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Baviphat: Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel

13 Oct

Update:  Wow it looks like I’m pretty crazy over Baviphat products, right?  Read about the reviews on Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask HERE & the Magic Mango Brightening Mask HERE.  They are all in the same product range.



I tested on all the Baviphat products quite some time back, but was procrastinating on the blog posts.  Procrastinating is like my middle name.

I had bought a trial size for the Peach gel from Baviphat because after my experience with the Mango Brightening Mask, I felt that it would be a smart thing to do before committing to a full-size one.  This trial size costs me like SGD$2.50 from a local online blogshop.

And of course, the second you open up that container, the sweet light scent of peaches smells delicious.  It is the same for all the Baviphat products in this range.

I think they are banking all their money on attracting us girly girls with their yummy fragrances + their cute packaging.  Kind of like the Hello Kitty phenomenon.

But does the product work?

I scooped a little gel out & it was disappointing to know that it was kind of… clumpy.  It felt like you mixed some flour & water unevenly.

I apply it on my face & smudge it a little, but realized that a tiny bit of the gel already started to clump even before I rub it around my face.  See below photo.

I lightly massage the rest of the gel around my left cheek (yes I only used this on one side of the cheek) & again, was disappointed to see that it didn’t take much effort to get the gel to become dirt-like clumps.  To be more specific, I just had to massage ONE circular motion & the gel just clumped on its own already.  See photo below:

It didn’t feel like it was taking dirt off my face like my Bioessence Exfoliating Gel which I had reviewed HERE.

All it took was 1 or 2 rubs & the peach gel clumped up without much effort.  It felt like the gel was designed to just roll into bits of dirt on its own.  And these bits did not even look dirty.

For the Bioessence, I can see my blackheads significantly removed & the clumps of dirt actually look dirty.  AND i can feel that my face has gotten cleaner after using it.

But for this Peach gel, I know it didn’t do anything for my face at all.  Even the nice scent of the product is not enough to take away my disappointment after 6 uses on alternate days.

I know I will not be purchasing this in its full-size.  =(  The delicious peach scent is just not enough to tempt me.

Definitely no Berry Mii stamp & I am definitely sticking to my Bioessence gel.


Baviphat: Mango Magic Brightening Mask

10 Oct

Updated on 13 Oct 2010:  Just posted a review on Baviphat Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel HERE.

Remember I did a review on the Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask HERE???  I quite like the Apple Mask because it did loosen some dead skin, but my #1 dead skin remover is still the Bioessence gel which I had also reviewed HERE.

I still have a post on the Baviphat Peach All-In-One Peeling Gel coming up in a few days time, so keep a lookout for it if you’re interested.

I was given some samples on this Mango Magic mask from the Baviphat outlet in KL & had tested it a while ago.

Ain’t the packaging cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee???

(^_^) <– makes me wanna show an act cute face now…

Why can’t Singapore outlets give out generous samples as well?!?!?!?!

I super love samples because it lets me test out the products  before deciding if I should commit to a full-size one.

Anywayz, the saleslady gave me like 4 sachets of the Mango Magic mask & somehow I managed to make it last for a whole month!!!  hahahaha…. … maybe it is because I have a small face & the contents in 1 sample sachet was quite generous.  ;-P

I used the 4 sachets of mask 2 times a week for a continuous period of 4 weeks.  So 1 sachet is good for 2 times usage.

As everything is written in Korean (so what else is new), I did a little research on the internet on what this product does.

A little background that I found over the internet from various sources is that Baviphat is a Korean cosmetic brand that is endorsed by Beyonce and FT Island.  The brand uses natural ingredients like fruits and fermented organic grains.

But of course, if you have read my previous blog posts on natural / organic skincare, I have emphasized that although the product states that it ‘contains natural or organic ingredients‘, it does NOT mean that the whole entire product is chemical-free.  Must look closely at the FULL ingredient list.  But then again, I read over the internet that there are some companies that do not state the full ingredients on their products, so we consumers are never safe.  =\

This Mango Magic Brightening Mask itself is supposed to reveal brighter & crystal-clear skin.  It does this by removing any dirt & grime in our pores with microscopic (sounds so high-tech) oxygen bubbles.  The mango extract in this product is said to eliminate dirt.

