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Nature’s Farm: Pycnogenol (The Review)

29 Mar

I am such a procrastinator.  But thank you for reminding me that I should be doing an update on the Pycnogenol RX GOLD Super Strength which I have bought awhile ago (ok, not really AWHILE… actually quite some time back).

I have already finished the 2 bottles which I bought during a promotion at Nature’s Farm.  I took it regularly, one tablet a day.  After about 1 week, my bowel movements seem more regular… managed to poop everyday.  But then after a few weeks, it became irregular again, so I’m not sure if it’s the Pycnogenol or my diet that helped with the regular bowel movements before.  LOL… ok a bit gross to talk about bowels.  Let’s move on.

For the hefty price tag at SGD$323 a bottle (for regular price without promotion), I honestly do not think it had showed that much of a result.  I mean, for that kind of price, I would expect to have at least 2 of the following improvements:

1)  Soft dewy glowing skin that even babies will envy it

2)  Strong healthy eyes that won’t get tired even after watching 12 hours of tv

3)  Not have any other aged spots on my body

4)  Regular periods that are pain-free

… but sad to say, I didn’t see any visible improvements.

It could be that the 2 bottles of Pycnogenol are not enough for it to work, but come on… … … the price is heavy, so I would expect it to give me some good results even after ONE bottle, rightttttttt.  Besides, it’s RX GOLD Super Strength lehhhhh~~~~~ and it costs $323 a bottle at regular price… so it better be good.

Well, I guess the Pycnogenol has been very hyped up by advertisements & the internet, etc.  Just becuz some random French maritime pine bark extract got scrutinized by some researchers doesn’t mean that it will work for everyone.  And so wat if it has some kind of international patent… … *moody moody*… (ok, getting a bit sour here becuz I spent over 300 dollars & did not get supermodel-worthy glowing skin or have pain-free regular periods).

After I finished the 2 bottles of Pycnogenol, I had very disgruntedly decided to try out other kinds of supplements… like Aloe Vera Gel, Flaxseed Oil, Vitamin C, Cranberries, etc etc.

And you know what???  They are CHEAPER & more effective!  Plus, I can purchase like… 5 bottles of other supplements with the 300 dollars.  LOL  (sounds so cheapskate, but for a better cause)

I’m also wondering if any of you have tried this Pycnogenol as well?  If so, did it give you any results?  Or am I the only unlucky one.

So for those of you who have been curious about this product, at least now you know that it did not work for one person in this world.  Me.

*gravitates into a dark corner to emo a bit*

that tuff of hair looks like it’s
coming out from his nostrils…


Promotion: BSY Noni Facial Soap Bar

19 Dec

As mentioned in my previous blog posts, I first discovered the BSY facial soap at my bf’s house.  They were having  house gathering & at the end of the night, my face was feeling so icky that I was willing to grab just about anything to wash my face.  Usually after cleansing my face, my skin would feel so dry & tight around the mouth area PLUS the corner of my lips would keep peeling off & a few red weird bumps would appear… … BUT this soap did not do anything weird to my face.  So I continued to use this & on the 4th day, my complexion cleared.

My 1st BSY soap…
It’s a miracle!!!

So then began the search for this BSY soap, but somehow it was not being publicly marketed so I didn’t know where to get it.  Until a reader found a local store selling the BSY soap at SGD$20, but after corresponding with this lady via email, she told me that she doesn’t have a store.  Hmm.. maybe she had asked the store to put her contact alongside their office address.  But anyway, she could not really help me with my questions, so I thought of looking for other sellers.

Then another reader knew someone who sells the soap as well & got that seller to contact me.  This lady also doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store so she also thought that it would be a good idea to sell the soaps thru Berry Mii.  And of course I suggested for her to offer it to me (or us) at a lower price.

So here it is!

The 2nd seller told me that the profit margin for this soap is already very low, so she could not really offer such a huge discount, but BETTER THAN NOTHING, right????????

Here’s the final deal and this will end on 31 Dec 2010:

First, I have to let you know that 1 bar of soap can last about 6 months.  So if you divide the cost of the soap over 6 months based on SGD$18.50, it is only like SGD$3.08 per month.  I think it freakin worth it lah.

*jumps for joy*… YIPPEEEEEE!!!

I have received some email enquiries from readers about the ingredients of the soap.  I have asked the lady but she also has limited information from the distributor, but she tried her best to find out for me.

I was told the the soap “contains Noni & is made of natural ingredients, no harmful ingredients like SLS“.  I am pretty ok with this because my ultra-sensitive skin didn’t have any negative reaction unlike other cleansers.

And that is why…. I took advantage of the 1 box promotion at SGD$105.  There are 6 bars of soap in 1 box.  So divide the cost out again, each bar of soap costs only SGD$17.50 for me.  Tee Hee!

And because 1 bar of soap can last so long, I don’t want to hold on to all the soaps or else they will be very close to expiry date.  Therefore, I am giving 1 to Gigi because she has young acne skin that is prone to oiliness.  1 to my bf so he can use it for face & body.  1 to a friend who has eczema, hoping that the soap can help her too.

*Fresh out of the oven!*

Am I bothered by the limited information on ingredients?  Honestly, I am a tiny bit curious.  Partly because I have already developed the habit of looking at a product’s ingredient list.  But on the other hand, it is scentless & gentle on my face, so at least I know that this BSY soap does not contain synthetic fragrances that can irritate my skin.  On top of that, this soap really did improve my complexion.

