Let’s Talk About Halloween

29 Oct


Halloween is around the corner.  All that dark ambience & costumes.  Dressing up as ghouls, dead celebrities, sexy undead, white angels, fallen angels, etc.

In Singapore, Halloween is not as widely celebrated as other parts of the world & I’m pretty sure it is confined to mostly party places.

Our local kids do not dress up like ghouls or fairies, and they do not go around trick or treating around the neighbourhood.  Not even with an adult chaperone.

Our parents were raised to be paranoid & so we were raised to be paranoid & so our kids will be raised to be paranoid & so will their future kids & so on.

We do not allow smalls kids or teenagers to go out at night, knocking at strangers’ doors & yell TRICK OR TREAT.  You know how dangerous that is?  Even with an adult present, some crazy person can just grab your kid into the house & slam it in your face all in a matter of seconds.  By the time you break the door down or smash a window or call the cops, it will be too late.

So what if Singapore has a low crime rate?  Low crime does not mean no crime.

Even the Singapore government has been reminding us that.

Image Credit: Lonely Planet

Think about them perverts, man.  Child molesters?  Psychos who like to eat human flesh?

“come come… uncle give you sweet sweet… come in to uncle’s house… ohhhhh you so cuteeeeee (and tender)”

… not the face of Halloween, but the face of a lao chee ko pei (diry old pervert)…

WTH.  No way, dude.

I support paranoia.  Or to be overly cautious.  Or overly protective.  Whatever you want to call it.

The number of perverts I have encountered in my life is way too frequent for me to trust my future kids running around innocently & talking to strangers.  I do not want them standing near an open door of an aspiring Adrian Lim wannabe.  Dunno who Adrian Lim is?  Have not heard of him because you were not born when he was executed?  Click HERE to freak yourself out.  Go on, read it.  You know you want to.

And of course, I am proud that Singapore has also improved on crime prevention over the years.  But again, low crime doesn’t mean no crime.  Be vigilant.  Be alert.

There must be a reason why our ministers do not celebrate Halloween in Singapore, right??

I even read somewhere that some places even set an age limit for participating in Halloween Trick or Treat.  The underlying meaning is probably saying – if you are old enough to identify creeps & are able to run away from danger, then you are allowed to Trick or Treat.

On a lighter note, I have attended a Halloween party a long time back where I saw girls dressed up in sexy catwoman outfits, a guy wearing a queer Head-Served-on-The-Table-Top & a lifeless hunched zombie eyeing everyone in his vicinity as he stood creepily in a corner (oh wait a minute, that wasn’t a costume).

p.s - I was searching for some creepy guy photos
when I happen to stumble onto this blog post.
Hilarious. Read it HERE.

Elvis & Batman got into a impromtu dancing competition in the middle of the dance floor as Elvis shook his pelvis while Batman… err… flapped his wings in a Saturday Night Fever kind of way.  Everyone cheered & clapped.

The undead air stewardess flirted with the bartender just so she can get his attention & order her drink.  I checked out the butt on Incredible Hulk.  It was fun (the party, not the butt).

But in recent years, Halloween was nothing more than just another day for me.  No crazy parties, no dancing to ear-deafening music, no liver damaging alcohol, no more waking up with hangovers & wondering where you are (just kidding on this one… *ahem*).

Have I aged?  Or did I party so much in the past that I got tired of the party scene?

You know what I am going to do this October 31?  I think I am going to put on my spanky new jogging shoes & head down to the sky garden at The Pinnacle for a run.  Time to firm up these soft twiggy legs & try to get those supermodel thighs that I always wanted.

What will you be doing on Halloween?  More interestingly, what will you dress up as?

Happy Halloween!


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