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The Rabbit Saga Continues…

13 May

The new bunny is settling in very quickly.  He eats well (in fact, he’s gonna eat a hole thru my pockets!), he loves running around on the cool living room floor whenever I let him out of his cage, he is drinking plenty of water… … … but the horrible thing is that he is starting to hump my old bunny too.  They’re both taking turns humping each other.


My friend calls them Gaybbits.  LOL.

I’ve got 2 Gaybbits now.  Damn these gay rabbits.  What’s wrong with them.  Don’t they know they are both of the same sex?????

I have a lot of their humping actions recorded on my iPhone.

*looks at the 2 bunnies with much disapproval*

*waves my iPhone 4G angrily at them*… HUMP EACH OTHER ONE MORE TIME & I’M GOING TO POST THE VIDEOS UP ON YOUTUBE, YOU HEAR ME???!!!!… *continues threatening them w the iPhone*… YOU HEAR ME?!?!?!?!

buay tahan sia… I cannot take it anymore.

And just when you think that it couldn’t get any worse, they have started to pee on each other.

(-_-“)  <— sweat

As if that is not enough, they seem to like the “golden showers”.

(-_-“”)  <– double sweat

It’s like Gaybbit 1 jumps over Gaybbit 2.  And while he’s jumping over, he shakes his furry arse & sprinkles pee on the poor Gaybbit 2.

Then Gaybbit 2 takes a looooooooooooooooooong good sniff at the pee.  *looks at gaybbit*…. WHAT IS SO INTERESTING WITH PEE?!?!  HUH???  YOU TELL ME!  YOU TELL ME!!!  STOP DOING THAT!

Oh my god.

When life was only with 1 rabbit, I never knew there could be so many sides to a rabbit.  I only thought they eat, sleep, laze around, ask for attention by nudging your hand to stroke them, follow you around like a cute little puppy dog, occasionally tries to hump your hand, etc.

BUT NOW that I have 2 rabbits… … … there are so many other sides that I have never seen.

Gaybbit 1 now knows how to thump his hind legs continuously when he sees me petting Gaybbit 2.  I take it that he is jealous & wants attention on him.

Gaybbit 2 rubs his chin all over my hand because he knows that it will drive Gaybbit 1 crazy from the scent he left on me.

Gaybbit 1 & 2 humps each other in the head & butt.  I know that this is to demonstrate dominance, but… … still very disturbing to watch.

And what’s up with the golden showers????


I read that it’s better to neuter the rabbits so that it will take a load off their sexual frustrations & territorial instincts… but… … isn’t chopping off their balls a little…. … sad?

And and… what if it changes their characters???  Now both of them are so lively & sweet & adoring… … what if after neutering, they become depressed or lifeless or something.  Despite all the humping & the ‘golden showers’, these 2 bunnies seem to be getting along.  They lie beside each other, they groom each other, no fighting no hard biting… … i dunno, man… … … as long as they’re not hurting each other, should be fine, right??

I’m bringing them to the vet in 2 weeks’ time for a medical check-up.  I’ll enquire more about balls-chopping on that day.