26 Nov

I have a bunny!  You know I have a bunny & I detest ANYONE hurting bunnies!!!  Just look at their cute little faces!!!  Bunnies are the cutest pets ever made in history!!!!  JUST LOOK AT THEM!!!

are you my mummy?



hey! look at this!





Threesome’s are fun!



SEE????  Bunnies are so cute, right????

My bunny looks like this but not the droopy ear kind.

humph! angry with you!



awwwwwwwwwwwwww… so adorableeeeeeeeeeeee!!

So it really baffles me that a group of sick people can find joy & pleasure in crushing bunnies.  Yes, you heard me right.  CRUSHING.

And it has to be those sickos from China.

I tell you, those stupid chinese are crazy f**kers.  A few years back, there was this video circulating around where this china bitch was stroking a little kitten & then she stepped on its stomach using the pointy end of her high heels!!!!  They even titled the email video as “Cute Little Kitty” & it tricked me into watching it!!!  But the second she stepped on the kitten & it was meowing in pain, I felt damn nauseous & I ended the video without watching everything.  But my friend told me that she watched the whole video in fast forward & she said that it even came to the point where the china bitch STEPPED on the kitten’s head until one eyeball popped out.  WTH!!!!!!!


Now, they are attacking harmless defenseless bunnies!!!!  YOU SICK SICK CHINESE BASTARDS!!!!  When I read the news HERE, it is absolutely replusive.  Who would find pleasure in doing that????  I hope they get caught VERY VERY SOON.

And the best punishment for them will be to put all of this sick f**kers on a deserted island.

SINCE YOU GET JOY IN CRUSHING THINGS SO MUCH, THEN YOU SICKOS WILL CRUSH EACH OTHER ENDLESSLY ON THAT DESERTED ISLAND!!!!  NOBODY ELSE TO CRUSH BUT ONE ANOTHER!!!!  Let them kill themselves in the same method that they kill those harmless bunnies.  Bastards.

p.s – there is a video in the news link that i posted, but i did not bother to watch it… i just can’t.


What is wrong with this world.



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