What is wrong with that guy?!

24 Nov

There is this really really irritating guy at my workplace.

He joined a few days ago & now he is totally creeping me out.  And don’t say that I am being paranoid, okay?!?!?!  How would you like it if a colleague comes over to your desk 20 times a day when he could have just called you on the extension?!  And then there are those eyes that don’t blink when they look at you.  Oh man, do you even have eyelids?!?!  Stop creeping me out!!!!

He asks questions like, oh who do I have to inform if I need a program installed on my PC?  CALL THE IT LAH, DUMB!!!  Even if he was that dumb, he could have just called me on my extension number which I had already given to him so many times.

Then he comes over to ask about how to print documents & which photocopier to use & how to make coffee.  ARGH!!!  Get your damn secretary to do it for you!

And he needs me to advice him on whether he should wear a tie & how to address people.  Sigh.  When in doubt, observe others & learn.  That’s what I did when I first join any company.  I would wear smart office wear & come to work, then observe if there is a casual Friday.  It’s always better to dress up than down in an office.  And I always address someone by their 1st names unless they are the bosses.

Somehow it seems like this guy is afraid to offend people so he keeps asking questions in advance to find out instead of learning on his own.  But in that process, he is starting to irritate me.

There was even 1 time when he stood SILENTLY behind me while I was typing out an email, then just as I turn around to reach for my cup, THERE HE WAS.  STANDING THERE.  LOOKING AT ME WITH THOSE BIG UN-BLINKING EYES.  I almost died from fright or I could have splashed my cup of hot tea in his face for being so creepy.

How long has he been standing there?!?!  What if I was surfing porn?!?!?!  What if I was doing something personal?  Like thinking I was alone in my private little corner cubicle & started to scratch my armpit or bum or worse, dig my nose.  Or or or… I could be adjusting my panties because I was getting a wedgie from shifting in my seat.

NOT COOL, DUDE.  Not cool.


I wish he would stop bothering me with his stupid questions.  Come to me only when you got something important to ask.  Stop wasting my time, ok.  I got so many other important stuff to be done, but each time he comes over, he talks for 5 mins.  It is bad enough that he is asking all these questions, he has got to be long-winded as well.  That is like… … double whammy for me.  It’s like, step on my left foot, nevermind.  He got to step on the right foot as well.

1 visit = 5 mins
20 visits = 100 mins

Ever since he joined the company, he has been wasting 100 mins of my time everyday.  I don’t even take that many breaks when I’m working.

The way I see it, whenever he wastes 100 mins of my work time, that means that I am going to be 100 later to do other stuff.  I have to work OT for an additional 100 mins to make up for the time he had wasted.  And I get home 100 mins later.  Another 100 mins later to eating my dinner.  And 100 mins later before I can go to bed.  But I still wake up at the same time the next morning to go to work, so that is 100 mins lesser for me to catch up on my sleep.  And the next day, the cycle repeats.

God, I hope he runs out of questions soon.


4 Responses to “What is wrong with that guy?!”

  1. Agnes 2 December 2010 at 1:13 PM #

    Alright, I know I am not supposed to laugh. But the way you expressed yourself is so hilarious. I can just imagine whatever you said.
    The first thought that came to my mind when I read your frustration is that, he is nuts about you, or rather he got a crush on you. 😛
    Did he do that to other people? Or only to you?

    I hate people who creep behind my back. I had a colleague who did that and it freaked me out. I was doing my own things, after office hours and he was just standing behind me and observing what I am doing. I guess he probably thought I was going to claim overtime pay for doing my own stuff though I never had that intention in the first place.
    The last I heard, was that he got kicked out of the company ( hoooorah! ) because he had been faking Medical Leave before and after the weekends, in order to get a long weekend break.

    Hope you are coping well with this guy’s “advances”. Does telling him you are busy deter him from bothering you?

    • Berry Mii 2 December 2010 at 3:17 PM #

      LOL! Well, Agnes, he sits at the other side of the office, so I do not know if he does that to other ppl. =( Just few days ago, he came to my desk again to ask for scotch tape & I blurted out, “you mean you walked past 30 colleagues’ desks to come & ask ME for scotch tape?” I was trying to be sarcastic & hint to him that he could have asked his neighbour, but I think it made him hallucinate that I finally realized his ‘presence’ becuz he smiled & said ‘yah’ enthusiastically. EW! omg i just got the chills. I tell him I’m busy, but he’ll just come by 10 mins later. If he was really interested in me, then… … … that must be the most un-smooth’est way of picking up girls! I wish he would get kicked out of the company from faking MC too!!!

  2. Agnes 2 December 2010 at 8:30 PM #

    Lol…that sort of confirms my suspicion that he is interested in you!…Finding excuses to talk to you…
    Gosh! an admirer is lurking around you…

    • Berry Mii 3 December 2010 at 10:32 AM #

      AGNES! omg! i hope not! but i don’t think he admires me though. he has a few ex-classmates who work with us & they said that he is a super nice guy, so i’m thinking that is his way of being friendly but maybe not my style of ‘preferred friendly’.

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