HTC DESIRE Z – Launch in Singapore

8 Oct


Remember my quick peek on the HTC Desire Z in my previous blog post HERE?

I read in TODAYonline today (haha) that the smartphone will be launched in November!  HERE!  IN SINGAPORE!  Read the article HERE.

EXCITED’NESS TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, assuming that it will be launched on 01 November 2010, this means that I only have 23 more days to wait.  552 hours to sweat it out.  33,120 minutes living in anticipation.  1,987,200 seconds to watch the clock tick before I can *CHEONG AH to Singtel & get my twiggy fingers on that Qwerty slider.

*CHEONG AH is loosely translated from Hokkien to English as
'hurry' or 'rush' or 'dash'.


In the article, the suggested retail price for the Desire Z is SGD$868.  It costs about the same as my Sony Ericsson Satio when I first bought it.

I know a few friends will go like, “WHATTTTTTT?????  Why in the world would you spend SGD$868 on a mobile phone?  The money can be spent on other things!

It’s true.  I can buy a lot of organic skincare or a few bottles of supplements with SGD$868.

But can organic skincare allow you to reach your friends when you need to?

Can supplements give you magic abilities to log into WIFI with your brain waves & let you surf the internet?

I have to say that it is emotionally satisfying to hold a powerful gadget in my scrawny little hands, even if I do not know how to use it.

FEEL THE POWER~~~~~!!!!!!!


So what if I only know how to call people on my mobile phone, sms & take newbie photos with the built-in camera?  I can start learning how to log into WIFI & surf Facebook on my mobile while acting professional.

The Desire Z also has a 5.0 megapixel built-in camera, so I can still take newbie photos when I did not bring my Nex-5.  SMS’ing will be made easier for me because it has a physical Qwerty keyboard & I heard that it has adequate spacings between each key, so your tubby fingers will not hit 2 keys at the same time.

I can’t wait to own that smartphone.

Peace!  (^_-)v


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