The Spooky Shade of Pale

22 Oct

I have not been posting up any reviews on products the past couple of days.  I am not lazy, but maybe just a tinge of procrastination.

I am working on a post on 100% Pure.  Besides Bud Cosmetics, I found another local seller for this brand & have been granted access to the office to snap a few shots of their fruit-pigmented cosmetics.  =D  The post should be up by next week.  And also a little something special where it can be potentially kinky.  hahaha…

It is totally irrelevant to the title of this post though.

The topic I want to touch on today is about all things that spook us out at night.  Things that turn us to a shade of pale.  I had blogged a little about spooky encounters in my previous post HERE.  Now, this is like… part II.

*cues Twilight soundtrack*

One night, we were watching a rerun of this Japanese ghost film on TV & it got us into the topic of ghosts.  Then me & Gigi thought it would be funny to take photos of ourselves & photoshop it to look like spirits.  So I acted out as a long-haired ghost & then we photoshopped the photo to make it look more haunting.

In the end?

Not funny at all.

On that very night, I dreamt that I woke up from my sleep & I was in my bedroom.  Then right outside my door, there was this lady dressed in a red chinese dress, staring at me.


Her feet were dangling about a few inches off the ground, but her neck would tilt to the side like she was hung from a rope on the ceiling.  And she would swing left & right… left & right… left & right… while staring straight at me.  My whole body felt frozen.  With fear.

*screams hysterically in my head*

I think it was a good 10 secs of her swinging in the air until I woke up from the dream feeling darn relieved that it was nothing but a dream.

But then, I had the same exact dream for the following few nights.  She would always stare at me.  And I get the feeling that she wanted to come into the room.  *deep breathes*… I felt so odd about this whole situation that I told my family about it & you know what my Daddy said?

He said nonchalently, “oh maybe it’s because you kept pretending to be a ghost & a real ghost passed by & thought that you are her friend“… LOL!!!  OMG DADDY?!?!?!  Ok, it was freaky yet funny at the same time.

Mummy looked worried & said that maybe I accidentally ‘attracted’ spirits when I photoshopped all those creepy photos of myself… or maybe they felt that I was making fun of them.  So, she told me to “better delete all those photos“.


Gigi was so freaked out that she screamed, “SHITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!  AND I’M SLEEPING IN THE SAME ROOM AS *JIE JIE (*big sister)!!!!! MAYBE SHE’S (the lady ghost) ALSO LOOKING FOR ME, HOW?!?!?!?!”  And immediately turned on the PC & deleted everything.

I did not dream about that hanged lady after that.

Strange.  Was it psychological?  Or something more?

There was another time when a group of friends were staying over at this guy’s house for the night.  Let’s call him El.

That night, I dreamt that I was in the same room in my friend’s house & sleeping on the same bed beside the same friends around me.  I looked up & saw an old granny in front of me.  She had uncombed white hair, a long skinny face & was wearing this purple polka-dot matching outfit.  As I looked at her face, I saw that she did not have eyes.  They were just sockets.

She then leaned over to touch me & I jerked myself up from the dream.

At first, I laid there feeling a little confused.  Then wondered what the hell happened.  And finally my nerves got the better of me & I turned around to poke the nearest friend to me, attempting to wake her up.

She stirred & mumbled “dun disturb“.

So I turned to the other side & shook the other friend.  He moved a little & before he can tell me “dun disturb“, I blurted out “wake up I’m very scared“.  And you know what this kind friend did?  He opened his eyes briefly & told me to tell him tomorrow morning.  (-_-)  Thanks, ah.

The next morning, that kind friend asked me what happened last night.  So I told him about the old granny.  Everyone was spooked.  But the real scare came when El asked me if the old granny looked like his father & what she was wearing.

I said “no, your father’s face is so square.  The granny’s face is long & skinny”.  And I told him about the purple polka-dot outfit.

