10 Jan

YAYYYYYYYYYYYY…  I ignored my blog!!!

*runs away*

Must be the holiday season.

It’s making me feel sooooooooo lazy.

The whole of the December month is like 1 big holiday mood for me, but ironically, it is the busiest period for me in the working world.

Then January is like the hangover from the December holiday mood.  Which is basically, also making me feel very lazy.  And again, ironically, I should be working hard because of all the start-of-the-new-year reports to be done at work.

To top it all off, the Chinese New Year is in the beginning of February so that makes me feel even more lazyyyyyyyy.

I think I am born lazy.  Maybe I was born with a brain that has a super high amount of activity in area where it controls the lazy/hardworking functions of the body.

I have been communicating with some of you via email & you guys really have interesting topics!  You have ignited the curiousity in me & I am currently already doing some research.

I have read up on pH levels for skin & body.  Different people seem to react differently with different levels of pH.  But I want to research more before I blog on it.

A few of you are also enquiring about other products from the BSY line, especially on the Noni Black Hair Magic.  I did some research & found that it is also made from natural ingredients.  Apparently, some of our local organic stores are already selling it at $8 per sachet or $98 for 20 sachets, but you guys want me to ask for lower price.  (-_-“)    I feel like you want me to be an auntie bargaining in a wet market, but ok I will work on that soon.  LOL!  Please give me some time though… because Berry Mii is a little… err… ermmm… a little… under… the weather?


But I’ll try to get it done after the Chinese New Year.

On the BSY soap, I want to say that I have stopped using it for 4 days now & my cold sores gradually came back.  =\   Is there really no cure for that??????  Those bumpy clogged pores also returned.  I am so sad.  I cannot use other cleansers.  Still have 1 full bottle of 100% Pure cleanser sitting in my cupboard.  =\

Quick update on what has been going on in my life since my last blog post.

I watched a few movies.

The 1st one was…

 Gulliver’s Travel starring Jack Black.


My bf almost fell asleep.  I watched the big screen like a zombie.  It was THAT bad.  I wonder why comedy actors like to repeat their actions.  It’s like once you’ve seen one of their movies, you will feel like you’ve watched them all.

For example, Jim Carrey’s facial expressions are the same throughout when he starred in The Mask, The Cable Guy, Liar Liar, etc.

For Jack Black, it was the same crazy loser rocker vibe in School of Rock, Tenacious D, Nacho Libre, etc.  hahaha… ok actually he is a pretty funny guy.  Plus he can sing.

The 2nd movie was…

Little Fockers starring Ben Stiller & Robert De Niro.
p.s – a lot of my friends told me that when they look at Robert De Niro, he reminds them of my daddy.  I think so too.  The resemblance is uncanny!  especially the grumpiness.  LOL!


Another comedy that didn’t make me laugh.  But for some reason, the girl seated next to me thought it was so funny that she laughed extremely loudly at all the not-funny parts of the movie.

*curious side-glance at her with puzzled eyebrows*…

buay beng (translation: dun understand / dun get it) at all.

Most recently watched movie was…

The Tourist starting a A-lister combo of Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie.


HOLY SMOKES!  Now THAT is what I call acting!  They made the movie very believable & I was totally immersed into it… … except for that stupid kid who kept making a din in the theatre, I was enjoying myself in this movie.

Speaking of young children in movie theatres, for god’s sake, can parents please DO NOT bring them into a dark quiet environments???????  You should know that kids cannot sit still & they are demanding little pricks.  Also, they cannot control their voices & tend to talk/yell/cry/sob loudly in the nice dark quiet environment.  Verrryyyyy irritating, okay?!?!?!?!  Unless you want your kid to get beaten up by an angry mob of cinema-goers.

If you want to watch a movie in the theatre & insist on bring your noisy kids along, then at least feed them with alcohol to knock them out first.  Geez.  Parents.

Johnny Depp is seriously charming & he grows on you.  He is one actor whom does not have the same expressions over & over again.  I love him.

As for Angelina Jolie, she lost a lot of weight, but she’s still looking so fabulous & supermodel’ish.  She has really tiny ankles that looked so delicate & girlish!!!

The movie ending was predictable though.  Halfway thru the movie, I told my bf the plot & ending then he was sian* (translation: bored) throughout the movie already.  hahahhaa… I am such a killjoy.

p.s – Do not feed alcohol to young children.  I was JUST KIDDING.  omg.

As I was surfing thru the internet, I found this photo on that Twilight couple.

Kristen & Robert


Kristen is looking hot as ever with her sleepy bedroom eyes that can pierce thru your soul.

But… Robert… somehow managed to look like an old chee ko pei* (dirty pervert) to me.  He also looks like he is going thru premature male pattern balding.

*stares at the photo somemore*

He looks downright creepy.

I’m going back to lazing.



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