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The weekend that went horribly wrong =(

9 Sep

Dear Diary

I finally feel better & less traumatized from last Saturday where I went on an outing make that, 2 outings on the same day.  I am ready to talk about it now.

In the early afternoon around 12pm, I met up with my ex-colleague to eat at Novena Square 2.  There is this DELICIOUS, I repeat, SINFULLY DELICIOUS place called Chicken Pot.  It’s on the 4th floor.

(click photo for larger image)

This next photo makes me salivate all over again!

(click photo for larger image)

God… did you see how steaming hot it is???  That brown sauce is oh-so-yummy!!!!  Especially the pot on the right where you can visibly see the steam emerging… *sniffffffffffff*… oh god, I can practically smell it now.

Although it is called Chicken Pot, but they actually serve 3 flavors – Chicken (duh), Beef (has a taste that is slightly too strong for me, but that’s because I don’t really fancy beef) & Spicy Prawn (kind of like your local prawn noodle, but the soup is thicker & spicy).  Personally I prefer the Chicken one because the meat is tender & somehow the sauce tastes nicer.

The name does not sound fantastic at all.  But I discovered this place by pure sense of smell.  I was taking the escalator down when I suddenly detected this fabulous smell!!!  *tummy immediately rumbled*… That was what led me to this place.  I smelt whatever they were cooking & I ate there & loved it ever since.

So naturally, when I had to decide on a place for the outing with my ex-colleagues, I chose to meet at Chicken Pot.  I was definitely hankering for some spicy chicken hot pot yummyomgwtfwhyisthissoyummy!!!

Before I left the house, I do not know what has gotten into me, but I actually spent 10 mins standing in front of my wardrobe thinking of what to wear.

After 10 mins of pondering, I dunno what in the world possessed me to chose a shaggy 3-quarters & worn out T-shirt with some old-looking Adidas slippers?!?!?!  When I saw how well my ex-colleagues dressed, I felt a little ashamed of myself.  I must not be in the right mind this morning.

After Chicken Pot, we went down to Old Town which is at ground level & I ordered some Blackcurrent Smoothie.  It was too sweet for my taste & did not quench my thirst.  In fact, it made me crave for water.  Water is still the ultimate thirst-quencher.

The worst thing was that we lost track of time because we had too many juicy gossips about other people.  Then I had to hurry hurry rush to Orchard to meet Mello.  But but but… I was supposed to go home to change into nicer clothes first!!!  Then again, I felt too lazy to do that, so I just took the MRT straight down to Somerset.

In the MRT, I had this overwhelming feeling that I simply MUST go on a mad rush to change my entire clothing.  Which girl in the right mind would walk around in Orchard in home-wear clothes???  I can NOT wear clothes that were only fit to go to the wet market!!!

313 Somerset shall save my lack of fashion sense that day.

YES!  I saw Miss Emily & I know that store sells all sorts of Korean/Japanese-inspired clothes.  They have another outlet at Tampines Mall.  Best of all, I know that their sizes will fit me perfectly because I have tons of clothes from them.

p.s – not easy to find clothes that fit my twiggy body…


Bought a flowery-looking dress @ about SGD$35.  Cheap, rightttttttttt???  The material is not bad too.  And I love the way Miss Emily makes the dresses with this elastic band thingy at the back of your waist, so that it makes you look like you have an hour-glass body (sort of).  You go, girl… whoever you are.  I bet her name is not even Emily.  See photo below:

Sigh… POINT those damn toes, Berry!!!  Why in the world did I forget to stand on tippy-toes when this photo was taken????  Tyra Banks always say that on America’s Next Top Model whenever commenting on the model’s photos.  It is Model 101 to POINT. YOUR. TOES.  You will look  more elegant… *floats like a butterfly to the toilet*…

And I dun care if I look like an amputee but nobody gets to fully look at my feet!!!  I have toes that are meant to be treated like a well-kept secret!!!  Tee Hee!

Also, have you noticed that nowadays old granny-type of floral prints are back in fashion???  It’s like… Granny prints are being made new again.  And… I LOVE THEM.  I have another dress that has an even higher ranking in Ah-Ma (translation: Granny) prints, but I still think it looks good.  hahahhaa… I will take a photo of it someday.

After the dress purchase, I ran over to Charles & Keith for some casual yet presentable sandals @ about SGD$30 (or was it $25??).