El then told us that he always hear strange noises in the house.  Like furniture moving or a glass being moved right in front of his eyes or the radio would blast on its own.  Then he said that the old granny I dreamt of sounded like his father’s mother – long skinny face.  And the outfit also sounded like what she was buried in.


The first thought that came to my head was… … … … …



So, if you are staying in Woodlands near the Republic Polytechnic, you might be neighbours with the purple polka-dot granny.

Why am I blogging about encounters with the 3rd kind?

I had a dream last night that stirred up some of these memories for me.

I was about to drift off to sleep when I was woken up by a soft female voice under my bed going, “help… help me…. help“.  I opened my eyes & waited to see if I heard anything again.  Thankfully, none.

Not that I am superstitious or anything.  But I do wonder if there is life outside of the world we know.  Was I really dreaming & everything was just a psychological effect?  Or do spirits try to reach out to us humans?

Until today, I still remain a skeptic on these kind of stuff.  Despite the fact that I have encountered creepy coincidences, or the few times when young Buggy walked toward the car & suddenly swerved around to stare into blank spaces then told me he thought he saw someone’s reflection in the car window.

And that one time when I sat in a homemade swing at home & mentally saw a figure standing behind me.  That gave me enough goosebumps to immediately jumped off that swing & sit with my family in the living room.  Then Gigi got out of the shower & sat in that same swing & she jumped off, saying “eeeee i feel like someone is watching me from behind“.  Really?  Shit.  Me too.

I was previously working in the entertainment service industry & closing hours were always late into the night.  During my time there, several of my male staffs would repeatedly mention that they would hear a strange creaking sound in the male restroom at the far end of the cubicle.

I kept brushing them off, thinking to myself that they were just trying to scare me because I was always the last person in the building to lock up & leave.

Until one of my good friend told me that he wanted a part-time job to pass his time & started to work for my team.

One closing night when I was on duty, he came in & told me about the same creaking sound.  This time, I decided to go & check it out.  Cannot be that my own good friend would gang up with the rest & scare me, right?

As it was already closing time, I grabbed a torchlight & walked into the empty restroom.

I got down on my knees to look underneath all the cubicle stalls.  Then I inched my way towards the far end of the cubicle & there it was.  A slow loud creaking sound.

I pondered if I should just forget it & return back to my office, but the curious cat in me wondered what that sound was.  Would curiousity kill the cat?

Honestly, I half-expected a hand to reach out & grab me or see something ghostly, resulting in:

a)  peeing in my own pants

b)  fainting

c)  die from shock

d)  screaming out of the restroom like a banshee

e)  running frantically towards the main door but hit a wall instead & die from concussion instead of fright

f)  all of the above

But I had to find out.

And my good friend, being very kind, also did not follow me to the restroom & stayed behind in the office.  Why do I have so many kind friends?  I dunno.

After standing at the end of the restroom for a couple of minutes, I heard the sound again!  It was right on top of me!!!  It was freaking just next to my ear!!!  My eyes slowly… slowly… slowly looked up towards the ceiling.

And I saw…………………….

… the automatic air freshener that squirts out bouts of fragrances every few minutes.



The mystery was solved.

I returned to the office as the hero who saved the day.  Every one of the boys looked embarrassed.  And of course, I did not tell them that I almost went into epileptic shock.

So is this all in my head?  Do ghosts exist?

That’s what I want to know, but do not want to find out.

Have you encountered similar situations?

Are there are ghosts living among us?

Tell me your creepy story.


2 Responses to “The Spooky Shade of Pale”

  1. Happy Gong 22 October 2010 at 9:19 PM #

    omg the lady in the red dress story is scary! i have a thing about mirrors. each time my back faces a mirror, i get this feeling that something is going to grab me from behind!!!!!! sometimes i see shadows darting at the corner of my eyes & i feel like i am not alone! tat is so scary!

    • Berry Mii 23 October 2010 at 9:58 AM #

      God I hate mirrors too… I get this feeling that my reflection is looking at me while I wash my face. (O_O)

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