New Year Resolutions of 2011

11 Jan

I shall file this under “About Berry Mii” because this is describing a little part of me.

As I have promised myself, I have done up my very 1st NYR (New Year Resolutions) for year 2011!!!

And again, I have procrastinated because New Year passed like… more than a week ago.  (-_-“)    Which is why, the very first item on my NYR list is (not in any particular order)…

#1 – Don’t procrastinate.  Don’t be lazy.

#2 – Follow my facial masking routine or else I will get clogged pores, dead skin & that will eventually lead to pimples.  Don’t be lazy.

#3 – Attempt to be happy for my future wedding.  The wedding preparations are so bothersome.  I haven’t even started anything & I am already feeling sian* (no mood).  Don’t be lazy.

#4 – Strive to combat cold sores & eczema!  I read that I should be taking Lysine supplements if I want to reduce the outbreak of cold sores.  That is why I am ordering them from iHerbs!  My friend orders her skincare products & supplements from them too, so it should be… … safe?  I hope.  Oh well, I’ll be the guinea pig & try it out first.  If I don’t receive my delivery, I’ll be damn sad.

#5 – Try to be satisfied with my single-eyelids.  Stop thinking about going for double-eyelid surgery.  Anyway, as I’m starting to age & skin starts to sag, I am already beginning to form a double-eyelid crease.  =\   Dunno whether I should be happy or not.

#6 – Try not to think about evil thoughts towards another human being, even if they are being superbly ungrateful / spiteful / vicious.  I am not exactly what you would call religious.  But I think if I were to visualize some kind of diety in front of me, I would still feel guilty if I have murdeous thoughts.  Imagine what would Buddha or Goddess of Mercy think of me if they knew I was wishing someone dead.  They would look at me with disapproving eyes.



#7 – Get rid of that irritating freckle on my chin.  It appeared recently when a pimple grew at that spot.  The pimple was like… … … fertilizer.  The freckle grew right on top of that pimple the very next day.  I am so annnnngry.  HUMPH.

#8 – Try to get into the mindset that I will need to have children someday.  Not for myself, but for people who likes to have irritating smaller versions of humans around them.  I don’t seem to have a biological clock.  It doesn’t tick.  It doesn’t tock.  I have no idea what is wrong with me.  I find children extremely irritating. 

My mother told me that once I have my own kids, I will feel that they are verrryyyyy cute even if they make a horrible scene.  She said that she used to feel that young children are disgusting until she had her own kids.  She said that you’ll always feel that your own children are the best.

So maybe what I have is a classic syndrome of…

My Kid will Pwned Yours



#9 – Stop playing an excessive amount of KAW (Kingdoms at War) on my iPhone4.  You have no idea how obsessed I am now.  I stared at that 3.5inch screen so much that now I think I am going blind in the right eye.  I think they should attach a warning sign before they allow iPhone users to download the application.



As I am typing out this blog post, I am still KAW’ing.  What is wrong with me.  Is there some kind of KAW Anonymous help group?  “Hi, I am Berry Mii & I am a KAW addict.”

This game is so addictive that my KAW buddy (omg I have a KAW buddy) said that he wants to employ people to join his clan & pay his employees in KAW gold.  And if they don’t KAW 24/7, then he will farm them until they reset.

Side Note:
Clan = can be created once you have 6 billion KAW gold
= hitting the same player more than 5 times within a 24-hour time frame
Reset = reset account & player has to start from scratch

#10 – Attempt to get some exercise.  Being born with a fabulous naturally twiggy body does not give me the right to eat junk food & lie down watch tv all day.  Don’t be lazy.

#11 – Travel to an exotic destination that is not within Singapore or Sentosa.

#12 – Attempt to DIY a facial cleanser, body cleanser/scrub & deodorant.

#13 – Try to control my mood swings during PMS.

I know it’s weird to do an odd number list & stop at #13, but oh well.  Prime numbers rule.

Now that I got the NYRs out of the way.

Let’s recollect a little on year 2010 & what I have learnt.  Also, not in any particular order.

#1 – My face can no longer tolerate anything skincare products that contains chemicals.  Otherwise I will break out terribly in cold sores, eczema, zits & weird rash.  And I know which skincare brand is the culprit but I shall not speak of its name here.

#2 – My face really really loves manuka honey & rhassoul clay.

#3 – Learnt that tea tree oil somehow breaks me out even more, if I apply it directly on my skin.  wattttttttttttttt why like tatttttt… =(

#4 – My hormones have gone imbalanced after I stopped taking contraceptive pills.  NO, it is not to prevent preganancy, but more for regulating my periods.  I decided to stop because the side effects make me feel so nauseous.  The doctor told me that the pills can prevent ovarian cancer, but… … the nauseous feeling is too much for me to bear.  Btw, side effects vary for different girls.  My complexion did improve a lot while I was taking the pills though.

#5 – Humans can be very very unappreciative & spiteful, especially old people who only care about themselves.  So I learnt to ignore them even if they are crying out in pain.  I don’t even want them to approach me.

… fed up with these ppl



#6 – My bf taught me that I have an O-zone.  LOL.  He said that normal human beings has a T-zone & a U-zone, but for me, I have an O-zone because my skin problems mainly exist around the mouth area.  (-_-)   I feel like slapping him.

Here’s a photo as illustration:

Blue = T-zone
Green = U-zone
Red = Berry Mii‘s O-zone, where everything bad happens


#7 – My sister needs to be bribed & her face is so cute that I want to pinch it to death.

#8 – My brother is becoming a loner, but still has that sarcastic sense of humor.  I love it.

#9 – I am born lazy.  What else is new.

#10 – My bf is probably the only guy on earth who can handle my PMS.

Ok, I need to go bom bom now.





2 Responses to “New Year Resolutions of 2011”

  1. Serena 12 January 2011 at 5:41 PM #

    berry mii your’re getting married ?

    • Berry Mii 13 January 2011 at 10:34 AM #

      Hi Serena, well…. it will be in the near future. 😉

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