me too.

I was previously working in the entertainment service industry & closing hours were always late into the night.  During my time there, several of my male staffs would repeatedly mention that they would hear a strange creaking sound in the male restroom at the far end of the cubicle.

I kept brushing them off, thinking to myself that they were just trying to scare me because I was always the last person in the building to lock up & leave.

Until one of my good friend told me that he wanted a part-time job to pass his time & started to work for my team.

One closing night when I was on duty, he came in & told me about the same creaking sound.  This time, I decided to go & check it out.  Cannot be that my own good friend would gang up with the rest & scare me, right?

As it was already closing time, I grabbed a torchlight & walked into the empty restroom.

I got down on my knees to look underneath all the cubicle stalls.  Then I inched my way towards the far end of the cubicle & there it was.  A slow loud creaking sound.

I pondered if I should just forget it & return back to my office, but the curious cat in me wondered what that sound was.  Would curiousity kill the cat?

Honestly, I half-expected a hand to reach out & grab me or see something ghostly, resulting in:

a)  peeing in my own pants

b)  fainting

c)  die from shock

d)  screaming out of the restroom like a banshee

e)  running frantically towards the main door but hit a wall instead & die from concussion instead of fright

f)  all of the above

But I had to find out.

And my good friend, being very kind, also did not follow me to the restroom & stayed behind in the office.  Why do I have so many kind friends?  I dunno.

After standing at the end of the restroom for a couple of minutes, I heard the sound again!  It was right on top of me!!!  It was freaking just next to my ear!!!  My eyes slowly… slowly… slowly looked up towards the ceiling.

And I saw…………………….

… the automatic air freshener that squirts out bouts of fragrances every few minutes.



The mystery was solved.

I returned to the office as the hero who saved the day.  Every one of the boys looked embarrassed.  And of course, I did not tell them that I almost went into epileptic shock.

So is this all in my head?  Do ghosts exist?

That’s what I want to know, but do not want to find out.

Have you encountered similar situations?

Are there are ghosts living among us?

Tell me your creepy story.

Humans battle Haze!!!!!!!! *RAR RAR RAR!*

20 Oct


Nothing can be worse than the haze that Singapore experiences.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of my sleep because of this dry scratchy feeling in my throat.  As I was still drowsy from the sleep, I tried to cough & hack & even did a little of the throat rumbling action, in order to get rid of irritation but nothing works.  So I gave up, got up & walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

I could smell a faint burning scent.  In my groggy state, it did not register to me that it was the haze at first.  So I walked around the kitchen trying to check if there was a fire or something.  And in that split second, it dawned on me that it was The Haze (putting it in Title Case because it deserves more attention).

This morning, I read an online article HERE about The Haze.  You can see from the photo that it is REALLY bad.  Really really bad.  It is like… fog, but with the harmful effects to humans.

My sinus is acting up & I feel like sneezing constantly.

This cannot be healthy.

Why are we accepting that burning of forests is ok?  Why should we?

How come measures are not taken to protect us Humans from The Haze?  Is it because there is nothing we can do about it?  And all we can do is wait for the rain or wind to lessen the effects of The Haze???

Since the fresh clean air in Singapore is getting screwed, I say we fight it!!!


Power up BIG ASS hydraulic fans to create winds & blow The Haze back to wherever they come from!!!!!!!!!!!!  But then since the whole world is going Green, we shall do our part in conserving electricity & use… …. … … … SOLAR POWER!!!

This is really unfair to us.

Imagine those who has asthma.  If they get an asthma attack & they go to see the doctor, who is going to pay for their medical expenses?  HUH?  They got to fork it out from their own pockets.  Riiiiight?

If my sinus gets worse or others get a sore throat as a result from The Haze, then how?  See a doctor, take a receipt & claim the reimbursements back from the offending party?  Cannot be, right.

Lucky for people like me whose medical expenses are covered by the company I work for, but what about the old folks who do not have anyone looking out for them?  Huh?  What about the people who are trying hard to make ends meet?  Huh?  and THINK ABOUT THE BABIES, for god’s sake!!!!!!

And you know what is worse?

My cold sores came back!!!  It started 2 days ago when The Haze appeared!!!

@#$&*%$@#%^&& !!!!!!

Now I am frantically applying cold sore cream, hoping that it does not trigger off a full blown attack.  Otherwise, I have to re-face all that taunting about how “you never wash my mouth ah” or “your visitors applied for PR already?” or “what did you do with your bf“.



