Berry Mii visits 100% Pure!

27 Oct

As per my previous posts (you can find them under the 100% Pure category on my right sidebar under ‘Sort by Brands’), I had bought a Cranberry cleanser in early September from Bud Cosmetics.  And ever since, I have been pretty interested in this brand.

I managed to find another local Singapore seller for the 100% Pure brand & its website HERE.

Janet is giving out a rather good promotion where you choose 7 products & get the cheapest 2 for FREE.  Because of her current promotion, I did a little research & calculation, and found out that it is still slightly cheaper than ordering online from the US sites.

And since I have received some email enquiries on 100% Pure cosmetics from some readers, I asked Janet if I could also take some photos of the natural makeup range & she agreed.  =)

The good thing is that testers are available at her office.


I myself have been curious about the cosmetics from 100% Pure because I have never used natural or organic cosmetics.  As 100% Pure cosmetics claim to use natural ingredients, I wonder how will its performance compare to the commercial brands.

*one big long hmmmmmmmmmmmm*

Nevertheless, 100% Pure cosmetics are using fruit & vegetable pigments instead of synthetic dyes / minerals.  So, we will be applying all the healthy nutrients directly on our skin while looking chio (gorgeous) at the same time!  =D

Nothing but natural natural natural.

So, does this mean it is safe to eat 100% Pure products?

Read on & find out.  😉

Note:  No humans were harmed in the tasting of 100% Pure.

100% Pure cosmetics – Revealed!

I hardly put on makeup, but I do need some colors on my face when I attend functions or events.  And because of the recent sensitivity of my skin (ie: disgusting cold sores & irritating eczema, where did you come from & why don’t you just go away), I am beginning to explore the natural/organic makeup range.

Perhaps 100% pure would be ideal?


Powder Eyeshadows

Most of them look like nudes to me & notice how there isn’t any shade of greens or yellows or blues.  I am guessing that it must hard to get the fruit pigments in those colors.

Blues can come from blueberries.

But what about greens?…. hmmm… kiwi?  no.  green apple’s skin?  no.  spinach??  nah.

And all I think of for yellows is…. …. banana?  Ok, nevermind.

This is why I don't fomulate cosmetics.


In the below photo, I picked out 4 colors that looked the most interesting to me.

p.s – try to keep your eyes away from my half bitten thumb nail… *ahem*…

Upon application of the powder eyeshadows to the back of my hand, the powder does not seem to ‘stick’ to the skin & there were flakes of powder around that area.  That would probably explain the uneven color shadings.  The result is similar to applying talcum powder on your skin.  It has sort of a fluffy feel to it, and some of the powder can be ‘dusted’ off if you sweep your fingers across it.

The degree of color intensity from the natural cosmetics are of course, not as vibrant than our commercial ones.  But how can we complain when these natural cosmetics do not harm our skin, right?

I know Pewter looks like a blue in this photo, but in reality, I think it is more of a dark grey that is perfect for that smokey eyes effect.

Cream-to-Powder Eyeshadows

Again, I selected a few colors that caught my eye…

I tried to pick a few darker shades, but still the colors are less obvious than their powdered siblings.

For the cream eyeshadows, it does not come off as loose powder, but you will probably need to apply several more coats to bring the colors out.

I would think that these cream eyeshadows will be good as a base color for your eyes as it is light & sits in the background.  Then you can use the stronger brighter shades from the powder eyeshadows to do the highlighting & stand out.

Personally, I quite like the Star & Posey shades.  I would think they will look great if you dab a little of it at the corner of your eyes.

Lip Butters

Of all the make-up products in the world, I like lip cosmetics the most!

Lips should look soft, moist & pinkish.  And if they don’t, then what better to correct this than a little lip gloss, right?  Sometimes, when I talk to certain people, I noticed that they have this habit of looking at my lips when I talk.  AWKWARD…. so odd & uncomfortable.  It makes me feel extra insecure because I am wondering if my lips are presentable! 

I started with the lip butters as shown below.  Gorgeous gorgeous packaging.

When I opened the tins to take the following photo,  they smell of their respective fruits!  How cute!  I like the strawberry & watermelon ones.

When I tested the products, the lip butter slides on smoothly without any ‘dragging’ feel.  I did not test them on my own lips because I am an OCD freak.  I can only imagine the amount of bacteria living happily in a tester.

The colors are pleasant & the color intensity faired much better than the eyeshadows.  Just 2 coats to reach the achieved result in the photo above.

I quite like the Watermelon lip butter because it has the right kind of pink that I adore.  Light & sweet & smells wonderful.  Plus we won’t be ingesting any potentially harmful chemicals.