It looks painful to wear & like the bottom has no cushion for the soles of your feet.  When I first saw it, I thought that it would feel like I’m wearing hard wood.  However, the material is actually quite soft, but don’t expect it to be super cushion’y.  I didn’t get bruised wearing this for the 1st time though.

I like the gold buckle in front!  It has this bright clear gold & not the rusty faded kind.

After changing into the dress & sandals, I realized that there is another problem.

My dress does not come with pockets!!!


I had to dump my hp, money, credit cards & EZlink card into the shopping bags.  Now, I have to quickly search for a little pouch to carry around!

By this time, Mello called & said that he has reached 313 Somerset.  I told him of my situation & he brought me over to Orchard Central where there was this mini bazaar place.

How did this tall dark handsome guy managed to know about this mini bazaar that sells handcraft items & girlish clothes?  Is he gay?

No, he clarified that he had just parked his car at Orchard Central because it charged only $2 per entry after 6pm.  That is freakin cheap parking within the Orchard area!  I am so going to Orchard after 6pm now.

In less than 20 mins, I found the perfect cute little handmade pouch @ SGD$16.  =D

Isn’t it a little cutie??  It has the shape of a money bag.

You know, the kind where they put bank money in it?  See photo below:


The little pouch is so cute that it totally goes well with the kawaii-fashion that I see on the streets these days!  ACT CUTE GIRLS, now you know where to get pouches to make you look even more act cute!!!!!!!  REJOICE!!!!

The greatest thing about it was that the lady told me that this pouch is the one & only piece she made, so that makes me special now.


I even took a namecard & it read “Projects By Jane”.  She has a blog HERE.  And hey!  I found a nicer photo of my new pouch HERE!!!  It’s the 3rd photo from the top, just below the dragonfly zip pouch.  You can see other designs there as well.

I wonder if she can custom make some pouches according to the colors that I want.  Probably something with a shorter strap & smaller mouth opening.

Maybe I can request for her to make the outer layer bright sunny yellow with a red inner lining.  Hahahhaa.. so cheena (meaning: chinese old-fashioned style), but can match my Granny prints.

Or maybe dark purple on the outside, with a red inner lining.  Then paste those Swarovski crystals around the purple cloth.  EEEEEEEEEE YUCKS!!!  no wait… maybe not a bad idea.

Anyway, after getting the new clothing & pouch, I felt more Orchard-worthy now.  We headed down to Heeren basement to this Japanese buffet place.  Oh crap, I forgot the name.  But it is opposite MacDonalds & there is this fat Sumo wrestler with droppy tits statue in front of the restaurant.  I promise to go there again & take lots of photos.

Now I want to defend myself.  The reason why I did not take photos was because my stomach was starting to hurt really really bad.  I excused myself TWICE & left poor Mello eating alone.

Note:  Was it the Chicken Pot?  Too spicy, perhaps??  Or… inhygienic???

I…. …. … (there is no better way to say this)… … practically passed water out from you-know-where.  My stomach was hurting SOOOOO bad.  It cramped up every 5-10mins & when the pain came, I felt like puking.

I could not go on the rest of the night & Mello had to take me to the 24-hour clinic at Bishan Street 11.

Throughout the journey from Orchard to Bishan, Mello kept telling me not to lao4 sai4 (translation: diarrhea) in his car.  Hahahhaa… he kept joking & made me laugh with all this weird scenarios about how my diarrhea would go wrong in Orchard Road.  But too gross to mention here, so I’ll leave it up to your own imagination.

Note:  He probably started joking because he didn’t want me to feel bad for ruining the night??  We WERE supposed to watch The Expandables that night & tickets were already bought… =(

As the medical consultation was after 9pm, it costs a whopping total of SGD$62!!!!  WTF, right???????  Why are they making sick people pay that much????  Are we not allowed to be sick after 9pm?????  BLASPHEMY!!!  Taking advantage of the sick.

So yeah.  Last weekend, everything went wrong.

Wore the wet-market clothes even after deliberating for 10 mins in front of my wardrobe.

Went on a mad rush to give myself a last-min makeover to feel more Orchard-worthy.

After all that trouble, got food poisoning (according to 2 doctors, 1 seen on that very day & the other one on the following Monday) & did not enjoy the rest of the night.

Gave up 2 tickets to The Expandable which was bought online earlier in the day.

