Final Update: BSY Promotion & other nonsense ramblings

29 Dec

Well, you already know that I am busy with year-end closing at work… nothing new there.

I have also been addicted to this online game that my bf force-installed onto my iPhone.

Omg… fans of KAW are so going to have wet dreams with this photo later…




And now, I have 3 weeks of late nights playing KAW (Kingdoms at War), which resulted in a mini skin breakout.  I must stop.  I must.

Regarding the BSY promo, I have already sent out most of the packages to those who have ordered.  Now it is down to the final batch.  Once I have received all the last few payments, then I will send out the soaps all at one go & that will probably be early next week.  So those of you who have already paid, please be a little patient as Berry Mii has to work in her day job & co-ordinate deliveries at the same time, so I would rather compile batch by batch & make a trip to the post office to mail all at once.  So sad, nobody wants to do self-collection.  LOL.  Except for Sheryl.  *wet kiss for you*

Since I am a person who basically has no self-discipline (i dunno who to blame for this genes, both my parents seem to be responsible people), I have decided that next year 2011 will be a special year for me.

I have decided to set some goals for myself to achieve by the end of 2011.  But first, I will need to reflect on year 2010 in order to set goals for next year.

So, people of the cyber world, Berry Mii will work on a blog post to reflect on certain events that happened in 2010 & set a New Year’s Resolution for next year.  Skincare tips may be included.

Boy: Did I read Berry Mii correctly???
Girl: A New Year’s Resolution??? IMPOSSIBLE!!!


Why even kids don’t believe me… =\   And I thought they are supposed to be gullible.

But it’s true.  I will set my resolution/s  and stick to it/them.

Bush: Stick to it?!?!?!?!  NO WAY!!!!!



You’ll see, Mr Bush.  I will make you so proud because I am patriotic (makes no sense for so many reasons, but it just felt so right to say it).

ohhh, say, can’t you seeeeeeee~~~
by the dawn’s early light~~~





even Mel Gibson came to support me
but, erm, Mel, people who are balding should not be wearing hats…


I better get started on my resolutions for next year.  Or I have a feeling I might not be able to keep them.  hahaha…. Peace.

p.s – omg I just found out that my office is on a ½ day on New Year’s Eve!  Yay yay!  This day is looking brighter already.  I want to sing to birds & fluffy forest animals now.

faa la la la laaaaaa~~~~~~!!!




And then… … … … …




... lunch time is in another hour's time...
come on, clock.... MOVE FASTER!!!


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