What’s a Blog about?

6 Nov

I have decided to post this one here because I think it is a better fit.  Ain’t I fickle?  If you have read parts of this before, then I’m sorry but this is a more elaborated version.

I observed that the cyber world is the in-thing now.  I 0nly found out that blogs existed a few years back when I saw Gigi uploading photos on her blog.  She told me that it was her public blog for all to see & she has another private blog that contains some dark secrets.

… is she writing about me???


I wonder what ever happened to the pen & diary where you write down your thoughts instead of typing it.  And if you have a secret diary, you do it the traditional way & hide it from your family by keeping it under the bed or locking it up in your cabinet, praying that your parents never get to find it.

During my younger years, all I cared about was going out partying or heading down to the pool for my swim or hanging out with my friends at Coffeebean or movies / karaoke / food binging sessions / deep conversations till the wee morning then go for Macdonald breakfast.  The only reasons for me to turn on the computer were for studies, work & playing computer games.

Uh huh.  Back in my days, we have real physical interaction with people.  Now, when I try to make conversation with my younger siblings, they just give me an unwilling grunt or a short answer while staring at their laptops.  But the second I log online to MSN & initiate a conversation, they suddenly have lots to type about & let out the occasional laugh when I make a joke thru MSN.  And mind you, this was done while we were ALL in the same living room.  WTH.

I see my siblings stay home 24/7.  They hardly go out.  They hardly talk on the phone with their friends.  Hell, they even hardly move from their seats when they are in front of a laptop.  No wonder my parents are always saying that I’m the wild one among the 3 children they have because I am always out of the house.

*cues Born to be Wild by SteppenWolf Adam Lambert in American Idol*
Oh Adam, you so wild, me like you so much~~~


But it seems that while I picked up certain skills in the real world, I also lost touch with a lot of other information relating to the cyber one.  I also recently found out that there is such a thing called Beauty Blogs & these bloggers are actually making a career out of it.  I previously did not even know that there are people out there organizing sprees on the internet.  And how does VPost really work & how to maximise its service?  Who was the wise one who invented that anyway?

Therefore, after learning about blogs from Gigi a few years ago, I also started to blog out of curiousity.  And of course, Berry Mii is not my 1st blog created.  I also have a secret blog out there in the cyber world.  Ok, maybe not so secret, but it is a part of me that is free to type whatever that comes to my head without inhibitions.  So if you happen to chance upon my pioneer blog, do say Hi.

I know why some of us blog.  It gives us a sense of relief.  It is similar to me owning a diary when I was a hormonal-charged teenager who was angry with the world.  I wrote down all my pent-up thoughts with a pen & a paper.  So now that I started blogging, people sometimes respond & offer some words of comfort (or in some cases, they actually insult you even further) and I realized that it could be a 2-way thing which feels good too.

I started Berry Mii with the mindset of providing more information to others who stumble across this blog & also to tell my story as I age (even more, lord help my wrinkly skin).  Maybe next time if I get Alzheimer’s disease, I would still be able to read about parts of my past & recollect certain events.

Some posts might be useful, others might be just mindless fun.  But we can always learn something from someone, right?  When I read the news or another person’s blog, there is always something new that I have not heard of & that will make me think deeper into it, process it & learn from it.  Whether it is thru their personal experiences or their knowledge, learning is a continuous process in my life.  And if there is nothing to learn, then at least you can still enjoy a good laugh.

… mewahahahaa… so funnieee..

A few days ago, I happen to read a blog about how this teenage girl wrote about seeing this handsome dude in the mrt & when she walked past him, she accidentally let out a loud fart.  hahaha… hilarious.  And that cheered me up from a gloomy work day & got me pleasantly occupied trying to imagine what I would have done if it happened to me.  *choy… touch wood*

Call it a biography of parts of my life, but one day my future generations are going to read about how I fight a fierce battle with reoccurring cold sores & eczema, and if they themselves have these skin problems, then they will thank me for the information that I provided for them in my blog.

eh see… grandmama already did the research for you, okay

But who knows, maybe at that time, they will not need Omega 3 or natural/organic products because of the advancement of technology in their era.  Maybe they can just zap their faces with a magic pen & all the cold sores will go away.  Maybe they travel around in hoover crafts like in The Fifth Element.

But we still have to follow traffic rules & cannot hoover around madly…


If that’s the case, then they can read about the history of their ancestors (ie: us) & learn about how we have to use a key to open the door instead of having our eyeballs scanned by the doorbell.  Maybe due to cutting edge technology of their time, they do not even need to use a remote control to change channels.  Exercising might also be a thing of the past & when they read about how we have to walk from home to MRT station, they think to themselves, “shit.  There is such a thing called walking????”  & then blasts away in their jet shoes like the ones that Iron Man uses.