Instructions for usage is to apply evenly on face & wait till 2-3 minutes until oxygen bubbles form, then rinse thoroughly with warm water .  Also, to avoid eyes & mouth areas.

Digress a bit – to avoid applying products around the eyes, I can understand.  Maybe if the product gets into the eyes, you might go blind.  Just kidding (or maybe not).  Maybe you will feel irritation or pain like chilli in eyes.

But why must avoid mouth area?  Is it because we might accidentally eat it or is the reason tied to something more… medical??  For example, the mouth area tends to be more sensitive & applying any product there will cause a skin reaction or something?  hmmmm…

Back to Mango Magic.

The mask is a creamy texture with a rather thick consistency.

I am rather torn in between on  my review for this mask.

On 1 hand, I really want to love this mask.  It was a pleasure to use because you only need to leave it on your face for a few minutes.  On top of that, the Mango Magic mask smells absolutely HEAVENLY.  I was this |—| close to tasting it.  Maybe I should have.  The pleasant scent also made me feel super girlish & relaxed.

But on the other hand, I honestly do not feel that it did any wonders for me.  That left me feeling a tiny weeny disappointed.  First of all, the microscopic bubbles were really… … … microscopic (duh).  You cannot see it.  You cannot feel it bubbling on your face.  And therefore, you cannot feel that the product is working its magic.

The only way you can tell is when you first apply the mask on your face, you can see the cream.  Then after a few minutes, the cream seems to melt away & disappear.

My pores did not look cleaner.  My face did not look brighter.  If anything, it only made me crave for a huge piece of mango cake.

In addition to that, it gave me skin allergies as there were mosquito-like bumps around my mouth area, so I am kind of wondering what ingredients are in this product.

Perhaps if I had used it for a longer period of time, the product might show results.  But 1 month is all I am willing to give to a product.  If it doesn’t work in 1 month, then it is probably not worth my money.

Another thing is that all the ingredients are written in Korean, so you never know what kind of chemicals you’re putting on your face.

I also wonder how the oxygen bubbles are formed.  Does it form when it contacts with air???  Or the technology used to develop this mask is so advanced that the bubbles form when contact with human skin (but I doubt so)????

I’m asking this because if I do consider getting a full-size product, then how to I store it?  If bubbles form when it comes into contact with air, then each time I open the container that comes with a twist-open lid, I am actually introducing air into the container & microscopic bubbles will be foaming in the container instead of my face, right????

No Berry Mii stamp on the Mango Magic Brightening Mask because it only left me feeling frustrated & unsatisfied.

Baviphat: Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask

17 Aug

Updated on 13 Oct 2010:  Read reviews on the Baviphat Mango Magic Brightening Mask HERE & Baviphat Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel HERE.  =p

If you have read my previous post on Bioessence Deep Exfoliator Gel with ATP, you would know that I’m totally obsessed with getting rid of dead skin on my face.  Have you read it?  No???  Then read it HERE.

I hate dead skin.  It causes lots of skin problems like clogged pores, dull complexion & pimples.  eww.

So, I found another product from Korea that can get rid of dead skin + other skincare benefits!!!  Don’t you love me now?  It’s the Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask.

In case you didn’t know, Baviphat is endorsed by FT Island & Beyonce (yes THAT Beyonce with the sexy hips)!  Anyway, you probably already know this.

Baviphat is currently not brought into Singapore right now.  I have tried some of its products & fell totally in love with some of them!!!  I feel that a handful of their products are (1) not harsh on the skin.  (2) Smells WONDERFUL!!!  (3) really does work.

I will blog more about Baviphat products in the near future, but I will have to test them out for a period of time first before I introduce them on this blogsite.

I tried the Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask & put it to the test for a continuous of 14 days!

photo taken from Baviphat website becuz theirs look much better than the 30 failed photos I took with my camera, but their website is all in Korean which is super disappointing… =(

Korean Friends needed!  hehehe…

This is supposedly for troubled skin (referring to dull / acne-prone skin).  This sleeping mask contains various fruit acids to remove old dead skin cells to soften & brighten the skin.  It also provides relief and nourishment to help you get rid of zits.  Also, it contains pectin which is an excellent moisturizer.

Sounds good?

Of course it does.

But what happened within these 14 days of product-testing on my face?