Lip Glazes (also known as Lipsticks)

I have always associated lipsticks as a makeup product for the woman in you.

Maybe it is because when I was in school, students are not allowed to put on any form of makeup & must remain our naturally fugly self.  But some of the vain schoolgirls would still dab on a little bit of lip gloss for that little bit of color for that little bit of fresh look.

Upon graduation & when they step out into the working world, these girls went all out to get the bolder colors that a lipstick can provide.

So the way I see it is… … lip gloss = girls… … and lipstick = woman.

However, when I tried out the lip glazes from 100% Pure, it appears that not all of them produce a strong color.  And a handful of them are actually still perfect acting as lip glosses!

Chio colors.  They all look so so good, right??????????

I picked Vixen & Peach Bellini as I have always had a thing for pink.  And Peach Bellini looks like it can provide a wonderful subtle pinkish stain to your lips.

Then I picked out 2 darker shades.

Surprisingly, although Raspberry has this dark strong red color, the result is actually very natural.  If this lip glaze was available back in my schooling days, I bet all those vain girls would go crazy over this.

Cabernet on the other hand, looks like it can be good for that wild party night out.  And for some strange reason, it reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.  (^_-)


Lip Glosses

How can we miss out those traditional lip glosses, right?

This range of 100% Pure lip glosses is designed like a twist pen.

You twist it at the bottom, some gloss oozes out onto the brush & you apply it to your lips.

This is the first time I used a twister lip gloss, so it was a little hard for me to gauge just how much twist I should make in order to squeeze the right amount of gloss out.

And me being the enthusiastic person that I am, twisted a little overboard which resulted in a thick glob of gloss on the back of my hand & this is reflected in the photo below.


I feel that these twister glosses are great for those who have dry chapped lips because of its rich texture.  As written under the description of the Cosmopolitian lip gloss in 100% Pure HERE, it stated:

“100% Natural lip glosses made with 83% Vitamin E from organic rice bran and beautiful colors from fruit pigments. Vitamin E is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant that drenches your lips with moisture and deeply softens.”


Tinted Moisturizers

Next I looked at the tinted moisturizers with SPF 20 & tested the shade closest to mine.

The texture felt light enough, but would it blend into my skin?

*pats the tinted moisturizer around the back of my hand before rubbing it in*


It blends well!

As I have not worn this on my face for the whole day or under the sun, I am unsure if it will clog pores or show streaks when you perspire.  But still, it absorbs quickly & my hand feels smooth.

Foundations & Primer

In the photo below, the 1st 4 are foundations with SPF 20.  The last one on the right is a Primer.

This is actually the 1st time I tested a Primer.  It is to be put on before your foundation so that it can even out your skin & prepare it for the next step of your make-up routine.

Here are the various shades available as shown below:

Then Janet showed me how to enhance the colors of the eyeshadows by putting Primer & tinted moisturizer on 1 of my hand.  See the difference below:

You can see that the colors are more even on the hand with the Primer & tinted moisturizer.  Also, the application is smoother & you need less coats to bring out the colors.

What do you think?

A little on 100% Pure skincare & body care:

Since I am already at the office, I went ahead to take some shots of the available skincare & body care ranges.

And I must say that Janet was the face of patience & politeness while I anti-socially arranged the products & stoically snapped away with my Sony Nex-5 in a hunched Gollum stance.

*Berry Mii snapping away at the 100% Pure products*
omg!  The resemblance is uncanny!


If I were Janet, I can imagine the thoughts that were going thru her head at that moment.  But I cannot help the fact that I do transform into a robot when I am totally engrossed in doing something.   =P

Anyway… if you have been asking yourself, “since 100% Pure claims to be so… pure, then can it be eaten?

The answer is… …


One of the first items that Janet brought out during our meet-up at her office, was the 100% Pure Organic Tangerine Butter Body Scrub & asked if we wanted to try it.

And try it = eat it (not the “oh TRY IT on your hands, rub it around & see how good it feels… mmmmmm… you won’t regret it”)

My bf immediately shook his head with doubt in his eyes & a down-turned mouth.

And me?  I was born curious.

First, I brought the jar to my nose & took a deep whiff.  It smelt super super good, like sweet minty oranges.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm… nice.

Then, I poked around the body scrub with the chopstick that Janet provided.  I examined the contents & saw a whole lot of sugar (for a whole lot of exfoliating when you use it as a body scrub, of course).  There were even tangerine bits in it.



… … uh huh.  Rrrright… … … okay.  Just to be sure, let me check out the ingredients first.

I could understand every ingredient stated there & they all look natural enough.

