Christmas Office Party

21 Dec

Is your office organizing a Christmas party where all of the employees have to attend & pretend that they all like each other?  LOL.  Just kidding.

Usually during these parties, you need to plan some kind of gift exchange.  But isn’t the normal gift exchange so boring?  You bring a gift then during the party, everybody draw lots & see which gift they pick.  That’s it.  Boringggg.

Now here is what I call the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange.  How does it work?

1.         Get a gift

Before entering the party, buy a gift & wrap it (duh).

Get everyone to place their gifts under the Christmas tree at the office lobby.  If your office doesn’t have a Christmas tree, then… … omg, tell your stingy boss to get one.  What is Christmas without a shiny sparkling Christmas tree?

Before the party starts, get everyone to grab a mysterious gift (any gift, but not yours) from under the tree.  DO NOT OPEN YOUR GIFT YET.

2.         On Cue – open the gift

When everyone has gotten a gift, the boss should give a signal so that everyone can engage in synchronized glorious animalistic ripping and tearing of wrapping paper.  Just like when you were 5.  =D

Screaming in delight is allowed.  Crying in disappointment is not.  Even if you are disappointed with the mysterious gift that you picked, pretend to be happy because Step 3 below will make you really happy.

3.         Dirty Santa – Naughty is the new nice

 (a)        The boss will draw everybody’s name out of a box, one by one. 

(b)        When a person’s name is drawn, he/she is given 10 seconds to decide if he/she wants to KEEP the present or to STEAL someone else’s (by exchanging yours with theirs).  They have no right to refuse.  Tee Hee!

(c)        Rules to stealing: (i) Each present can only be stolen 3 times, afterwhich, it is set with its bearer; and (ii) you cannot steal from the person who stole from you.

Please guys, no inhibitions, take what you want (from whom you want) and be devilish about it.  If you get a lousy cup (why do ppl like to give cups as gifts???  dun understand this… =/ as if my house dun have cups), quickly look around to see what you like, so when your name is called, STEAL IT MERCILESSLY!!! ARRRRRR RARARARARARARARA!!!

It feels good to steal something away from others, especially if it’s your enemy & if they have gotten a really cool gift.  TAKE IT AWAY FROM THEM!!!  mwahahahahaha…

Speaking of gifts, I think the crappy’est gift that was ever given to me was this pencil holder that was made of mirrors.  If you imagine a pencil holder made of mirrors, it might seem like a really unique gift.  But NOT if the edges of the metal that holds the mirrors together are rusty… … (-_-)  or that the mirror at the bottom is cracked… … (-_-)  or when the mirrors make your reflection look distorted & you look like Smeagol.

but Smeagol thought that Smeagol is sexy…



One look at that pencil holder & you will know that it is either REALLY REALLY cheap or it is REALLY REALLY old.

So sad.  Why would anyone give me something so rusty & broken?  Unless they hope that I will accidentally cut my finger against the rusty metal & get Tetanus.  =(

The best gift I ever got for Christmas was… … … … omg, I don’t think I recall getting any gifts that left an impression.  Oh my.  So ungrateful.  LOLOLOLOL!

Sorry for the lack of updates this December month.  Work has been crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy.  Plus, I had to coordinate my very 1st local ‘spree’ on the BSY soap, if it’s even called a spree.  hahahaha.

hmmm… Until now, I just don’t get what sprees are about.  Does the organizer usually collect a small fee for her hard work?  Because for now, I am just doing it for free.  So generous.  hahaha.



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