Humans battle Haze!!!!!!!! *RAR RAR RAR!*

20 Oct


Nothing can be worse than the haze that Singapore experiences.

Last night, I woke up in the middle of my sleep because of this dry scratchy feeling in my throat.  As I was still drowsy from the sleep, I tried to cough & hack & even did a little of the throat rumbling action, in order to get rid of irritation but nothing works.  So I gave up, got up & walked to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

I could smell a faint burning scent.  In my groggy state, it did not register to me that it was the haze at first.  So I walked around the kitchen trying to check if there was a fire or something.  And in that split second, it dawned on me that it was The Haze (putting it in Title Case because it deserves more attention).

This morning, I read an online article HERE about The Haze.  You can see from the photo that it is REALLY bad.  Really really bad.  It is like… fog, but with the harmful effects to humans.

My sinus is acting up & I feel like sneezing constantly.

This cannot be healthy.

Why are we accepting that burning of forests is ok?  Why should we?

How come measures are not taken to protect us Humans from The Haze?  Is it because there is nothing we can do about it?  And all we can do is wait for the rain or wind to lessen the effects of The Haze???

Since the fresh clean air in Singapore is getting screwed, I say we fight it!!!


Power up BIG ASS hydraulic fans to create winds & blow The Haze back to wherever they come from!!!!!!!!!!!!  But then since the whole world is going Green, we shall do our part in conserving electricity & use… …. … … … SOLAR POWER!!!

This is really unfair to us.

Imagine those who has asthma.  If they get an asthma attack & they go to see the doctor, who is going to pay for their medical expenses?  HUH?  They got to fork it out from their own pockets.  Riiiiight?

If my sinus gets worse or others get a sore throat as a result from The Haze, then how?  See a doctor, take a receipt & claim the reimbursements back from the offending party?  Cannot be, right.

Lucky for people like me whose medical expenses are covered by the company I work for, but what about the old folks who do not have anyone looking out for them?  Huh?  What about the people who are trying hard to make ends meet?  Huh?  and THINK ABOUT THE BABIES, for god’s sake!!!!!!

And you know what is worse?

My cold sores came back!!!  It started 2 days ago when The Haze appeared!!!

@#$&*%$@#%^&& !!!!!!

Now I am frantically applying cold sore cream, hoping that it does not trigger off a full blown attack.  Otherwise, I have to re-face all that taunting about how “you never wash my mouth ah” or “your visitors applied for PR already?” or “what did you do with your bf“.



For now, I have to swallow more Omega-3 gel capsules.  Drink more water.  Eat more fruits.  Detox my internal body system.  We all should be doing this.

And smokers, you better smoke lesser because with The Haze around, you are probably ‘smoking’ twice as much as you should.  Think about your lungs!!!  Your throat!!!  Your nose!!! … … … your breath!!! … … … and body odor!!!

Adrupt end to post (while I go smear more cold sore cream on my lips).


2 Responses to “Humans battle Haze!!!!!!!! *RAR RAR RAR!*”


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    Humans battle Haze! *RAR RAR RAR!*…

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    Humans battle Haze! *RAR RAR RAR!*…

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