Top 10 Benefits of Honey & many more

10 Dec

Photo Source: HERE
p.s – very useful to click on the link above as there are more tips inside on how to use honey



This is going to be like… my favorite’est topic EVER.

I love honey.  I’m a honey person.  And I can’t live without honey.  I have been using honey for years!  In the past, I just consume honey because it is so yummy, but the last couple of months, I learnt to use honey on my skin! 

I came across THIS article on the 9 benefits of honey, but I have the secret to a 10th benefit.  Tee hee!  Read on!

I’m just going to go thru quickly on some points & elaborate on others, especially on how to use honey on your skin.  They are not in any particular order.

Oh wait, before I go on, I should tell you that I use Organic Manuka Honey UMF+25.  If you want to use other honey, it is still good but make sure they are unprocessed & raw because heat destroys nutrients.  However, I read that Manuka Honey is the most effective in skin treatments.

Also, the store assistant told me not to use a metal spoon to scoop the honey out & to store the honey at room temperature.  I did a check over the internet & it states that honey is slightly acidic in nature & might corrode the metal spoon.  (O_O)   Okay, I didn’t know that but now I do.  Honey will crystalize if you put it in the fridge, so it is okay to place it in a dark cool cabinet.

#1 – Natural Sweetener
Honey can be used to replace sugar in foods & drinks.

Also, if you want to have good clear skin, you SHOULD be avoiding processed sugar.  I myself have cut down on drinking sodas.  I drink fruit juice / water / green tea instead of gulping down a Coke.  And man, do I love Coke… especially when I add a little salt into it.  Oh man, I love salty too.  But yes, I have cut down on all unhealthy stuff.  ALL FOR BEAUTY’S SAKE!!!  (who’s Beauty?)

#2 – Aids in Weight Loss
Honey can burn fats while we sleep!  Not that I need it because I’m already twiggy, but it is good to know that it can help keep me slim if I ever grow fat.

#3 – Helps Digestion
The enzymes that are present in honey can break down raw sugars & starch.

#4 – Nutrition & Antioxidants
Honey is enriched with vitamins, mineral and complex carbohydrates, sugars & antioxidants!  They can help fight free radicals & cancer!

#5 – Beautifies Skin
This is my favorite’est of them all because I have deep hard love for using honey in this way.  So this Point #5 deserves a photo from Google:

Photo Source: HERE
p.s – also useful to click on above link on how to treat acne with honey!


You can use honey as a hair conditioner or a face mask as it is rich in vitamins, minerals & amino acids!

For me, I use it 3 times a week as a facial mask after my facial scrub / exfoliation!   I also use it as a spot treatment for my acne.

As a mask, I use the honey on its own 2 times a week.  And I do a hardcore masking with honey + rhassoul clay 1 time a week.  This is how Berry Mii does it:

2 times a week after facial scrub/exfoliation
1)  Spread the honey all over face.  I even apply it over my eyelids & lips.  You won’t have to worry about eating it because it tastes so good & you won’t die from it.  In fact, you will even benefit from eating the honey that drips into your mouth as per Point #1 – #4 above.  haha!

2)  Massage for a few minutes.

3)  This is optional, but this is what I sometimes do when I have the time.  I boil a little water & put my face over the steam for just 2 – 3 minutes.  This helps my pores to open & allow the nutrients from the honey to be absorbed better into my skin.  Some people might say that steaming the face can cause dryness, so do not over-steam your face if you feel that it will dry out your skin.  Recommended steaming session is once a week only.

4)  Leave it on for another 20mins.  I heard that some people leave honey on their faces overnight!  But I can imagine that it would be so messy on your pillow.  What if you wake up with ants on your face?  Or worse, realizing that the commando cockroach is having a feast over your lips?!?!  eww.

5)  Massage for another few minutes.

6)  Rinse off with cold water to close back the pores.

7)  Follow up with the usual skincare routine of toning, moisturizing & whatever other stuff you do to your face.

My face always feels so smooth & moisturized right after!  I find that the use of honey is healthier & more efficient than using any other types of facial masks.

Hardcore masking 1 time a week after facial scrub/exfoliation
My bf always calls me a Mad Scientist whenever I start preparing this.  hahaha… he calls this my ‘Magic Potion‘.

