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The Bunny who got Spooked

22 Jun

I let Mafia bunny out to run around the house as usual last night.  He ran to his favourite spot as usual which is near the daybed, but I saw him immediately dash away from that area & looking very terrified.  He even thumped his hind legs while running away (which I read that it signals that there is danger).

Then for the rest of the evening, he acted all weird & hyper sensitive.  He didn’t run around freely like before.  Instead, his body language looked like he was being preyed on – very cautious & tensed, like he’s on the lookout (and he actually kept turning his head towards the daybed).

(O_O)  … w… w… what is at the daybed, Mafia bunny???????

*quickly puts Mafia back in his cage*

Honestly, that freaked me & my bf out a little.

Did Mafia see ‘something’ that we couldn’t see?  Or was he just playing?

Any of you have pets who acted weird before???





13 Jun

By nature, I am probably already born lazy.

But being lazy & having to be NOT lazy, is really taking a toll on me.

It’s like all I ever want to do is lay in bed & watch TV all day, but there’s always work to be done.  Whether it is WORK work or HOUSE work.  =\

On top of that, ever since the new bunny (we named him Flappy) came into the picture, my old bunny (poor lil Mafia) fell sick.  He didn’t eat or drink or poop or pee.  For rabbits, this is actually life-threatening becuz it means that his gut is shutting down.


We brought lil Mafia to the vet many times.  The vet suggested that it could be psychological.  Mafia could be affected by the sudden introduction of Flappy.  And it was made worse when Flappy kept wanted to mount Mafia & all Mafia wanted to do was relax in one corner of the living room.  At one point, Mafia got so irritated with Flappy that he stomped his hind legs repeatedly on the floor.



Any good rabbit psychiatrist?



Ever since Mafia got sick, I separated the 2 bunnies.

So… 3 weeks later & after many force-feeding of soft food, Mafia got better.  But due to him not eating solid food on his own, his back teeth is slightly overgrown & it’s hurting his tongue when he eats.  So next week, I have to bring him to the vet for teeth filing.  Be strong, my young padawan.  May the force be with you.


Myself, I have to wake up early in the wee morning between 6-7am to feed Mafia bunny.  Then feed again every 4 hours until I go to bed.

As he is not eating on his own, you’ll have to mix rabbit’s critical care (which is in powder form) with water, till you get a consistency similar to baby food.  Then you put it in a syringe & jab it (gently, of course) into his mouth.

You can expect A HELL LOT of struggling & kicking & scratching.  But be patient with the feeding & he will soon get used to it.  In fact, I think Mafia bunny is loving the feeding now becuz he sits quietly while you feed him about 20ml of critical care.  If you think that 20ml is a small amount & it’s easy to feed, try using a 1ml syringe.  You have to repeat the process 20 times, ok.  =\  And each feeding time takes about 30-40mins (if he is not being co-operative).


So that’s my life the past 3 weeks.

Waking up super early to feed Mafia.

Feeding every 4 hours till I go to bed at 11pm.  In between have to find time to work, do housework, clean the 2 rabbit cages, give them fresh water, let them out of their cages to run around & exercise, clean their shit off the floor after their running (thank god it’s dry & round, not like soft & mushy), groom their fur, feed myself, catch a little nap if possible, etc etc…

Repeat the same thing everyday.


So how fun is it to have rabbits as pets?

I can tell you that I enjoy every bit of it.  But it is also very tiring especially when a rabbit falls sick.  However, whenever I look at their faces, it brings a smile to my face.  Every action they do, it makes me laugh.

Like how Flappy runs to his water bottle when I touch it.  To him, it means that I will help him squeeze the water out instead of him licking the metal tube like crazy.

And Mafia bunny will run crazily around the house, but he will occasionally approach to sniff my feet & then lie down beside me.  Maybe he likes the scent of my stinky sweaty feet?  I dunno.  LOL

Not everyday is fun & games.  Sometimes, when I get super tired from work & I come home to see them pee all over their cages, I get frustrated.


*cleans their cages*… *watch them hop around happily in the living room*…


So cute for wat… *kiss kiss the bunnies*… *give them a treat for god-knows-what-reason (probably rewarding them for being irritating, no wonder they never learn to just pee in bedpans)*…

Ok ok, to give them some credit, Flappy does pee in his bedpan 80% of the time & Mafia pees in his 90% of the time.  So it’s actually not too bad.  Both of them are still very well-behaved.  Mafia used to pee in his bedpan 100% of the time.  He was so well-trained that whenever I let him run around the house, he would still jump back into the cage to pee before jumping out again to run around.  However, with Flappy in the house, Mafia felt that he needed to mark his territory now.  That’s why he occasionally pees outside.




Oh by the way, Noni facial soap is going good.  The last batch will be sent out this weekend.  I’m still consolidating.

After this batch, I’m taking a break.  But for those who are still interested, please email me at & I’ll take down your orders.  Next round of shipping will be either in July or August 2011.



The Rabbit Saga Continues…

13 May

The new bunny is settling in very quickly.  He eats well (in fact, he’s gonna eat a hole thru my pockets!), he loves running around on the cool living room floor whenever I let him out of his cage, he is drinking plenty of water… … … but the horrible thing is that he is starting to hump my old bunny too.  They’re both taking turns humping each other.


