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Asience: Nature Smooth Shampoo

31 Aug

I love the effect I did on the above photo!  Looks like a cut-out from a magazine…
tee hee!


Previously, I was using that Jackie Chan shampoo!  hahaha… very auntie, right?  But I think that is a little too moisturizing for my oily scalp.

I also noticed that my hair keeps falling out during showers when there is excessive oil… :-\  maybe because the oil clogged my hair follicles & prevents them from breathing???  I dunno what is the exact reason, but it makes sense.

Before using this Asience shampoo, my hair looks lifeless & flat throughout the day.  It even gets progressively oilier & oiler at the crown.

SO IRRITATING, right?????

After work, if I happen to have dinner plans with my friends, I look in the mirror & see a dirty little thing who hasn’t showered for days.  Sometimes, it gets so bad that I am embarrassed to be standing near a taller person because that fella is going to look down at me & see nothing but oily dirty-looking hair.  I am not even going to proceed to talk about what oily scalp smells like.  😦

… … or maybe I am going to talk about it.  You know your scalp is oily when you detect a foul smell as you shake your head left & right.  Or when you’re squatting down & then the same foul smell hits you as you stand up.  Or when you lie on your bf’s shoulder & he goes, “Wheww!!!  Something died in your hair!!!

… *shifty eyes left right up down*

… n… n… not that it has ever happened to me but you know what I mean…

*shifty eyes shifty eyes*…

Anywayz, I also feel that if my scalp is oily, then that oil is going to eventually travel down my strands of hairs & end up on my forehead, which would give me all sorts of skin problems like blackheads & zits & whatever.

This has got to stop, man!!!

I even went to Bee Choo (i bet you never heard of this, but you can Google) to perform herbal magic on my scalp.  Of course it will leave a strong chinese herby smell on your hair for a least 1 week, but it doesn’t bother me as much as Hugo Boss or Calvin Klein.  Also, it definitely made my scalp less oily for about a month.  And what do you know?  YIPPEE!!!  Less hair fall during my showers!!!  HORRAY FOR BEE CHOO!!!

*sees mummy jumping for joy in the toilet*

I had always known that Asience was in the market for quite some time now, but I do not know why I never wanted to try it.  However, seeing how my mother keeps complaining of having to clear the gutter hole from my bunch of hairs, I decided to shop for one meant for oily scalp.  I cannot depend on Bee Choo forever!  What if they jack up their prices??  Or move out of Singapore??

I saw the description on the Asience shampoo & I decided to give it a go.

(click for a larger photo)


My Asience shampoo is almost finishing up & I am replenishing my supplies this weekend.  This shampoo works for me!  My hair doesn’t stick flat down onto my scalp anymore & even has a little bit of volume now.  At the end of the day, it still does get a tiny bit oily, but it is not as bad as before!

Also, from losing about 20 hairs everyday in the shower, it has definitely reduced to about 5 strands.  This statistic is provided by mummy.  She came up to me & told me how much hair I was losing in the shower.  I cannot believe she actually counted.  Either that, or she makes a damn good guess because right after she told me that I was losing 20 strands, I started to count them myself.  It was really about 20 each time I showered.  After Bee Choo & Asience combined, it reduced to 5 strands.

Yes, I’m still going to Bee Choo.  At least once in 2 months.  It is supposedly to promote healthy scalp using a blend of chinese herbs.  Each time I visit their outlet, there is such a lot of people.  Does this mean Bee Choo works?  *shrugs*… for me, it does help in its own little way.

*gets distracted*

Oh god it’s only Tuesday today.


The Face Shop: Raspberry Collagen Eye Patch

29 Aug

As we age, our eyelids start to sag.  Fine lines appear when we laugh (oh hell, my laugh lines are even there when I am not laughing).  Our skin starts to dry up, resulting in even more wrinkles & looser saggy skin.  Sad.

Like some wise one said, “Eyes are the windows to the soul”.

But what if our eyes look like we haven’t slept for days or what if they look lifeless???  What would that say about our souls???  :-\

So, off I go in search for the perfect (is there really such a thing as perfect?) remedy for tired eyes that are loosing their elasticity.

My sister’s friend then told me that she SWEARS BY this eye patch from The Face Shop which she first discovered in Korea.  She told me that she bought practically a whole luggage back because it was so much cheaper than getting them in Singapore & she was willing to SELL me some.  😐  Sell?  Can give or not?  *me the cheapskate fella*

I eventually bought 8 packets of eye patches from her because she said that to achieve optimum results, the Korean salesperson told her to use it at least 2 times a week for a continuous period of 4 weeks.

Sadly, the instructions are all in Korean.  How I wish that The Face Shop Korea can provide an English translation like their competitor – The Skin Food Korea!!!  I have absolutely no idea what it is trying to tell me.  See below photo:

Especially the cute little girl cartoon that they drew on the back of the packet.  See below photo:


What is it trying to tell me???

*ponders over the drawing for a while*

Ahh!!  *light bulb moment*

I think it’s trying to say, “look cute .  30-40 mins later, then put on collagen eye patches under the eyes.




Send help, please.

In the end, I managed to get my sister to contact her friend for some advise.

Her friend told me that the salesperson in Korea gave her some interesting tips as follows (and she couldn’t have provided these tips when my sister went to collect my eye patches from her???? I mean, I super appreciate it):

1)  There are 2 sides to the eye patch.  The gauze side & the jelly side.  So we’ll have to determine which is which first.  Of course, paste the jelly side to your eyes.

2)  Leave it under your eyes for 30 – 40mins.

3)  Remove.

4)  Throw away?????  NO.  The process is not done!  You may also make use of the eye patches for your laugh lines!!!  Don’t waste!!!  PASTE IT at the corner of your lips!!!

5)  Leave them on for another 10 – 15 mins.

6)  Remove.

7)  Ok… NOW you may throw the eye patches away.

I got to rave about the Raspberry Collagen Eye Patch from The Face Shop.  After finishing the eye patch supplies at the end of the 4-week testing, I am totally in love with this product now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally understand why my sister’s friend swears by this eye patch.  For the simple fact that it WORKS.

The skin around my eye area is no longer loose.  It is tighter.  My eyes look brighter (although I’m not too sure about how moisturizing the eye patch can be)!!!  Actually, I’m quite curious if this raspberry eye patch can get rid of dark circles as well because I do feel that it appears slightly lighter, but because the whole packet is written in Korea, I can never fully understand what purpose it is for except for the word COLLAGEN on the front of the packet.  Or maybe it is because my eyes don’t look that tired anymore, so they look brighter??  *shrugs*

Collagen = tighter = younger = fresher

*big love for collagen*

I tried to take before & after pictures of my eyes, but the difference doesn’t really show up on photos.  I mean, it is not cosmetic surgery that I had gone thru, right????  So the changes are not THAT drastic to be captured on film.

Besides, there are too many factors that contribute to an accurate photo (like lighting or the angle of the camera, etc).  And I am so not prepared to use the eye patch on only ONE side of my eye, then take a photo to compare both sides.  The sacrifice is way too big, man.

Using just the naked eye to examine myself in the mirror, there really is an improvement.  I totally approve of this eye patch!!!

You can get this in our local The Face Shop stores.  But I’m warning you, it doesn’t come cheap.  The last time I checked, they are selling this at $9.90 for 2 packets.  1 packet contains 1 pair of eye patch.  So, this means it costs $4.95 per packet for 1 time use.  It is actually more expensive than some of the mask sheets I got.  But I guess it is worth it.  That’s why I encourage you to use the eye patches for your laugh lines too.



Oh right, before I end this post, I give this a SUPER ULTRA BIG Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!!  =D

Why we like to spook ourselves during Hungry Ghost Month?

27 Aug

I am beginning to see a trend here.

During Chinese New Year, there is always some Jackie Chan movie or a Jack Neo movie.

For this Hungry Ghost Month, we have:

*shudders shudders*

A while ago, when I was at Golden Village Tampines Mall, the poster that I saw hypnotised me.  While my friends were buying popcorn, there is just something about this poster that beckons to me, “Berry… Berry… lai ah… guo lai ah**”.

**chinese-english translation: come over here


I was so fixated with this poster, mainly because it’s creepy & intriguing at the same time.  If you cannot see anything out of the ordinary with this dark shady poster, then you better go get your eyes checked.