So, my decision is that I will still use it.

*Just rub the soap between your palm to create a rich lather then wash face with the foam!*

*individually packed with plastic cling wrap*

What is Noni & how is it good for us???

I did some research over Google & this is what it has to say about the magic of Noni.

The Noni plant has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal components which may assist the body in the restoration of healthy skin cells.  The fruit has been shown to cleanse the body & eliminate toxins, increase cellular repair and regeneration.  All these are to promote healthy skin cells!

Research has shown that its seeds are rich in linoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid for skin hydration and health.  This is important to prevent dry skin, ease skin trauma & allows the skin to rejuvenate.  Mixing the fruit & seed together can improve skin health if you suffer from skin eruptions and rough, irritated skin.  This essential fatty acid is also vital for the healthy functioning of the body’s cell membranes, and to boost healthy nerve cells.

Here are my Before & After photos.

I am truly pleased with this soap because it delivered its results to me & I am taking out my time to introduce this soap to you because I hope that it can help you like how it helped me.  =)

But first, let’s take a trip down memory lane.  When I first started out this blog, I was plagued with cold sores & eczema + some kind of weird red rashes around my mouth area.  And yes, I was depressed for a long long long long long time.  See photo below:

Oily shiny skin…
Bumpy spots around the sides of the nose & chin…

Then I discovered natural/organic skincare & it improved my skin condition, but there were still moments when it will relapse.  Still, it was much much better than before.  See post HERE on the post about my 2 cyborg eyes.  Or you can just see photo below:

Ignore the PMS acne breakouts, you can tell my complexion cleared out by switching to natural/organic skincare.
But still has a tiny bit of skin problems left behind & sometimes will still relapse.
Not so oily & this was taken in the middle of the day without cleansing face.

Now the following photos are the results of the BSY Noni Soap.

I have kept the external conditions the same while taking these photos, such as:

–  taken by the same camera: Sony Ericsson Satio hp (sorry lah, that time I don’t have a good camera yet)

–  taken in the same room with the same lighting

–  taken after I get home from work without cleansing face

–  no photoshop or anything, photos are posted in raw form.  Anyway, my photoshop skills are crap.  LOL.  That’s why I always post photos which I find from the internet instead of making my own.  hahaha!

The following photos are all close up shots.  Ugh.

The Before photos were taken AFTER the use of natural/organic skincare, but BEFORE the use of BSY soap.

The After photos were all taken about 1 week AFTER the use of BSY soap.  You can judge the results for yourself.

Less oily on my T-zone.
Reduction in bumpy spots.
I think skin redness has gone down a little as well.

Yay!  Weird rash around my mouth has subsided after 1 week!
Actually the skin around that area started to peel off a little, then it slowly started to regenerate skin & now I am enjoying smooth skin.  Awesome x 2.

T-zone definitely reduced oiliness.
Lesser bumpy spots.
Another thing that improved was the reduction in blackheads!  You can’t tell from the photos because I’m not using a super duper powerful camera.  My skin started to flake slightly around my face & at first I thought that it was getting dry.  However, it doesn’t feel dry at all.  After a few days of flaking, my complexion just miraculously became better.  It seems like the soap was getting rid of dead skin.  Awesome x 3.

Awesome x 4.

Pretty amazing, huh.

Recently, I even persuaded my bf to use the soap on his back because it was full of rashes & weird red spots (i dunno what they are called).

I took a photo before he used the soap on his back, then took another photo 5 days after.  See below photos:

Can’t believe that is the same back, but it is!
Awesome x 5.

ok, it’s like 1:59am & I am super sleepy now.  Please pardon any typos or grammar mistakes because I am too tired to vet thru my own work.

To end this post, please let me know if you are interested in getting this soap & send me an email at by 31 December 2010.  Please also read HERE for more information on the payment / delivery / collection / any other stuff.

And of course, a big ass Berry Mii stamp for the BSY Noni Facial Soap!

Busy Bee Busy Mii

17 Dec

I haven’t been updating my blog as you know… … year-end… … super busy at work.

I should be freed up after Christmas.  omg CHIRSTMAS!  I am so happy!

This post is going to be short & sweet.

First of all, thank you to those who have emailed me regarding the BSY soap.  I have gotten the promotional price from the BSY lady, but I shall post it up in my next post over this weekend.

And no, I am not the one selling it.  I am a consumer just like you.  I am just being kind-hearted & generous & offering a lower price to the world since we are buying in a larger quantity.

But who knows, if this is a lucrative business, then I might take over & do it as freelance.  Then everybody will enjoy great discounts for every purchase from Berry Mii!!!  hahahaha!!  omg just thinking about it makes me feel tired.  I can foresee a lot of work in being a seller & I am so lazy.

Secondly, a lot of you have asked how to transfer money to me.  Well, I am not running a business so I’m sorry but I can’t accept payment thru Paypal because I will be charged a fee (if I’m not wrong).

So, please kindly do an ATM transfer to me.  I have various bank accounts & bank details will be given via email after you place your orders.

If you want to suggest any other payment options, please feel free to email me about it at

Lastly, I can send the products to you via registered mail but you’ll have to bear the postage charges (don’t complain or bargain ok because I have to take out my personal time to go to the posting for you & I’m not earning a single cent from you leh!!! LOL!).