Is it really that good???

On the 1st night, I applied a thin layer on & went to bed.  I usually don’t apply a large glob of cream to my face becuz honestly, how much can your skin absorb anyway?  It’ll be a waste to over-apply any cream to your skin becuz you’ll just rub it off against your pillow or bolster or bedsheets.

The sleeping mask smelt delicious like I applied sweet red apple juices to my face.  =)  But, it did cross my mind whether ants will eat my face at night.  =\

The next morning, IT’S A GODDAMN MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – NO ANTS.

Also, I looked into the mirror & can visibly see that my face looks slightly clearer.  Clearer becuz my face usually has red patches from the zits & rashes, but now it looks calmed.  The redness is not so obvious.

I took a shower & washed my face with a cleanser.  I looked into the mirror again.  No great miracles happened yet.  But if it did, I would be worried becuz that would mean that the product had lots of strong chemicals (which I am against).  However, when I wiped my face with a toner, I looked at the cotton & was surprised to see that it was so………… brown.  Yes.  Brown.

Loads of dirt had come off my face.  I think it is because the sleeping mask loosens the dead skin & that’s why it comes over easily when I wipe my face with toner.

Being a skeptic, I applied the sleeping mask every night.  Then I washed my face with a cleanser the next morning & wiped my face with a toner-soaked cotton pad.  And each time, the pad looked brown.  However, after a few days, the cotton pad became less & less brown.

Well, it could be that there are fewer & fewer dead skin on my face as I continue using the sleeping mask.

I am very certain that the sleeping mask really does soften & loosen your dead skin!  It is wiped away easily with just a toner-soaked cotton pad.  Might be a good alternative for facial scrubs as it is more gentle on your skin.

As far as relieving pimples go, I had a huge mother-ass zit on my forehead during the 14-day period.

After applying the sleeping mask for a continuous 4 or 5 days, it was still there but less angry red.  I couldn’t resist any longer & decided to give it a little squeeze because it looked so ripe.  Surprisingly, it oozed out with ease when I exerted just a little pressure.  So did the sleeping mask help the zit to pop easily?  I suspect it did.  I’ll probably try it again when I have another zit (CHOY! TOUCH WOOD!).

See below photo for my big mother ass zit.  See how juicy it is???  Usually a zit this big & juicy would be reddish, but now, it’s actually flesh-colored & not so obvious to the public eye.

I hate it.  Don’t you think that the zit looks like a button on my forehead???  It’s like ppl can press it & it will go DING DONG.  😐



I strongly feel that on the plus side:

–      Excellent dead skin remover when you wipe your face with a toner-soaked cotton pad.  I even smeared some on my neck & shoulders to get rid of dead skin becuz we must always remember to take care of our necks too.  Or else we will have young faces with wrinkly necks.

–      Made the mother zit less red

–      After the 14 days, my skin really does feel softer & not much blackheads (maybe due to the constant removal of dead skin).

–      Smells absolutely delicious & fruity (without attracting ants).

–      Feels light & refreshing, not the thick gooey kind of moisturizers that leaves you feeling sticky.

–      Did not give me any allergic or sensitive reactions *thumbs up thumbs up*.

–      Large tub of cream at 100g that can last you for 6 months to 1 year.

On the down side:

–      My T-zone (forehead & nose) felt wet the morning after, not oily but more like wet with the sleeping cream.  I don’t know for sure how this will affect the oily zones in the long run, but within the 14 days, it didn’t create any more zits.  So this might not be a down side after all.

–      Everything written is in Korean & you will not know what you’re putting on your face.  Any harmful chemicals?  Any ingredient that will cause clogged pores?  Anything that might dry out the skin (eg: alcohol)?  So use this at your own risk or if you have a face of steel that can take any product.

On the whole, I feel that the people who can benefit most out of this sleeping mask are:

–      Those who want to make their zits look less angry red.

–      Those who need a light moisturizer to keep their skin refreshed throughout the night & morning after.

–      Those who hates dead skin on their faces becuz you know dead skin makes your complexion look dull.

–      I also think that the nice fruity scent will make you feel more relaxed before going to bed!  Well, at least it works for me.

Overall, I would give it a Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!  =D

Have you tried the Baviphat:  Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask?