11 Oct

Yesterday, my friend forwarded an sms to me on the special date – 10.10.10 & today, I read that 830 couples had gotten married yesterday.  See the link HERE.

The article from xin.msn.com stated that a couple at 22 years old opted to get married underwater in their wedding attire.  Even the solemniser had to get wet.  I guess it would be something special.  And the couple should be very rich to be able to afford to damage their wedding attire for the event.  LOL.

But I wonder how is the solemniser going to conduct the ceremony underwater.  How will he speak?  Or did he hold up cards with writings like “will you take her as your lawful wedded wife” and then the groom will nod his head while blowing bubbles out of the breathing apparatus?

Another interesting fact is that most of the couples who have gotten married on the special date were Singaporeans who married foreigners or Singapore PRs.  I am guessing that it is because foreigners are… … more romantic?

Coincidently, the friend who forwarded the sms to me is Malaysian.  None of my Singaporean friends did the same.  Even for myself, I did not even realize the significance of 10.10.10 until I received the sms.

Even our Jacelyn Tay has tied the knot yesterday!  Jacelyn Tay has married!  Read the article HERE.

Oh Jacelyn, you so slim & pretty!!!  Me like!!!

I saw her in real life when she visited my ex-workplace & she looked so radiant.

I’m not kidding.

There are those fair girls & then there is Jacelyn Tay who shines.  It felt like the sun bounced off her skin.

If she were to stand in a crowd, your eyes will be drawn to her because she is so shiny!  She then told some of my colleagues about healthy eating & exercise.  So THAT is how she glows in that skin!

Jacelyn Tay’s wedding dress is FABULOUS!  But I can never carry a tube dress with my twiggy’ness, so I will not choose that for my own wedding.

Her husband looks decent.

I wish her all the best!

(^_^)  Tee hee!  (omg so childish)

Anyway, this makes me think about next year.  I am guessing that 11.11.11 would be special too.  Then the year after that will be 12.12.12 & there will also be a lot of wedding bells.

Actually the number 10.10.10 also holds a special memory for me in a different kind of way.

It made me recall an experience that my younger sister (Gigi) went through just last year.

She came home one day & told us that she met a very strange guy at Bishan Junction 8.

He approached her & asked her if she knew what was 10 + 10 + 10.  And Gigi replied that it was 30.

Then this strange guy said, “noooooooo… … … *raises up both his hands with all his 10 fingers outstretched*… … it is… … … TEN TEN TEN (he said this in a musical way)!!!

I thought it was extremely funny so I burst out laughing!

But then Gigi said that she was just thankful that he did not do a TEN TEN TEN on her boobs.  haha!!!

Well, although I did not realize in time that yesterday was special in time to do something special as well, but at least I went jogging for the 1st time in my life.  Tee hee!  I guess that counts for something special?  I was actually forced to go jogging because my boyfriend just bought new running shoes & invited me to go along.  I so regret.  My thighs & butt are aching so badly right now that I can hardly walk straight.

Can I ever bring myself to jog again?

Well, as I was attempting to half-jog half-walk yesterday late afternoon, it suddenly dawned upon me that I am absolutely weak.  I think I practically jogged 20 steps & decided that it was just too much for me.  So I brisk-walked most of the time. 

As I was discovering how weak my muscles are, I decided to exercise more often.

The reason?

Becauase if a bad person (like a robber or rapist or whatever) is to hurt me, I surely cannot fight him off with my twiggy arms.  But if I have enough stamina & speed, I can at least run away in lightning speed, right????????  It makes a lot of sense for me to start jogging.  If I cannot fight, then at least I can flee!



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