I can send via normal mail, but… … … what if the mail gets lost?  Then how?  =\  hahaha.  Berry Mii cannot send you another soap as replacement because she is already a very kind person who has done everything else for free.

Another option is to meet up with me – Suntec area (during office hours), Hougang Mall (during weekends or after work) or Outram MRT (but subject to availability).  Don’t be shy / scared, I am very small & twiggy.  It might be awkward during our 1st meeting, but it will definitely not be scary.  Come on, don’t be shy.  There’s always a 1st time.  p.s – you can tell that I prefer meeting up so that I don’t have to go down to the post office.  LOL!  Ok but seriously, I don’t mind posting to you.  I do prefer meeting up though.  haha!

Final Lastly, some of you are worried that after paying, I will run away without sending the products, but seriously why would you think that???????????????? x 10000000 more ???s.

I am so hurt that people will think that I will run away with that little money.

Besides, I have a bf who can take care of me financially so I can just sponge off him.  WHY WOULD I RUN AWAY WITH JUST A FEW HUNDRED DOLLARS????????  ARE YOU MAD.  hahahaha!!!

Jail time is definitely not for me.  How to take care of my complexion if I’m behind bars???????  Confirm my eczema & cold sores will come back one lor.  If you’re talking about a few billion dollars, then maybe I will run away lah.

You all very cute one lor… … can think of this kind of things.

Ok!  I have to get back to work.  Lunch time is almost up.


p.s – why am I so Singlish today… must be because Christmas is coming.  Tee Hee!

Top 10 Benefits of Honey & many more

10 Dec

Photo Source: HERE
p.s – very useful to click on the link above as there are more tips inside on how to use honey



This is going to be like… my favorite’est topic EVER.

I love honey.  I’m a honey person.  And I can’t live without honey.  I have been using honey for years!  In the past, I just consume honey because it is so yummy, but the last couple of months, I learnt to use honey on my skin! 

I came across THIS article on the 9 benefits of honey, but I have the secret to a 10th benefit.  Tee hee!  Read on!

I’m just going to go thru quickly on some points & elaborate on others, especially on how to use honey on your skin.  They are not in any particular order.

Oh wait, before I go on, I should tell you that I use Organic Manuka Honey UMF+25.  If you want to use other honey, it is still good but make sure they are unprocessed & raw because heat destroys nutrients.  However, I read that Manuka Honey is the most effective in skin treatments.

Also, the store assistant told me not to use a metal spoon to scoop the honey out & to store the honey at room temperature.  I did a check over the internet & it states that honey is slightly acidic in nature & might corrode the metal spoon.  (O_O)   Okay, I didn’t know that but now I do.  Honey will crystalize if you put it in the fridge, so it is okay to place it in a dark cool cabinet.

#1 – Natural Sweetener
Honey can be used to replace sugar in foods & drinks.

Also, if you want to have good clear skin, you SHOULD be avoiding processed sugar.  I myself have cut down on drinking sodas.  I drink fruit juice / water / green tea instead of gulping down a Coke.  And man, do I love Coke… especially when I add a little salt into it.  Oh man, I love salty too.  But yes, I have cut down on all unhealthy stuff.  ALL FOR BEAUTY’S SAKE!!!  (who’s Beauty?)

#2 – Aids in Weight Loss
Honey can burn fats while we sleep!  Not that I need it because I’m already twiggy, but it is good to know that it can help keep me slim if I ever grow fat.

#3 – Helps Digestion
The enzymes that are present in honey can break down raw sugars & starch.

#4 – Nutrition & Antioxidants
Honey is enriched with vitamins, mineral and complex carbohydrates, sugars & antioxidants!  They can help fight free radicals & cancer!

#5 – Beautifies Skin
This is my favorite’est of them all because I have deep hard love for using honey in this way.  So this Point #5 deserves a photo from Google:

Photo Source: HERE
p.s – also useful to click on above link on how to treat acne with honey!


You can use honey as a hair conditioner or a face mask as it is rich in vitamins, minerals & amino acids!

For me, I use it 3 times a week as a facial mask after my facial scrub / exfoliation!   I also use it as a spot treatment for my acne.

As a mask, I use the honey on its own 2 times a week.  And I do a hardcore masking with honey + rhassoul clay 1 time a week.  This is how Berry Mii does it:

2 times a week after facial scrub/exfoliation
1)  Spread the honey all over face.  I even apply it over my eyelids & lips.  You won’t have to worry about eating it because it tastes so good & you won’t die from it.  In fact, you will even benefit from eating the honey that drips into your mouth as per Point #1 – #4 above.  haha!

2)  Massage for a few minutes.

3)  This is optional, but this is what I sometimes do when I have the time.  I boil a little water & put my face over the steam for just 2 – 3 minutes.  This helps my pores to open & allow the nutrients from the honey to be absorbed better into my skin.  Some people might say that steaming the face can cause dryness, so do not over-steam your face if you feel that it will dry out your skin.  Recommended steaming session is once a week only.

4)  Leave it on for another 20mins.  I heard that some people leave honey on their faces overnight!  But I can imagine that it would be so messy on your pillow.  What if you wake up with ants on your face?  Or worse, realizing that the commando cockroach is having a feast over your lips?!?!  eww.

5)  Massage for another few minutes.

6)  Rinse off with cold water to close back the pores.