All in all, I spent about $200.

Still, I would not say that it was a waste.

At least I got myself some nice clothes & a cute little pouch.

I feel blessed that Mello has always been around & not bearing any grudges on me for ruining the outing.  Speaking of Mello, I think there were various occasions when we went out & I fell ill.

There was that one time when I felt faint at CityLink & I just HAD to have a packet of Tao3 Ni1 (soya bean drink).

There was that other time when I practically blacked out & Mello had to carry me back home in the middle of the night.  Daddy must have heard some commotion in the kitchen, so he came outto investigate.  Imagine the shock when he saw this big tall guy bending over his daughter in the dark.  HAHAHAHHAA!!!  Mello was just making sure I was ok as I sat on the floor to recover from the black out.

Still, Daddy’s expression was priceless.  He was practically like…

D:  s..s….s….. STRANGER DANGER!!!!!!!


The next morning, when I teased him about looking all shocked & dazed, Daddy still pretended to act tough & said that he was not shocked at all.  He even said that he was all ready to karate-chop Mello on the head if needed.  Hahahahaha!!!  Oh Daddy, you’re so funny.

*gets distracted*

The skin on my hands are soooooooooo dry.

Time to moisturize.

The End.


Weekends at Tampines Mall

1 Sep

I know it’s only Wednesday.  But I’m looking forward to my weekend already.  Are you looking forward to it too????

I am beginning to love Tampines Mall.

I never thought that it would be bustling with activities & so jam-packed with people!!!  I love the life & action that Tampines Mall has to offer, except for creatures below the age of 12 because that just has an OMG scary factor of 9/10 for me.

On 1 of my trips there, these 2 kids were screaming & yelling & fighting with each other over one of those kiddy rides.  And 1 kid pushed the other kid over the ride, which caused him to land on MY FOOT.  I almost ended his life by stomping on his little head, but I resisted.  Firstly, because I noticed that his gorilla-looking father was nearby & I could not tackle a size larger than me by 10 times.  Secondly, it was not worth getting my Adidas sandals dirtied with brain juice.  Sigh.  So, that left my little pinky toe throbbing in helpless irritation & there was nothing I can do about revenge.

It’s like someone inflicted pain on me but I cannot punch him back in the face because I feel like I will get a red card or something.  This is similar to footballers who get injured in rough tackles, but they still got to grit their teeth & bear with it.

I am telling you.  It is sheer agony.

I have a feeling that my future kids will be monsters.  It is going to be karma for me.  The more I hate kids, the worse their characters will be.  Oh Lord, I pray for my soul & migraines.


During my previous trips to Tampines Mall, I found a very interesting Korean-inspired clothing store called Miss Emily, if I’m not wrong, it is located either on the 2nd or 3rd storey.  The clothes fit my twiggy body nicely & the prices are affordable.  I bought like 3 tops & 1 flowery pink dress.  Best of all, they cost less than $100, but also because they were having a promotion at that time.

Gossip Time!!! You know what, I think in future I shall be brave & take a photo of the stores.  I actually held back doing that because there was once I was attempting to take a photo of this store in Bishan Junction 8 & the sales assistant RAN out and stopped me.  She was probably paranoid that I was trying to steal their clothing designs… *rolls eyes*… But then again, the lady boss of that store was acting all high & haughty when I shopped at their store a couple of times.  There was once when I asked for a new piece & she went into the storeroom but came out with the display piece & trying to pass it off as a new piece.  I knew it was the display piece because the same thread was loosened at the exact same spot on the shirt!!!  The argument that happened after that was another story.  Sigh.  Such dishonest sellers kill the trust with us consumers.  Anyway, that store has closed down & moved elsewhere, but I don’t know where.

Also, at Tampines Mall, I discovered they carry this brand – Elianto, which offers the Organic Infusion range that is free from paraben, chemical & fragrance.  Woooo… organic, right???  Organic is supposed to be healthy & safe & all kinds of lovely.  I have bought a cleanser & a face mask from this range.  I had bought a body lotion & some hand creams from another range.  I KNOW I’M BEING PSYCHOTIC WITH ALL THESE SKINCARE, but I cannot help feeling like I need to save my aging skin!!!  My reviews will be coming up pretty soon!!!  I have been using them for quite some time already.  You may take a look at Elianto’s website HERE.