For now, I have to swallow more Omega-3 gel capsules.  Drink more water.  Eat more fruits.  Detox my internal body system.  We all should be doing this.

And smokers, you better smoke lesser because with The Haze around, you are probably ‘smoking’ twice as much as you should.  Think about your lungs!!!  Your throat!!!  Your nose!!! … … … your breath!!! … … … and body odor!!!

Adrupt end to post (while I go smear more cold sore cream on my lips).

Johnny Deep, £40,000 & the 500 crew

19 Oct

He spent £40,000 on waterproof hiking coats for the 500 crew of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

To protect them from the icy cold weather in Buckinghamshire, England.

I wish I was one of them crew  members.  Read the full article HERE.

I have been a fan of most of Johnny Depp’s movies.  The very 1st one that captured my attention was Edward Scissorhands back in 1990.  And I must have watched that movie like… … oh not much… … 100 times???????

Edward: omg!  I see rust!


Is it because of his crazy uncombed hair that is badly in need of a Loreal treatment?

Or that dazed psychotic eyes that suffers from severe dark eye circles?


I also like the musical Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  It started out with me staring at the TV screen like this     (O_O) WTH is this?????    to attempting to sing along with the dark music.  Some of the tunes are actually quite catchy.

Of course, everyone’s favorite character must have been Captain Jack Sparrow.

If I were as rich as Johnny Depp, would I have done the same for the crew?  Never in a million  years would the thought of waterproof hiking coats come across my mind.

… … sounds so… … … … … … unthoughtful of me.


I will attempt to be a better person in my New Year’s Resolution 2011.

That is why it is good for me (and the rest of the unthoughtful people of the world) to read articles of kindness like this Johnny Depp one.  He is probably thankful for getting to where he is right now, which is rich & famous.  And he is giving back to the people who are indirectly or directly contributing to his success.

I am guessing that most of us do not even carry out random acts of kindness for our own immediate family, let alone strangers.  We just take & take & take whatever people give to us.

We should be thankful for the little things in life & give back to others.

So this weekend, I will start by bringing my Mummy out for dinner because she has relentlessly cooked delicious homecooked food for the spoilt brats in my family for the past 30+ years.

What would you be doing for your loved ones?  =)

Ouch! My Thumb!!!

18 Oct

I slammed the door on my poor thumb!!!

Looks like it will take 365 days before it will heal properly.

It was so damn painful I almost fainted.

The worst thing of all was that nobody cared.  =(

I was yelling in pain & kneeling on the floor because my legs went soft.  And guess what.  My WHOLE family just continued doing their own things.  No reaction.  Nothing.

Dad’s eyes never left the laptop.

Mum didn’t step out of the kitchen.

Buggy too engrossed surfing porn on the internet.

Gigi continued to sing Poker Face loudly in her room.

Sun did not set in the north.

Rain did not happen.

Crows did not fall from the sky.

… …

… …

What the hell is wrong with these people.

Have they got no compassion?????

In order to attempt to gain sympathy, I ran over to each one of them to show them what happened to my nail, THEN only they have a reaction like, “OH MY GOD, WHAT HAPPENED????”

What is wrong with them.

Were they previously deaf when I was screaming out to the mother of all nature to take away the pain????

Later that evening, I went to meet Mello.  He took one look at it & said that it looked like my acrylic nail is about to come off.


How does a guy know so much about acrylic nails?

Either he is a closet gay or he has too many vain female friends.

Can’t lie to him nor gain any attention from this guy.

The Organic Pharmacy: Starter Kit

15 Oct

After 1 month of using my 1st organic skincare range, I am finally ready to post up my review on The Organic Pharmacy!!!


Does organic skincare work???

How does it compare to the other commercial brands out there???

Most importantly, is the customer service better at retail outlets selling organic skincare???  Ok, just kidding on this one.  Or HALF-kidding because organic skincare is so much more expensive than commercial brands, so I figure that the customer service provided should also be of higher quality, right?

If you read my previous posts, you will know that I have bought the organic skincare products from a local retail outlet called Bud Cosmetics.

From Bud Cosmetics, I bought the following organic items:

1.  100% Pure – Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam (which I had already given a review HERE)

2.  The Organic Pharmacy – Starter Kit (see below photo) which comprises of:

  1. 7ml Carrot Butter Cleanser
  2. 1 x Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth
  3. 5ml Antioxidant Serum
  4. 5ml Antioxidant Gel
  5. 7ml Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream
  6. 7ml Double Rose Ultra Cream
  7. 30ml Jasmine High Gloss Shampoo
  8. 30ml Jasmine High Gloss Conditioner
  9. 30ml Lemon & Eucalyptus Shower Gel
  10. Travel Pouch

The Starter Kit costs around SGD$150 from Bud Cosmetics.