Today, there was a review of the movie that is due to be released on 02 Sept.  Read it HERE.  It appears that the filmmakers have a blog as well (which you can find in the link).

I have to admit that during my younger & more fearless years, a group of my friends decided that it was super fun to visit the haunted places around Singapore.  There was the old Toa Payoh Hospital & some white house or red house on a hill, and that one other place with the 2 stone lions at the front of the abandoned gates, a couple of graveyards.  We have also gone into this old Changi Hospital as featured in the movie.

Nothing scary happened to us in the old Changi Hospital. *CHOY*

But I have to say that my first horror adventure was when Jon drove us to the old Toa Payoh Hospital, we all smelt something funny (and I’m not talking about funky smells like farts or body odor).  It was a sweet fragrance.  And stupid me, who was a newbie to all these religious dos & don’ts actually opened my mouth and said, “wah lau eh… one of you is overpowering me with your perfume sia“.

Everyone’s immediate response to that was a BIG LOUD…



So rude, right?


Apparently I’m not supposed to be pointing any smells out.

HOW I KNOW AH?????????  Nobody gave me a 101 Dummy’s guide to Do’s & Don’ts When You Visit A Haunted House!

In the old Toa Payoh hospital, it was visually kind of scary.  I think some devil worshippers have made some offerings there, drew some demon faces on the wall with red paint (or blood), white candles everywhere, no lighting (of course, what was I thinking), creeky doors & also that strange sweet fragrance which I should have shut up about.

Then there was that abandoned big grand house on a hill.  On another occasion, Jon got to drive his dad’s lorry so he trucked the whole lot of us sitting at the back of the lorry.  Again, feeling young & foolish dangerous, we wanted to get a cheap thrill again.  But even before we drove up that hill, this VERY HOSTILE dirty-looking skinny old Indian woman jumped out of NOWHERE & started to, “pehpliiiii kalikuna baplikanonaaa piplaaa” or something like that because all of us couldn’t understand what she was shouting to us.  She has a pair of transparent looking bulging eyes.  Her pupils did not look black, but more towards a lighter shade of bluish-grey.

Jon was so shocked that he immediately swerved the lorry around so sharply that we banged against the side of the lorry panels.  Still thanking our lucky stars that we did not fall over the panels & having to face the old indian lady alone.  I mean, getting injured is one thing but facing that old lady with the bulging eyes was a whole different issue.

Now that I think about it, I guess that old indian lady was just protecting some illegal immigrants who were sleeping in that abandoned building on the hill.  Or was there something more than meets the eye?  Hmmmm…

Another occasion, we went to the Bidadari Cemetery some time near midnight.  No lorry this time, Jon drove his dad’s car.  The gates to the cemetery were opened, so Jon decided to reverse into the cemetery instead of driving head first.  His logic was that if anything happened, we could make a quick getaway.  Good idea!

But as he was reversing, he suddenly said, “eh… how come the back window is so blur??  I can’t see anything“.

All of us turned around & noticed this mist or fog slowly but surely enveloping the entire car from the back.

I was seated at the back of the car & I looked out the side window nearest to me and saw how the water vapour was forming on the window.  It almost covered the entire side window when one of our friends seated in the front passenger seat told Jon to just drive off.

I told them it was just water vapour because there were a lot of trees in the cemetery.  But the friend who was seated in the front passenger seat said that he thought he saw a figure in the fog, that was why he told Jon to drive out.

*can feel the hairs standing on my body now*

m.. m… maybe it’s the caretaker???

That was actually the last time we visited haunted places again.

Also, now that we are older & probably wiser, we either outgrown cheap thrills or we decided not to put our noses where they don’t belong.

I still have so many real-life encounters of the unknown.  But I shall leave that to next time.  I don’t think it is healthy to scare yourself for a prolonged period of time.


W…w…. w… WHO’S THAT BEHIND YOU?!?!?!?!?!

just kidding.

or maybe not.


The Skin Food: Ginseng Wash-Off Mask

25 Aug

We have tried a lot of face masks in our lives, whether it is a mask sheet or a wash-off mask or a peel-off or even a heating mask.

