Omega 3: A Remedy for Eczema?

12 Oct

So I’m currently obsessed with my skin condition, right?

And I’m not going to relax until I find THE solution.  But now, I think I have the answer!

1)  Cold Sores
They stayed with me since around April this year till late August.  Everyone laughed (yeah yeah wat’s new).  My poor lips looked bruised all the time.  Feeling ugly.  Depressed.

Along came this lady doctor (Dr Karen) who saw me once a week for my cold sores & advised me numerous times to switch my current skincare to something that does not contain chemicals & fragrances.  And for a few months after, I didn’t bother to listen.  I was thinking to myself, “HA!  What rubbish.”

About 4 months later, my cold sores got worse (serve me right) & there was even this weird flaky rash that visited my chin & mouth areas.  It got so painful that I could not even open my mouth to eat a friggin burger!  The second I open my mouth a little wider, the corner of my lips would TEAR & BLEED.  It was AGONY!!!

I went back to see Dr Karen again, begging for help, begging to see the light.


She took one look at me & put me on a 1 week antibiotic + cold sore oral meds + cold sore cream which I have to apply everyday FIVE times.  My whole body felt so nauseous from taking all that oral medication.  I probably ate most of the cold sore cream too when I licked my lips.  =\

1 week later, the cold sores subsided but not gone.  She made me continue on another week of oral meds without the antibiotics this time.  And I still had to apply that cream 5 times a day.

Another week later, I was better from cold sores but then she looked at that weird flaky rash around my chin & mouth areas with a ‘hmm’ expression.  Then told me that it looked like eczema.



You’re kidding, right?

Since when I do get eczema all of the sudden?!?!?!

Then she told me to REALLY avoid skincare products with chemicals & this time, I listened.  That sparked my quest on natural or organic skincare with little or absolutely no chemicals.

2)  Eczema
Also, I had to embark on another crime-fighting against another set of skin problems.

When will it ever end?!?!?!?!?!

I did tons of research on eczema & I was probably looking at all the wrong places until I met this angel from a skincare retail store in Singapore.  She told me that she suffered eczema in the past too & she revealed to me that Omega-3 Fish Oil can help this condition.  And of course, she added quickly that she’s not supposed to be telling me this (which I figured will not be good for her boss’s business as he is selling skin products for eczema).

I am eternally grateful to that angel from that day onwards.

The second I reach home, I surfed the internet & keyed in “Omega 3 for eczema” in Google.  There were lots of articles stating that Eczema could be related to an Omega-3 deficiency.

One particular article was from a doctor on Oprah’s website.  A doctor on Oprah?!?!  Shit.  Should be credible, right?  Read it HERE.

And if Omega 3 came from fish, then I am deemed to suffer from that deficiency because if you have read my previous blog post HERE, you would find out that I HATE FISH.  I hate eating fish.  Hate it to the core.  Hate their fishy taste smell looks everything.  That probably serves me right for getting eczema.

So kids, if you hate fish, it’s a good time to put down whatever hatred you have for fish & convert that into love.  I don’t care how you do it – Buy a fish, nuture it, feed it, pet it, take it out on walks, gut it, eat it, whatever.  Just eat your fish.

In the meantime, while I am training myself to eat that nasty slimy reptile? mammal?  animal? insect? creature? (i don’t even know how to describe it), I got myself a huge tub of Omega-3 Fish Oil… … … … … … *pauses*… … amphibians?

Digressing a little to go Google to type “are fishes amphibians?“.  Oh.  Fishes are simply called… … … fishes.  Read about my findings HERE.  Omg.  That nasty little slimy thing has a classification dedicated to itself.  How evil & self-centered.


For the 1st 2 weeks, I took 2 capsules just before I sleep at night because I heard that our body repairs itself at night.  So I thought that by eating Omega 3 capsules in a concentrated way would help my body ‘repair’ the eczem faster.  That weird flaky rotting rash subsided & almost disappeared at the end of the 2nd week.

Then subsequently, I took 1 in the morning & 1 before I sleep.  Now, I am eczema-free for about 5 days already.


Cold sores almost never go away on its own.  Seek Dr Karen’s help.  And once you know you have a cold sore virus, then you should know that it latches itself on you FOR LIFE.  So you should not aggravate your condition with any of the stuff that would cause it to resurface again.  Read my previous post HERE for more info on what causes cold sores, so you can start taking preventative measures.

As for eczema, eat your fish.  If you don’t eat fish, then at least eat your Omega-3.  And again, eczema is like a skin problem, so you should avoid skincare or body products that contains harsh chemicals.

Compare my Before & After photo below:

Or my skin improvement could be a combination of Omega-3 + organic skincare that I have been using since the beginning of September.  Hmmmm…

Whatever it is, my OMFG-I-AM-FABULOUS-AGAIN meter is in the green now.

*thumbs up thumbs up*


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