Simply Red Concert + other gay videos

19 Aug

I was on Facebook when a guy friend of mine (let’s just call him Dunny) told me that there is a Simply Red Concert coming up in September.  He said that it is going to sound gay but he is going to a Simply Red concert no matter what, but it is not as gay as Boy George.  Then he sends me this youtube clip on a song called Stars.

If the video doesn’t show up properly, click the direct link HERE.

I didn’t know how gay it was but the first 5 seconds of the music video already confirmed it.

And I dunno if you realized by there is some kind of red lettuce stuck in his teeth throughout the video. I told Dunny that & he told me that I should have just looked the other way. But I still think that Simply Red should have fired his music video producer.

Then at around 2:29 into the video, Simply Red shakes his dreadlocks in the most ultimate gay-unsexy way.

And at 3:00, there was a pair of lips in the sky. Just the lips. But Dunny said that the term is called psychedelic. Really?? A pair of lips in the sky is psychedelic?  Okay, if you say so.

Dunny then persuades me to view a 2nd video.

Again, if the damn video doesn’t show up properly, the direct link is HERE.

All I can say is… … … Dunny, you are a serious closet drag queen.

Then he proceeds to send me this classic.  OMG.  FINALLY.  something that is gay, but sounds great.  Actually isn’t this the Gatsby commercial song?!?!?!?!??!?!?!  I didn’t know that it was sung by black men in falsetto voices!!!!!!!  Quite lovely!!!!

Yet again, the direct link is HERE.  I dunno why sometimes the youtube videos dun show up properly on my page.  =(  I’m so not IT savvy.

And and… the lead singer looks like my History teacher in secondary school.  Mr Ramachandran!!!  I didn’t know you sang for The Stylistics!!!  You rock, man!!!  If you sang like that in your classes, I would have paid more attention to you!!!

Dunny knows I have great stirring feelings for Takuya Kimura, so he sent me this youtube video on a Gatsby commercial & labelled it gay, but don’t guys get it by now?????  Whatever Kimura does is NOT gay, it’s just good ole sexiness!  WATCH WATCH!!! omg.  Halt, my racing heart!!

Direct link to KIMURA is HERE.

OMG, KIMURA!!! *squeals in pillow*… you definitely same sexy as Adam Lambert!!!!!!  Me love you long time!!!

*repeats Kimura Gatsby video for another 17 times*

By the way, do you realize that those self-proclaimed gay people are usually the more talented ones??  Just look at Adam Lambert, Ellen Degeneres, Boy George, Elton John… just to name a few.  They are just more interesting (Adam Lambert), funnier (Ellen D) & seemingly nicer… not to mention, sexier (Adam Lambert).  Maybe we should all be free from inhibitions too.

Abrupt end of blog post.

Berry Mii


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