But how many of us can say that the mask actually smells strongly of Ginseng???


There is this new range of Wash-Off masks at The Skin Food and the one we tested 2 times a week for a continuous period of 3 weeks is the Ginseng mask!!!

Click on any of the images to see a larger photo.

One of our human ‘test subjects’ had bought this from a local supplier who carries authentic Korea products & we are all eager to find out what the results are like!

As you can see, everything is written in Korean.  We were quite disappointed to see that the ingredient list is also written in Korean because we want to know what is in this mask.

But wait!!!

What is this flap at the bottom of the container that says, “Open Here”??

Not possible you scoop the mask out from THERE, right???

*itchy fingers pick at the flap*

Gosh!!!  The Skin Food Korea is kind & considerate enough to include English!!!  In fact, I think among all the Korean brands, The Skin Food is the only one who included an English version on both their website & products.  They deserve an award or something, man.

When you first open the container, it is the very strong Ginseng smell that hits you first.  This should mean that there are lots & lots of good stuff in this mask, right??  As you peek at the mask, it has an off yellowish-grey color & there are tiny bits of Ginseng powder evenly distributed in the gel-like mask.

Slapping on the mask is not a hassle at all.  I would think that it is most suitable for people on-the-go (or the impatient ones) who do not have much time to spend lying around in bed for 15-20 mins & waiting for the mask to set.

For this Ginseng mask, you first have to cleanse your face & massage it on.  Then leave it for only 5 mins & rinse off!!!  It is THAT fast & simple.  You can even do this in the shower.  How convenient & fuss-free!!!  The fact that you only need 5 mins must mean that the mask is jam-packed filled with delicious potent stuff that works FAST to create results, right?

I am quite tempted to know what this tastes like.

Will it… taste like… ginseng?????

*chickens out*

Anyway, you know what it did for my skin?

The thing that I am absolutely most satisfied with is that I managed to get a slightly dewy complexion at the end of the 3-week testing!!!

I used to have these wrinkly fine lines around my cheek & mouth areas because they were so dry & my complexion has always been tired-looking.  But after 3 weeks, I feel that my complexion does not look that lifeless anymore!  Even the fine lines are not that obvious when I laugh or smile!  =D

However, my T-zone (which was originally already oily) has gotten a little oilier than before, so I would suggest not to apply this too often on the T-zone area.  Maybe just once a week is sufficient.

Overall, I truly am impressed with how this mask works out for me & give it a Berry Mii stamp of approval.  =D

I’m even thinking of trying out the other masks under this range!!!


Kiehl’s Contest!!!

25 Aug

Kiehl’s is starting to catch our attention after one of our bloggers at Berry Mii saw an article on the Midnight Recovery Concentrate!!!

They have a US website HERE on all the product ranges that they carry.

Upon further research on the internet, we found out that Kiehl’s have a Singapore blog HERE.

And RIGHT NOW, they are having a “Spot-The-Difference” contest!!!

Stand to win 1 x Midnight Recovery Concentrate (worth S$90)!!!  We actually tried to play this (because we so badly want to win that Midnight Recovery Concentrate but is too poor to buy it) but got stuck at the leafy photo at the Week 3 contest.  :- \  URG!!!!!  FRUSTRATED x10000000000000000!!!

The Week 4 contest is open NOW… by this week.

Can you manage to pass through all the stages.  Click HERE to play in this contest!!!  It is totally free & you even stand a chance to win!!!  QUICK GO & PLAY!!!  If you happen to win that Midnight Recovery Concentrate, please please please please please let us know what you think of the product after using it!!!!  We are SOOOOOOOOOOO interested in that!!! Simply because it is using 99.8% natural ingredients & is paraben-free!!!

We also have our eyes on 1 of their body lotion & eye cream.

Have you tried any of Kiehl’s products??

Nature’s Farm: Pycnogenol

24 Aug

As I walked past the Nature’s Farm outlet, I saw that there are certain items on offer & wanted to take a look at some of their Organic skincare products.  Well, you know me.  Health somehow is associated with organic stuff.

The sales assistant then strongly recommended several of the Pycnogenol products to me (probably because she saw that my lip area is heavily infected with cold sores, and it still is).

