Garden of Wisdom (Part I)

1 Nov

Since my journey towards natural / organic skincare in early September, I got increasingly interested in the GoW products because I read so many positive reviews on the skincare forums.

Is it really that good????

I found a review on GoW HERE.

It is really too bad they are not available in Singapore (as usual), but at least they provide international shipping.  =D

I actually stumbled upon their website a few times during my early stages of organic skincare research, but I never bothered to surf in details.  Maybe because…………… the website looks a little outdated?  Or perhaps it is the layout that did not appeal to me before?

It was only after I happen to read some great reviews on its products & their good customer service, THEN I started to pay attention.  I’m serious.  The raving reviews all over the internet are like 90% positive (just a humanly perceived estimate).


Feeling a little guilty now.

I know I should not have judged a book by its cover.  Or in this case, should not have judged the website by its design.

You can view the GoW official website HERE.

Before I ordered the GoW products, I sent some email enquiries to them on my skin problems & asked for some recommendations.

I waited for like 4 days before I got a reply from a lady called Jen.  Although it was quite a long wait in terms of response time, but Jen was friendly in her email & she gave a detailed recommendation on which products to get.  She also threw in a couple of advices & some useful links for me to read.

I was pleased that she did not give some ½-hearted answer or an answer that consists of only a few sentences.  You can tell that Jen has put some thought into her product recommendations.  I like that.

After that initial email enquiry, I clarified some other issues & the next few replies from Jen were given within 24 hours.

I had placed my order with GoW in late September & received it within 10 days in early October.

I only got sample sizes because I want to try them out first before getting the real-sized ones.

Below are a few photos taken when the products just arrived at my home!

The products inside are protected by wiggly pink styrofoams.  When I saw them, I have this compulsion to break each one in half.  The sound of the styrofoam snapping is so therapeutic. Ahhhhhh~~~

When I saw the samples, I was surprised to see that they are decent sizes!  By the looks of it, they are all going to last quite a long time.

1)      Oats, Milk & Honey Cleanser
2)      Almond Milk & Papaya Enzyme Cleanser
3)      Jen’s Green Tea & Shea Butter Cleanser
4)      Clarifying Toner
5)      Strawberry Hydrating Mist
6)      Honey Hydrating Mist
7)      Promegranate Hydrating Mist
8)      Mandelic Acid 5% without alcohol & without seaweed
9)      Concord Grape Serum
10)    Camelia Oil
11)    Argan Oil
12)    Emu Butter
13)    Minty Fruity Meow Meow Facial Lotion
14)    Put Da Lime in Da Coconut Cream After Bath Conditioner
15)    Dropper

The packaging of the products is nothing special.  In fact, the ink on the labels does smudge a little when in contact with water.  But still, everything functions well, so I am not complaining.  I guess this is how GoW tries to maintain affordable prices for us consumers.

To prevent the ink from staining my fingers, I tore the labels off & used a marker pen to indicate the name of the product underneath the bottle.  Why do I go to such great lengths?  Why don’t I just leave the labels as it is?  It is because ink stains fingers, fingers touch contents of products & contents are applied to face!

I stored all of these products in my refrigerator, so that they can last longer & also to prevent the Emu Butter from melting at room temperature.  Besides, I read that the carrier oils also need to be stored in the fridge.  However, I kept the Mandelic Acid at room temperature in a cool, dark place as it might crystalize in the fridge & will not return back to liquid state.

GoW does use natural preservatives like fermented kimchi.  I am wondering how my skin will react to it since I have developed some skin sensitivity early this year.

I have already started using some of its products last few weeks ago.  Once I am done testing all of them, then I’ll write a Part II.  In the meantime, I have rather mixed feelings about some of the GoW products that I have already tried out.  Keep you posted!  =D


6 Responses to “Garden of Wisdom (Part I)”

  1. Trixie Diddle 1 November 2010 at 10:58 AM #

    OHHHH GoW products! I use them & some of them are very good but have to find the suitable one for your skin. They have so many choices! Can’t wait for your part 2!

    • Berry Mii 1 November 2010 at 2:21 PM #

      Hi Trixie, I agree. There were so many choices & I had a hard time selecting the ones I think would suit me. =P

  2. Desiree Tan 1 November 2010 at 11:19 AM #

    i also read a lot of reviews on this but havent seen much local reviews. good that you are trying this so i know about the results~~~ heeeee… i am tempted to try the 100% Pure cosmetics but nobody wrote any reviews on that before and i can’t find anything much on the internet. hey next time can let me know if you will be ordering anything online? so i can tag along your orders, if you don’t mind? i can pay a little extra for your handling fees. let me know, ok???

    • Berry Mii 1 November 2010 at 2:23 PM #

      Hi Desiree, oh sure, ok. I’ll make an annoucement on my blog if I happen to purchase from overseas again. =) That’ll be great too. Can share the shipping cost. But I’m going to have to hold off my overseas orders for now as I have got enough products on hand. hahaha..

  3. Han Solo 1 November 2010 at 1:27 PM #

    Hi Berry Mii, I hope you dun think it’s weird for a guy to be reading your blog. I found it while I was doing a search for cold sores, yes I have it too. Since then I have been visiting every few days & I like your humor. Some of your posts are darn funny. btw, my name is not really Han Solo.

    • Berry Mii 1 November 2010 at 2:24 PM #

      Hi Han Solo, it is not weird for guys to be reading my blog. Just a little creepy. KIDDING. oh no you have cold sores too! those unsightly little suckers. I hate them, but they have not resurfaced after I switched to natural skincare (touch wood). maybe you can try switching too. btw, my name is not really Berry Mii too.

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