I visited The Organic Pharmacy official Europe website HERE and saw that the Starter Kit costs like £45.00 & converts to about SGD$99 (without the shipping costs).  I will probably ask my friend to help me buy their products when he goes over to Europe next March.

The Organic Pharmacy seems to be on the higher end of the organic skincare market.  I found this article online HERE that states that a few Hollywood stars swear by one of its product called the Rose Plus Anti-Aging Cream.  Ah crap, it’s not in my starter kit.

I think organic products are not a sure guarantee that you will get perfect complexion.  Just like how you use other brands as well, there is no 100% guarantee that it will work for you.  So I guess you just have to trial & error to find out what suits your skin.  Well, if it does not turn out too well, at least you will still be feeding good natural safe stuff to your skin, right?

I have been using The Organic Pharmacy products (including the 100% Pure Cranberry cleansereveryday since 02 September 2010 for about a month.

The shampoo, conditioner & shower gel were the 1st to finish up.  Followed by the Carrot Butter cleanser.

But I still have about ½ amount left for the rest of the products.  I am surprised that a trial size can actually last for more than 1 month!  I am estimating that it will be good for a total of 2 months?  It lasts because I only need a small amount for the entire face.

If The Organic Pharmacy is not that pricey, I seriously will consider repurchasing their products in real-size because I truly feel that they work fabulously on my skin.  But at this moment, I am hesitant about the pricing..  =\

My initial thoughts:
I originally thought that organic skincare is not working for me because for the first 2 weeks, I felt like I was in living hell because my face broke out in small bumps + blackheads + whiteheads + fine lines all over my forehead.  It would seem like I have developed congested skin.

Mummyyyyyy!!!  Help me!!!!




I even gave some serious thought to stop using the skincare.

Luckily!  I browsed The Organic Pharmacy website & read that I have to give my skin at least 1 month to adjust.  See the link HERE and read the last paragraph which states, “Some may experience skin detox when switching to The Organic Pharmacy brand. This is literally the skin cleansing itself of petrochemical residues. Please allow one month for the skin to adjust.

Boy am I glad that I stuck with my organic skincare routine because now, I am VERY VERY EXTREMELY OMFG satisfied.

I am guessing that during the 2 weeks of living hell, my skin was experiencing purging of blackheads / whiteheads / toxins.  I initially also broke out with a few zits.

However, during the 3rd week, my face started clearing up more & more until I can visibly see the reduction of blackheads on my nose.

My weird rash disappeared COMPLETELY.

No cold sores.  No itchiness.

Maybe I will post up my Before & After photos within this October month.  I have taken photos before I used any organic skincare, so now I will take the after shots.


My Reviews on The Organic Pharmacy Starter Kit:

(a)  The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser &

(b) The Organic Pharmacy  Organic Cotton Muslin Cloth

If any of you have used Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, this Carrot Butter Cleanser basically works the same way.  It gets rid of all the impurities on your face & leaves it feeling clean.  From the instructions that I read on The Organic Pharmacy website, this is to be used for night cleansing.

Its texture is kind of like a soft wax & needs to be melted before you apply it onto dry face.

What I do is I scoop out about ½ a teaspoon of the cleanser onto my palm & just kind of tap on it repeatedly with my finger until it melts into an oil texture.  Then I massage it all over my dry face.



After massaging the oil around my face until I feel satisfied, I dampen the muslin cloth with warm water & wipe off the cleanser.

Why do we need to use the muslin cloth?

It is for a better cleanse because the texture of this cloth is slightly rough, but it does not hurt.  It just feels like it is exfoliating your face at the same time.

Also, if you do not use the muslin cloth, the oil from the cleanser doesn’t slide off your face when you rinse with water.  So you will probably feel uncomfortable leaving oil on your skin.

For me, I still double-cleanse with the Cranberry Cleanser from 100% Pure just to make sure all the dirt & grime is gone.

After that, my face feels grime-free & nicely moisturized!  Love it to the max.

Here is the ingredient list below.  I feel safe knowing that my skin is drinking up all the natural stuff now.  No SLS, no petro-chemicals, no silicone, no preservatives, no harshness in whatsoever way.