1)  Boil some water.  While waiting for water to boil, prepare your DIY Honey Facial Mask!

2)  Mix 1 to 1½ teaspoon of rhassoul clay with just enough liquid to get a semi-thick paste like mud, or if you prefer something more watery then just add more liquid.  The liquid can be distilled water, hydrosol or even green tea.  For me, I usually use either Avene Thermal Water or hydrosols.

3)  Mix ¾ teaspoon of honey into the rhassoul clay & stir well.

4)  You may even add whatever you want to it.  I sometimes will add 1-2 drops of essential oil or a little bit of serum or a few drops of Vitamin E to the DIY facial mask.  If you have acne skin, you can even add a tiny dash of cinnamon powder.  If you desire some whitening, then add a few drops of lemon juice.  Or whatever you can find in your kitchen or your cabinet.  Just make sure you do the appropriate research on what is suitable for your skin type.  And… … PATCH TEST, people!!!  Do a patch test!!!

5)  By now, water should already be boiled.  I pour the hot water into a bowl & put 5 drops of Tea Tree essential oil into it.  Then I put a towel over my head & steam my face for 5 mins.  The steam will open up my pores & the Tea Tree can cleanse my skin at the same time.  p.s – I have learnt not to open my eyes while doing this because the Tea Tree essential oil freakin stings!!!  haha!  wait a minute, why am I laughing at my own pain.  I am so SM.

6)  After 5 mins, pat dry with towel & now I can apply my Magic Potion!  EXCITED’NESS x 100000000!!!!

7)  If after applying the Magic Potion to my face & there is still some leftover, I’ll spread the remainder on my neck & chest.  Those areas need some TLC (Tender Loving Care) too, you know.

8)  This is optional.  As the bowl of hot water still has a little bit of heat, I put my face over it again to gently steam it for 1-2 minutes.  OH FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MOTHER NATURE, MAY ALL THE NUTRIENTS FROM THE MAGIC POTION BE SUCKED DIRECTLY INTO MY SKIN, YO!!!

9)  Lie back in bed & think of the beautiful coast of Hawaii.  Wait for 15 – 20 mins (or more if you have the time).

10)  When it’s time to wash off the Magic Potion, I will always pat some warm water over the mask until it is soft enough to be massaged away.  Then gently massage in circular motions until the mask is gently rubbed off (note the emphasis on GENTLY).

11)  Rinse face thoroughly with cold water to close back the pores.

12)  Pat dry & apply 1 drop of rosehip oil as a facial moisturizer.

This hardcore masking really really really cleans my skin super well.  It clears up my blackheads, gets rid of facial bumps & dead skin, tightens my enlarged pores & brightens up my whole entire face.  Each time I do this masking, I will always be amazed at how my skin will look right after.  When I touch my skin, it is… … ohhhhhhhhhh so supple, soft, moisturized & super dupey smooth.  Love it love it love it.

By the way, this DIY Honey Facial Mask was the one that helped me clear up my 2 huge Cyborg Eyes that I blogged about a few weeks ago.  The 2 gigantic acne cleared up pretty fast & without much scarring or darkened spots.  I also dab the honey directly on the spots & leave it on for a few hours, just like a pimple cream.  It really helped to properly heal the unsightly monsters.

#6 – Good for Eyes
According to the article in the link above, it even states that honey is a “cure for eye infections for many years. It helps to treat the infection because it is has antibacterial properties and kills germs. It numbs pain, attracts water and therefore sucks bacteria dry, activates immune response, reduces inflammation and speeds healing“.

Really?????  This is the 1st time I’m hearing this, but I guess it would make sense as honey does have antibacterial properties.  That is why I use it to treat my acne.

Hmm.. but how to use it for the eyes?  Do they mean absorbing the nutrients by eating honey or applying it directly onto the eyes?  *curious curious*

#7 – Medicinal Benefits
Honey can be used to soothe sore throats, stimulate the heart, act as a natural sedative & even relive constipation!

#8 – Helps Healing
The article also went on to say that honey is an “antiseptic and disinfectant.  It has the ability to kill germs and helps to cure.  It is also good for treating wounds because it contains antimicrobial agents which kill bacteria, therefore preventing infection“.

This is true for me because each time I pop a zit (very very guilty about it, I know I should actually leave the zits alone), I dab honey direct on that injured spot & the inflammation goes down.  It is actually pretty soothing.

