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My New iPhone4 + The Pesky Little Kid

25 Nov


I know I know I said that I wanted to get a HTC Desire Z because of its physical Qwerty keyboard.  But everyone around me has been brainwashing me into thinking that the iPhone4 would be a much much better choice.

Daddy & Gigi has been hard-selling Sony Ericsson Xperia 10 or the Samsung Galaxy.  Honestly, I was tempted for its good camera functions.

But Buggy & my bf is telling me how fun iPhone is.  And all about its wonderful applications & games.

Then Mummy said, “it is better to get a hp where you can share charger“.  Errmm.  Ok, I’ll take the iPhone4 since both my brother & bf is using iPhone as well.

Of all the logic in the world, why would I take THAT advice from Mummy????????  She has not even mastered the art of SMS.

I think you know by now that I am not only indecisive, but I am impulsive as well when it comes to purchasing things.  These 2 combos cannot be good.

But you know what???????????????????

It’s day 5 today.  Even though it has a stupid Qwerty touchscreen keyboard that my fingers can never seem to hit the alphabets that I want, I am still growing to love this new phone of mine & I’ll tell you why.

1)  Super fun games – currently loving Plants vs Zombies but you got to pay for this one at US$2.99 if I’m not wrong.  This new game called Dinosaur Slayer & it is FREE.  Quick go & download it NAO NAO NAO before they decide to charge you for it.  Another free game download is Flick Fishing & it makes me feel that I could be a successful angler, but of course, be careful with the flicking when you want to cast your line out to sea because I once flicked so hard that the iPhone flew out of my hand.  I can only thank God that I was playing the game in bed & the iPhone hit the pillow instead of the wall.

2)  Books Applications – there is this book application called MangaDL where you can download mangas online & read it offline!  You only pay US$2.99 for this MangaDL application & you can download unlimited mangas online!  It has totally re-ignited my love for mangas.

I was first introduced to the fantastic (and at times, perverted) world of manga by Gigi a few years back.  I usually read mine on MangaFox but I don’t know why I gradually forgot all about it.  Now, I get a chance to re-love manga reading & it is great for keeping me occupied in the mrt… or when I’m waiting for an irresponsible friend who does not turn up on time for our outings… or when I’m queuing at at ridiculously long line of people at the cashier.

OMG I LOVE iPHONE!!!  *heart beaming with love*… but the way, if you want to have a taste of what Gigi has been introducing to me, you can go to MangaFox to search for the titles “Love Celeb” or “Midnight Secretary” or “Desire Climax” (just by its title you KNOW what genre it is under already) for *smut genre.    GOD WHAT IS MY YOUNGER SISTER TEACHING ME?????    Or “Paradise”, “Model”, “Visitor” for more of a psychological thriller genre.

*smut = obscenity and pornography


3)  Other Cool Applications – you ever get paranoid when there is a blackout at the office in the middle of the night while you’re rushing your reports???  FEAR NO MORE!!!!  You can download an application called iLights where you can command light out from your camera flash!!!  Sorry this only works with iPhone4 because the older versions do not have a physical camera flash on the hps.  Hmmm… actually I’m not that sure, maybe those with 3G or 3Gs can try out this application.  It’s free!!!

Not to mention other free apps like PhotoPro, Currency Converter & even some kind of mosquito repeller but I didn’t bother to download this as my blood isn’t attractive to mosquitoes.  Really!  If you put me in a room with another person & a hungry mosquito, the bloodsucker will go for that other person 9/10 times.  The 1 time it would suck my blood is if it is superbly desperately hungry & that other person is not in the room.  Maybe it is because I love to eat garlic.  Cooked, of course.

4)  Very User Friendly – I have used Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung & now iPhone.  The most user friendly is iPhone.  I think even a 5 year old kid can get the hang of it very soon.  It is clutter free & uncomplicated to maneuver around the applications.  And I like the fact that it responds really quickly to your finger’s touch.

5)  Speed – I tried out Gigi’s SE Xperia 10 & iPhone4 side by side using the Angry Birds game.  The Xperia 10 lagged noticeably but the iPhone 4 swirled the game screen around with no problems at all.  I totally pwn’ed Gigi & made her feel lousy for thinking that the Xperia 10 was da bomb.  Now she is tempted to get the iPhone as well.

