The Much Talked About: Oil-Cleansing Method

9 Feb

I think this is a gorgeous photo, but don’t know why they uploaded it so small.  =(



The OCM (Oil Cleansing Method) was probably invented a few years back.  The oldest source that I could trace was published back in year 2007, but I’m pretty sure it was invented during the caveman era.  JUST KIDDING.

I did a lot of research on this, mainly reading on what are the results that others have achieved.  Most of them have nice things to say, but a handful of them did not like the OCM.

I have tried sort of an OCM myself when I bought the Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy.  It was a small tub of cleanser but it lasted me about 2 weeks.  Read about my review HERE.  I don’t mind getting a full-size, but it’s way too expensive to get it in Singapore.  So I am hoping that my friend will be able to buy it for me when he goes over the London this March.  *prays hard*


I learnt that the carrier oil used is to dissolve impurities that are embedded in our pores.  Then when you use a hot towel to remove the oil, the heat/steam will open your pores & cleanse your skin at the same time.  I read online that the feedback received was that they experience fewer blackheads, clogged pores & clearer skin!

I never had the guts to use oil on my skin, but recently, I decided to just go for it.  So I tried using Extra Virgin Olive Oil for OCM, but it broke me out in cystic acne around my temples.  T.T  *cries hard*


… I was sooooooooooooo sad!!!  I should have stayed cautious & avoid OCM altogether!

But not to be defeated by the 1st attempt, I switched to Jojoba Oil & I achieved slightly better results with that.  Though I do not see any reduction in blackheads or clogged pores, my face does felt slightly moisturized after cleansing.  Not so tight & dry compared to regular cleansers.  But perhaps I have not used it long enough to see a HUGE major difference.  I’ll continue, though.  But I still prefer the Carrot Butter Cleanser from The Organic Pharmacy.

This is how I do it:

1)  Put about 5 drops of oil on my palm & rub my palms together to warm up the oil.  I know some people put like… 10-15 drops.  I dunno if it’s because more oil = higher efficiency… or maybe they just have a big face.

2)  Massage my face for about 1-2 minutes.  I concentrate more on the problem areas that has blackheads, whiteheads & congested skin.

3)  I use runny hot water from the shower to dampen my face towel.  Then I put it over my face for a couple of seconds until it starts to cool, then I wipe off in a circular motion.  Then repeat until all traces of oil are removed.

4)  I sometimes double-cleanse with a cleanser.

5)  Proceed with the rest of my skincare regime.

I guess the important thing is to do enough research to see which oil suits your skin most & try the OCM.  I initially thought that EVOO would be good, but then it broke me out. (argh… bad memories)   T.T  *wails hard*


So I did a little more research & found that Jojoba oil is an array of liquid wax ester which is similar to human sebum.  It also has this substance that is similar to collagen.  Awesome.  The oil is said to be suitable for almost all skin types.  I read that people usually use it as a moisturizer to prevent dryness, improve skin elasticity and suppleness.

As much as I would like to rave about the OCM, but it didn’t give an extremely positive result after almost 1 month.  But I will definitely still use this as a facial moisturizer.  And sometimes, I also mix a little of Jojoba oil with Rosehip oil for my body.  =D

I’ll sit on this one for a little bit.  No Berry Mii stamp of approval yet.


3 Responses to “The Much Talked About: Oil-Cleansing Method”

  1. EcoBeauty 16 March 2011 at 1:20 PM #

    Hi Berry, I’m sorry OCM didn’t work for you but probably you skin needs a bit more time to adjust? I suggest you do a partial OCM first to help your skin get used to it. I tried it (but not fully yet ’cause I still wanted to do some extractions– wrote a review on this recently) and it worked for me. The skin on my nose became less congested. You might need to mix a bit of Castor oil with Jojoba if your skin is prone to breakouts. Also, although I think OCM is great, I don’t think it should be part of one’s daily skincare routine–especially here in scorching hot Singapore. LOL. I’d treat it more as a facial treatment–weekly or so. 🙂

    • Berry Mii 16 March 2011 at 9:50 PM #

      Hi EB! I guess I should try it again. But I’m so scared! =\ LOL… btw, do you use the jojoba oil as a makeup remover??

      • EcoBeauty 16 March 2011 at 10:13 PM #

        That’s why I incorporated a Manuka Honey mask after the partial OCM to minimize any possibility of breakouts. And yeah, plain Olive Oil is a bad choice if you’re prone to breakouts.
        I’ve only been using Jojoba to clean minimal make-up + sunblock for 4-3 days because I lost my Akin Cream Cleanser-and-Toner (2-in-1) recently. Can you believe I’m so careless I even lose my facial wash??? Anyway, back to Jojoba– So far, so good. I noticed that the tiny pimples I have on my forehead seem to be clearing up. I don’t know whether it’s because of the Jojoba or just natural healing–or the whole partial OCM thing I did about two weeks ago. I’ll let you know how it goes… 🙂 But I use a turmeric-based soap after cleansing with Jojoba then apply either Emu or Jojoba oil as moisturizer, depending on how oily or dry my skin is.

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