7)  Follow up with the usual skincare routine of toning, moisturizing & whatever other stuff you do to your face.

My face always feels so smooth & moisturized right after!  I find that the use of honey is healthier & more efficient than using any other types of facial masks.

Hardcore masking 1 time a week after facial scrub/exfoliation
My bf always calls me a Mad Scientist whenever I start preparing this.  hahaha… he calls this my ‘Magic Potion‘.

1)  Boil some water.  While waiting for water to boil, prepare your DIY Honey Facial Mask!

2)  Mix 1 to 1½ teaspoon of rhassoul clay with just enough liquid to get a semi-thick paste like mud, or if you prefer something more watery then just add more liquid.  The liquid can be distilled water, hydrosol or even green tea.  For me, I usually use either Avene Thermal Water or hydrosols.

3)  Mix ¾ teaspoon of honey into the rhassoul clay & stir well.

4)  You may even add whatever you want to it.  I sometimes will add 1-2 drops of essential oil or a little bit of serum or a few drops of Vitamin E to the DIY facial mask.  If you have acne skin, you can even add a tiny dash of cinnamon powder.  If you desire some whitening, then add a few drops of lemon juice.  Or whatever you can find in your kitchen or your cabinet.  Just make sure you do the appropriate research on what is suitable for your skin type.  And… … PATCH TEST, people!!!  Do a patch test!!!

5)  By now, water should already be boiled.  I pour the hot water into a bowl & put 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil into it.  Then I put a towel over my head & steam my face for 5 mins.  The steam will open up my pores & the Tea Tree can cleanse my skin at the same time.  p.s – I have learnt not to open my eyes while doing this because the Tea Tree essential oil freakin stings!!!  haha!  wait a minute, why am I laughing at my own pain.  I am so SM.

6)  After 5 mins, pat dry with towel & now I can apply my Magic Potion!  EXCITED’NESS x 100000000!!!!

7)  If after applying the Magic Potion to my face & there is still some leftover, I’ll spread the remainder on my neck & chest.  Those areas need some TLC (Tender Loving Care) too, you know.

8)  This is optional.  As the bowl of hot water still has a little bit of heat, I put my face over it again to gently steam it for 1-2 minutes.  OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MOTHER NATURE, MAY ALL THE NUTRIENTS FROM THE MAGIC POTION BE SUCKED DIRECTLY INTO MY SKIN, YO!!!

9)  Lie back in bed & think of the beautiful coast of Hawaii.  Wait for 15 – 20 mins (or more if you have the time).

10)  When it’s time to wash off the Magic Potion, I will always pat some warm water over the mask until it is soft enough to be massaged away.  Then gently massage in circular motions until the mask is gently rubbed off (note the emphasis on GENTLY).

11)  Rinse face thoroughly with cold water to close back the pores.

12)  Pat dry & apply 1 drop of rosehip oil as a facial moisturizer.

This hardcore masking really really really cleans my skin super well.  It clears up my blackheads, gets rid of facial bumps & dead skin, tightens my enlarged pores & brightens up my whole entire face.  Each time I do this masking, I will always be amazed at how my skin will look right after.  When I touch my skin, it is… … ohhhhhhhhhh so supple, soft, moisturized & super dupey smooth.  Love it love it love it.

By the way, this DIY Honey Facial Mask was the one that helped me clear up my 2 huge Cyborg Eyes that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  The 2 gigantic acne cleared up pretty fast & without much scarring or darkened spots.  I also dab the honey directly on the spots & leave it on for a few hours, just like a pimple cream.  It really helped to properly heal the unsightly monsters.

#6 – Good for Eyes
According to the article in the link above, it even states that honey is a “cure for eye infections for many years. It helps to treat the infection because it is has antibacterial properties and kills germs. It numbs pain, attracts water and therefore sucks bacteria dry, activates immune response, reduces inflammation and speeds healing“.

Really?????  This is the 1st time I’m hearing this, but I guess it would make sense as honey does have antibacterial properties.  That is why I use it to treat my acne.

Hmm.. but how to use it for the eyes?  Do they mean absorbing the nutrients by eating honey or applying it directly onto the eyes?  *curious curious*

#7 – Medicinal Benefits
Honey can be used to soothe sore throats, stimulate the heart, act as a natural sedative & even relive constipation!

#8 – Helps Healing
The article also went on to say that honey is an “antiseptic and disinfectant.  It has the ability to kill germs and helps to cure.  It is also good for treating wounds because it contains antimicrobial agents which kill bacteria, therefore preventing infection“.

This is true for me because each time I pop a zit (very very guilty about it, I know I should actually leave the zits alone), I dab honey direct on that injured spot & the inflammation goes down.  It is actually pretty soothing.

I have also read about how doctors use honey to treat open wounds & injuries.

#9 – Allergies
Honey can prevent & relive your seasonal allergies!  How great is that!

#10 – Honey
Ok, as per promised, I will give you the secret to the #10 way of using honey.

This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT way of using honey.  You can forget about the above 9 points but you must make sure that you remember this last point.

Some people actually already use honey in this way, but they might not even be aware of its benefit.

Are you ready?

The secret of using honey in its most powerful, most potent, most influential way… … … … is… … … …


It can make people very very happy & can even foster good loving relationships.

omg i just made a lame joke & it’s not funny at all.