The only thing I hate is the touchscreen Qwerty.  Other than that, so far so good.

Now the only problem is keeping my iPhone safe from that pesky little kid.  I know for a fact that she WILL demand to play with my iPhone.  And she WILL hang on to it for as long as she can.  Her grubby dirty little fingers WILL stain my iPhone with her snot, oiliness from food, sweat, (add in all kinds of dirty icky stuff).  The worst part is once she lays her hands on the iPhone, you will NEVER get a chance to take it back.

There was once when my bf’s cousin’s gf made the mistake of letting that kid play with her iPhone 3Gs.  And when she wanted to take the hp back, that kid went CRAZY.  As in REALLY crazy.  She screamed at the top of her lungs, reaching the highest note that a human voice can ever make & hurting everybody’s eardrums in the process.  I got an instant headache just between my eyebrows.  How can that even happen?!  I think she has some sort of superpower where she can kill a person with that scream.  Bleed from the ears to immobilize you then your brain explodes, killing you.  And her mother would sit there & watch the entire scene in silence.

If she was a villian in X-Men, I envision her to look like this.

The Screamer



Then she went into depression.  The kid sulked the rest of the night.

She sat in a dining chair.  Hunched & with her head bowed down so low that from her back view, you probably will freak out because you cannot see her head & will mistaken her for a headless little child.  And there she sat for 3 hours, not moving.

My bf’s cousin’s gf was heartless enough not to care about that sulky kid.  I totally dig heartless, especially those who has an infinity dislike for that 4-year old kid.

With everything said about that kid, I do not hate her.  As long as she does not disturb me, I am still ok with her.  But the second she starts her nonsense, I just have this compulsive urge to kidnap her & hide her in a deserted house.  Then let her learn how to be a proper human being.

On the other hand, kids will be kids.  But I sure hope my future kid will not turn out like her & even if she does behave inappropriately, I will go hard on her.

Now I just got to find a perfect hiding spot for my new iPhone.


HTC DESIRE Z – Launch in Singapore

8 Oct


Remember my quick peek on the HTC Desire Z in my previous blog post HERE?

I read in TODAYonline today (haha) that the smartphone will be launched in November!  HERE!  IN SINGAPORE!  Read the article HERE.

EXCITED’NESS TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, assuming that it will be launched on 01 November 2010, this means that I only have 23 more days to wait.  552 hours to sweat it out.  33,120 minutes living in anticipation.  1,987,200 seconds to watch the clock tick before I can *CHEONG AH to Singtel & get my twiggy fingers on that Qwerty slider.

*CHEONG AH is loosely translated from Hokkien to English as
'hurry' or 'rush' or 'dash'.


In the article, the suggested retail price for the Desire Z is SGD$868.  It costs about the same as my Sony Ericsson Satio when I first bought it.

I know a few friends will go like, “WHATTTTTTT?????  Why in the world would you spend SGD$868 on a mobile phone?  The money can be spent on other things!

It’s true.  I can buy a lot of organic skincare or a few bottles of supplements with SGD$868.

But can organic skincare allow you to reach your friends when you need to?

Can supplements give you magic abilities to log into WIFI with your brain waves & let you surf the internet?

I have to say that it is emotionally satisfying to hold a powerful gadget in my scrawny little hands, even if I do not know how to use it.

FEEL THE POWER~~~~~!!!!!!!


So what if I only know how to call people on my mobile phone, sms & take newbie photos with the built-in camera?  I can start learning how to log into WIFI & surf Facebook on my mobile while acting professional.

The Desire Z also has a 5.0 megapixel built-in camera, so I can still take newbie photos when I did not bring my Nex-5.  SMS’ing will be made easier for me because it has a physical Qwerty keyboard & I heard that it has adequate spacings between each key, so your tubby fingers will not hit 2 keys at the same time.

I can’t wait to own that smartphone.

Peace!  (^_-)v

Spam or Not? Sony Nex-5. Boredom at Work with no Facebook. HTC Desire Z.

28 Sep

Spam or Not?

