The Skin Food: Fresh Aloe Pack

4 Nov

It has been some time since I last blogged about a non-natural skincare product.  But when I received The Skin Food Fresh Aloe Pack, I am still tempted to try it. 

The label states that this mask is to provide hydration to the skin & since I have not been sleeping well the past few nights, my cheeks are already looking drier than it should be.  There were even a few flaky patches around my mouth area.  So this is like THE perfect time to try this mask out.

However, as I am now more aware of what goes in my skincare product, I have this compulsive need to look at the ingredients.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is listed as the Top 2 in the ingredient list & I have read about the harmful effects it can cause, so I am not too hot over it.  There are so many articles on the internet relating to PG.  Some state that it is harmless, others state that it is toxic.  And of course, those that state that it is safe for use are all written by companies who ARE using PG in their skincare.  Then those promoting natural ingredients are claiming that it can cause severe skin allergies & cancer.  BUT!  But, I still managed to find a rather objective & unbias article HERE where it states that there is no risk of cancer if PG is used in concentrations less than 50%.  And though cancer is ruled out, it was found that PG caused allergic reactions that triggered eczema & other skin allergies, even when its formulation is less than 50%.

The aloe leaf juice is stated somewhere in the middle.  I wonder why can’t they just put the aloe juice as the top ingredient instead of water (which is listed #1).  I also noted that the last 3 ingredients on that list are actually synthetic dyes & also may be a skin irritant.

The mask is this gooey texture that feels like a light gel.  Scent-wise, it smells of light fresh perfume.

I left the pack in the fridge before applying it on my face, so it was cooling & refreshing.  I left it on for about 10 mins & washed off with lukewarm water.

I quite like the immediate effect of the mask.  My face felt refreshed & it looked like it did calm the flaky patches around my mouth.

However, by the 4th time I used this mask, my chin itched a little & there were bumps that looked like mosquito bites.  I am guessing that I should not be using this so often.  I tried it out 3 times a week, but maybe now I should cut it down to just once a week.

My skin is hyper sensitive since early this year & it is not entirely liking this aloe mask as a frequent use.  I do not have anything against non-natural products & I am actually still using some products from other brands which are all fine.

At this moment, no Berry Mii stamp of approval for this one.


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