My Lack of Hobbies

15 Nov

I am guessing that every single human being on this planet has a hobby or something that they really like doing / having.

Since their births, Gigi loves the internet & Buggy is addicted to his computer games.  Daddy is into IT & technology stuff.  Mummy is obsessed with fengshui which she surfs on the internet.  Dear God, my entire family members are geeks.

NO PAPA!  what will I do without my computer?!?!?!



As for my closest friends, they also have rock solid hobbies.  Mello loves reading fantasy books (not the erotic kind, you perverted minds) that involves magic & dragons & hobbits, kind of like Lord of The Rings sort of genre.  He would sometimes read self-help books & share his knowledge with me if it was interesting.

Hong is into body building.

My bf plays with balls (sounds so wrong, but right at the same time) – football, basketball, snooker/pool, etc.

Me?  I don’t think I ever had a hobby that I really enjoy doing.  And when I fill up application forms that needed me to state down my hobbies, my mind will draw a blank.  Is sleeping a hobby?  What about lazing in bed & not moving a muscle?  But still I will write down “swimming, surfing internet & watching TV“.

Do I really go swimming?  Not really, I just swim a few laps & lie down on the sunbed to tan.  But I don’t think it’s appropriate to put down Tanning as a hobby.  =\ 

err… well… at least it’s a double D cup…



Then as I grow older and more freckles appear on my face, I stopped baking myself under the sun & I changed Swimming to Reading.  I figured that if I still put down Swimming, people will wonder why my skin is so fair & I probably have to tell a white lie like “oh i do indoor swimming”.  Oh really, where?  (-_-)  So many questions to answer & the white lie grows bigger as I have to think of a place with an indoor swimming pool.  So troublesome.  Reading is more convenient.  If they ask me what I read, I will tell them any book by Richard Laymon, which will be true as I have read all his books.  Or I will steal some of that knowledge that Mello shared with me on previous occasions, which I don’t think is lying because I have also ‘read’ the self-help book, except that it is by listening to parts of it.

Surfing internet is not really a hobby of mine, unless you’re talking about Facebook / emails / etc.  I don’t even YouTube.  When I was in school, I hated research.  Each time we had to do a group project, researching materials will never be my job because I never have the patience to get it done.  I absolutely hate looking for things.  It ups my stress level a lot.

I found this on Google!  Trial & tested.
Print out & paste on your wall if necessary… very useful



Even in my daily life, I know exactly where every personal item is because I never misplace them so that I never have to go all over the house looking for my stuff.  When somebody borrows my stuff but does not put it back into its original spot & I have to look for it, my irritation & anger can reach rocket-high levels in a matter of 2 seconds.  It’s like… *realizes that my pen is not on my desk* (1 second)… where the hell is my pen? (2 seconds)…. WHO TOOK MY BLOODY PEN?!?!?! WTF @#$^*#$^!&$(%^!#@*(&*!!!!!!!!!!

*dagger stare*



That leaves Watching TV as the only one true hobby that I have in my life.  But it will not be a good idea to state it as my ONLY hobby, especially if it is a job application, right?  I figured that it will be more impressive to add in a sporty hobby (swimming) or an intellectual hobby (reading).

Oh and one thing that I have always been interested in, but never had a chance to do, is making my own stuff.  Like making my own hair clips with those Swarovski crystals or cute little candy ribbons & stuff.  Or a dress that I designed on my own.  Or my home-made deodorant using shea butter, baking powder, etc.  Or concocting my own body moisturizer using cocoa butter & my own special blend of essential oils.

I have created… … … a rose-scented booger!!!



For now, the only thing that I make on my own is my facial mask.  I use either raw honey / manuka honey or rhassoul clay / dead sea mud & blend it with hydrosols / essential oils & a little bit of serum or even some fresh lemon juice / cucumbers / tomatoes / etc.  It is super fun & I can make the facial mask according to what my skin needs at that moment.

When I have more time on my hands, I will attempt to make my own deodorant.

Oh god oh god my pits feel so violated!!!
p.s – is it just me or are the funniest photos always in sports???


In the meantime, I just found this new TV series called Haven.  It is like a combination of Fringe & Heroes.  It is pretty interesting.  I shall go veg out on the couch now.

And I think I shall file this post under About Berry Mii because it IS about me.


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