Jojoba, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Carrot, Marigold, St Johns Wort, Rosemary, Sesame Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender, Chamomile, Sunflower Oil, Beeswax.

I would definitely get a real-size Carrot Butter Cleanser after I’m done with the starter size.

(c)  The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Firming Serum &

(d) The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Gel

I can’t really comment much about the results of these 2 Antioxidant products because they just protect your skin & 1 month is too short a time for it to reverse sun damage like my freckles (as they have been around for like… centuries).

Still, I love the smell but I cannot describe it.  It has a little herbal scent + a little citrus scent.

For me, I spritz my face with Avene Thermal Water.  Then mix 1 drop of serum & 1 drop of gel on my palm to lightly pat on my damp face (the instruction told me to mix them like this & it is fun doing it!).  Or sometimes, I mix 2 drops of serum & 2 drops of gel for both my damp face & neck.  Must protect neck also, right?

Why do I apply it on damp skin?

Tips: Because I read that water can assist the products to get absorbed into your skin much better!  And I use the Avene Thermal Water because it is pure with no chemicals.

(e)  The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream

I did a little research over the internet on the reviews for this cream & it seems like a best-selling moisturizer at The Organic Pharmacy.

This cream is lightweight & smells like roses with a hint of herbs.  For us local Singaporeans, I am sure you will understand it better if I say that this moisturizer smells like Bandung.

I just need a little bit of the cream for the whole face!  I like the way it is moisturizing yet does not feel heavy or sticky.

I apply this after the Antioxidant serum & gel while my face is still slightly damp.  It absorbs wonderfully!

I am considering to get a full-size of this as well.

(f)  The Organic Pharmacy Double Rose Ultra Cream

This is another moisturizer in my starter kit.

It is thicker & heavier than the Double Rose Rejuvenating Cream.

Here, I’ll include a photo as comparison for the (e) Rejuvenating Cream & (f) Ultra Cream below:

You can see that the Rejuvenating Cream is smoother & more watery than the Ultra Cream.

This Ultra Cream is more suitable for dry skin.  And since I do not have dry / dehydrated skin, I pat a little on my neck while it is still damp from shower.  Whereas my mother who is older ahem… more matured, she absolutely loves this thicker cream as it absorbs wonderfully on her face!  =D  She is already asking me to get my friend to purchase this for her as well.  Tee Hee!

I must add that it is surprising to see that my neck is smoother than ever!!!  omg.  The lines that I have on my neck is not as obvious as before!!!  Of course a few of the deep creases are still slightly noticeable, but trust me when I say that they look a lot better after 1 month of applying the Ultra Cream everyday!

My neck used to have these rough bumps but now when I run my hands along my neck, they are gone.  GONE.  How amazing is that???  Even the fine lines & creases have significantly improve!!!

I really really really really loveeeeeeeeeeee the way this moisturizer works for my neck, but it would be a little silly to get the full-size just for neck application.  Right?  I dunno.  I’m holding out on this one first.  But if I cannot find another product that works that well for my neck, then I’ll get this in full-size as well.

(g)  The Organic Pharmacy Jasmine High Gloss Shampoo,

(h) The Organic Pharmacy Jasmine High Gloss Conditioner &

(i)  The Organic Pharmacy Lemon & Eucalyptus Shower Gel

I’m just going to do these 3 together because there is nothing much I can comment as they only last for 3 times of usage.

The jasmine shampoo doesn’t foam very much, so I used quite a lot as I have really long hair.  After I rinse off the shampoo, my hair felt squeaky clean!  It might feel like the shampoo had stripped off all the moisture, but after my hair dried, it was smooth & soft with volume.  Strange, right?  I probably need a bigger bottle in order to really give a review on this.  =(

The jasmine conditioner did not ‘stick’ on my hair like the normal commercial conditioners.  This is probably because the organic conditioner does not contain silicone or fillers like our commercial conditioners, so it felt like it didn’t stay on my hair.  I at first thought that it was not going to work, but after I rinse the conditioner off, the ends of my hair felt smooth & slick! 

The lemon & eucalyptus shower gel also does not foam much because it does not contain cancer-causing SLS or any harmful ingredients.  The smell is invigorating and left me wanting more!  After I dried myself off, my body skin does not feel tight.

However, for these 3 products, I will not be getting them again because of their high prices.

Overall thoughts:

I am sure to start on a natural / organic products from now on.  Plus, I believe that the organic products are going to do greater good with my body.  Having said that, I still do not think that I will go 100% into natural / organic.

