Post-Christmas 2010

26 Dec

It’s 26 Dec 2010 today.  1 day after Xmas & it is Boxing Day.

The world is a strange place to be, you know.

One day, you are all happy & joyous & surrounded by pretty lights, candies & laughing children, with the iconic fat beardy guy & sexy elves… …

And then the next day, it is… … … pain.  Glorious pain.

Spectators around the boxing ring, cursing & swearing…

Crazy loud screaming (and sweaty) cheering fans…

The only thing that didn’t change is the sexy girls.

Santa has them.  Boxing has them too.

You see what I mean about the world being strange?

Regardless whether it is a happy holy occasion or a testosterone-charged environment, people can always find a way to include sexy girls.

LOL!!!  What did you think I was talking about?

Oh oh oh… you thought I was going to say that it was 1 day joyous on Christmas, then the next day is all blood & gory?  Well, yeah.  That too.  But I am more intrigued with the fact that sex sells.

Beer advertisements, clothes, undergarments, food, wine, shower gels, mobile phones, *chee ko pei (perverted) chat lines, etc.

I believe that if the government wants to promote breast feeding, they can use a sexy hot momma & it will work too.

What did I do on Xmas?

I did nothing much.

On the eve, my bf got called back to work all of the sudden.  So I went to Ichiban Sushi alone.  Sat there for 1.5 hours.  ALONE.  Eating sushi & a matcha ice-cream.  ALONE.

p.s – I did not like the matcha ice-cream at Ichiban Sushi.  Too much cream, not much matcha.  I super love the one at MOF.  So if you’re dying for a matcha, try theirs.

I didn’t feel that bored because I had my iPhone with me & I played KAW (Kingdoms at War) throughout the dinner.  And it has a chat function, so I was chatting with people who have no life on Xmas Eve like me.  LOL!!!

ok, I have something to blog about KAW but shall reserve for another post. LOL.

Then on actual Xmas Day, we went to Orchard to walk around.  Too many humans, not enough air.  At one point, I even felt faint because everyone was competing for oxygen & I am not exactly a very tall person.  All I got was back sweat smell, armpit smell & other people’s carbon dioxide.  Ugh. *puke*

Then it rained heavily.  And stopped.  Made the ground all wet & icky.  Then it rained like crazy again.  Gave me damp flat hair.

It was a horrible Xmas for me.

And on Boxing Day today, I am going out with Mello to have dinner & catch a movie.  We originally wanted to see either Gulliver’s Travel or The Little Fockers.

But then Mello asked me over sms, “hmmm… any action movie?

And I replied, “ya, have.  Narnia.

I meant it as a joke, but he was so excited to watch Narnia that he didn’t even want to consider the former 2 movie selections.


I just knew that guy cannot give up on fantasy movies.  Even if he wanted to watch some perverted RA movie, Narnia would still be it.  He is THAT obsessed with fantasy genre.

Ok, before I end this post.

Just want to inform those who ordered the BSY soap from THIS local promotion & have already made payment, I will sent your soaps out tomorrow (which is Monday).

I better go take a nap now.  I haven’t gotten much sleep the past 2 – 3 weeks due to work & KAW.  And I haven’t paid much attention to my skin either.  hahaha…  Now, I got a zit on my chin.  Luckily I am on leave tomorrow which is Monday, so I shall stay home to pamper’ize my face with a steamy facial, followed by Rhassoul clay mask, then end it with a DIY pimple cream made of manuka honey + tea tree essential oil.

Just thinking about it already makes me feel calm.


(^_^)v  <– childish cute icon for you just cuz I’m still in a Christmas’y mood.


2 Responses to “Post-Christmas 2010”

  1. sheryl 27 December 2010 at 12:40 AM #

    omgggg hahahaha i used that little boy swearing photo in my personal blog too LOL!

    • Berry Mii 29 December 2010 at 9:35 AM #

      hahaa… yeah… he is pretty famous. I wonder who’s his dad.

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