Was just looking thru my Comment folder in wordpress & found a lot of spam comments.

Some of them looked like spam.  The rest looked like they might or might not be spam.  And a handful of them looks credible, but at the same time looked a little like spam because of the email address that was included in the comment box.

I’m not an IT expert so I deleted everything just in case it is some kind of virus or something that could hurt my little vulnerable laptop that just came back from the repair shop.

If you had genuinely posted a comment directed for me, please email me at first & I’ll look out for you in your next comment posting.  Please no send me virus.  Me scared.  I already got a vicious cold sore virus to worry about.  Make love, not war.  Be friends, not enemies.  I love you, you love me, we are one big family.  Peace.  (-_-)v

Soon, I will be reposting the pictures which I left out in my 100% Pure Cranberry cleanser blog post.  Will keep you informed!  =D


Sony Nex-5

Plus I bought a new Sony Nex-5 MFT camera!!!  I got the silver-coloured one.  Not my 1st choice in color.

If they got a red one, I would not have to ponder for so long.

It would have been *sees RED*, ok give me that.

But since it is SILVER, I held back for more than a month & then went down to Audio House to fiddle with it for another 1 hour & remained hesistant & undecided until my daddy got so frustrated & yelled, “JUST TAKE IT OMFG JUST TAKE IT, YOU STUPID KID“.

But but but daddy, Silver is not eye candyyyyyy... =(


I’ve been playing around with the Nex-5 & so far I am loving it (despite its tacky silver casing).

I’m not an expert in semi-pro cameras with all that fancy functions & stuff, but I’m still pretty glad that it is user-friendly!!!  I am loving the photo quality & the quick shutter speed.  And I’m bringing the Nex-5 to my Malacca trip this weekend!  =D


Boredom at Work with no Facebook

Lastly, I am bored.  Freakin bored at work.  They blocked Facebook.  And I am officially cut from the outside world.  All I can do now is sit in my lonely cubicle with its 1.8m high panels & work.  Pure hard work.  No talking to colleagues.  No interaction with others.  No Facebook.


HTC Desire Z

The No-Facebook part is spurring me to give up my pretty smoking-hot red Sony Ericsson Satio mobile phone for a dull boring black HTC Desire Z that is to be released soon.  I have my eyes on that one.

I’ve always hated touchscreens & prefer the feel of pressing on physical buttons.  A physical Qwerty keyboard will be a nice change.  I have never had one of those before.

Read about it on the HTC website for an overview HERE.

See what CNet has to say HERE  & I feel that they are taking the words right out of my mouth.  Oh CNet, you know me like physical keyboard too.  And if you read further, the author even stated, “… or if you fear your precious data has fallen into the hands of some miscreant, there’s a self-destruct button on that will wipe all your data“.



That sounds so… … … James Bond.

I Want The Perfect Camera

20 Aug

Is there even such a thing as the perfect camera?

Why must I be faced with so many choices.  My friends already know how indecisive I am.  And if they give me more than 1 choice, I start to blank out.  The conversation will always go in the same direction:


Friend – so what do you want to eat?

BerryMii – i dunno.

Friend – then where do you want to go?

BerryMii – anything.

Friend – what about chicken rice at Kim San Leng?

BerryMii – dun wan lah.

Friend – then you still say anything?!

BerryMii – then ok lah ok lah.

Friend – you wan to eat chicken rice or not???

BerryMii – ok lor. anything.

Friend – or you wan to eat fast food or pastamania?

BerryMii – *silence for a long time, pondering over her choices*

Friend – shit man, gave her too many choices, now she got big problem deciding.  Then we go & eat chicken rice.

BerryMii – but i feel like Italian today.

Friend – then pastamania lor.

BerryMii – i think dun wan lah, chicken rice lor.

Friend – ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *stabs himself in the heart*..

BerryMii – why? what did I do?


Anyway, I kind of like the new MFT (Micro-Four Thirds) camera by Olympus E-P1.  Read more HERE.


Did you see the red one????????  SO CHIO, RIGHT??????????????????  Actually there is another color that I love & is in that weblink to Olympus, it is the silver body with the beige side handle.  Isn’t it vintage???  I love vintage.

