The Encounter of The 2 Cyborg Eyes

8 Nov

UPDATED 18 Dec 2010:   I was doing some ‘spring-cleaning’ in my Sony Ericsson Satio hp & I found a photo which I had taken of my 2 huge acne back in early Nov!!!!  I didn’t know I was crazy enough to do that, but I was!  LOLOL!!  I had forgotten all about it, but now that I found it again, I will post it up here.


My period is nearing & I am having the WORST case of PMS.  EVER.  IN.  HISTORY.

i want to killllllllllllllllll youuuuuuu!!!



Yes.  Fear us, boys.

Women are scary creatures during that time of the month.

Especially when our hormones fluctuate & all sorts of skin problems surface, it leads to an even greater frustration.

This extra PMS’y month, I am already starting to get thigh cramps & a back-breaking ache.

Worst of all, 2 huge acne formed on my face.  1 one my right cheek & 1 one my chin.  They are the kind where you don’t see a pus head sticking out.  They are huge & beneath the skin.  Red, shiny, unpoppable.  Disgusting little creatures.

Ah crap, they look like 2 cyborg eyes except that they are on my cheek & chin.

They appeared on Thursday night & I stared at them for a good 10 mins before deciding that I should leave them alone.  I’m quite sure no amount of squeezing them would help because they are still unripe.

I did all I could the past few days to nurse my skin back to health.

I ate 2 juicy (but quite sour) oranges everyday for Vitamin C to aid in healing skin wounds.

But yesterday, I got a little bit more desperate & started on my own remedy.

I remember reading somewhere that cinnamon is treated as a mild astringent.  It can be used as a pimple treatment because of its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, so since I do have some cinnamon powder in the fridge (which I used for pasta & making honey), I added a dash of cinnamon powder + Avene Thermal Water & applied it direct on the spots.  It stung a little & I left it on while I watched an episode of Big Bang Theory.  When I washed it off, I could see a little pus beneath the skin.  Did the cinnamon help to bring the nasty stuff to the surface?  Maybe.

At night before I went to bed, I mixed a little of Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar + Avene Thermal Water & splashed it on my face as a toner.  Then I dab a little bit of this vinegar (no dilution) direct on the 2 acne like a pimple cream.  I read from a few websites that this vinegar is known to be an effective home remedy for acne as it helps to balance the pH levels in the skin.


The very next morning, I noticed that my face was less oily & the acne on my chin looked ready to pop!!!  Did the mother in the apple cider vinegar work its magic while I slept last night???  The yellow thick pus underneath my skin was now very obvious, but no head sticking out yet.  I was debating on whether I should stick a needle in it to take some of the unsightly pus out, but I left it alone & continued to get ready for work.

Then Gigi woke up & complained about having a bad hair day.

I looked at her & said, “oh you think a bad hair day is bad?  then what about this” & I turned my face towards her.

Her eyes immediately went  (O_O)  as she looked at my chin & right cheek.

I think it was the look of ultimate disgust.

ugh! gross!


I grabbed a needle, washed it & tried to pop the acne on the chin.  On the 1st try, a little bit of thick opaque pus came out.  I squeezed a little harder & nothing else came out so I poked it a 2nd time.  Another tiny drop came out.  I gave up because I did not want to cause any serious damage or scarring.

I wondered for a brief second if I should slap on some concealer but I thought “to hell with it“.  What if I put on concealer & it causes infection?  Even worse, right?  So I went out of the house naked face & pointed the 2 red cyborg eyes at everyone in the mrt.

May the pus in the cyborg eyes squirt out onto their faces!!!!!!


When I reached work, I ordered some fresh strawberry juice as it contains alpha-hydroxy acid to aid my skin in clearing its dead skin cells & unclog the dirt underneath.

I am so waiting for my mensus to start.  Once it starts, my PMS blues will go away & hopefully it will take away the 2 monsters too.

*moondances at the top of Pinnacle to summon the blood river*


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