My friend calls them Gaybbits.  LOL.

I’ve got 2 Gaybbits now.  Damn these gay rabbits.  What’s wrong with them.  Don’t they know they are both of the same sex?????

I have a lot of their humping actions recorded on my iPhone.

*looks at the 2 bunnies with much disapproval*

*waves my iPhone 4G angrily at them*… HUMP EACH OTHER ONE MORE TIME & I’M GOING TO POST THE VIDEOS UP ON YOUTUBE, YOU HEAR ME???!!!!… *continues threatening them w the iPhone*… YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?!

buay tahan sia… I cannot take it anymore.

And just when you think that it couldn’t get any worse, they have started to pee on each other.

(-_-“)  <— sweat

As if that is not enough, they seem to like the “golden showers”.

(-_-“”)  <– double sweat

It’s like Gaybbit 1 jumps over Gaybbit 2.  And while he’s jumping over, he shakes his furry arse & sprinkles pee on the poor Gaybbit 2.

Then Gaybbit 2 takes a looooooooooooooooooong good sniff at the pee.  *looks at gaybbit*…. WHAT IS SO INTERESTING WITH PEE?!?!  HUH???  YOU TELL ME!  YOU TELL ME!!!  STOP DOING THAT!

Oh my god.

When life was only with 1 rabbit, I never knew there could be so many sides to a rabbit.  I only thought they eat, sleep, laze around, ask for attention by nudging your hand to stroke them, follow you around like a cute little puppy dog, occasionally tries to hump your hand, etc.

BUT NOW that I have 2 rabbits… … … there are so many other sides that I have never seen.

Gaybbit 1 now knows how to thump his hind legs continuously when he sees me petting Gaybbit 2.  I take it that he is jealous & wants attention on him.

Gaybbit 2 rubs his chin all over my hand because he knows that it will drive Gaybbit 1 crazy from the scent he left on me.

Gaybbit 1 & 2 humps each other in the head & butt.  I know that this is to demonstrate dominance, but… … still very disturbing to watch.

And what’s up with the golden showers????


I read that it’s better to neuter the rabbits so that it will take a load off their sexual frustrations & territorial instincts… but… … isn’t chopping off their balls a little…. … sad?

And and… what if it changes their characters???  Now both of them are so lively & sweet & adoring… … what if after neutering, they become depressed or lifeless or something.  Despite all the humping & the ‘golden showers’, these 2 bunnies seem to be getting along.  They lie beside each other, they groom each other, no fighting no hard biting… … i dunno, man… … … as long as they’re not hurting each other, should be fine, right??

I’m bringing them to the vet in 2 weeks’ time for a medical check-up.  I’ll enquire more about balls-chopping on that day.


The Abandoned Bunny

30 Apr

I was abandoned by my owner & was left at a pet shop in Suntec City.  I am about 1 year old & now that I am big & plump, maybe I am just not cute anymore.  Is that why my owner threw me away?  =*(

On 29 Apr 2011, 2 strangers brought me home, but I’m terrified becuz I do not recognize them.  My surroundings also feel foreign to me, plus I got humped in the face by this horny gay bunny.  I had to close my eyes & run like siao becuz I was so afraid that he is going to poke me in the eyes & blind me with his d***.


I came from Holland, live in Singapore, speak like Italian

Please do not buy pets on impulse unless you really intend to take care of them for life… =*(

I keep waiting for my ex-owners to take me home, but they never came.

I lay in wait for a few days, but nobody came…………….. no one……………. absolutely no one.

… and I am still waiting… searching for my ex-owners with a desperate stare…

After I was abandoned at the pet shop, I have been feeling emo ever since.

I feel alone… I have nobody…. the whole world is against me…..


I ask myself so many times….

Why buy me then abandon me??????  Did I do something wrong???

Where was the little girl who saw me in the pet shop when I was a little baby?  Where was the little girl who held me in her hands & played with me?

Did I grow too big & ugly?

Is it becuz I am plump??


But……… but………… i am toilet-trained.  I only pee in the bedpan.  I didn’t make a mess.  Is that not enough?


My new owner is feeding me & grooming my fur, but I still wish to see that little girl again.

The little girl who brought me home & played with me for 1 year.

I hope & pray that everything will be okay.  Please tell me that everything will be alright, so that I can feel safe in this new place.

I am so scared…. =*(

He was very timid & afraid of strangers.  It is going to take him some time before he trusts anyone again.

You can feel his sadness when you try & interact with him.  He doesn’t eat or drink much becuz he is feeling down.  He misses his ex-owners, but hopefully as time goes by, he will learn to accept the strangers who brought him home.

Love your pets like how you love your family.

Cleaning them & their cages are just like looking after a new born baby.  It is a hassle but it has to be done.  It only takes up a small amount of your time, but the comfort that they can bring you is much much more.  Don’t give up!

When rabbits feel loved & cared for, they show their affection by sniffing / grinding their teeth softly / licking your hand / etc.  They know how to ask for attention by approaching you & placing their head underneath your hand, asking to be petted.


They have feelings too.