But is it really that yummy?  I have not eaten a cosmetic product that tastes good.

So, here goes nothing…

*silently mumbles a series of Amitabha’s & Allah’s & Amen’s* (I need all the help that I can get)…

*eats body scrub while my bf gleefully snapped photos of me*

… tsk tsk tsk… so evil of him.

OMG SO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never see body scrubs the same way again!!!!  It tasted like sweet tangerine jam with a hint of mint.

So for those of you kinky people out there who actually asked me if 100% Pure products can be eaten ‘if the girl wants to‘, then you have gotten your answer here today on Berry Mii.

*nods sagely*

Word of caution:  I still will not recommend that you eat (or make someone eat) A LOT of the 100% Pure product.  A tiny little taste is fine, but not… you know, a big generous mouthful of its juicy contents.  You have been warned.  And I will not be held responsible or liable.

By the way, right after I ate the body scrub, I asked my bf if he wanted to try it now & he said yes.


Welllllllll… okayyyyyyyyy… alrighttttttttttttt… after seeing how I did not reach for my own throat in a choking manner & convulse on the floor after eating the scrub, NOW he wants to try it, huh.

p.s - he liked the taste too


Before I end this post with a summary of my thoughts, these were the skincare / body care products which I took photos of:

All the foaming cleansers lined up in a row for the photoshoot.

You may visit the website to find out the variety of products they have under 100% Pure!

And more cleansers in a cream form!  See below photo:

The muddy looking one on the extreme right is the 100% Pure Purity Facial Cleanser for those acne skin types!

In photo below, fruity masks & scrubs!!!

And then we have the 100% Pure hand creams!

I tested the Strawberry Lemonade one & felt that it was very light on my hands.  But I wonder if it will be great for my dry hands (and they are VERY dry).  hmmmmm….

It smells of faint sweet strawberries for a very short while & then it was scentless.  So for those of you who want to walk around smelling like flowers after applying cream, you might be a little disappointed.  But then, as the body absorbs 60-70% of what you apply on it, at least you know that you will be feeding your skin with natural nutrients rather than chemicals, right?

100% Pure also sells stuff for kiddies!

They have 2-in-1 Shampoo & Body washes, bubble baths & body creams that all smells like vanilla ice-cream!!!  Hmmm… I wonder wonder wonder… … can these be eaten too?

As I was getting ready to end the visit, my bf suddenly perked up & walked over to the shelf where the products are displayed.

Then he came over & mumbled something like “…m m mm m m … very cute“.

And I was like, “what did you say?

So, he brought over this tube of kiddy body cream & I thought it was so adorable!!!!!!

They have names too!  The girl is called Strawberryina & the boy is Appleton.

Cute, righttttt??

btw, is it me or is Strawberryina super sexy?

Things I bought:

Since there was a promotion going on, I took advantage of it.

I chose 7 items & got the cheapest 2 for free.  When I divide the cost out over 7 items, I am paying about SGD$23 per item.  It is a reasonable price for natural/organic skincare.  Too bad Janet does not carry the full range of skincare products yet, but she has ordered & is waiting for the US factory to ship them over to her.

The photo below shows the skincare products that I bought from Janet:

1.  100% Pure Organic Mint Eucalyptus Foaming Shower Gel
2.  100% Pure Organic Cranberry Facial Cleansing Foam
3.  100% Pure Lavender Honey Facial Cleansing Foam
4.  100% Pure Brightening Cleanser
5.  100% Pure Jasmine Green Tea Cleanser
6.  100% Pure Lavender Seafoam Facial Cleanser
7.  100% Pure Super Fruits Scrub + Mask
8.  FREE Fila travel bag (medium)

As you can see, I loved the Cranberry cleanser so much that I repurchased it before my current one is completely used up.  I had already given a review HERE.  Based on the usage of my current Cranberry cleanser, I am estimating that a bottle of cleansing foam will last about 2 to 2.5 months for me.  I wash my face 2 times a day & use about 1-2 pumps each time.

I also bought the Jasmine Green Tea cleanser for myself to try out & will give a personal review on this in due course.

The Eucalyptus shower gel is for my bf who accompanied me to Janet’s office & sat in boredom for 1.5 hours while I ignored him & left him to play Plants vs Zombies on his iPhone.  hahaha… poor guy.  I have a story to tell about this meet-up as well but shall leave it to another post.

The rest of the cleansers are actually for Mummy & Gigi.  They got interested in 100% Pure when they saw that my cold sore condition had miraculously reduced in occurrence & severity.  Mummy also commented that my complexion is much better now.  Of course I should also credit the improvement to the skincare from The Organic Pharmacy which I had also given a review HERE.

