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Garden of Wisdom (Part II)

3 Dec

I am finally done with trying out all of the GoW products that arrived at my place early October this year.

Read Part I HERE.

I am just going to do a really really quick reviews on all these because the products did not leave a good impression with  me.  Maybe it is due to all the raving good reviews that GoW has gotten over the internet & that led my expectations to be way way up.  Then when I really tried the products, I find that it was just so-so & so I have got nothing much to say.  INSTEAD, I think I shall just tell you what I did with them in the end.


1)      Oats, Milk & Honey Cleanser
2)      Almond Milk & Papaya Enzyme Cleanser
3)      Jen’s Green Tea & Shea Butter Cleanser

I did not like any of the cleansers.  =(  I was a little super disappointed.  They all left this waxy feeling on my face.  The Oats, Milk & Honey Cleanser left the most wax & it clogged my pores & made me broke out in tiny pus-like zits.  UGH.

In the end, my bf helped me to finish the cleansers & he did not like it as well.  He said the Jen’s Green Tea & Shea Butter Cleanser smelt the worst, like there was an overwhelming scent of gum.

4)      Clarifying Toner

This is mediocre for me.  Smells like vinegar.  It stung my face a little when my mouth area was flaky.  In the end, I mixed a little of this toner up in my rhassoul clay + Avene Thermal Water to use as a face mask.

I did not feel any great love for this toner.

5)      Strawberry Hydrating Mist
6)      Honey Hydrating Mist
7)      Promegranate Hydrating Mist

Nothing fantastic on the hydrating mists either.  They smelt really really great, but I didn’t like the slightly sticky feeling it left on my face.  Maybe the stickiness was supposed to be some sort of hydrating film, but… it just made my face feels uncomfy!!!

Am I being too picky?????  But but but, that sticky feeling on my face… … it made me feel like my face wasn’t clean.  I don’t know what is wrong!




Anyway, I ended up using them to mix into my rhassoul clay mask as well.  I swear that clay can solve all my problems without me seeing any unused products go to waste.  It’s like, “oh this does not feel good on my face“… *mix with rhassoul clay*… “oh this is too rich & breaks me out in zits“… *mix with rhassoul clay*…

And when I mix them with rhassoul clay, it works fine.  SO SO STRANGE.

8)      Mandelic Acid 5% without alcohol & without seaweed

This is supposed to refine my pores & complexion, but it does not seem to do anything great after 1 month so now it is lying alone in my cupboard.  This is probably the only thing I cannot mix with rhassoul clay, so if anyone is interested, I can give this away for free, just drop me an email.  I paid US$6.25 for this.  Click HERE if you need more product information on this Mandelic Acid.

9)      Concord Grape Serum
10)    Camelia Oil
11)    Argan Oil
12)    Emu Butter

I usually mix 2 drops of oil/butter on my palm + 1 drop of that serum.  But somehow my face doesn’t like it & it gave me clogged pores + blackheads, so I have ended up using this as a body moisturizer AND MY BODY LOVES IT.

For my body, I mix 5 or 6 drops of oil/butter on my palm + 2 drops of serum to rub on each portion of my legs or arms or tummy or butt and my skin drinks it all up nicely & keeps my body soft under the cold harsh air-conditioning at work.

The Camelia Oil feels the lightest & absorbs quickly.  The Argan Oil is a little more moisturizing.  And the Emu Butter is just plain weird & is my least favourite.  I’ve seen Emu Oil before & it is a translucent slightly yellow color, but this Emu Butter is white.  And its texture feels more like Hazeline Snow rather than butter.

I remember my mother used to put Hazeline Snow in the fridge & it is so cooling when you apply it on your face.  But I would think that Emu Butter should be more like… … shea butter + emu oil???  I dunno.  Maybe it’s just my own thinking, but it will be great if the Emu Butter is in that combination, right?

13)    Minty Fruity Meow Meow Facial Lotion

This lotion is okay, but maybe a little too light for me because I have really really dry flaky skin around the U-zone.  So if you are not allergic to mint & you’re interested to try this out, I can give it out for free.  I paid US$5.90 for this.  Click HERE to view more information on this facial lotion.

14)    Put Da Lime in Da Coconut Cream After Bath Conditioner

FINALLY, we have come to the one & only GoW product that I absolutely LOVE!!!  Initially, I felt that I was more of a body-lotion kind of person, you know like… Cream vs Oil, I would prefer cream.  I did not like rubbing myself with the body oil after my shower.  But I have to say that I grew to love it.  It moisturizes my whole entire body without giving me clogged pores & the fine lines on my legs have become so so so so so minimal.  It also absorbs quickly, so I do not have to remain in a standing position for a long time.  haha…

As I’m a person who is very attracted to pleasant scents, this bath oil probably gained  more mental points with me.  When I read that there is lime + coconut in this after-bath oil, I was feeling really doubtful because I never liked the smell of coconuts.  But it turned out to be DELICIOUS!!!  It smells like I’m in the tropics & I can almost hear the hawaiian music play at the back of my head.

*sniffs her own pits*


I never knew it could smell so HEAVENLY!!!!  (referring to the lime + coconut scent, not her pits).

To sum it all up, will I buy GoW finished products again???  Err… no.