:-*/  <– remember this symbol?

Anyway, the sales assistant said that Pycnogenol is one of their FAST-SELLING product.

*doubtful*… if it’s fast-selling, it would mean that it is super good, right?  Then how come I never heard of it?  So I picked up a bottle & saw that it costs a friggin $323.  (-_-)  okay, now that explains why I never heard of it.  So high-end, one…

Of course, the one that I looked at was of a stronger dosage as shown below.  They have a variety of Pycnogenol with different dosages & different quantity in a box (even for kids!!!  how considerate!), so you can pick the one that suits you best.

(click for a larger photo)

Pycnogenol RX GOLD Super Strength.

90 Tablets in one bottle.

Each tablet contains a dosage of 150mg of great formidable powers.

Which translates to about $3.60 per tablet.

*high-pitched*… WHAT????????????????????

You know what I can do with $3.60????  I can do a lot of enjoyable things instead of popping a tablet in my mouth & gulping down a mouthful of water within 2 seconds.  Lots of things like:

1)      a plate of delicious chicken rice

2)      1 or 2 face mask sheets

3)      a medium hot cup of San Francisco coffee

4)      a few donuts from Donut Factory

5)      1 nail polish from The Face Shop

6)      1 MacDonald burger

7)      at least 2 Stabilo / Pilot writing pens

8)      ½ of a movie ticket on a weekday

9)      1 round trip of MRT from my home to Suntec & back again

10)    I’m sure some items from IKEA

I decided to do some research first, so I went back to my office to find out more about this… … Pycnogenol.

It appears that Pycnogenol is FAMOUS!!!  It has been researched on dunno how many countless times!!!  And even got various international patents!!!  According to the testimonials, results can be seen between 1-3 months!!!  ZUN BO (english translation: sure or not)??????

There are lots of websites containing information about this Pycnogenol.  Apparently it is made from some kind of French maritime pine bark extract (whatever that is) & this can aid the body in many ways, just to name a few common ones:

1)      Powerful Antioxident

2)      Skin Health

3)      Eye Health

4)      Women’s Heath

5)      Many more other benefits, for even heart & cardiovascular, etc

Just read it HERE on the Nature Farm’s website because it sounds so much more impressive.  Even has testimonials from people who has taken the Pycnogenol for a period of time.

Ok, I am convinced.


But wait… SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!  Nature Farm is having a promotion on Pycnogenol too!!!  Instead of paying 1 bottle for $323, we get to have 2 bottles for $333.  Damn worth it, right??  It’s like buy 1 for 1 free.

This promotion period is till end of August 2010.  Honestly, I don’t know if this applies to Nature’s Farm islandwide, but I do know that the one in Suntec has this promotion.  There are also other items on promo as well.

STOP!!!  If there is such a great promotion on products, doesn’t that mean that the expiry date is nearing????

Nope.  These are BRAND NEW stocks.  Expiry Date in year 2013.  EXCELLENT PERFECT!!!

Hey, there is also some kind of promotion going on at The Body Shop till end of August 2010 too!!!  Read about it HERE.

What’s so special about August?  Can somebody explain to me?

Did Christmas come early this year????????

My love for health is to the point of freakish, I tell you.  So I was thinking that it was worth a try, given the benefits mentioned.  So, I decided to plurge on it.

Anyway now they have a promotion offer, right?  So why not?  Buy 1 get 1 free, so now 1 tablet becomes $1.85 and not $3.60 per tablet.

$1.85 per tablet I can still accept.  *nods in approval*

I just started taking the Pycnogenol on 16 August 2010.  Today is 23 August & for now, I do feel that my bowel system seems healthier.  Usually I only manage to poop once in a few days or sometimes once in a week (I KNOW IT’S SUPER UNHEALTHY, but the doctor once told me that some ppl experience constant constipation), but after 1 week of taking the Pycnogenol, I get to poop every single day!  =D  But is it really the Pycnogenol at work???

Let me give you an update 1 month later.

See what kind of benefits will take place in my body.


Andrea Fonseka & the Fairy-Tale Wedding

24 Aug

Is it only me or does the above photo send fuzzy wuzzy feelings all over you too?????????

