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Haley Reinhart from American Idol Season 10

14 Apr

This season of AI 2011, I am really rooting for Haley Reinhart.

So wat if my eyes are too close together?


Yeah!  So wat if her eyes are too close together?

I think her looks grow slowly but surely on me. 

And her voice is appealing.

Plus, who in the world can make yodeling & growling sound cool??? 

Go youtube & search for these few songs that she sang on AI

Haley Reinhart Blue
Haley Reinhart Bennie and The Jets
Haley Reinhart You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me

Ok, the last one will sound a bit sleazy……. but I like sleazy.  LOL


p.s – me  ❤   you in super hot red lipstick


The Gossips on Cosmetic Surgery

5 Nov

Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind,
hey Mickey (huff huff), hey Mickey (huff huff)

Oh Mickey, what a pity you don’t understand
You take me by the heart when you take me by the hand
Oh Mickey, you’re so pretty, can’t you understand

Did you read xinmsn yesterday???  Missed it?  See it HERE.  12 pages of juicy celebrity gossips & their ‘makeovers’.  I LOVE IT!!!

They have Before & After photos of Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin, Elva Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Huang Xiaoming & others!  They were all common faces until cosmetic surgery made them fabulous.

Of course most of them denied have any work done.  Only Elva Hsiao admitted to the double eyelid surgery (you go, girl).  A few of them denied then admitted.

She was one of those who denied then admitted to have eyelid surgery done on her right eye.  Only the right eye???  Are you sure?  She denied having a boob job though.

Jolin Jolin, I thought she looked rather cute & immature in her Before photo.  She denied having a boob job, along with cheek, lips & nose jobs.  But she did say that her boobs grew after she binged on pig trotters & beef tendons.  Well, if an A cup can grow into a C cup by just eating that, I can foresee a lot of little girls growing very very fat instead.

Takeshi Kaneshiro!  That solves the mystery.  I never had a thing for him (or paid any attention to him) until he starred in House of Flying Daggers with Andy Lau & Zhang Ziyi.  I thought he looked extra charming & manly in that movie.  Now, I feel like watching that movie again.

Is cosmetic surgery really that big a deal?  Koreans are doing it all the time & they are proud to flaunt it.  I heard that Boa had to zhng (modify) herself at least one time before each release of an album.  She even had 2 of her ribcages removed in order to look taller (didn’t understand this one, because wouldn’t that make her waist extra extra long??).  Every single member of SNSD turned to cosmetic surgery as well.

If I had gone for double eyelid surgery, I would tell.  Actually even if I do not want to tell anyone, others would be able to see the difference if I go from single to double.  So why deny?  Now that I think about it, I have considered getting double eyelids for the longest time.  I will probably opt for the stitching kind & if I really like my new look, then I will consider the more permanent eyelid surgery.  If it makes me look better, then why not.

But I’m wondering if I would say anything if I went for a more intimate surgery… like a boob job.  I think that would be a little too private though.  What if I revealed the news & everyone suddenly pays more attention to my chest?  Or everybody’s topic at the pantry will be able how I got my fake boobs.  Or each time I start a conversation about cats dying from curiousity, they would abruptly ask me questions about my boob surgery & ignore the fact that I wanted to talk about the death of a cat.  I think in our conservative country, others cannot keep an open mind.  It is not like Korea or Hollywood where everyone is going to have work done on themselves.

This reminds me of an episode of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11.

There was this one asian hot sexy mama called Sheena.  And Paulina Porizkova bluntly asked her at judging if her boobs are fake because it looked very plastic.  Sheena might have been surprised by the sudden question, so I guess her 1st instinct was to deny it.  But at the end of the judging, when Tyra Banks told them to go back to the waiting room while the judges deliberate over the results, Sheena suddenly stepped forward & confessed that she did get a boob job when she was younger.  And before she can go on about how much she regrets it & apologizes for her denial earlier, Tyra Banks kindly stopped her halfway & told her that she admired her bravery for stepping out & admitting this, but it is not a concern at ANTM as long as she can model.  I think Tyra knew that Sheena was embarrassed & she did not want to prolong Sheena’s misery by letting her continue to explain herself in front of national TV.  Sigh.  I love Tyra Banks.