As for the Fila bag, it came free with my purchase.

Overall thoughts on 100% Pure cosmetics:

The 100% Pure cosmetics look fascinating enough with the selling points of using fruit pigments to produce the colors & that they are all safe to use without harsh chemicals / preservatives / etc.

All of their makeup products do not smell strongly of chemicals like our commercial brands. They are either scentless or comes with a faint fruity smell.

Through my session with Janet, I also get to see that the Primer is an important step in this case as it is used to bring out the colors of the natural cosmetics. Also, to make the application smoother & more refined.

The ultimate question is, will I purchase the cosmetics from 100% Pure?  I probably would.  But before I do, I would still like to do a little more research on the other brands of natural/organic cosmetics out there.  And like I have said earlier, the 1st thing I would change in my cosmetics, would be the lipstick.


25 Responses to “Berry Mii visits 100% Pure!”

  1. Lia Kong 27 October 2010 at 11:58 AM #

    just the kind of post i am searching for! too bad I do not live in singapore! 😦 this is a pretty interesting and honest writeup on the product. that part about you eating the body scrub is funny, i can’t believe you actually ate it. now i can tell my friends that they can eat it. i heard that 100% Pure has a sister brand called Aqua Dessa? is it true? would you know anything about AD?

    • Berry Mii 27 October 2010 at 2:37 PM #

      Hi Lia! yup, I have read about it while I was doing some research, but have not tried it yet. And about eating body scrub, remember to tell your friends not to eat too much of it! just a little taste out of curiousity is fine, just a little lick. LOL!

    • Janet Eu 28 October 2010 at 6:29 PM #

      Dear Lia,

      Yes, AQUA DESSA is another brand and this brand is even more luxurious than 100% PURE cause the ingredients used are much more concentrated and thus the prices are also much more expensive.

  2. FarnieGalie 27 October 2010 at 6:02 PM #

    sounds interesting i might check that brand out. never heard of it though. i am using neobio right now, but after reading this post, i think i see some chemicals in my cleanser. can’t wait for your reviews on the products you bought!

    • Berry Mii 28 October 2010 at 10:36 AM #

      hi galie, i think i saw neobio in The Living Pharmacy before & i do recall that the products do contain chemicals. i’m not too sure. but i do know that after my skin condition with the cold sores, my face just cannot tolerate most products anymore. therefore, i am looking for natural skincare that works. and sure, i will be posting up reviews soon, but not that soon, as i want to try them out for some time first.

  3. Jessie Han 28 October 2010 at 9:08 AM #

    it’s me again! 🙂 your posts always keep me entertained with your candid humor. i enjoy reading it! i saw from the US website that they have some new skincare range. are you going to be blogging about them soon? i am quite curious of the results esp the super fruits range. btw, were you being sponsored for all those products in your blog? i would think so, since you provided a lot of details. i like how you pointed out some concerns! it makes us readers aware. 🙂

    • Berry Mii 28 October 2010 at 10:40 AM #

      hey jessie, yeah i remember you. you email me previously on the 100% Pure, right?? thanks for your comments! =D i did buy a few products from the new range (eg: super fruits scrub+mask, brightening cleanser, jasmine green tea cleanser), but i haven’t tried them out yet because i still got other products to finish first. i am testing out the Garden of Wisdom products now & reviews will be up soon for those. and no, i wasn’t sponsored for the 100% Pure products. I bought it with my own money. hahaha…

      • Jessie Han 28 October 2010 at 12:36 PM #

        yeah! i did email you on the cosmetics and i might want to get the lip glazes in your posts. do you know how much they are?
        i will be waiting for your reviews on the super fruits mask then. my skin is very sensitive and if you think they are good, then it will be good for me too because i think our skin problems are almost the same lor.
        is the Garden of Wisdom products good? maybe next time if you want to purchase from them again, can let me know? so we can share shipping cost. can spree also!
        oh i am surprise you are bloggin for free on the 100% Pure. i thought beauty bloggers now are getting sponsored products to post reviews. =P

      • Berry Mii 28 October 2010 at 4:33 PM #

        hey jessie, nope I’m not sure how much the lip glazes are. perhaps you would want to contact the seller on this. i have mixed feelings about the GoW products. Some are suitable, others are not. i guess it is all about trial & error before finding one that is most suitable. i would like to hold sprees as well! but i have no idea how to do them & if it is time-consuming, i will not be able to do that either. oh i do not think that i am under the beauty blogger category, i blog about other stuff as well & i started this blog to document parts of my journey as I discover different things. but if opportunity knocks on my door, then… well, we’ll see. hahahaha…

