Andrea Fonseka & the Fairy-Tale Wedding

24 Aug

Is it only me or does the above photo send fuzzy wuzzy feelings all over you too?????????

You can totally feel that their love is new & fresh & vibrant & strong!!!  Either that, or they have got themselves a damn good photographer.

So Little Miss Andrea Fonseka is married in KL with her lawyer boyfriend of 2 years, having that romantic fairy tale wedding that all ladies dream of.  And I must say that that husband of hers is C-U-T-E!!!  See below picture.

Berry Mii thinks to herself, "is it me or does Andrea look a
little like a Chinese-version of Kumar in the above picture??"


Isn’t he ADORABLE?!?!?!?

Little Miss Fonseka is pretty pretty herself!!!  But honestly, if it wasn’t for her soft skin & womanly curves, I would think that she looks a little drag queen’ish.  Even so, she’ll make a mighty chio drag queen.

I watched this one episode of America’s Next Top Model.  Maybe it was Season 10 or something with this young mother called Dominique.  Throughout the season, she was called a drag queen because her features are so strong.  Then Tyra said at one judging that she herself has a face that can take a lot of make-up & sometimes the makeup artists can get overly enthusiastic with the make up & go, “oh Tyra *applies makeup*… you look so fine, Tyra… *applies on more makeup*”.  But Tyra taught Dominique to soften her looks, so she can work the heavy makeup & strong features.  Ok sorry, I was just digressing.  I think I was trying to make a point that even Tyra has her drag’gish moments, so there is still hope for all of us mere mortals!!!  I LOVE ANTM!!!

Love the red dress because it fits her perfectly!!!  And when I have my own wedding someday, I would want my hair to be styled like Andrea Fonseka’s – natural & flowy, not that stiff up-do because I think those kind of styles are too 80s & would look a little auntie’ish.  I would prefer a loosely tied-up bun or pony-tail with poofy soft hair on the top & a little natural curl at all the right places.  Must remember to tell the hairstylist not to go crazy with the hair spray.

IS THIS DANCING POSE AMAZING OR WHAT?!?!?!?!?!??!  Was it posed or did they really dance & the photographer caught that moment????????????  Shit.  I want him (or her, but I’m guessing the photographer is probably a Him) to take alllllllllllllllllll my photos!!!

Last photo.

Can we all say this together?


Berry Mii wants that wedding too (different groom, of course).
p.s – I dunno if it’s just my computer, but does some of the photos above look distorted to you too???


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