Spam or Not? Sony Nex-5. Boredom at Work with no Facebook. HTC Desire Z.

28 Sep

Spam or Not?

Was just looking thru my Comment folder in wordpress & found a lot of spam comments.

Some of them looked like spam.  The rest looked like they might or might not be spam.  And a handful of them looks credible, but at the same time looked a little like spam because of the email address that was included in the comment box.

I’m not an IT expert so I deleted everything just in case it is some kind of virus or something that could hurt my little vulnerable laptop that just came back from the repair shop.

If you had genuinely posted a comment directed for me, please email me at first & I’ll look out for you in your next comment posting.  Please no send me virus.  Me scared.  I already got a vicious cold sore virus to worry about.  Make love, not war.  Be friends, not enemies.  I love you, you love me, we are one big family.  Peace.  (-_-)v

Soon, I will be reposting the pictures which I left out in my 100% Pure Cranberry cleanser blog post.  Will keep you informed!  =D


Sony Nex-5

Plus I bought a new Sony Nex-5 MFT camera!!!  I got the silver-coloured one.  Not my 1st choice in color.

If they got a red one, I would not have to ponder for so long.

It would have been *sees RED*, ok give me that.

But since it is SILVER, I held back for more than a month & then went down to Audio House to fiddle with it for another 1 hour & remained hesistant & undecided until my daddy got so frustrated & yelled, “JUST TAKE IT OMFG JUST TAKE IT, YOU STUPID KID“.

But but but daddy, Silver is not eye candyyyyyy... =(


I’ve been playing around with the Nex-5 & so far I am loving it (despite its tacky silver casing).

I’m not an expert in semi-pro cameras with all that fancy functions & stuff, but I’m still pretty glad that it is user-friendly!!!  I am loving the photo quality & the quick shutter speed.  And I’m bringing the Nex-5 to my Malacca trip this weekend!  =D


Boredom at Work with no Facebook

Lastly, I am bored.  Freakin bored at work.  They blocked Facebook.  And I am officially cut from the outside world.  All I can do now is sit in my lonely cubicle with its 1.8m high panels & work.  Pure hard work.  No talking to colleagues.  No interaction with others.  No Facebook.


HTC Desire Z

The No-Facebook part is spurring me to give up my pretty smoking-hot red Sony Ericsson Satio mobile phone for a dull boring black HTC Desire Z that is to be released soon.  I have my eyes on that one.

I’ve always hated touchscreens & prefer the feel of pressing on physical buttons.  A physical Qwerty keyboard will be a nice change.  I have never had one of those before.

Read about it on the HTC website for an overview HERE.

See what CNet has to say HERE  & I feel that they are taking the words right out of my mouth.  Oh CNet, you know me like physical keyboard too.  And if you read further, the author even stated, “… or if you fear your precious data has fallen into the hands of some miscreant, there’s a self-destruct button on that will wipe all your data“.



That sounds so… … … James Bond.


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