If I fly around like this all my life, will I get weak flabby thighs?


Just like in our current years, we learn that fashion in those ancient days was about covering your bits with loin cloths & the sexy accessory of a wooden self-made club…

… and crazy hair!  RAR!…
Image Credit: HERE


Wouldn’t it be an eye-opener if cavemen had the internet & blogs in their time?  Then right now, in year 2010, we can surf the internet & read about their different lifestyles & what they do for fun on their days off from hunting or who was the wise one who discovered that you can create fire by rubbing 2 sticks together.

If there was youtube in the age of dinosaurs, our current generation can now watch those videos & see how they chew each other’s heads off or drink from a lake.  Wouldn’t that exciting?  Sure, there are simulations now where geniuses around the world would guess what color is the dinosaur’s skin or imagine how they move.  Keyword here is GUESS.

Maybe the T-Rex has a leather skin that is actually bright pink?  Or maybe it squeaks instead of roar?  Maybe the real T-Rex likes to roll around happily in mud & make friends with other dinos?  Maybe the reason why he has sharp razor teeth is because he eats tree barks?  Maybe maybe maybe… Well, we cannot know for sure because there was no youtube in those times, right?

Having said all that, I hereby declare that I totally approve of blogs.  It is fun to read, it is informative, it occupies your time when you curl up alone in your room late at night.

I say, we should all start our own blogs.  Take lots of photos & post it up on the internet.  Maybe in 100 years’ time, our future generations will not know what a bicycle or a kite or roller blades look like.  Maybe there will be no more cats because they all died from curiousity (ok lame joke).  If that day comes, then at least with our blogs around, future generations will be able to see what their ancestors were up to before.

And a word of caution here:  Please blog sensibly.  We have read enough news on people whose lives got f**ked up because they revealed too much details about themselves & went ahead to talk bad about their bosses.  And if you really need to curse at your boss, then avoid putting up photos of yourself & change the names of your friends/family/whoever, so even if you get caught you can just deny it.  Maybe you can even encode a password in that blog post, so that nobody can read your secret online diary except yourself.  But then again, there is that question about cyber privacy.  Are we really safe?  I know someone who can hack into your secret files because he is trained to do so.  For the paranoid me, if there is something I need to vent about in words regarding my boss (not that I have anything bad to say about my boss *ahem*), I write it down on a piece of paper until I am emotionally shiok (satisfied), burn it to ashes, then drink those ashes & crap it out.  I can never risk the possibility of having CSI piece those ashes together & find out my deepest darkest secret.

Are we all exhibitionists for the compulsive urge to show others what we are doing with our lives?  Maybe.

Are we all attention-seekers?  Probably Absolutely.

Or are we just looking for like-minded people who share similar interests & values with ourselves?  Also very likely.

Ultimately, I guess blogs are a way for us to share a piece of our lives with others & leave a little part of your lessons learnt as you grow up.  Or just to release all those thoughts in your head that you can hardly talk to others about.  Or to entertain & be entertained.

Plus, it is surprising to read about all sorts of things on the internet these days.

Google is God.


5 Responses to “What’s a Blog about?”

  1. Jasmine 7 November 2010 at 8:46 PM #

    hi! continue blogging and blog often! super interesting 😀 but maybe not blog so much about face/skin products? (:


    • Berry Mii 8 November 2010 at 11:25 AM #

      hi jasmine, thanks! and recently I am trying out new products on my skin due to its recent sensitivity, I think once I have found the Holy Grail of my skincare regime, there will not be so many product posts anymore.

  2. Trixie Diddle 8 November 2010 at 8:53 AM #

    same here, i also find it very interesting! btw, i don’t mind if you talk M-18 too.. LOL!! i think honesty is the best policy, right? and i like the way you talk abt certain issues
    however, unlike what Jasmine had said in her comment, for me i would still like to read about skincare products, esp the natural kind (no offence, Jasmine!). =P

    • Berry Mii 8 November 2010 at 11:27 AM #

      hi Trixie, I am still trying to figure out which natural skincare is suitable for me. So far, I still think that 100% Pure & The Organic Pharmacy works best for face. I think I will still try to keep this PG rated… hahaha… for now. Thanks for dropping by. =)

  3. cinsellik 17 May 2013 at 7:44 PM #

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