The Bunny who got Spooked

22 Jun

I let Mafia bunny out to run around the house as usual last night.  He ran to his favourite spot as usual which is near the daybed, but I saw him immediately dash away from that area & looking very terrified.  He even thumped his hind legs while running away (which I read that it signals that there is danger).

Then for the rest of the evening, he acted all weird & hyper sensitive.  He didn’t run around freely like before.  Instead, his body language looked like he was being preyed on – very cautious & tensed, like he’s on the lookout (and he actually kept turning his head towards the daybed).

(O_O)  … w… w… what is at the daybed, Mafia bunny???????

*quickly puts Mafia back in his cage*

Honestly, that freaked me & my bf out a little.

Did Mafia see ‘something’ that we couldn’t see?  Or was he just playing?

Any of you have pets who acted weird before???




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