But I realized that being more aware of the harmful ingredients can save me money too!  Because I used to go over to any skincare counter & look at that products with its cute packaging + advertising hype and I want to buy them.  Now I pick up a product & look at its ingredient list first.  If I see an ingredient that I do not like, I put it back.  $$$ saved!

The only problem I am facing now is buying the organic products that I want.  Most of them are not available in Singapore.  And those that are sold here in Singapore, has a high mark up.  But I guess it will be worth it in the end by cutting down on the daily chemicals I put on my body.

By the way, if you’re interested to know the ingredients for The Organic Pharmacy, you can find them in their official website where they state the full ingredients for each of their products!  =D

Before I end this, a Berry Mii stamp of approval for The Organic Pharmacy!  Big one.

The Perfect Marriage Model

14 Oct

What exactly is the perfect marriage model?

I was at a tender young child age when I saw my auntie threw a glass at her husband.  This was the 1st exposure I had with the tears & anguish involved in a relationship.  At that age, it is surprising that I could already comprehend that a couple was having a terrible argument & of course, I was extremely curious what sparked that glass-shattering situation.

I guess that curiousity was brought forward many years to my teenager years & also, throughout my young adulthood.  Perhaps that was why I have subconsciously taken on the role of The Observer of relationships.  Perhaps it was a childhood trauma that made me extra sensitive towards the idea of relationships.

It also does not help that I am surrounded by stories of infidelity, divorces, separations & weird open casual relationships through my friends or acquintances.

And maybe that is why I am starting to receive questions / remarks like “when are you getting married?“… “you are not young anymore“… “you should have kids by now”.


Are you kidding me?

I have not even taken 1 step towards the idea of accepting marriage as a norm for humans living on earth.  And now I have to think about having kids????

Of course when I think about the perfect marriage model, I look at my own parents.  I swear those 2 have have been together since the age of dinosaurs.  They do everything together, but yet have separate hobbies.  Daddy likes to fiddle around with the IT stuff.  Mummy dabbles with fengshui & organic food.  They have their differences & get into the occasional arguments, but then they always manage to sort out the issues.

Strangely, my own parents’ relationship with each other is not enough to convince me that my marriage will be the same.

The more I get pressurized into marriage, the more it is killing the magic of romance for me.  But somehow, I feel that this is the same for everyone.  Is it?  I guess we always perceive the dating stage to be all exciting & romantic (or at least during the very short honeymoon period).

Even when I was much younger, I would lay in bed before dozing off to sleep & imagine myself dating some hunky famous actor or singer.  Then as I get to the part where the guy would propose to me, my daydream would end abruptly.

My mind will draw a blank.

My brain cannot visualize anything after the marriage proposal.

Not even Takeshi Kaneshiro can make my imagination go wild for marriage.

Even when I reach adulthood, I am still searching for the perfect marriage model.  There has to be some kind of scientific explanation to show you the correct path towards happiness & bliss in marriage.  Something like…

Blissful un-boring marriage =

lots of conscious effort not to take your partner for granted


accepting each other’s differences


GIGANSAUROUS amount of resistance towards temptations


keep the relationship fun & childish


yet still maintaining a sense of maturity & responsibility towards each other


finding a common ground to enjoy activities


yet still having your own hobbies & friends


assload of communication & sharing of stories of work / friends / other wordly gossips


mutual caring


PDA (Public Display Affections), I know there are prudes out there who dislike PDA but I still believe that a certain degree of PDA is healthy.  Of course french kissing or fondling of private parts are unsightly.  But I still think the occasional hug or peck on the cheek is sweet.  =)

There is of course not all there is to a relationship.  Definitely a lot more other factors.  And it all seems so much… work just to keep the relationship alive, don’t you think?

So, do humans have the ability to be that hardworking & put in effort everyday just to make a relationship work?

Most people I know will probably fail at being faithful.  Others fall short in communication.  And the rest just got bored in the relationship because it seems like there is no more fun & excitement in it.

Guess I will just have to keep pressing on to find out how to make my own relationship work in the best possible way ever.  Or perhaps to reach Lee Kuan Yew & his late wife’s standards.  The recent media coverage of their relationship stuck a chord in me.  It is always emotionally touching to see an old couple walking hand in hand on the streets.  And I guess watching their story on tv or reading about it in the news has brought me some hope that ‘happily ever after’ does exist after all.

Will I get married?


Will I continue to work hard in making things work for my relationship?

Every single day.