*silently gravitates into a dark corner to hide in embarrassment*

Big Berry Mii stamp of approval for HONEY!!!

Do you love honey too?  You should!

Deodorants & Breast Cancer – is there a link?

9 Dec

Photo Source: Unknown


I stumbled upon this gossip article at xin.msn on Celebrity Health Issues (click link for article).  Then at page 10 on Anastacia, it states that she suffered from breast cancer.

This made me recall that I read somewhere that our underarm deodorants contain ingredients that may lead to breast cancer / tumors.  Is it true?  Is this supported by any actual studies?

I myself have had 2 separate occasions where I had developed breast lumps.  Thank god they were benign & I am still able to sit here & type out this blog post with both my breasts intact.  I had the lumps removed thru 2 separate surgeries within a 3-year period, but the scars still remain after so many years has passed.  Woe is me.

I have been using deodorant ever since I reached puberty.  yeah yeah my armpits can get really stinky at times.  I used to get mine from the supermarket or the pharmacy.  Never really thought about checking the ingredients at that time.

Until one day, I was scratching this itchy spot on my left boob, then only I realized that omg there is something underneath.  It felt like the size of a green pea.  I immediately wasted no time in having it checked out.

After an uncomfortable mammogram, the doctor told me that there IS a tiny lump growing in my left boob & told me that it SHOULD be benign.  SHOULD be???  The doctor said that she THINKS that it would be ok to leave it there.  THINKS???  (-_-)  yeah right… she thinks, he thought, then who confirm?  I was given the option of leaving it there or removing it thru surgery.  Of course I chose to remove it.  What if it turns into cancer?

I am NOT being paranoid.  I have a friend who had a small 1cm radius lump in her right breast & the doctor said that it was most probably benign, so she left it alone.  After a year, it became cancerous & she had to remove her whole right breast.  She totally hates the doctor now.  *cross my heart*  True story.

After removing that 1st lump, I started to do regular checks on my own breasts.  3 years later, I discovered another lump closer to the armpit.  Also on the left breast.  =|  So again, I had to undergo surgery to remove it.

Oh, you want to hear something funny & gross at the same time?

If you have a wild imagination & will be easily traumatised, please DO NOT read any further!!!  Just scroll right down to the part where I have announced that it is safe to continue reading.  It is highlighted in blue.

Both lumps felt like the size of a green pea when I discovered them.  During the 1st surgery, they put me on local anesthesia.  So yeah, I was wide awake as I felt them tug & pull & slice into my left boob.  I think the surgery lasted about 30 mins.  At the end of the surgery, one of the doctors asked me, “Girl… you want to see the lump?“.  Of course I wanted to see it.  It’s a once in a lifetime kind of thing, you know.

When I saw the lump, the first thing that came to my mind was… … …

Wow, that’s not the size of a green pea…  looks more like the oyster in *orh lua (oyster omelette).




Amazing.  The lump was so smooth & round.

The 2nd surgery they knocked me out completely & did not show me the lump.  But I bet it looked the same as the 1st one.

… … ok, even I am feeling a little grossed out now.

I will never look at oysters the same way again.

Safe for Reading from here onwards:

ANYWAY, as I was saying, deodorants & breast cancer, are they linked somehow?

To have smelly armpits but healthy breasts?
Or to risk breast tumors but have armpits that smell of roses?



I visited the National Cancer Institute website on the association between deodorants & breast cancer.  Read the full article HERE.

To give a short summary, they are basically claiming that scientists came to the conclusion that aluminum & parabens that are found in underarm deodorants may be absorbed by the skin & cause estrogen-like (hormonal) effects.  This estrogen has the ability to promote the growth of breast cancer cells.  A study was done in year 2004, which found parabens present in tissue samples from human breast tumors.  However, the article went on to say that this study did not prove that the parabens are the cause of breast tumors & did not identify the source of parabens if it is due to the use of deodorants.

Just for your information:
Parabens can be identified by names, such as methylparaben / propylparaben / butylparaben / benzylparaben.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t parabens also part of the ingredients in our cosmetics & skincare products???


Parabens are used as preservatives so that our products do not go bad & can remain safe for our usage.  But then again, studies have shown that it can mimic estrogen in human bodies that may lead to cancer.

So… … should we be cautious about this?

Based on my own personal opinion, I feel that too much of a good thing is also not good.  It’s like, water is good for our bodies, but there are also news reports that state that drinking TOO MUCH can lead to water intoxication.

So the deal with parabens is that they are added into our products to prevent spoilage or fungal growth or other nasty stuff, but at the same time, it might be harmful to our bodies. 

Again, based on my own personal opinion, if I do use a product that contains parabens, I guess I will not mind if it is listed at the last of the ingredients.  And only if it is meant to be washed off immediately, like shampoos or cleansers.  Just not something that I will apply on my armpits as it will be left there for HOURS & I am already paranoid about breast lumps for now.  =\

I noticed that more & more natural/organic skincare products in our market are starting to replace parabens with natural preservatives, but there is also that question on whether these natural preservatives have a broad-spectrum coverage of microbes.

Sigh.  It’s always a double-edged sword in everything we choose to do (or use, in this matter).