Ok that was a little bit out of topic.  But I think Tyra is admirable for she has not been corrupted by the modelling industry & still managed to remain compassionate & all sorts of wonderful.

Would I get cosmetic surgery done?  I know that if the need arises, I will.  I am getting old.  Young girls are rubbing their youth in my face all the time.  If it makes me look & feel better about myself, why not?   The 1st thing I might want to get is a pair of big bright sparkling eyes.

Johnny Deep, £40,000 & the 500 crew

19 Oct

He spent £40,000 on waterproof hiking coats for the 500 crew of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

To protect them from the icy cold weather in Buckinghamshire, England.

I wish I was one of them crew  members.  Read the full article HERE.

I have been a fan of most of Johnny Depp’s movies.  The very 1st one that captured my attention was Edward Scissorhands back in 1990.  And I must have watched that movie like… … oh not much… … 100 times???????

Edward: omg!  I see rust!


Is it because of his crazy uncombed hair that is badly in need of a Loreal treatment?

Or that dazed psychotic eyes that suffers from severe dark eye circles?


I also like the musical Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  It started out with me staring at the TV screen like this     (O_O) WTH is this?????    to attempting to sing along with the dark music.  Some of the tunes are actually quite catchy.

Of course, everyone’s favorite character must have been Captain Jack Sparrow.

If I were as rich as Johnny Depp, would I have done the same for the crew?  Never in a million  years would the thought of waterproof hiking coats come across my mind.

… … sounds so… … … … … … unthoughtful of me.


I will attempt to be a better person in my New Year’s Resolution 2011.

That is why it is good for me (and the rest of the unthoughtful people of the world) to read articles of kindness like this Johnny Depp one.  He is probably thankful for getting to where he is right now, which is rich & famous.  And he is giving back to the people who are indirectly or directly contributing to his success.

I am guessing that most of us do not even carry out random acts of kindness for our own immediate family, let alone strangers.  We just take & take & take whatever people give to us.

We should be thankful for the little things in life & give back to others.

So this weekend, I will start by bringing my Mummy out for dinner because she has relentlessly cooked delicious homecooked food for the spoilt brats in my family for the past 30+ years.

What would you be doing for your loved ones?  =)


11 Oct

Yesterday, my friend forwarded an sms to me on the special date – 10.10.10 & today, I read that 830 couples had gotten married yesterday.  See the link HERE.

The article from stated that a couple at 22 years old opted to get married underwater in their wedding attire.  Even the solemniser had to get wet.  I guess it would be something special.  And the couple should be very rich to be able to afford to damage their wedding attire for the event.  LOL.

But I wonder how is the solemniser going to conduct the ceremony underwater.  How will he speak?  Or did he hold up cards with writings like “will you take her as your lawful wedded wife” and then the groom will nod his head while blowing bubbles out of the breathing apparatus?

Another interesting fact is that most of the couples who have gotten married on the special date were Singaporeans who married foreigners or Singapore PRs.  I am guessing that it is because foreigners are… … more romantic?

Coincidently, the friend who forwarded the sms to me is Malaysian.  None of my Singaporean friends did the same.  Even for myself, I did not even realize the significance of 10.10.10 until I received the sms.

Even our Jacelyn Tay has tied the knot yesterday!  Jacelyn Tay has married!  Read the article HERE.

Oh Jacelyn, you so slim & pretty!!!  Me like!!!

I saw her in real life when she visited my ex-workplace & she looked so radiant.

I’m not kidding.

There are those fair girls & then there is Jacelyn Tay who shines.  It felt like the sun bounced off her skin.