You can totally feel that their love is new & fresh & vibrant & strong!!!  Either that, or they have got themselves a damn good photographer.

So Little Miss Andrea Fonseka is married in KL with her lawyer boyfriend of 2 years, having that romantic fairy tale wedding that all ladies dream of.  And I must say that that husband of hers is C-U-T-E!!!  See below picture.

Berry Mii thinks to herself, "is it me or does Andrea look a
little like a Chinese-version of Kumar in the above picture??"


Isn’t he ADORABLE?!?!?!?

Little Miss Fonseka is pretty pretty herself!!!  But honestly, if it wasn’t for her soft skin & womanly curves, I would think that she looks a little drag queen’ish.  Even so, she’ll make a mighty chio drag queen.

I watched this one episode of America’s Next Top Model.  Maybe it was Season 10 or something with this young mother called Dominique.  Throughout the season, she was called a drag queen because her features are so strong.  Then Tyra said at one judging that she herself has a face that can take a lot of make-up & sometimes the makeup artists can get overly enthusiastic with the make up & go, “oh Tyra *applies makeup*… you look so fine, Tyra… *applies on more makeup*”.  But Tyra taught Dominique to soften her looks, so she can work the heavy makeup & strong features.  Ok sorry, I was just digressing.  I think I was trying to make a point that even Tyra has her drag’gish moments, so there is still hope for all of us mere mortals!!!  I LOVE ANTM!!!

Love the red dress because it fits her perfectly!!!  And when I have my own wedding someday, I would want my hair to be styled like Andrea Fonseka’s – natural & flowy, not that stiff up-do because I think those kind of styles are too 80s & would look a little auntie’ish.  I would prefer a loosely tied-up bun or pony-tail with poofy soft hair on the top & a little natural curl at all the right places.  Must remember to tell the hairstylist not to go crazy with the hair spray.

IS THIS DANCING POSE AMAZING OR WHAT?!?!?!?!?!??!  Was it posed or did they really dance & the photographer caught that moment????????????  Shit.  I want him (or her, but I’m guessing the photographer is probably a Him) to take alllllllllllllllllll my photos!!!

Last photo.

Can we all say this together?


Berry Mii wants that wedding too (different groom, of course).
p.s – I dunno if it’s just my computer, but does some of the photos above look distorted to you too???

Vichy: Hydra-Perfecting Toner

23 Aug

Among all the toners that I have tried, the Vichy toner is definitely my favorite.

*pastes gold stars all over the bottle*

Sorry, I couldn’t post up my own photo becuz the bottle was so translucent & it was so hard to get a clear photo.  The above is taken from the Vichy website HERE.

Maybe it’s something about the fresh light medical scent that attracted me?  I don’t know why but I seem to feel that it makes me feel clean.  Of course it’s not the hospital kind of medicine scent.  It’s more fresh & light.  HARD TO DESCRIBE.  Just go visit a local pharmacy store to sniff a tester or something.

My skin is sensitive & when I use certain products, it tends to give me these mosquito-like bumps that itches like hell.  Some of my friends also experience this when they use products that are too harsh or when it contains certain ingredients.

My mum saw all these red rashes around my face & gave me a ½ used bottle of Vichy toner that she was using.  I was desperate, so I took it home & eventually, fell in love with it.

Mummy, you are a life-saver.  *big hugs*

This toner not only makes me feel like it has thoroughly cleansed my face, it also left me feeling hydrated but not oily.  It could be the combination of their thermal spa water + some kind of shea butter extract (as read from their ingredient list).

The best part?  It’s alcohol-free!!!!!!

This Vichy toner has also been tested on sensitive skin & is under dermatological control.

All these advantages are screaming USE ME USE ME USE ME SLAP ME ON YOUR FACE!!!!!!

You know what I learnt?  I learnt that if you want to tighten those pores, you can soak a cotton wool with toner & paste it on areas of your face (like the forehead or the nose or cheeks or chin).  Leave it for 10mins then remove the cotton wool.  No rinsing required.  You can then follow-up with your moisturizer & pimple cream or eye cream.  😉

I totally give this a Berry Mii stamp of approval!!!  My mom would too.

Have you tried the Vichy:  Hydra-Perfecting Toner?