Ever since my 2nd surgery & I started to do a little research on breast lumps which eventually led me to learn that there might be a link between deodorants & breast tumors, I have not been using a deodorant with parabens in it for a long time now.  And so far, no more breast lumps appeared.  *yay! touch wood*

In fact, a few years ago, I even attempted to make my own stick deodorant using shea butter, baking soda, cornstarch, vitamin E & some essential oils, etc.  hehehe…  It was rather effective & fun to make, but a little troublesome.  Perhaps I should start to DIY my own deodorant again?

I know I’m being a little too *kiasu (translated: overly cautious), but after undergoing 2 surgeries, I don’t think I want to take any more risks.

I mean, how much left boob am I left with if I were to go for a 3 rd surgery?


What’s up with Fluoride?

25 Oct

Long time ago when I was still having teenage acne, my school organized some Dental Day on a Saturday.  There were dentists who stationed themselves at our Science Lab to see individual students & clean those dirty teeth.  After that, they would give out a free toothpaste to the student who bravely endured the trauma of having their teeth dug & prodded by the dentist.

I was waiting in line when I heard one of the parents rejecting the toothpaste from the dentist & said, “oh no thanks… fluoride is so bad for us“.

I was mildly curious, yes.  But at that young age, I did not know that I can find my answers on Yahoo, so I never thought much about it until recently, when I was looking thru websites on natural/organic skincare & one thing that kept popping up was Fluoride-Free toothpaste.

That was what made me recall that one such parent had rejected a free toothpaste before.

Hence, now that I am older with an increased sense of curiosity, a series of questions flashed across my head.

Why must there be a fluoride-free toothpaste?

I thought fluoride is supposed to be good, but then why would anyone create a toothpaste without it?

Is it because of an allergy?  Or is it something more?

So I decided to do a little research & asked Google why is fluoride bad for our teeth.  I found this interesting web article HERE & I summarized below.

A little history on Fluoride
It stated that before fluoride was added into our toothpaste, it was used as an insecticide & rat poison.  It is actually a pollutant – a by-product of copper, iron and aluminum manufacturing.

When faced with the problem of legally disposing fluoride back in the 1930s, a large aluminum company funded a study that concluded that fluoride can prevent tooth decay.  And so, it was added into our water supplies.

Research conducted on the benefits of Fluoride
Over extensive research conducted on fluoridation & oral health in the mid 80s till present time, it shows that there is no difference in tooth decay rates between the fluoridated and non-fluoridated cities.

And the clear reason why there are lesser & lesser tooth decay cases is simply because we are educated on better oral hygiene & the decrease is not because of the use of fluoride.

Some countries have even stopped adding fluoride into their water systems.

The harmful effects of Fluoride
So, exactly how is Fluoride bad?

It actually weakens our teeth & causes discoloration.

Fluoride can also increase the absorption of aluminum in the brain & this substance can be found in most Alzheimer’s patients.  Not to mention, that it has also been associated with hip fractures, damage the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, leading to limited joint mobility, ligament calcification, muscular degeneration and neurological deficits.

Also, as extracted directly from the web article, “a number of different studies have linked fluoride to as many as 10,000 cancer deaths per year, with a high incidence of bone cancer among men exposed to fluoridated water“.


You can read the full article if you’re interested as per the link I have provided above.

But if you are not yet convinced, here are a few more websites that I found that will scare the living daylights out of you while you wonder what you have been consuming all these while!

Read more HEREHERE & HERE.

Here is what Dental Fluorosis looks like.  Click HERE.

I know some of these web articles are lengthy, but when it comes to your health & your children’s health, don’t you want to be aware of the potential hazards?

In the meantime, I also found out that these 2 brands – Weleda & Green People (hoover your cursor over the words to click on the links) – have pretty good safe toothpastes for the whole family.

Now, the question is, where to get them at an affordable price.

Omega 3: A Remedy for Eczema?

12 Oct

So I’m currently obsessed with my skin condition, right?

And I’m not going to relax until I find THE solution.  But now, I think I have the answer!

1)  Cold Sores
They stayed with me since around April this year till late August.  Everyone laughed (yeah yeah wat’s new).  My poor lips looked bruised all the time.  Feeling ugly.  Depressed.

Along came this lady doctor (Dr Karen) who saw me once a week for my cold sores & advised me numerous times to switch my current skincare to something that does not contain chemicals & fragrances.  And for a few months after, I didn’t bother to listen.  I was thinking to myself, “HA!  What rubbish.”

About 4 months later, my cold sores got worse (serve me right) & there was even this weird flaky rash that visited my chin & mouth areas.  It got so painful that I could not even open my mouth to eat a friggin burger!  The second I open my mouth a little wider, the corner of my lips would TEAR & BLEED.  It was AGONY!!!

I went back to see Dr Karen again, begging for help, begging to see the light.


She took one look at me & put me on a 1 week antibiotic + cold sore oral meds + cold sore cream which I have to apply everyday FIVE times.  My whole body felt so nauseous from taking all that oral medication.  I probably ate most of the cold sore cream too when I licked my lips.  =\

1 week later, the cold sores subsided but not gone.  She made me continue on another week of oral meds without the antibiotics this time.  And I still had to apply that cream 5 times a day.

Another week later, I was better from cold sores but then she looked at that weird flaky rash around my chin & mouth areas with a ‘hmm’ expression.  Then told me that it looked like eczema.



You’re kidding, right?

Since when I do get eczema all of the sudden?!?!?!

Then she told me to REALLY avoid skincare products with chemicals & this time, I listened.  That sparked my quest on natural or organic skincare with little or absolutely no chemicals.