  4. Trixie Diddle 28 October 2010 at 2:47 PM #

    harlow!!! thanks for blogging abt tis. i got pimple skin so wonder if this can cover my pimples. so ugly. now i using za foundation but sometimes my pimples will get worse. dont kw if this can help. why you never buy the cosmetics? if you buy, can write review and let us kw if it is gd. hehe

    • Berry Mii 28 October 2010 at 4:35 PM #

      hi ya Trixie, i get pimples too but i try not to pick them otherwise i’ll get scar marks. i didn’t get any cosmetics because i still want to do a little research on other brands first, but if i do get to try it, I will blog it. =)

  5. Desiree Tan 28 October 2010 at 5:02 PM #

    berrymii, nice post! you provided good info on the cosmetics! now i know about the texture and colors. i realized that there were no eyeliners, mascaras & lip liners. is janet selling those??
    can i ask a totally out question? have you heard of chagrin valley soaps? have you used them before?i am curious about the shampoo bars & i have never used bars on my hair before. thanks and keep blogging!

    • Janet Eu 28 October 2010 at 6:34 PM #

      Hi Desiree,

      I do sell mascaras, eye liners and lip pencil and i am sorry my website is out of order, i am trying to get it up as soon as i can..:((((stress!



      • Desiree Tan 28 October 2010 at 9:39 PM #

        hi janet thanks for the reply. will the mascara smudge? is it waterproof?

      • Janet Eu 29 October 2010 at 9:06 PM #

        Hi Desiree,

        You can email me at if you like.
        The Mascaras are made with all vegetable pigments as it does not contain any chemicals, any artificial colorings, lead, mercury or any other harmful chemicals.
        so to say it will not smudge, hmmm, it will smudge if you wipe it, or your sweats.

        Anything that can enhance a product are usually laced with some chemicals like some lipsticks that are proven to stay on lips no matter how you wipe it…

        Well, i can’t say all products that i have is suitable for anybody as all of us have different skin you need to try far, everyone has not much problem with my products.

        Hope it answers your question.



    • Berry Mii 1 November 2010 at 8:31 AM #

      Hi Desiree, I actually have just received 6 bars + 1 Whipped Shea Butter from Chagrin Valley last week! Have already started using the bars on my hair, face & body. Reviews will be out soon’ish. They are totally great & very multi-purpose too. 1 bar to rule them all. hahaha.

  6. Janet Eu 28 October 2010 at 6:14 PM #

    Dear Berry Mii,

    I am glad you visited my office and hope you had a good time. Next time, when your hubby comes along, i will prepare some games to keep him occupied! :))

    Just to let you know, my website is down and I will try to have it up as soon as i can.:((

    New items are in now which includes RED WINE SERIES of Antioxidants serum, eye cream, SUPER FRUITS SERIES of night balm, moisturizers, eye cream, BRIGHTENING SERIES of moisturizers, eye cream, toners.

    Also in are new flavours and packaging for BODU SCRUBS, BODY LOTIONS, BODY WASH!

    Thank you again for your reviews!



  7. Happy Gong 28 October 2010 at 9:15 PM #

    yay! finally a post on 100% Pure! berrymii you got me curious on this brand after i read about the review on cranberry cleanser. do you have any reviews on other 100% Pure products? too bad you didn’t put the cosmetic products to the real test, i am curious about their performance but not willing to pay money for it until i read more reviews hehehe :-p kiasu singaporean lah.

    • Berry Mii 29 October 2010 at 5:24 PM #

      hi happy! yeah i do have some more products for review, but not that soon. =)

  8. Anom 29 January 2012 at 9:14 PM #

    I remember the time I discovered 100% Pure. I thought I found my entire beauty range that is completely safe. Gosh, I was wrong… These guys use Japanese Honeysuckle as their preservative. Sounds harmless, eh? Well, it is basically a paraben without 1 group of atoms. Also, the extraction of grapefruit seed extract contaminates it with carcinogenic chemicals. Yeah, truly “100% pure”. This means all of their body range, foundation, primer, tinted m., pot rouge and gel eyeliner are my no-no.

    • Berry Mii 8 March 2012 at 4:48 PM #

      interesting, i recently just found out about Japanese Honeysuckle as well. thanks for the info!

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  12. Lianti 4 June 2013 at 7:23 PM #

    I’m so glad I found your blog!! I’m so curious about 100%Pure and your post makes me wanting to try this brand. So sad I cant find this brand in Jakarta.. Do you have any information whether 100%Pure do international shipping to Indonesia? Thank you

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