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Bioessence: Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP

13 Aug

I’ve always had a problem with my dull complexion & freckles, so I tend to use some whitening products.

But then I found out that products show better results if you get rid of dead skin first!  I know, how silly of me, right.  After so many years, I was only enlightened now.

But then again!  I don’t like the feeling of using facial scrubs on my face becuz they can get very abrasive.  How?

I discovered the Bioessence Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP when I was shopping for groceries in our local supermarket accompanying my parents while they were shopping for groceries in our local supermarket.  Who am I kidding.  I have never done grocery shopping in my life.

So anyway, I was walking around the skincare section & saw this highly decorated Bioessence counter.  Hey… what’s going on there?????  I strolled over & saw that they have this new product claiming to remove dead skin more effectively than any other products.  Plus it came with ATP which is supposed to promote cell renewal.

I am easily impressed by advertisements, so I bought one for myself & another one for mummy.

I always look at the ingredient list on a product.

As you can see, Ginseng Extract is listed as the 2nd ingredient on the list, so this means the product contains a high content of ginseng extract!  Then as you go further down the list, you can see things like Angelica Root Extract, Royal Jelly Powder, etc.  But it is the Organic Germanium that caught my eye & made me curious, mainly becuz of the word ORGANIC.  I love organic!  (actually, all of us at Berry Mii love organic stuff).

Based on Yahoo! research, Germanium has been proven to show results in tumor reduction, boosting the immune system & relieving rheumatoid arthritis.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????  Bioessence can put an ingredient like this in their product???  How… … considerate of them!  Although it has a 2nd last placement on the list, but it is still good to know that IT IS THERE.

Honestly, this product did not disappoint both mummy & me!!!

The ‘user manual’ tells you to apply an adequate amount on your face & massage in a soft circular motion until you feel bits of dirt come off your skin.

For me, I apply a thin layer of gel over my entire face & leave it on for a few minutes.  I was told before that by doing this, it will allow whatever nutrients in the product to be absorbed by my face first.  Hey, it makes sense!  But if you know that this has a negative effect instead, then you better tell me so I can go kill someone.

After 1 – 2 minutes, I start massaging in circular motion & I can see + feel all the dead skin coming off my face.  Some of the bits & pieces look more dirty grey than the others.  I have such a filthy face.

Here, I’m not going to take a photo with all that dirt on my face, but I have picked some dirt & placed in on my hand.  This will be a more pleasant photo.  Note that this is only some of the dirt, the rest were still on my face.

The dirt is so black, right?  Ugh.

I follow up with a cleanser, then slap on a mask or put a mask sheet over my face.  Without all that dead skin on my face, I feel that my face can better absorb more of the good stuff in the face mask!

I love this exfoliating gel becuz it really did get rid of my “mushrooms” (aka blackheads, don’t you think they look like mini black mushrooms growing on your nose & chin?).  Before I use the exfoliating gel, I look into the mirror & I can see mushrooms.  I trace my fingers over my nose & I can feel bumps from the mushroom heads.

After I use the gel, I can visibly see that the mushrooms are significantly lesser!!!  I wouldn’t be so exaggerated to say that they are COMPLETELY gone.  But it definitely got rid of most of the blackheads that were sticking out, so now my face is smoother!

I love this product because:

–      No itchiness or rashes developed + I don’t feel that my face has been dragged on the sand (which I sometimes feel that way when using facial scrubs with harsh grains in them).

–      Really does remove all sorts of dirt on your face.

–      Easy to use & fuss free!

–      ATP promotes cell renewal!  Who can deny this benefit!!!!

But then, I was also not turned on for several reasons:

–      Priced at SGD$29.90 a bottle seems a little too high & you can finish the whole bottle in 1 month (depending how often you use it).  It states that you can use it EVERYDAY, but I recommend that you use it on alternate days.

–      Although you don’t feel that your flesh is being sandpaper’ed by grains in facial scrubs, but somehow I feel that the gel makes my cheeks feel a bit tender after rubbing dead skin off.  Maybe becuz my cheeks were originally very dry.  But the way this product works, I can live with tender cheeks.

However, despite the high price, I would still give it a Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!  Simply because it works!!!

Have you tried the Bioessence:  Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP?

Any other similar products from other brands that you can recommend?