Stupid 4-year old Kid

10 Nov

I hate it when that kid comes over to the house.  I hate it when she sticks her face anywhere that I can see it.  I want to slap her so bad.  Or kick her in the back until she flies & hits the wall with a loud satisfying bang.  So what if she is just 4?  All the more I can use my larger body frame to bully little irritating kids (and with my twiggy frame, little 4 year olds are all that I can manage to intimidate.  When they reach 5, they’ll be my size already).

She is the reason why I am disregarding all my New Year’s Resolutions of 2010 – to refrain from vulgarities & murderous intentions.  I am not even going to keep this post civil & mature.  The irritation in me is just too much for me to contain already.  So today, I am going to be myself.  Psychotic, obnoxious & vulgar (and sprinkled with *singlish).  I don’t even care how my future kids will think of me when they read this post.  I’m sure they will understand one day when they meet a horrible kid themselves.

singlish = a language only Singaporeans can speak which
is derived from Singapore+English. We can speak proper
English if we want to, but what's the fun in it when
we can have Singlish.


Don’t get me wrong, I love kids.  I love kids a lot especially when they are asleep or quietly playing in a corner or giggling to themselves in a gentle amusing way.  As long as they do not irritate the shit out of me, I am absolutely great with kids.

But this little monster (let’s call her Banshee) is one of a kind.  She doesn’t leave me alone when I tell her to fark off (ok i didn’t exactly say fark off) while I am enjoying my expensive restaurant dinner & what does she do?  She continues to hit me with the wet tissue which she had already wiped her filthy little mouth with & you know how much I HATE FILTH.  And that went on for another good 10 mins with her mother sitting there not doing anything, enjoying her own dinner.

*blood vessel pops in my brain as I grab her tiny little arm & make her hit herself back with the wet tissue*… TAKE THAT, YOU STUPID KID.

Then imagine that Banshee comes up to you & asks if she can slap your face with her shoe.  (-_-)  wtf, kid?  That is the ultimate shocking insult to anyone who receives this kind of question from a FOUR year old kid.  A little kiddy voice going “Can I slap your face with my shoe?”  SLAP YOUR HEAD AH SLAP.  SLAP YOURSELF LAH!  Stupid 4-year old little sucker.  I believe the ability to degrade others has to be deeply rooted in her sick little mind in order for her to actually say it out.  And I thought kids were born innocent.  That has gotta be an inborn thing.  Either that or I wonder what the hell her parents have been feeding her.

*blood vessel pops in my brain as I calmly takes off my high heel shoe & stab her eye with the pointy end*… shut the fark up, you stupid kid.

When you tell her to hold on to the chocolate bar carefully & do not drop it on your sofa as she bounces everywhere on it & destroys every fiber in that expensive material, she looks at you with her innocent eyes & what does she do?  She lets go of the chocolate bar & continues to stare at you, like she’s daring you to scold her in front of her mother.  The mother who thinks she is just so adorable when her little Banshee does irritating things like this.

Oh god, so many other incidents to rage about, but so little time.

I want to strangle her so bad.  Or kick her in the head when her mother is not looking.

Which mother will let her kid continue to feel that being rude & irritating is the way to lead her life?

I am not a mother.  But I would think that if your kid says something rude, you correct her.  If she doesn’t listen to you, you continue to teach her until she gets it.

You teach her manners & respect & you do not allow her to cling on to other people’s boyfriends.  Oh god.  There was this one time, the Banshee kept clinging on to this guy (W).  And when his gf (N) came over to hold W’s hand, the Banshee repeatedly taunted N,  “i dun like you! see! i am also holding his hand.  i like him but i dun like you!”  Then she twirls around W’s arm & kept leaning on his groin & kept grabbing the pocket at W’s ass (which made him twitch away).  That went on & on until they reach home.  I could see the irritation & burning fury in N’s eyes.  Oh I feel you, girl.  I want to kill her too.  Again, the mother did nothing to stop that stupid kid from being horrible.  (-_-)   Even if she is a 4-year old, it is so so messed up.  I’m not saying that she has some kind of perverted mind.  I believe the groin & ass grabbing thing was innocent, but… with everything combined, it just looks disgusting & repulsive.  She is going to get herself raped one day & I will not even care.  Gosh.  I might even gloat.

I do not have any children of my own, but I am so sure from the bottom of my heart that a mother must never allow her kid to feel that she can do or say anything she wants.

I think the stupid Banshee is going to grow up to be the meanest, most rebellious person ever made in history.

Honestly, I think her mother is just oh-so-relieved to get rid of Banshee for just that 10 mins or longer.  It’s like she sees Banshee terrorizing others & she is thinking to herself, “oh thank god, now somebody else can deal with her while I go do something that I enjoy“.

Or when Banshee is doing something naughty like flicking food on people’s faces or talking back to adults for lecturing her, her mother thinks she is so cute & smart & intelligent.

I seriously do not ever want to see the Banshee’s face around me.  I do not want to hear her voice.  I definitely do not want to have anything to do with her.  How I wish that her whole family can just move out of the country.

I have never ever dislike a kid so much in my life.  Usually I feel indifferent towards them, no hatred no liking.  I still talk to them, play with them & take care of them with no other emotions.  But the Banshee manages to bring out the Kid Hater in me every single time she is around.  She makes me want to taser her in the face & watch CSI while she convulse & drool all over herself on the floor.

God I hate that kid.


2 Responses to “Stupid 4-year old Kid”

  1. Sheryl 10 November 2010 at 2:24 PM #

    OMG OKAY WHAT A KID! i love kids but if i have to deal with this kid, she’s gone man. imma like, eat her up with porridge or something1 so annoying LOL! the mother… haiz.

    • Berry Mii 10 November 2010 at 2:39 PM #

      hi Sheryl, =) yeah man… she is super annoying. amazing that you would like kids. maybe you can give me a few tips on how to grow to like them… then maybe I won’t get so easily irritated by them.

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