2)  Eczema
Also, I had to embark on another crime-fighting against another set of skin problems.

When will it ever end?!?!?!?!?!

I did tons of research on eczema & I was probably looking at all the wrong places until I met this angel from a skincare retail store in Singapore.  She told me that she suffered eczema in the past too & she revealed to me that Omega-3 Fish Oil can help this condition.  And of course, she added quickly that she’s not supposed to be telling me this (which I figured will not be good for her boss’s business as he is selling skin products for eczema).

I am eternally grateful to that angel from that day onwards.

The second I reach home, I surfed the internet & keyed in “Omega 3 for eczema” in Google.  There were lots of articles stating that Eczema could be related to an Omega-3 deficiency.

One particular article was from a doctor on Oprah’s website.  A doctor on Oprah?!?!  Shit.  Should be credible, right?  Read it HERE.

And if Omega 3 came from fish, then I am deemed to suffer from that deficiency because if you have read my previous blog post HERE, you would find out that I HATE FISH.  I hate eating fish.  Hate it to the core.  Hate their fishy taste smell looks everything.  That probably serves me right for getting eczema.

So kids, if you hate fish, it’s a good time to put down whatever hatred you have for fish & convert that into love.  I don’t care how you do it – Buy a fish, nuture it, feed it, pet it, take it out on walks, gut it, eat it, whatever.  Just eat your fish.

In the meantime, while I am training myself to eat that nasty slimy reptile? mammal?  animal? insect? creature? (i don’t even know how to describe it), I got myself a huge tub of Omega-3 Fish Oil… … … … … … *pauses*… … amphibians?

Digressing a little to go Google to type “are fishes amphibians?“.  Oh.  Fishes are simply called… … … fishes.  Read about my findings HERE.  Omg.  That nasty little slimy thing has a classification dedicated to itself.  How evil & self-centered.


For the 1st 2 weeks, I took 2 capsules just before I sleep at night because I heard that our body repairs itself at night.  So I thought that by eating Omega 3 capsules in a concentrated way would help my body ‘repair’ the eczem faster.  That weird flaky rotting rash subsided & almost disappeared at the end of the 2nd week.

Then subsequently, I took 1 in the morning & 1 before I sleep.  Now, I am eczema-free for about 5 days already.


Cold sores almost never go away on its own.  Seek Dr Karen’s help.  And once you know you have a cold sore virus, then you should know that it latches itself on you FOR LIFE.  So you should not aggravate your condition with any of the stuff that would cause it to resurface again.  Read my previous post HERE for more info on what causes cold sores, so you can start taking preventative measures.

As for eczema, eat your fish.  If you don’t eat fish, then at least eat your Omega-3.  And again, eczema is like a skin problem, so you should avoid skincare or body products that contains harsh chemicals.

Compare my Before & After photo below:

Or my skin improvement could be a combination of Omega-3 + organic skincare that I have been using since the beginning of September.  Hmmmm…

Whatever it is, my OMFG-I-AM-FABULOUS-AGAIN meter is in the green now.

*thumbs up thumbs up*

Nature’s Farm: Pycnogenol

24 Aug

As I walked past the Nature’s Farm outlet, I saw that there are certain items on offer & wanted to take a look at some of their Organic skincare products.  Well, you know me.  Health somehow is associated with organic stuff.

The sales assistant then strongly recommended several of the Pycnogenol products to me (probably because she saw that my lip area is heavily infected with cold sores, and it still is).

:-*/  <– remember this symbol?

Anyway, the sales assistant said that Pycnogenol is one of their FAST-SELLING product.

*doubtful*… if it’s fast-selling, it would mean that it is super good, right?  Then how come I never heard of it?  So I picked up a bottle & saw that it costs a friggin $323.  (-_-)  okay, now that explains why I never heard of it.  So high-end, one…

Of course, the one that I looked at was of a stronger dosage as shown below.  They have a variety of Pycnogenol with different dosages & different quantity in a box (even for kids!!!  how considerate!), so you can pick the one that suits you best.

(click for a larger photo)

Pycnogenol RX GOLD Super Strength.

90 Tablets in one bottle.

Each tablet contains a dosage of 150mg of great formidable powers.

Which translates to about $3.60 per tablet.

*high-pitched*… WHAT????????????????????

You know what I can do with $3.60????  I can do a lot of enjoyable things instead of popping a tablet in my mouth & gulping down a mouthful of water within 2 seconds.  Lots of things like:

1)      a plate of delicious chicken rice

2)      1 or 2 face mask sheets

3)      a medium hot cup of San Francisco coffee

4)      a few donuts from Donut Factory

5)      1 nail polish from The Face Shop

6)      1 MacDonald burger

7)      at least 2 Stabilo / Pilot writing pens

8)      ½ of a movie ticket on a weekday

9)      1 round trip of MRT from my home to Suntec & back again

10)    I’m sure some items from IKEA

I decided to do some research first, so I went back to my office to find out more about this… … Pycnogenol.

It appears that Pycnogenol is FAMOUS!!!  It has been researched on dunno how many countless times!!!  And even got various international patents!!!  According to the testimonials, results can be seen between 1-3 months!!!  ZUN BO (english translation: sure or not)??????

