Cruella De Vil & her Peanut Shells

13 Jan

I am feeling disturbed by a situation that happened a few days ago.

I feel like I have to blog it out & get it off my chest or something bad is going to happen.

In order to protect the identities of the persons involved, all names or events have been modified.

Jennifer Aniston went out to meet her friend, Johnny Depp.  They had a really great time during the day.  Later in the evening, they had to meet this other friend called… Cruella De Vil.

“i am as mean as it gets.  deal with it, sucka”



Now, Cruella has an inborn mean streak & can spew out venom words that cut you like a carving knife.  So why does Jennifer Aniston & Johnny Depp still want to be her friend?  Well, let’s just say they don’t have a choice.

Cruella can be nice & friendly at times.  But she likes to pick on Jennifer Aniston a lot by saying sarcastic things to her.  And she bullies Johnny Depp by ordering him around to do her errands even when he is tired & hungry.

But this day is a special day for all 3 of them.


Because something weird is about to happen.  It will be epic.

On this particular day, there was a house gathering at Cruella’s mansion.  And she invited some friends over.

Cruella de Vil was watching TV while deshelling & munching on some peanuts.  She threw all the peanut shells into a tiny plastic bag which was placed beside her.  How considerate, right?  Never anyhow throw the shells around the house.  But then again, it is her own house so she wouldn’t dirty it.

Then Jennifer & Johnny arrived.

The second they opened the house door, Cruella shouted, “EH JOHNNY… HELP ME TO THROW RUBBISH!!!!

Then she immediately grabbed the tiny plastic bag of peanut shells & she literally… *FLING*… it at Jennifer & Johnny.

The amazing part was… … she did not even BOTHER to turn around while flinging the bag.  She just tossed the bag over her shoulders while she continued staring at the TV.  Eyes GLUED to TV as she threw the rubbish over her shoulders, like this photo below:

Bah… who cares where the rubbish lands…




I thought only brides will do the flower tossing over their shoulders.

See which lucky lady catches the bouquet!  Weeeee!!! =D



Didn’t know this kind of tossing applies to garbage as well.

=\     <— disapproving look

Cruella did not give a damn where the bag landed.  She just tossed it over her shoulders & expected Johnny to pick it up from the floor & throw it away for her.

And since Jennifer & Johnny was caught off-guard by that sudden flinging, the bag of garbage hit Johnny’s leg & dropped on the ground.

Both stared at the bag of garbage for a split second.

Both felt like they were being treated worse than maids.  It was downright disrespectful.

Everyone else who was in the house at that time, just stood one corner & watched the commotion.  Must be either too shocked to react or they pretended that they did not see such a horrifying act.

Jennifer saw that Johnny blinked in hesitation & she knew that he must be feeling very degraded by Cruella’s actions.  So she decided to walk towards the bag of peanut shells, pick it up for him & throw it away.

Then suddenly, something snapped in Johnny & he scolded Cruella on her actions.  GO JOHNNY!  YOU DA MAN!



First of all, WHY PIN-POINT AT JENNIFER ANISTON??????  It was Johnny Depp who scolded her, right?!

I’ll tell you why.  Because usually Johnny would listen to her & he is quite afraid to get her angry.  So in Cruella’s pea-brain, she assumed that the only reason why Johnny would raise his voice at her is because of Jennifer.  That is why she directed her anger at poor Jennifer.

Those words were dripping with sarcasm.  She must be feeling very pissed that Johnny finally became a man & stood up for something right.  Cruella must be thinking that she is losing a servant who can serve her hand & foot each time she rings the butler’s bell.

*ting ting*
get me a glass of red wine, butler



Her words carried that tone & pitch (high & sharp) that made the apology so not sincere.  Might as well don’t apologize & just admit that you don’t give a damn about respecting human beings because you feel that you are so high & mighty & everyone else are just here for you to boss around.

=\  <– disapproving look again

That was the ultimate.

She has said mean things before.  She has done spiteful things before.

But this incident really takes the whole cake.  It is, by far, the rudest thing I have ever seen her done.

I am still dazed by her actions.  What in the world is that supposed to mean?  How can anyone do such a disrespectful thing.

If you reflect upon Cruella’s actions & reach deep into her soul, the only reason why she would do a thing like that is because she really bu ba ni fang zai yen li (direct translation: never put your presence in her eyes).  She really ba ni cai dao di di (direct translation: step you low low).

Cruella made it very clear with her actions.  The whole world can see it crystal clear now – She really doesn’t care what you think or how you feel or who you are.  The only important person in this world…. is her.

Ha HA!  I am faaabulous faabulous faaaaabulous!


Which interprets as… … the highest form of selfishness.

p.s – i must say that my respect for Johnny Depp has increased ever since I saw him standing up for himself.  He finally did something right for himself.  Oh I’m so proud of him.

p.p.s – I am trying my hardest to be nice & polite & respectful to Cruella, but she seems to be making it really difficult for me.  Sometimes, she makes me just want to go hide one corner & be a loner.  LOL.  I’m afraid that she will bully me & I will have to resist the urge to argue with her.

Please note that I am not against doing things for people.  I do not mind helping people I love & care about.  But sometimes, people just want to take advantage.  The more you treat them nice, the worse they treat you.  Where’s the logic in all of these.

So the only way to correct this kind of behavior will be… … … to ignore them.  I don’t mean that we have to be hostile towards them.  But just… … ignore them.  If they talk to you, you can still talk to them nicely.  But if they ask for help or start bossing you around again, then just decline & give some kind of excuse.

Don’t even think about offering your extra services, like if they ask you to get a glass of water, you don’t need to go the whole extra mile by asking “hot or cold?  you want to put ice or not?  how many cubes of ice?“… … (-_-) … … that will confirm, chop & guarantee make you are a target for future bullying/abuse by these people.


Get that into your brain.

Ok, but just to be fair, a minority of them do learn to appreciate.  But that is after they suffer a big lesson or they suddenly grow a conscience.  Also, I learnt that the older they are, the harder it is for them to learn to appreciate.

For me, I learnt the meaning of appreciation at a really really young age.  Unfortunately, that also meant that I found out all about selfish people when I was a teenager.  I lead a sad sad life.  Just kidding.  It’s not that sad.

Is human nature really such a terrible thing?

Take some time off & self-reflect on yourselves today.  Think about all the times where you have ill-treated someone.  Then imagine that you are the one who are being ill-treated in that same way.  How would you feel.

Before you do anything evil to another person, always put yourself in their shoes first.

Unless… … you are born evil & you don’t find anything wrong with the things you do & you don’t want to self-reflect because it’s a waste of time, then… … all I can say is… …

Karma is watching you.

*points points to something behind you*… *runs away*…

… I know what you did last weekend…


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