Recently, Kiehl’s has opened on ground floor right beside Macdonalds!!!  They were holding a contest of Spot-The-Difference which I had recently posted up on my blogsite HERE.  I first read about them in Her World magazine on the Midnight Recovery Concentrate.

The product write-up was so good that I decided to visit their outlet.  I met this very cute girl called Janelle.  She provided lots of useful information about the various products, gave suggestions & recommended products that are suitable for my skin.  I was comfortable with her service as she was informative & not pushy.

The best part???  She gave me some samples without even me asking for them!!!  Well, ok, I only asked for a sample of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, but she gave me other samples as well.

(click photo for larger image)

Generous, hor?

I have been using all these samples for the past week or so.  They seem to last more than a week as the contents inside are quite generous!!!  It is really great that they are given out samples for consumers to test out first before deciding to get the real-size.  My reviews will be coming up pretty soon too!!!  This is so great that Kiehl’s is giving out samples because I have CRAZY sensitive skin & very prone to getting  eczema at the corner of my chin.

I was looking for a photo of what eczema would look like & found this photo from HERE.  See below:

What the hell???

It looks like this person put a vacuum cleaner over the mouth while it was switched on.


The only thing that feels like a pity is that Kiehl’s prices are REALLY REALLY… REALLY high & that is the only thing that deters me from getting their products.

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate alone costs like…. SGD$90.

A 15ml eye cream costs about SGD$50 or more.

Their facial packs cost about SGD$60 or more.

(this baby is soooo cute!! I got this photo over the internet, can’t trace the source though)

My friend in the US has been using their products for a long time & she has been satisfied ever since.  People in the US will of course get Kiehl’s at a more affordable price.  Lucky them.

I also did some internet research on its products & there were mixed reviews on almost all its products.  Same for me too, but I’ll leave my reviews to another day.

Oh oh… I WANT TO COMPLAIN!!!!  A shout-out to the Mango outlet at Tampines Mall.

I am VERY VERY VERY disappointed with Annie Lye.  She’s the auntie with the getai hairstyle.

I admit I am very particular about purchasing clothings.  I will prefer to have a new piece that hasn’t been tested by others.  God knows what kinds of armpit sweats are on the jacket or people picking their noses & wiping the sticky snot on the clothes, etc etc.

This auntie Annie told me that the jacket was a display set, since I really loved the jacket, I was ready to make an exception provided there were NO DEFECTS.  I examined it & found that the sewing was out of place on the front of the jacket.  When I pointed it out to her, you know what her response was???

She said, “Only this part, right?  The rest are still ok”, and then she pushed the jacket back to me over the counter.

Excuse me???

ONLY this part???

The friggin Mango jacket costs like SGD$99, okay???  What do you mean by ONLY this part???  Why should I pay 99 bucks for a defective jacket????  Other customers paid $99 for the same jacket with no defects.


Since there is a defect, you should at least ACKNOWLEDGE it & asked if I still wanted to accept it.  NOT push it back to me like it was nothing or like it costs 99 cents.

UGH.  Mango should probably send her over to “Can You Serve?”

On a last note, me & my friends got fixated with these teenagers playing some dancing arcade game where they do this stepping moves.

Sorry for being ‘uncool’, but do these dancing arcade machine games have a name???

These teens are SO GOOD that they did this 2-player round of game where they can even exchange places.  Don’t get what I mean?

The guy in pink was originally on the left as shown below:

Then as the music progressed, they step-danced & were required to cross over to the other person’s platforms.  So in the below photo shows the black-shirt guy on the left this time & the pink-shirt guy on the right:

I can’t believe that they managed to multi-task at cross over while step-dancing & looking at the screen & getting high sorry, HIGH is an UNDERstatement, should be INSANELY high combo hits of 400++!!!!!  The directional arrows on the screen were flashing so fast that I cannot even identify any shapes!!!  If I were to try this stage out with another friend, I think we will both end up in a twisted mess.


1,000,000,000 practise hours on the arcade???

Over SGD$100,000,000 spent on practising???

I am so impressed with these guys.  They put the cool in step-dancing arcades, while spending hundreds of dollars training for this thing.  If I was a parent, I would prefer my monster kids to spend their money on this arcade instead of throwing it all on alcoholic drinks.

This should be declared a sport & be included in YOG or the Olympics.

Isn’t Tampines Mall eventful???