If she were to stand in a crowd, your eyes will be drawn to her because she is so shiny!  She then told some of my colleagues about healthy eating & exercise.  So THAT is how she glows in that skin!

Jacelyn Tay’s wedding dress is FABULOUS!  But I can never carry a tube dress with my twiggy’ness, so I will not choose that for my own wedding.

Her husband looks decent.

I wish her all the best!

(^_^)  Tee hee!  (omg so childish)

Anyway, this makes me think about next year.  I am guessing that 11.11.11 would be special too.  Then the year after that will be 12.12.12 & there will also be a lot of wedding bells.

Actually the number 10.10.10 also holds a special memory for me in a different kind of way.

It made me recall an experience that my younger sister (Gigi) went through just last year.

She came home one day & told us that she met a very strange guy at Bishan Junction 8.

He approached her & asked her if she knew what was 10 + 10 + 10.  And Gigi replied that it was 30.

Then this strange guy said, “noooooooo… … … *raises up both his hands with all his 10 fingers outstretched*… … it is… … … TEN TEN TEN (he said this in a musical way)!!!

I thought it was extremely funny so I burst out laughing!

But then Gigi said that she was just thankful that he did not do a TEN TEN TEN on her boobs.  haha!!!

Well, although I did not realize in time that yesterday was special in time to do something special as well, but at least I went jogging for the 1st time in my life.  Tee hee!  I guess that counts for something special?  I was actually forced to go jogging because my boyfriend just bought new running shoes & invited me to go along.  I so regret.  My thighs & butt are aching so badly right now that I can hardly walk straight.

Can I ever bring myself to jog again?

Well, as I was attempting to half-jog half-walk yesterday late afternoon, it suddenly dawned upon me that I am absolutely weak.  I think I practically jogged 20 steps & decided that it was just too much for me.  So I brisk-walked most of the time. 

As I was discovering how weak my muscles are, I decided to exercise more often.

The reason?

Becauase if a bad person (like a robber or rapist or whatever) is to hurt me, I surely cannot fight him off with my twiggy arms.  But if I have enough stamina & speed, I can at least run away in lightning speed, right????????  It makes a lot of sense for me to start jogging.  If I cannot fight, then at least I can flee!


Funny Quotes on Plastic Surgery by Hollywood Stars

9 Oct

I found this one site on (Un)Graceful Aging by 10 Celebrities.

My favorite one definitely has to be from Sharon Stone who said, “Nobody loves me. I’m 103. My life would be better if I had better lips.


Oh god.  Now that is witty!

Read the rest HERE.  Just click on ‘next slide’ to see the rest of the celebrities & what they have to say.

Andrea Fonseka & the Fairy-Tale Wedding

24 Aug

Is it only me or does the above photo send fuzzy wuzzy feelings all over you too?????????

You can totally feel that their love is new & fresh & vibrant & strong!!!  Either that, or they have got themselves a damn good photographer.

So Little Miss Andrea Fonseka is married in KL with her lawyer boyfriend of 2 years, having that romantic fairy tale wedding that all ladies dream of.  And I must say that that husband of hers is C-U-T-E!!!  See below picture.

Berry Mii thinks to herself, "is it me or does Andrea look a
little like a Chinese-version of Kumar in the above picture??"


Isn’t he ADORABLE?!?!?!?

Little Miss Fonseka is pretty pretty herself!!!  But honestly, if it wasn’t for her soft skin & womanly curves, I would think that she looks a little drag queen’ish.  Even so, she’ll make a mighty chio drag queen.

I watched this one episode of America’s Next Top Model.  Maybe it was Season 10 or something with this young mother called Dominique.  Throughout the season, she was called a drag queen because her features are so strong.  Then Tyra said at one judging that she herself has a face that can take a lot of make-up & sometimes the makeup artists can get overly enthusiastic with the make up & go, “oh Tyra *applies makeup*… you look so fine, Tyra… *applies on more makeup*”.  But Tyra taught Dominique to soften her looks, so she can work the heavy makeup & strong features.  Ok sorry, I was just digressing.  I think I was trying to make a point that even Tyra has her drag’gish moments, so there is still hope for all of us mere mortals!!!  I LOVE ANTM!!!