I have also read about how doctors use honey to treat open wounds & injuries.

#9 – Allergies
Honey can prevent & relive your seasonal allergies!  How great is that!

#10 – Honey
Ok, as per promised, I will give you the secret to the #10 way of using honey.

This is by far the MOST IMPORTANT way of using honey.  You can forget about the above 9 points but you must make sure that you remember this last point.

Some people actually already use honey in this way, but they might not even be aware of its benefit.

Are you ready?

The secret of using honey in its most powerful, most potent, most influential way… … … … is… … … …


It can make people very very happy & can even foster good loving relationships.

omg i just made a lame joke & it’s not funny at all.

*silently gravitates into a dark corner to hide in embarrassment*

Big Berry Mii stamp of approval for HONEY!!!

Do you love honey too?  You should!


7 Responses to “Top 10 Benefits of Honey & many more”

  1. Serena 10 December 2010 at 7:41 PM #

    heys! where do u buy your organic honey from ?

    • Berry Mii 13 December 2010 at 8:56 AM #

      Serena, (assuming you’re singaporean?) you can get them from anywhere like NTUC or pharmacies, Eu Yan Sang or departmental stores. Actually, I was just at Vivocity last Friday, the Tangs Studio is having quite a good promo on their honey! It’s on the 2nd level, near the exit, around the mattress/pillows area. It’s not organic, but I can’t resist offers. LOL. And take note of the different kinds of honey there. eg: there’s Active 12% & UMF 12 and premium & raw honey, i learnt from the promoter that they all stand for different things.

  2. Sheryl 11 December 2010 at 1:30 AM #

    omg i just went on a reading spree in your blog! missed so many posts due to my new hectic job! omg about honey cos i love honey as well but didnt know i could use it for so many things! and the website you gave from the moroccan clay thingy is like, so useful! i always read those diy things online but cannot find ingredients! omg im gonna like, spam buy already 😀 and omg the breast cancer and deodorant thing, ya my friend mentioned it to me before but i didnt know it was that serious :O she advised me to spray deodorant at like, the pit area of your top or something LOL. where can you get paraben- free deodorant? and yah omg i think parabens cause cancer lo, ever since my teacher told me that months ago i will check ingredients before i buy any beauty product le! :O hahaha i love reading your blog. totally relaxes me. okok totally spammed this reply -_____- catch you soon 😀

    • Berry Mii 13 December 2010 at 8:50 AM #

      Hi Sheryl! =) haven’t catch up with you in a while already. btw, that blogspot address, is it really your blog?? How’s your new job? Hope everything’s good. new jobs are usually really busy becuz you have you settle down & learn new things. glad I can help on the DIY stuff! I find it really fun to make my own facial masks. And with that mysterious BSY soap, I’m totally satisfied with my complexion now.
      You can get the natural deodorant from online organic websites or stores. Currently, I got mine from this shop along CitiLink (nearer to the Cityhall mrt). I forgot what’s the name of the shop but it’s at B1-61 (yeah funny how my brain can’t rmbr the name of the store but can rmbr the address). From the outside, it looks like some health supplement shop, but they carry Dr Organic products. I’m using the Aloe Vera one. The ingredients are not entirely organic or natural, but it’s good enough for now as it doesn’t contain aluminium & parabens. btw, your friend sprays the deodorant on her top????? doesn’t that… stain the shirt?? hahaha!
      wow, your teacher is into natural/organic products as well? so what products are you using now?
      p.s – don’t worry about long replies, i love reading them! =) !

  3. EcoBeauty 21 December 2010 at 11:13 AM #

    Manuka Honey is also my all-time favorite nature’s miracle ingredient! I use it on almost every DIY mask. But some people with sensitive skin might want to try something with lower UMF first, like +10 or +15 before switching to +25/higher or it might cause the skin to react negatively.

    • Berry Mii 21 December 2010 at 2:27 PM #

      Interesting point on the sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing! You DIY too? Nice, I’ll drop by your blog.

      • EcoBeauty 21 December 2010 at 6:35 PM #

        Yeah, been doing some DIY stuff for quite a while but have just started a blog about them recently. Anyway, nice to know other peeps who llllurrrveee manuka honey as much as I do. 🙂

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