But will I buy their raw ingredients (eg: shea butter / essential oils / carrier oils)???  Maybe, if I cannot find any cheaper source in Singapore.

Why are there so many raving reviews over the internet for GoW???  Well, I guess it works on *ang moh (caucasian) skin better?  Maybe my face cannot take too many products at the same time???  I don’t know the answer for sure.  But I will keep trying to find my HG (Holy Grail) of skincare one day.

Peace & have a good weekend.


When I Cannot Sleep + Mysterious Soap

1 Dec

… I do not count sheeps.  It is so overrated.

… I also do not take any sleeping pills.

… but sometimes, I do take the occasional cough syrup to make myself drowsy.  What?!  I am not a drug addict.  It just so happen that there is a bottle lying around from my previous visit to the doctor!

*shifty eyes shifty eyes*


What is the BEST cure for a sleepless night?  When your mind is racing crazily or you’re feeling excited for god knows what reason, how do you ensure that you get enough sleep instead of rolling around in bed?

There are certain nights where I daydream a little while I am lying in bed.  No points for guessing what I am daydreaming about!  *ahem*…  And when my daydream gets a little too exciting (again, no points), my brain just continues ON & ON & ON with no intentions of falling asleep.



I can’t believe that I’m saying this.

But I have officially found the perfect solution.

… which is to daydream even more, BUT the trick is to daydream the appropriate events that will lead you to fall asleep.  My Top 5 favourites are:

1)  I daydream about myself getting into a car accident & ending up in a coma.  When I imagine that I am in a coma, I can fall asleep.

2)  I imagine that I take a nice relaxing bath & go to bed in my daydream & I fall asleep.  But sometimes this backfires on me & make me crave for a real bath instead.

3)  I picture propellers spinning really hard & fast, then I power them down one by one.  As the propellers spin slower & slower until they reach a standstill, I will feel more & more sleepy then I fall asleep.

4)  This is only for really cool weather.  I wrap myself up into a cocoon with my blanket & imagine that I am a caterpillar & have to hibernate until I become a butterfly & I fall asleep. 

5)  I feel frustrated from not being able to fall asleep, so I get up & thrash around in bed crazily until my body is really really realllllllllllllllllllllly tired.  Then I imagine that I have just gotten into a terrible fight with someone & I’m feeling really exhausted, then I eventually fall asleep.



I read about how you should drink warm milk or chamomile tea or use relaxing essential oils to help you to drift off to sleep & none of them works for me.

Speaking of trouble sleeping, it reminds me of this manga that I read a few years back called After School Nightmare.  Click HERE if you’re interested in reading it.  Scroll right to the bottom & click on Vol 1 Chapter 1 to begin reading.  This manga has quite a lot of chapters.  Sorry, no smut or ecchi.  Just lots of mystery, but when you get to the end of the story, you’ll be like…

WOOOOOOOOOOOO… I is amazed!!!



Oh oh… and you know I mentioned about the MangaDL application on my spanking new iPhone 4, right?  I recently downloaded the manga called Bitter Virgin (click on link) & I read a few chapters on my iPhone before I go to bed.  This is the ultimate bittersweet romance with a touch of comedy.  About this girl who got raped & impregnated TWICE by her stepfather.

p.s – some mangas you read left to right, but others you have to read right to left.


By the way, I just discovered this mysterious soap in my bf’s bathroom that works damn well on my face.  It has the letters BSY engraved into the soap.  It was just sitting there in the bathroom & I needed to wash my oily T-zone, so I washed my face with it for a few days & OMG it’s the best thing that ever cleansed my face!!!  Much Much better than that 100% Pure Cranberry cleanser (which I had reviewed HERE)!!!!!

WTH!!!!!!  No wonder my bf has not been getting any skin problems on his face for the past few months!!!  No pimples, no blackheads, no acne!!!!!!  That… that IDIOT… … …




I am irritated with him!!!  Because I kept complaining about my skin issues & I had even commented on his improved complexion a few times already, but he still did not mention that he changed his facial soap!!!!  He used to get at least 1 huge acne a week + a few pus-filled zits a week + super oily face, but suddenly his complexion cleared & now he only has slightly oily T-zone.  Much less oily than mine.

Then last few days, when he saw me washing my face with his BSY mysterious soap, he actually said to me, “why you see me *mei mei (translated: pretty pretty) then you also want to try ah?

And I was like, “what?!?!  You mean THIS is the soap that improved your complexion????

I asked him where he bought it, but he said that he cannot remember as it was a few months ago & guys do not remember such things.

Such things??????????  SUCH things??????  The damn soap is a miracle & he doesn’t remember where he got it.

… … …   =(

(translated:  CANNOT BE!!!!!!)



 I will and must hunt down this soap.

If you know of any soap that has the letters BSY engraved on it, it is transparent & slightly yellowish, does not foam a lot & scentless… OMG PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  I am also quite curious what that soap is made of.  As it is scentless, I know they did not put any synthetic fragrances that will harm my skin.  In fact, I did not have any allergy after using the soap twice a day for a consecutive of 4 days.  My eczema around the lips stopped flaking & looked like they are healing.  No cold sores.  No pimples.  No dryness around my U-zone.  Even the oily T-zone has become less oily.

I’m quite sure that it can be used for problematic body skin as well.