Love the red dress because it fits her perfectly!!!  And when I have my own wedding someday, I would want my hair to be styled like Andrea Fonseka’s – natural & flowy, not that stiff up-do because I think those kind of styles are too 80s & would look a little auntie’ish.  I would prefer a loosely tied-up bun or pony-tail with poofy soft hair on the top & a little natural curl at all the right places.  Must remember to tell the hairstylist not to go crazy with the hair spray.

IS THIS DANCING POSE AMAZING OR WHAT?!?!?!?!?!??!  Was it posed or did they really dance & the photographer caught that moment????????????  Shit.  I want him (or her, but I’m guessing the photographer is probably a Him) to take alllllllllllllllllll my photos!!!

Last photo.

Can we all say this together?


Berry Mii wants that wedding too (different groom, of course).
p.s – I dunno if it’s just my computer, but does some of the photos above look distorted to you too???

Simply Red Concert + other gay videos

19 Aug

I was on Facebook when a guy friend of mine (let’s just call him Dunny) told me that there is a Simply Red Concert coming up in September.  He said that it is going to sound gay but he is going to a Simply Red concert no matter what, but it is not as gay as Boy George.  Then he sends me this youtube clip on a song called Stars.

If the video doesn’t show up properly, click the direct link HERE.

I didn’t know how gay it was but the first 5 seconds of the music video already confirmed it.

And I dunno if you realized by there is some kind of red lettuce stuck in his teeth throughout the video. I told Dunny that & he told me that I should have just looked the other way. But I still think that Simply Red should have fired his music video producer.

Then at around 2:29 into the video, Simply Red shakes his dreadlocks in the most ultimate gay-unsexy way.

And at 3:00, there was a pair of lips in the sky. Just the lips. But Dunny said that the term is called psychedelic. Really?? A pair of lips in the sky is psychedelic?  Okay, if you say so.

Dunny then persuades me to view a 2nd video.

Again, if the damn video doesn’t show up properly, the direct link is HERE.

All I can say is… … … Dunny, you are a serious closet drag queen.

Then he proceeds to send me this classic.  OMG.  FINALLY.  something that is gay, but sounds great.  Actually isn’t this the Gatsby commercial song?!?!?!?!??!?!?!  I didn’t know that it was sung by black men in falsetto voices!!!!!!!  Quite lovely!!!!

Yet again, the direct link is HERE.  I dunno why sometimes the youtube videos dun show up properly on my page.  =(  I’m so not IT savvy.

And and… the lead singer looks like my History teacher in secondary school.  Mr Ramachandran!!!  I didn’t know you sang for The Stylistics!!!  You rock, man!!!  If you sang like that in your classes, I would have paid more attention to you!!!

Dunny knows I have great stirring feelings for Takuya Kimura, so he sent me this youtube video on a Gatsby commercial & labelled it gay, but don’t guys get it by now?????  Whatever Kimura does is NOT gay, it’s just good ole sexiness!  WATCH WATCH!!! omg.  Halt, my racing heart!!

Direct link to KIMURA is HERE.

OMG, KIMURA!!! *squeals in pillow*… you definitely same sexy as Adam Lambert!!!!!!  Me love you long time!!!

*repeats Kimura Gatsby video for another 17 times*

By the way, do you realize that those self-proclaimed gay people are usually the more talented ones??  Just look at Adam Lambert, Ellen Degeneres, Boy George, Elton John… just to name a few.  They are just more interesting (Adam Lambert), funnier (Ellen D) & seemingly nicer… not to mention, sexier (Adam Lambert).  Maybe we should all be free from inhibitions too.

Abrupt end of blog post.

Berry Mii