Dropping By & Updating my Life in a Blog

6 Oct

I am on hibernation mode.  Work had been crazy, but I am no longer in that madness anymore.  I know I haven’t been updating the blog, but I have still been checking my emails regularly.

Thank you all for your emails.  Unfortunately, I do not have any more stock on the BSY Noni facial soap.  The sale was great, but I need a break  (hey is it me or does that actually rhyme).  I’ll keep all of you posted if I do bring in the soaps again.

I will be away still next Feb 2012.  However, I’ll still be updating bits & pieces here.

Oh btw, found out that my skin really likes Bod skincare products & the Renew cleaner.  Awesome.

And Akin Lemongrass Shampoo saved my dry frizzy unmanageable hair.  Well, my hair wasn’t that dry & frizzy before, but I guess it was the recent harsh cold weather.

Also, a lot of  you have asked me in the emails if I’ll be stocking up on products or which products you would like to see here.  Therefore, I would like to take the opportunity to let you all know that this is not a commercial blog.  This is my personal blog.

Once in a while, if you wanna have a spree, of course I would love to join in.

Once in a while, if I happen to get my hands on something that I have tested it & love it, of course I would put it up on the blog again (like the BSY Noni Facial Soap Bar).

Perhaps in future, I might turn this into a blogshop, but that’s after I am sure that I can dedicate enough time to it.  Becuz once it starts, I want to ensure that I am able to give you my 100% undivided attention.  Wah… so romantic, right?

My Mafia Bunny (Lionhead) & the Emo Bunny (Holland Lop) are doing great.  I never knew rabbits were intelligent.  But the Lionhead comes to me when I call his name.  And the Holland Lop…. … well, he just likes to emo one corner when I scold him, plus he shows his grumpiness by pooping & peeing on the floor right in front of me.  What a rebel!  I need to send him to a Rabbit Psychologist.

I turned into a shopaholic recently after I got out from a stressful job.

Recently passed a birthday & felt more matured.  Used to talk a lot, now I enjoy the peace & quiet.  I think it’s becuz of my previous job nature.  It required way too much talking.  I’m a born introvert, but a trained extrovert.  Socializing makes me giddy.  I would rather sit in one corner, away from the crowd.

Planning on getting married, but never got down to actually getting it done due to work commitments.  I’m going to be left on the shelf… old… aging… grey… wrinkly… most probably, smelly………

ok!  TA TA!  gotta go about with my daily errands.  ❤   Love you, my blog… i never intended to neglect you…


2 Responses to “Dropping By & Updating my Life in a Blog”

  1. Serena 11 October 2011 at 4:09 PM #

    Finally! some action!
    i miss your blog post berrymii….
    they were so funny!
    btw, can i ask is the bod cleanser good?


    • Berry Mii 19 October 2011 at 8:12 AM #

      Hi Serena! Good to hear from you! =) I’ve been away for some time & hoping to get back to my ‘public online diary’… hahaha… maybe next Mar I will be more active. I’ve tried out quite a number of interesting natural skincare… quite eager to document it down, hoping it can help others as well.
      And yes, I would rate the Bod Cleansing Gel 3.5/5 stars. It’s pretty good for my skin (which is sensitive, combination skin). Perhaps after you try it out, you could share your results with me. =)

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