I know everyone thinks that I’m going to buy a product the second it comes in a color that I like again.  Just like what I did with my current mobile phone – Sony Ericsson Satio.  There were tons of news about SE closing down or that their mobile phones are not as competitive or software not as good as whatever blah blah blah or why dun get the iPhone instead.  But you know what?  WHO THE HELL CARES when SE can design the most super chio hp with a 12.1 megapixel camera???????????

wahhhh… chiooooooooooooooo…. Who can resist this?????  TELL ME!!!  WHO CAN RESIST?!?!?!?!

It was sitting in a store behind glass display.  I walked past & was blinded by this shiny redness.  Immediately, I ran into the store & drooled at it for a good 5mins.  Wondering should I get it or should I not???  I just bought the SE 905… or was it the SE 910i.  errrmmm… well… I can’t remember.  I bought too many hps.  But I think you know by now that I’m a Sony Ericsson fan.  Previously I bought Nokia mobile phones, but then SE came out with so many pretty ones.  So………. yeah.  I bought it anyway.  Without contract.  So you can imagine how much I paid for it.


So yeah.  In order not to buy on impulse, I did some research on some of the digital cameras in the market.  And the Olympus E-PL1 was one of them, but then I found out that a newer model is launched just 5 months after the E-PL1.  Introducing the new & improved (how can it be new AND improved? It is either new OR improved) Olympus E-PL2!!!

But it only comes in black.

So boring one.

I looked around some more.  And there is the Sony Nex-7 that is yet to be out in the market???  It has a shimmering silver!  Or maybe it’s just the photo effect.  You know how some food photos look so good, but when you order it, the veggies are placed in an untidy manner & the meat somehow dun look as big & juicy.

See below for the upcoming model: Sony Nex-7.

It has such a slim skinny body like mine.  Stop calling me Pai Gu Jin (chinese-english translation: Skeleton Spirit).  *credit Christina Aguilera-Beautiful* I am beautiful, no matter what they say.  Words can’t bring me down.  So don’t you bring me down today.

Love that song & music video.

Digressing a bit.  Just saw the movie trailers for Grown Up starring Adam Sandler.  It’s so funny at the pool part where the little girl screamed & the water turned dark blue becuz the grown ups peed in the pool & everybody ran away!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!  I’m going to watch it.  Adam Sandler has always been one of my favorite comedian idols, even though he did that one boring sleeper movie called Punch Drunk Love.  But to me, he is still ONE DA FU ONE DA FU~~~~~~~~~

Last camera that caught my interest is the Canon PowerShot G11.  Read more HERE.

Or or.. maybe the Canon 550D??  Even though it’s gigantour.  Read the specs HERE.

I think everyone knows by now that I know nuts about cameras.  I read up on the specifications of each one, but it’s really too much to absorb.  Seriously need professional good help.

Why can’t good digi-cameras come in chio-red or pink, small & light-weight, excellent megapixels with image stabilizer, a huge variety of photo effects, CHEAP, user-friendly, with a flippy view screen so that you can take self-portraits with ease.


I love taking pictures everywhere I go.  Right now, I’m just surviving on my pretty SE Satio.  Surprisingly convenient & reasonably good photos.  But I want a proper camera that is easy to carry around & not the bulky DSLR kind.  And hopefully I won’t change my mind after buying it.

All these camera studying is making me sleepy.  I’m going to dream about the perfect camera now.  I really want one NAO NAO NAOOOOO~~~~~~~

Btw, the Starhub Football Channel is showing women’s football now  (Sunday 15 august wee morning at 0143 hrs).  FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2010.  Germany & Nigeria.  These women footballers are just as rough as the men.  I love it.  One of the Nigerians is called Sunday and… …. OH SHIT!!! GERMANY JUST SCORED in the 8th minute by Popp!!!!!  And now all the German players gather together on the field & did some lame cheesy cheerleading dance for the fans.  😐   … *speechless*… I…. really dunno what to say about that.  😐   ok, I think I do now.  I would like to see the men footballers pull an All-The-Single-Ladies on the field after a goal, just like in that one Glee episode.


What was I saying about Sunday earlier??

I cannot recall already.  Oh well.