The Abandoned Bunny

30 Apr

I was abandoned by my owner & was left at a pet shop in Suntec City.  I am about 1 year old & now that I am big & plump, maybe I am just not cute anymore.  Is that why my owner threw me away?  =*(

On 29 Apr 2011, 2 strangers brought me home, but I’m terrified becuz I do not recognize them.  My surroundings also feel foreign to me, plus I got humped in the face by this horny gay bunny.  I had to close my eyes & run like siao becuz I was so afraid that he is going to poke me in the eyes & blind me with his d***.


I came from Holland, live in Singapore, speak like Italian

Please do not buy pets on impulse unless you really intend to take care of them for life… =*(

I keep waiting for my ex-owners to take me home, but they never came.

I lay in wait for a few days, but nobody came…………….. no one……………. absolutely no one.

… and I am still waiting… searching for my ex-owners with a desperate stare…

After I was abandoned at the pet shop, I have been feeling emo ever since.

I feel alone… I have nobody…. the whole world is against me…..


I ask myself so many times….

Why buy me then abandon me??????  Did I do something wrong???

Where was the little girl who saw me in the pet shop when I was a little baby?  Where was the little girl who held me in her hands & played with me?

Did I grow too big & ugly?

Is it becuz I am plump??


But……… but………… i am toilet-trained.  I only pee in the bedpan.  I didn’t make a mess.  Is that not enough?


My new owner is feeding me & grooming my fur, but I still wish to see that little girl again.

The little girl who brought me home & played with me for 1 year.

I hope & pray that everything will be okay.  Please tell me that everything will be alright, so that I can feel safe in this new place.

I am so scared…. =*(

He was very timid & afraid of strangers.  It is going to take him some time before he trusts anyone again.

You can feel his sadness when you try & interact with him.  He doesn’t eat or drink much becuz he is feeling down.  He misses his ex-owners, but hopefully as time goes by, he will learn to accept the strangers who brought him home.

Love your pets like how you love your family.

Cleaning them & their cages are just like looking after a new born baby.  It is a hassle but it has to be done.  It only takes up a small amount of your time, but the comfort that they can bring you is much much more.  Don’t give up!

When rabbits feel loved & cared for, they show their affection by sniffing / grinding their teeth softly / licking your hand / etc.  They know how to ask for attention by approaching you & placing their head underneath your hand, asking to be petted.


They have feelings too.


4 Responses to “The Abandoned Bunny”

  1. Vivi 4 May 2011 at 11:56 AM #

    Are you serious? You mean this bunny was really abandoned outside a pet shop?!

    • Berry Mii 10 May 2011 at 12:21 PM #

      Not abandoned outside, but left it with the pet shop. And if nobody came to adopt it, the pet shop had to take it to SPCA. How sad. Apparently the owner decided that keeping a rabbit is too troublesome.

  2. katorikurant 10 May 2011 at 2:08 AM #

    1) Abandoning a bunny is sad.
    2) Your description of the horny gay bunny nearly made me die from laughter.
    3) Totally sending this on to some friends.

    • Berry Mii 10 May 2011 at 12:27 PM #

      1) It is super sad! I wish I can adopt all the abandoned bunnies, but…. err… there’s only so much my bank account can take.
      2) Horny Gay Bunny is a bad bad bunny. LOL
      3) ❤ =) Thanks~~

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