Any other toners to recommend for sensitive skin???

I Want The Perfect Camera

20 Aug

Is there even such a thing as the perfect camera?

Why must I be faced with so many choices.  My friends already know how indecisive I am.  And if they give me more than 1 choice, I start to blank out.  The conversation will always go in the same direction:


Friend – so what do you want to eat?

BerryMii – i dunno.

Friend – then where do you want to go?

BerryMii – anything.

Friend – what about chicken rice at Kim San Leng?

BerryMii – dun wan lah.

Friend – then you still say anything?!

BerryMii – then ok lah ok lah.

Friend – you wan to eat chicken rice or not???

BerryMii – ok lor. anything.

Friend – or you wan to eat fast food or pastamania?

BerryMii – *silence for a long time, pondering over her choices*

Friend – shit man, gave her too many choices, now she got big problem deciding.  Then we go & eat chicken rice.

BerryMii – but i feel like Italian today.

Friend – then pastamania lor.

BerryMii – i think dun wan lah, chicken rice lor.

Friend – ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *stabs himself in the heart*..

BerryMii – why? what did I do?


Anyway, I kind of like the new MFT (Micro-Four Thirds) camera by Olympus E-P1.  Read more HERE.


Did you see the red one????????  SO CHIO, RIGHT??????????????????  Actually there is another color that I love & is in that weblink to Olympus, it is the silver body with the beige side handle.  Isn’t it vintage???  I love vintage.

I know everyone thinks that I’m going to buy a product the second it comes in a color that I like again.  Just like what I did with my current mobile phone – Sony Ericsson Satio.  There were tons of news about SE closing down or that their mobile phones are not as competitive or software not as good as whatever blah blah blah or why dun get the iPhone instead.  But you know what?  WHO THE HELL CARES when SE can design the most super chio hp with a 12.1 megapixel camera???????????

wahhhh… chiooooooooooooooo…. Who can resist this?????  TELL ME!!!  WHO CAN RESIST?!?!?!?!

It was sitting in a store behind glass display.  I walked past & was blinded by this shiny redness.  Immediately, I ran into the store & drooled at it for a good 5mins.  Wondering should I get it or should I not???  I just bought the SE 905… or was it the SE 910i.  errrmmm… well… I can’t remember.  I bought too many hps.  But I think you know by now that I’m a Sony Ericsson fan.  Previously I bought Nokia mobile phones, but then SE came out with so many pretty ones.  So………. yeah.  I bought it anyway.  Without contract.  So you can imagine how much I paid for it.


So yeah.  In order not to buy on impulse, I did some research on some of the digital cameras in the market.  And the Olympus E-PL1 was one of them, but then I found out that a newer model is launched just 5 months after the E-PL1.  Introducing the new & improved (how can it be new AND improved? It is either new OR improved) Olympus E-PL2!!!

But it only comes in black.

So boring one.

I looked around some more.  And there is the Sony Nex-7 that is yet to be out in the market???  It has a shimmering silver!  Or maybe it’s just the photo effect.  You know how some food photos look so good, but when you order it, the veggies are placed in an untidy manner & the meat somehow dun look as big & juicy.

See below for the upcoming model: Sony Nex-7.

It has such a slim skinny body like mine.  Stop calling me Pai Gu Jin (chinese-english translation: Skeleton Spirit).  *credit Christina Aguilera-Beautiful* I am beautiful, no matter what they say.  Words can’t bring me down.  So don’t you bring me down today.

Love that song & music video.

Digressing a bit.  Just saw the movie trailers for Grown Up starring Adam Sandler.  It’s so funny at the pool part where the little girl screamed & the water turned dark blue becuz the grown ups peed in the pool & everybody ran away!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!  I’m going to watch it.  Adam Sandler has always been one of my favorite comedian idols, even though he did that one boring sleeper movie called Punch Drunk Love.  But to me, he is still ONE DA FU ONE DA FU~~~~~~~~~

Last camera that caught my interest is the Canon PowerShot G11.  Read more HERE.

Or or.. maybe the Canon 550D??  Even though it’s gigantour.  Read the specs HERE.

I think everyone knows by now that I know nuts about cameras.  I read up on the specifications of each one, but it’s really too much to absorb.  Seriously need professional good help.

