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The Body Shop: Vitamin C Skincare Range

19 Aug

Do you do you do you know what is happening over at The Body Shop????

I haven’t stepped into The Body Shop for such a long time because I was distracted by all the Korean brands in the current market, but now they have something that interests me A LOT.

It was actually the bright orange display that caught my attention.

It is their new range of Vitamin C skincare!!!


Visibly radiant skin in 10 days??????????

SURE OR NOT???????????

Well, that’s what it says in their website HERE.

As I have dull skin, I am so so tempted to try it, but I still have a whole bunch of other products in my house that I have not tried out yet.  How???

But I really want radiant skin, how????

But but but… now they have this promotion.  And a whole lot of other promos on other ranges, so it is worth it to get it now, right???

By the way, is it still the Great Singapore Sale period????????????  No, right???  Then what’s with all the promotions???  See their promotion weblink HERE.


UGH.  Decisions decisions.

I dropped by their city outlet & the lady there told me that promotion is until end of August 2010.  So this means, I still have still the end of August to decide.

I know at Berry Mii we are supposed to test out products & give our reviews, but with all these products emerging all at one time in the skincare market, how are we going to earn enough money to buy all of these products????????

In order to afford all these products, Berry Mii is only left with the following strategies:

1)  Rob a bank

2)  Kidnap a rich kid & hold that kid for ransom from rich parents

3)  If rich parents don’t like their kid in the first place, then sell kid to 3rd world country as child labor

4)  Ask if Obama needs a maid in his White House

5)  Become a supermodel

However, as we all do not have brains / beauty / brawn, the above strategies are also rendered useless.

Abrupt train of thoughts…

I was thinking of taking photos to show the before & after photos to show results of individual products.  But there are so many factors contributing to the accuracy of the photos, like the intensity of lighting taken before & after… and the angle of the face… and the condition of the environment… so many factors.

Today might be a bright day at 3pm, but 2 weeks later it is a gloomy day at 3pm. So the photos taken will not be accurate, right?

What if 2 weeks ago, I’m having PMS & I have pimples on my face?  But 2 weeks later, my period ended & my face clears up, so that may not mean that the products are working well, right?  It just means hormonal changes.

Don’t you think that it will be great if someone can just sacrifice & apply products only on 1 side of her face???

For example, if want to test out whitening products, then only apply it to the left side of the face, so 2 weeks later, you take another photo & all the other factors won’t matter anymore!

Can clearly see the difference between the left & right face!

Can prove to consumers if the products really can whiten your left side while the right side remains dark!

Right???  Good idea, right????


Anyway, if you have tried this Vitamin C range, do share your views with us on Berry Mii.  =)

We are so curious on how this works.