Valentine’s Day Special: The Story about The Most Un-Romantic Boyfriend

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s to all you love bugs!!!


Did you take leave or skip school just to celebrate today with your loved one?  Naughty naughty…

Well, V-day has never been anything special to me.  I remember that there was this one V-day where my bf brought me to eat char kway teow at the food court downstairs.  And the food court was NON-AIRCON somemore.  So unglam.  But in the 4 years that we were together, I don’t recall us celebrating V-day like there’s no tomorrow.  In fact, I think today he is going to bring me to that same non-aircon food court for duck noodles.  I guess the only comfort that I can get is that the duck noodles is surprisingly AWESOME.

My bf does not plan for anything on special occasions like birthdays, v-days, anniversaries, etc.  My friends said, “ohhh you must hint him!  Some guys don’t know what to do!



Don’t talk about HINT, okay.  Becuz even when I said it directly to his face, “you better plan something good!“, he still will not do it.  Then when I get all disappointed, he goes, “but everyday is so lovey dovey already, no need to celebrate on just one particular day“.

What… a… lame… cliche… line.


oh somebody just kill me pls.

Since then, I have already given up on hinting / leaving clues / instructing / resorting to physical violence like pinch, spank, knead his flesh with my twig-like fingers / resorting to emotional blackmail like pretending to sulk, cry, displaying moody mood swings / etc.

BAH!  I hate V-days.


In the end, I just try and remember the good stuff.

Like how he would never fail send me to work & pick me up from work with  no complains.

And he would want me to get to know his friends & he makes the effort to know mine as well.

And he would give me a kiss me every now & then which makes me feel that he is being loving.

And he would tell jokes that make me laugh & life with him isn’t boring at all.  We would never fail to have topic to chat about all day.

He would rub ointment on my tummy when I’m getting one of those constipation days.  LOL.

He would be super patient with me during my PMS’y mood swings.

On CNY or mooncake festivals or anything chinese’y kind of celebrations, he would never fail to get my family some gifts relating to that festival.

When my parents were moving house, he had offered to help & had made multiple trips just to help them carry their stuffs from the old house and drive them to the new house.

He cared & offered advice to my brother when there was sort of a rough patch going on in my brother’s life.

Ok, I think I feel better about not having a romantic boyfriend on this V-day.

On top of that, I have been whining about how we were going ahead with the wedding preparations already, but I haven’t gotten a proper marriage proposal.

And guess what?

He did a surprise  me with a proposal last Friday, but it was so… … …


I dunno whether to laugh or cry.

I think I shall go lie down now.


4 Responses to “Valentine’s Day Special: The Story about The Most Un-Romantic Boyfriend”

  1. Han Solo 15 February 2011 at 6:32 PM #

    haha! i can’t help but laugh at this post! at the same time, i am glad that you are one of the rare few who actually think about the good stuff that really matters. ur bf seems to be unromantic but he cares from the heart! happy valentine’s day!

    • Berry Mii 21 February 2011 at 3:23 PM #

      hahaha… well, I’m trying to find the sweetness in a bitter lemon.

  2. desiree 18 February 2011 at 2:55 PM #

    LOL my bf is like that too! he never plans for anything! but he is still sweet. hehe i guess that’s all that matters. but how did he propose?? LOL

    • Berry Mii 21 February 2011 at 3:24 PM #

      yeah, he’s kinda sweet. hehe… well, it was a superbly odd proposal. maybe I’ll find time to blog it someday.

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