There are lots of websites containing information about this Pycnogenol.  Apparently it is made from some kind of French maritime pine bark extract (whatever that is) & this can aid the body in many ways, just to name a few common ones:

1)      Powerful Antioxident

2)      Skin Health

3)      Eye Health

4)      Women’s Heath

5)      Many more other benefits, for even heart & cardiovascular, etc

Just read it HERE on the Nature Farm’s website because it sounds so much more impressive.  Even has testimonials from people who has taken the Pycnogenol for a period of time.

Ok, I am convinced.


But wait… SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!  Nature Farm is having a promotion on Pycnogenol too!!!  Instead of paying 1 bottle for $323, we get to have 2 bottles for $333.  Damn worth it, right??  It’s like buy 1 for 1 free.

This promotion period is till end of August 2010.  Honestly, I don’t know if this applies to Nature’s Farm islandwide, but I do know that the one in Suntec has this promotion.  There are also other items on promo as well.

STOP!!!  If there is such a great promotion on products, doesn’t that mean that the expiry date is nearing????

Nope.  These are BRAND NEW stocks.  Expiry Date in year 2013.  EXCELLENT PERFECT!!!

Hey, there is also some kind of promotion going on at The Body Shop till end of August 2010 too!!!  Read about it HERE.

What’s so special about August?  Can somebody explain to me?

Did Christmas come early this year????????

My love for health is to the point of freakish, I tell you.  So I was thinking that it was worth a try, given the benefits mentioned.  So, I decided to plurge on it.

Anyway now they have a promotion offer, right?  So why not?  Buy 1 get 1 free, so now 1 tablet becomes $1.85 and not $3.60 per tablet.

$1.85 per tablet I can still accept.  *nods in approval*

I just started taking the Pycnogenol on 16 August 2010.  Today is 23 August & for now, I do feel that my bowel system seems healthier.  Usually I only manage to poop once in a few days or sometimes once in a week (I KNOW IT’S SUPER UNHEALTHY, but the doctor once told me that some ppl experience constant constipation), but after 1 week of taking the Pycnogenol, I get to poop every single day!  =D  But is it really the Pycnogenol at work???

Let me give you an update 1 month later.

See what kind of benefits will take place in my body.


Depressed… Self-Conscious…

16 Aug


You know what that icon above represents?

That asterisk is not a tear.  It is a goddamn cold sore so big & painful that it pushes 1 side of my mouth downwards.  SERIOUS!

Have you ever had a cold sore or not?!  Once you have this virus in your body, it NEVER. GOES. AWAY.  It will reoccur over & over again.  How unfortunate is that?!?!

I AM SO DEPRESSED!!!  It’s ugly & it HURTS like %^#&@*!!!!!!

Whenever I get cold sores, I am the butt of all jokes.

Never wash mouth ah

Kiss too much, is it

Tell your bf dun let you use your mouth too much


For the very last time, cold sores occurs when:

1)  a person is under stress or is going thru emotional upset

2)  a person is under physically stress & fatigue

3)  a person is ill (fever, flu, etc)

4)  a person goes thru hormonal changes

5)  there is trauma to the skin (injury to lips or skin)

6)  there is exposure to ultraviolet lamps or excessive exposure to sunlight

7)  there is an immune system deficiency

8)  there is a negative reaction to cosmetic products

And NOT becuz of kissing / not washing mouth / or whatever dirty thought you have in your head right now, you dirty fellow you.  Go & purify your brain!!!

To make matters WORSE (x 1000000000000), it doesn’t help that cold sores are also known as fever blisters or……………….. Herpes SimplexVirus (HSV).


HERPES.  I know what alllllllllllll of you are thinking now.

Herpes is some kind of sexual disease, right?


… …

… …

… …


… …

… … ok fine.  Right.  BUT, not ENTIRELY right.

There are 2 types of HSV.

TWO types, ok.

Two ENTIRELY different types (must stress heavily on this).

Type I and Type II.

Cold sores around the lips & sometimes nose areas are usually caused by Type I.  It is NON-SEXUAL.

It is Type II that is that sexual disease one, ok???

Based on research findings, 80% of the human population actually carries the HSV Type I in their blood.  But most ppl have the antibodies to subdue it.

Most ppl, except me.

Ngor mm hor yi cip sao lor*.

Ngor mm hor yi cip sao lor* (cantonese to english translation: i cannot accept this)

Why I don’t have the antibodies to fight against this… … … HERPES.


I am a GIRL.  Girls cannot be uglified like this.  It’s not fair!!!

If I were given a wish, I would wish that only guys will get cold sores.  Or maybe… only evil ppl will get cold sores.

Now everyone is calling me HG.  And it doesn’t stand for HOUGANG.

It’s my… … … …  superhero name.

… …

… …


Do you have any idea how traumatic it is for me to go thru all these cruel jokes????  Like that, then the herpes will never go away.

You know why?!?!?!?!  Because with all these taunting, I am:

1)  a person under stress or/and going thru emotional upset (becuz keep feel paranoid about ppl making fun of me)!!!

2)  a person under physically stress & fatigue (lack of sleep & proper eating becuz of ppl making fun of me)!!!

So, please… if you have a friend who has these cold sores, don’t make fun of them.  It’s only fun to you, but it’s not fun for the person having cold sores.

Looks like, right?  The  :-*/  emoticon is the perfect look for me now.

I need a permanent solution to my depressing problem.

Feeling depressed & needs reassurance now…