Johnny Deep, £40,000 & the 500 crew

19 Oct

He spent £40,000 on waterproof hiking coats for the 500 crew of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.

To protect them from the icy cold weather in Buckinghamshire, England.

I wish I was one of them crew  members.  Read the full article HERE.

I have been a fan of most of Johnny Depp’s movies.  The very 1st one that captured my attention was Edward Scissorhands back in 1990.  And I must have watched that movie like… … oh not much… … 100 times???????

Edward: omg!  I see rust!


Is it because of his crazy uncombed hair that is badly in need of a Loreal treatment?

Or that dazed psychotic eyes that suffers from severe dark eye circles?


I also like the musical Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  It started out with me staring at the TV screen like this     (O_O) WTH is this?????    to attempting to sing along with the dark music.  Some of the tunes are actually quite catchy.

Of course, everyone’s favorite character must have been Captain Jack Sparrow.

If I were as rich as Johnny Depp, would I have done the same for the crew?  Never in a million  years would the thought of waterproof hiking coats come across my mind.

… … sounds so… … … … … … unthoughtful of me.


I will attempt to be a better person in my New Year’s Resolution 2011.

That is why it is good for me (and the rest of the unthoughtful people of the world) to read articles of kindness like this Johnny Depp one.  He is probably thankful for getting to where he is right now, which is rich & famous.  And he is giving back to the people who are indirectly or directly contributing to his success.

I am guessing that most of us do not even carry out random acts of kindness for our own immediate family, let alone strangers.  We just take & take & take whatever people give to us.

We should be thankful for the little things in life & give back to others.

So this weekend, I will start by bringing my Mummy out for dinner because she has relentlessly cooked delicious homecooked food for the spoilt brats in my family for the past 30+ years.

What would you be doing for your loved ones?  =)


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