Why can’t good digi-cameras come in chio-red or pink, small & light-weight, excellent megapixels with image stabilizer, a huge variety of photo effects, CHEAP, user-friendly, with a flippy view screen so that you can take self-portraits with ease.


I love taking pictures everywhere I go.  Right now, I’m just surviving on my pretty SE Satio.  Surprisingly convenient & reasonably good photos.  But I want a proper camera that is easy to carry around & not the bulky DSLR kind.  And hopefully I won’t change my mind after buying it.

All these camera studying is making me sleepy.  I’m going to dream about the perfect camera now.  I really want one NAO NAO NAOOOOO~~~~~~~

Btw, the Starhub Football Channel is showing women’s football now  (Sunday 15 august wee morning at 0143 hrs).  FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup 2010.  Germany & Nigeria.  These women footballers are just as rough as the men.  I love it.  One of the Nigerians is called Sunday and… …. OH SHIT!!! GERMANY JUST SCORED in the 8th minute by Popp!!!!!  And now all the German players gather together on the field & did some lame cheesy cheerleading dance for the fans.  😐   … *speechless*… I…. really dunno what to say about that.  😐   ok, I think I do now.  I would like to see the men footballers pull an All-The-Single-Ladies on the field after a goal, just like in that one Glee episode.


What was I saying about Sunday earlier??

I cannot recall already.  Oh well.

Simply Red Concert + other gay videos

19 Aug

I was on Facebook when a guy friend of mine (let’s just call him Dunny) told me that there is a Simply Red Concert coming up in September.  He said that it is going to sound gay but he is going to a Simply Red concert no matter what, but it is not as gay as Boy George.  Then he sends me this youtube clip on a song called Stars.

If the video doesn’t show up properly, click the direct link HERE.

I didn’t know how gay it was but the first 5 seconds of the music video already confirmed it.

And I dunno if you realized by there is some kind of red lettuce stuck in his teeth throughout the video. I told Dunny that & he told me that I should have just looked the other way. But I still think that Simply Red should have fired his music video producer.

Then at around 2:29 into the video, Simply Red shakes his dreadlocks in the most ultimate gay-unsexy way.

And at 3:00, there was a pair of lips in the sky. Just the lips. But Dunny said that the term is called psychedelic. Really?? A pair of lips in the sky is psychedelic?  Okay, if you say so.

Dunny then persuades me to view a 2nd video.

Again, if the damn video doesn’t show up properly, the direct link is HERE.

All I can say is… … … Dunny, you are a serious closet drag queen.

Then he proceeds to send me this classic.  OMG.  FINALLY.  something that is gay, but sounds great.  Actually isn’t this the Gatsby commercial song?!?!?!?!??!?!?!  I didn’t know that it was sung by black men in falsetto voices!!!!!!!  Quite lovely!!!!

Yet again, the direct link is HERE.  I dunno why sometimes the youtube videos dun show up properly on my page.  =(  I’m so not IT savvy.

And and… the lead singer looks like my History teacher in secondary school.  Mr Ramachandran!!!  I didn’t know you sang for The Stylistics!!!  You rock, man!!!  If you sang like that in your classes, I would have paid more attention to you!!!

Dunny knows I have great stirring feelings for Takuya Kimura, so he sent me this youtube video on a Gatsby commercial & labelled it gay, but don’t guys get it by now?????  Whatever Kimura does is NOT gay, it’s just good ole sexiness!  WATCH WATCH!!! omg.  Halt, my racing heart!!

Direct link to KIMURA is HERE.

OMG, KIMURA!!! *squeals in pillow*… you definitely same sexy as Adam Lambert!!!!!!  Me love you long time!!!

*repeats Kimura Gatsby video for another 17 times*

By the way, do you realize that those self-proclaimed gay people are usually the more talented ones??  Just look at Adam Lambert, Ellen Degeneres, Boy George, Elton John… just to name a few.  They are just more interesting (Adam Lambert), funnier (Ellen D) & seemingly nicer… not to mention, sexier (Adam Lambert).  Maybe we should all be free from inhibitions too.

Abrupt end of blog post.

Berry Mii